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He That Will Not When He May By Margaret Oliphant,

  • Title: He That Will Not When He May
  • Author: Margaret Oliphant
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This Elibron Classics book is a facsimile reprint of a 1881 edition by Bernhard Tauchnitz, Leipzig.Originally serialized in MacMillan s Magazine, Volumes CLI and XLII, November 1879 to October 1880.
    He That Will Not When He May This Elibron Classics book is a facsimile reprint of a edition by Bernhard Tauchnitz Leipzig Originally serialized in MacMillan s Magazine Volumes CLI and XLII November to October

    One thought on “He That Will Not When He May”

    1. Margaret Oliphant Wilson Oliphant 4 April 1828 25 June 1897 , was a Scottish novelist and historical writer She wrote around 120 books of fiction, nonfiction, and essays During the Victorian era her novels were very popular, many of them best sellers I was not familiar with the author until I read this book Written in 1879, the book tells a story of one well to do gentile family whose seems idealistic being was affected and transformed by changes brewing in society The author s writing was very [...]

    2. Enjoyable read of a rich established family and their trials for being rich and well established Charming characters and some really great lines reminiscent of Jane Austen s satirical views of society and the individual The plot devices, what might be called coincidences, didn t hit me hard with their coincidental nature It was like things happen, or information is gained, and people must make choices And then it suddenly wrapped up, though not unsatisfactorily Just suddenly Like this review.

    3. This was an interesting book I found the depictions of class interesting It did get long in parts, however, and I felt like the end was too rushed Also, there were several unfortunate occurrences of the N word This isn t surprising since several of the characters were from the West Indies, but it was still jarring I am interesting in reading of Oliphant s books.

    4. Very surprising one finds oneself reading this book, in that this author is not as well known as deserved for sheer quality of writing And she supported her three children with her writing, which amounts to her being not insignificant in her day, which was just over a century ago Why her books are not as well read as those of Jane Austen, Bronte sisters or Galsworthy, cannot be only due to some similarities in writing, thinking or themes Galsworthy came after, for one thing Her social setting an [...]

    5. Tra le scrittrici vittoriane, la scozzese Mrs Oliphant quando non cede alla tentazione di virare verso il soprannaturale quella che si confronta con maggior franchezza con la crisi che travolse la rigida divisione in classi della societ britannica nel corso dell ottocento In questo splendido romanzo tutto ruota intorno al contrasto non privo di reciproca ammirazione tra due figure antitetiche Lady Markham, quintessenza della perfetta educazione aristocratica, colta, sensibile, generosa, e il dem [...]

    6. This book kept being recommended to me on because I like Regency Romances, so I tried it Wow is it boring It really has the making of a good book, but it s not a Regency Romance and it could have done with a lot of editing I mean there are whole chapters that should have been taken out It was written as a Serial, but I m really surprised that it held the audience s attention than a few weeks It is much like Elizabeth Gaskell s writing To be fair, it probably would make a decent period movie.

    7. Light and entertaining reading from the olden days with some little twists interestingly intertwined with social awareness Lords and ladies versus socialists and communists Fizzles out at the end.

    8. BoringThis book provided a disturbing but probably accurate picture of English life in the 19th century without apparent malice or exaggeration However, I found both the plot and the characters wooden and could not really enjoy it.

    9. My first time reading this author I do like reading books of this genre and this one was good, but not amazing.

    10. Liked very much Looking for Not what I expected Enjoyed this very much A mode complex plot than I had expected Wish other plot lines hads been devdlopeds

    11. Interesting, well characterized, well plotted, charming, not romanticized Mrs Oliphant writes parts of Victorian society I haven t seen.

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