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Saved By Jack Falla,

  • Title: Saved
  • Author: Jack Falla
  • ISBN: 9780312368265
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover

    One thought on “Saved”

    1. this is by no means a literary masterpiece, but it s a nice little hockey read to get us through these painful hockey less summer months i imagine it s like a romance novel for dudes a bromance, if you will yeah, i am just writing this review so i could write that.

    2. I can t imagine that anyone who s not already a hockey fan and a pretty dedicated one at that would get much enjoyment out of Falla s only novel I thought it was hilarious and moving, but it definitely depended on some existing knowledge of, at least, professional athletes and or the NHL franchise That being said, being a person with that knowledge and passion, I did enjoy the hell out of this It took me most of the book to fully realize that JP was a character to whom things happened, rather th [...]

    3. I took a two month reading break this spring because I was busy watching the NHL playoffs So what was the first book I read post Stanley Cup finals This novel about a professional hockey player.Anyway, Falla s novel is diverting enough There are too many cliches, and I couldn t quite tell if he was aiming the book at sports fans or neophytes one annoying element is that the narrator a goalie for the Boston Bruins feels the need to explain almost every sports reference he makes So when he tells y [...]

    4. A funny and enjoyable read I was surprised to see it was published in 2008, since the book has a very retro feel The good women are feisty dames, the favourite drink is bourbon, and the witty dialogue would be at home in a Katherine Hepburn Spencer Tracy movie The plot is a little meandering, there s not much tension, and these athletes are far witty than the real ones, but it s an easy read with some laugh out loud moments I d recommend it for any sports fan, since baseball, basketball, and ho [...]

    5. It s cute I ll give it that But it was a struggle for me to finish because of the constant barrage of sports cliches There are two characters who, I swear, speak in nothing but cliches Even as JP s wife lay dying and watching a football game, she said something to the effect of, life is a busted play Seriously But if you re looking for a cute, happy book with a smattering of hockey history and a decent amount of in game action, this ll work.

    6. Jack Falla was an amazing sports writer I believe this was his last work before his passing Saved was a fast read for a die hard hockey fan The story moves along, and even if the story is a bit predictable, I found I did not care because I was really cheering for things to work out.

    7. Awesome book I don t know why I didn t read this sooner If you are looking for a good read, one that won t tax your brain, or make you think to hard this is worth a read even if you are not a hockey fan.

    8. It s a novel about professional hockey Is there such a genre for men like chick lit is for women Testosterature Guy lit Nevertheless, if there is such a genre, this book fits the bill.

    9. The author is a sports writer Really good Jean Pierre Savard is a goalie for the Bruins His best friend is Cam JP dates Faith, Cam gets traded to Montreal.

    10. This is a great hockey story and includes a lot of insight into the game Also, the main character and his friends and teammates capture the essence of a team.

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