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Lady Danger By Glynnis Campbell,

  • Title: Lady Danger
  • Author: Glynnis Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781938114052
  • Page: 346
  • Format: ebook
  • THE WARRIOR MAIDS OF RIVENLOCH Damsels in shining armor riding to the rescue Deirdre, Helena, and Miriel, three kick arse Scots wenches, aren t about to become any man s chattel, until they meet heroes who are strong enough to tame their wild ways and worthy enough to win their wayward hearts.Born to the blade and raised to fear no one, Deirdre of Rivenloch never shies awaTHE WARRIOR MAIDS OF RIVENLOCH Damsels in shining armor riding to the rescue Deirdre, Helena, and Miriel, three kick arse Scots wenches, aren t about to become any man s chattel, until they meet heroes who are strong enough to tame their wild ways and worthy enough to win their wayward hearts.Born to the blade and raised to fear no one, Deirdre of Rivenloch never shies away from a fight and never turns her back on a threat to her land or her family But she s never met a man like Sir Pagan Cameliard, the bold and powerful knight who comes at the king s command to make a marriage alliance with Rivenloch To save her younger sister, Deirdre tricks Pagan into marrying her instead, and now she faces a new kind of enemy who crosses swords with her by day and lays siege to her heart by night.
    Lady Danger THE WARRIOR MAIDS OF RIVENLOCH Damsels in shining armor riding to the rescue Deirdre Helena and Miriel three kick arse Scots wenches aren t about to become any man s chattel until they meet heroe

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    1. I don t normally rate or review books I don t finish, but since I couldn t find any other reviews that mention what bothered me, I thought I d do one for all those other readers like me.The story in general did seem interesting three sisters trying to keep their castle running and safe in face of possible invasion while hiding their father s mental incapacity.The problem was the romance The male lead rapes the female lead, but it is clear that the author doesn t view her own scene as rape, eithe [...]

    2. This was one tough wench What an entertaining read this turned out to be I thought it would be just another cheesy freebie, but oh how wrong I was This book has it all A strong heroine A creative plot unlike anything I have read before A hot alpha male with some heart Sword fighting princesses who play by their own rules Excitement I never once grew tiresome of this plot No insta love it was nice seeing a relationship develop over time It even managed to have some humorous momentsI was incredibl [...]

    3. Deirdre is one of three sisters known as the Warrior Maids of Rivenloch Good with the sword and other implements of war, she defends Castle Rivenloch along side her sister, Helena Deirdre, being the oldest, feels she must sacrifice herself as bride to the conquering Normans.Sir Pagan of Cameliard with his Norman knights have come at the King s request to secure Castle Rivenloch from the renegade English Pagan doesn t believe in maidens fighting in battle When he claims stewardship of the castle, [...]

    4. DNF 10% The book starts off with the hero spying on the warrior sisters while they re bathing, which makes him regret he didn t bed a woman he met at his last stop.When he s discovered, he blames the girls, for showing themselves so wantonly in public.Shortly after that, he decides he ll imprison Deirdre for challenging him after she found him spying on them as if the place didn t belong to her and her sisters until now, but him, by the way , and marry the quiet, innocent youngest sister, becaus [...]

    5. Strong Women Kick Serious ArseSo look, there was nothing earth shattering here But at the same time, there was nothing awful In fact, it s a totally well written book with adventure, ass kicking, strong women, strong men There was no arch villain twisting his mustache screaming You must pay the rent This was a book about relationships family, lovers, friends, serving wenches, warriors And I loved it Heroine what can I say Diedre had a few moments where I wanted to fist punch her throat but few i [...]

    6. Great fun to be had in this detail laden romance set in a Scots Borders castle The three daughters of the laird are stewarding the castle Rivenloch as their elderly father becomes increasingly bewildered The King of Scotland however decides that a Norman knight and his troop must be sent to hold the castle against English invaders, and this means marrying the knight to any of the girls in order that her people will be loyal All does not go smoothly A bit confusing as the Normans ruled England at [...]

    7. Re ReadTaste Have Changed And Now I Hate It.Safety Gang view spoiler After Married The Hero Gropes Another Woman s Breast Grrr hide spoiler br br br br br br br br br br

    8. Deidre of Rivenloch is one of the most compelling, kick ass, medieval heroines that I have EVER come across Not only has she spent her entire life defending her family in their remote Scottish castle but she is now faced with the prospect of having to reluctantly dupe the shagtastic Sir Pagan Cameliard into marriage in order to spare her younger sister from the ordeal of marrying him ORDEAL What ordeal This guy is absolutely oozing sex appeal Unlike a lot of the hastily written bodice rippers wh [...]

    9. I m not big on dominant heroines but I love highlander books so I thought I d give this a try Though they were married and Deirdre tricked pagan into marrying her she didn t actually have sex with him for seemed like EVER He tried so hard and was so patient but she fought him tooth and nail to the point where it was exhausting If you re a fan of sword fights then this us a good one for you Also there weren t any page breaks when a different characters POV was happening It left me a little lost a [...]

    10. I tried getting into this one, I mean it mentioned bad ass warrior maidens and stubborn alpha hunks who fall hard for their ladies and I was sure it was going to be awesome Unfortunately the opening scene kind of set the mood for this one and it didn t whole heartedly improve by the end.The scene that started the downward spiral of disappointment for me is that the Hero spies the two sisters eventually sister 3 joins them while they are bathing naked in a lake pond or something He isn t alone, o [...]

    11. This is the first book I ve read by this author, and is set in Scotland I ve thoroughly enjoyed the story of Deirdre a Warrior maid, she was taught to fight as good as any knight by her father She and her two sisters run their fathers keep and lands, as his grieving for the loss of their mother and age has taken it s toll on him The keep is in a prominent position and needs to be kept under Scots rule, it can t fall to the English The King gives the keep and lands to the care and protection of a [...]

    12. Holy Wow Finished up this baby last night I did stay up later than I intended but that s okay because this book was worth the loss of sleep.I give this one five fantastic stars Glynnis Campbell is a talented author and I am already started on the second one in this series First time I ve read anything by her I HIGHLY recommend this book if you like Scottish romances The characters absolutely smolder on the pages and the chemistry is stellar To say the hero is yummy is an understatement Seriously [...]

    13. I liked how stubborn Deirdre was and I can only imagine how she felt making the sacrifice to marry Pagan, who s a Norman From early on she didn t relinquish control and while she was sometimes unreasonable, it s really endearing because she s strong willed with conviction Pagan was an Alpha male without being an ass Sure at first he underestimated Deirdre and Helena but eventually she earned his respect because of her ferocity and Loyalty I was really excited about the battle scenes and since th [...]

    14. Deirdre is use to leading her land and her people along with her sisters Sir pagan was sent by his king to take a bride and hold this land They both will have to learn to trust in each other, share power, find love and passion.

    15. I enjoyed this I love books with strong women and I liked that though there were issues between the main characters there was resolution to them as well I loved Scots and their pride as well as their unique traditions I thought this was a good blend of all that.Deidre is a warrior maid and bent on protecting her land and her family She challenges Pagan at every turn and while her seduces her he also come to learn she is his match and partner Watching them blossom was fun and engaging.There are p [...]

    16. I have a bit of a love hate relationship going on with this book There are moments of brilliance in this book that had me so emotionally invested in the Hero heroine, that it was truly beautiful The way that Pagan finally breaks through Deidre s defenses and wins her heart was truly lovely and the tender moments they shared together were well worth the frustrations I experienced with other aspects of the story A great hero will carry me through a book, and Pagan certainly did that for me I was c [...]

    17. 3 and 1 2 Stars Lighter Scottish Historical with Three Warrior SistersI suppose I should say at the outset that I prefer the deep historicals, the ones that reflect the history of Scotland with characters that could have lived then experiencing believable hardships and challenges on the way to love I knew from the first few pages this was not one of those So, I readjusted my thinking and accepted this is lighter fare Set in the Borderlands between Scotland and England in 1136 the year Stephen of [...]

    18. I remembered liking a previously read book by Glynnis Campbell, so I was unprepared for how truly awful this re write of The Taming of the Shrew was going to be It was literally torture to read, and I couldn t manage than a few pages at a time, took me forever The first 75% of the book was the most ridiculous, repetitious, and seemingly endless push pull nonsense that I ever had the misfortune to try to slog through After that came a pile of gratuitous sex manual information that needed to be s [...]

    19. The ladies in the lake, and the lads that have to love them.I love the ladies in the lake Especially when they turn out to be strong, both mentally and physically The heroine of Lady Danger is Deidre She and her sisters have run the keep for a while now, as their father has become less and less in touch with reality Having started out as tomboy, and totally spoiled by their father, the older two ladies using the word loosely , are used to playing soldier, and are actually pretty good, for girls [...]

    20. First let me say there are 473 reviews on and counting That should give you a clue on the beginning book of this great series The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch Book 1.I have read all of this series and they are great Glynnis Campbell has the practiced ability of telling history through her cleverly built characters You are taken up in the tale of three sisters and balanced on the borders of Scotland in 1136 The oldest two girls, Deidre, Helena were known as the Warrior Maids They had their father s [...]

    21. GENRE Historical RomanceSETTING 12th century Scotland Norman invadersCENTRAL FEMALE CHARACTERS 3 sisters Deirdre, known for deceit and evasion fighting tactics Helena is strong and quick with weapons Miriel, a gentle spirit that prefers to take care of the matters of the home.CENTRAL MALE CHARACTER Pagan, an arrogant Norman and a quick and clever fighter Colin, Pagan s best friend, is humorous but also dangerous with weapons NOPSIS He has come to Rivenloch to be the new Steward and husband to on [...]

    22. Deirdra is now oficially the most badass, rocking heroine of all highland romance novels evahhhhh And I have read so many so trust me Objectively, I appreciated how well developed each character in the story was Even though this was the 1st book in the series, you can immediately tell that the author thought these characters through kudos On the other hand, I did not feel the same for the story itself and, especially, the romance between the two leads No doubt it was quite romantic how Dei and P [...]

    23. Deirdre and Pagan like two swords in a sword fight or something like thatthis turned out to be an adventurous read and pretty funny, tooteehee line What are you two doing Miriel demanded, her hands on her hips Behind her, the maid mimicked her postureke the rhyme y line What is mud and mire You, I would carry through flood and fire teehee line, take 2 I wouldn t slay him, I d only maim him that said, a little frustrating at times view spoiler it was a little ridiculous that Deirdre was so excess [...]

    24. Wonderful tale of warrior loveThis was a fantastic story of sister s forced to take over running and protecting their home Rivenloch Their father too old and feeble to oversee things The king was sending a Norman to wed one of the three sisters and take over the keep Deirdre and Helena were trained as warriors since they were young They were not happy about a Norman taking over their Scottish home but knew they had to follow kings orders Pagen knew he had to marry one of them and ended up with D [...]

    25. I did not find this book at all great The female character was angry and childish, it was hard for me to like her What I do like about this book is that the plot was different than all romance book you find at the store today Usually all highlander, Scottish, romance novels are all the same.The female character gets kidnapped and forced into marriage It was fun to see the male needed rescuing by a female.Another thing, that authors do, that bugs me, is that they wait till the end to add the GOOD [...]

    26. Great, really, really, great Medieval 10th century story 3 daughters of a heart broken mind loosing tired old Lord of Rivenloch Castle pull together to try and keep the castle in their hands.Pagan a Norman Knight and Deirdre the oldest and a Maid Warrior had a tough time at first fighting for control on the wrong things.But in the end with the help of time and a little Chinese women everything came around and they finally find love Miriel the younger daughter who sees to the well workings of the [...]

    27. You know, it had the potential to be so cute and an awesome story, but to me there was no real fight Deidre was fairly badass, I ll give you that, but she was swayed so easily This guy comes in and starts bossing you around, treating you like a child, breaks your sword and you go pout ARE YOU SERIOUS Plus, you have this warrior chick and yet she s constantly demeaned in front of everyone by her husband Granted, Pagan was a good guy in his own right, but come on He was so overbearing and she just [...]

    28. I couldn t finish this, sadly The premise warrior women in medieval Scotland is great HoweverThe sex scene chapter is sooooo far out of my comfort zone when it comes to consent issues The protagonist says no Then she s coerced into continuing because her husband has a right to her body While this was true at the time, and he s probably a nice guy by the cultural standards of the day, I got way too much values dissonance for a supposedly sexy scene in a fluffy romance novel If this were meant to [...]

    29. I m not saying you won t like this, but I recommend making sure you re a misogynist before you get into this If you believe, a wife should by no means her husbands equal and leave handling her life, reponsibilities and body to her husband to decide what to do with them, this book is for you The rape is spot on, the emotional abuse is perfect and the male lead is to die for, if the abusive brute is your type Honestly, do yourself a favor and don t spent your money on this If you do, make sure to [...]

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