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Blissfully Undone By Red Phoenix,

  • Title: Blissfully Undone
  • Author: Red Phoenix
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • First published as the popular 4 part eBook serial, Blissfully Undone is now available as a full length novel.Two couples plan a mountain getaway, but only Dan Hayes and Jenny Cole make it before the blizzard strikes With tons of time on their hands and a natural attraction for one another, things start to heat up Dan is an unusually creative lover By the time the two aFirst published as the popular 4 part eBook serial, Blissfully Undone is now available as a full length novel.Two couples plan a mountain getaway, but only Dan Hayes and Jenny Cole make it before the blizzard strikes With tons of time on their hands and a natural attraction for one another, things start to heat up Dan is an unusually creative lover By the time the two are rescued, Jenny must make a choice either way, hearts will suffer.Jenny admits to her boyfriend, Ryan, that she has fallen in love with Dan The pivotal moment defines the depth of Ryan s love when they move from being a couple to a true M nage trois The sex is delicious, and the love she shares with both men divine, but there is a problem Jenny betrayed her friend Kelly when she fell in love with Dan Now Kelly is hell bent on destroying her at any cost The threesome faces an emotional crossroads and the special bond they share is about to be tested.The climax to this poignant journey of passion, love, and friendship ends where it all beganAdult Material 18 Warning This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionabl
    Blissfully Undone First published as the popular part eBook serial Blissfully Undone is now available as a full length novel Two couples plan a mountain getaway but only Dan Hayes and Jenny Cole make it before the

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    1. What can I say here I m on kind of a menage kick I ve enjoyed this author s work in the past so I figured this would be a slam dunk Boy, was I wrong I ll admit infidelity isn t something I enjoy reading about but by the same token I m open minded enough to realize that shit happens so, I was willing to press on but then each subsequent major life decision was handled in equal measures of trite flippant it just became a little too much for me Trashed your relationship with your best friend Yup No [...]

    2. To stay with who you are with versus who you belong with isn t always the right decision This is a great story about two people coming together Dan and jenny are in relationships with other partners But some unexpected alone time gives their chemistry a chance to simmer Yes there is betrayal but you can t always help who you fall in love with You can feel the heat between Jenny and Dan from the very beginning I love how the author writes the sex scenes so erotic, so sensual, so creative yet you [...]

    3. Reading OrderBlissfully Snowbound Blissfully book 1 Blissfully in Love Blissfully book 2 Blissfully Broken Blissfully book 3 Blissfully Taken Blissfully book 4

    4. I love Red Phoenix s books She writes like no other writer out there This book was interesting and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for Red s version of STEAM It was not as well edited as the Brie series, but it was still an easy read The characters were promising, and the book was paced well And as usual, there was absolutely no lack of action Red knows how to right a steamy scene I think I was expecting a bit depth with the personalities of the four people involved, but it was st [...]

    5. Jenny and Ryan, Dan and Kelly are best friends Jenny and Ryan have been together for four years Their relationship has fell into one of convenience and comfort.When the four of them plan a mountain get a way, Kelly and Ryan work late while Jenny and Dan go ahead to prepare the cabin Once they arrive they are in the middle of a blizzard They are stranded for five days with nothing but each other to pass the time of day When Dan reveals he has feelings for Jenny one thing leads to another.Upon Rya [...]

    6. This is the story of four best friends Two couples Dan Kelly and Ryan Jenny They are all about to spend the weekend up at Dan s family cabin Dan Jenny head up ahead of running late Kelly and workaholic Ryan But a heavy snowstorm traps Dan Jenny alone for 5 days While trapped alone without power Jenny finds out Dan has always been attracted to her She loves Ryan but is starting to admit she is attracted to Dan also.They eventually have and do everything except sexual intercourse Even some amazing [...]

    7. This story is the first in a series of 5 Blissful series books.Two couples who are the best of friends head out for the weekend up at Dan s family cabin Dan is with Kelly and Ryan Jenny are the other couple Dan and Jenny head up early to get supplies as the other 2 stay back to finish up work However a major snowstorm hits and traps Dan and Jenny for 5 days The first night together, without power, Dan hears Jenny in the other room freezing her butt off He asks if he can warm her up She agrees, t [...]

    8. The first quarter, maybe half of the book, which actually contained the 4 parts of a serial which, I really dislike , was a hot read if you re only interested in reading sex scenes , but for me, the rest of the book fell flat Two friends who are seeing other people get stranded together and realize after days of sexual buildup and culmination, to an extent, they re actually in love with each other The tepid m nage that results with the whiny boyfriend of the heroine and the crazy and psychotic e [...]

    9. Well, it started out as an erotica porn story, then somewhere in the middle, the author tries to turn it into a love story Full of unlikely situations she cheated on her long time boyfriend with his best friend, and he later forgives her and even stands in as her maid of honor uh, so not happening It was like a train wreck and I can t believe I read it to the end I guess I thought there would be some redeeming quality No, just bad.

    10. I did like this book, but I couldn t help but think they deserved it Jenny did cheat on her boyfriend with her best friends boyfriend And Ok, things work out for the best but still.I didn t agree with how Kelly reacted when she found out that Jenny, Dan and Ryan were in a menage or how she stalked Jenny But I felt bad for Ryan when Jenny decides to be with Dan and Dan alone.It does have Hot sex scenes in it, so that is a bones.

    11. Incredible and eroticthis was unbelievable Red Phoenix did it again with no surprise she has a talent to pull you into a book and keep you there every character you want as a friend or lover this story is one of them Dan Ryan and Jenny are a great mix until hearts are broken, someone loses all reasoning, and true love is worth fighting for enjoy the snow or should I say story.

    12. Blissfully Undone by Red Phoenix I enjoyed this book it was very different from her Bree series but I think the author did a good job This book will not be everyone s cup of tea Do not go in expecting it to be like Bree and you will enjoy it I enjoyed the dynamics between Dan and Jenny It was also fun to watch Ryan grow into a better person.

    13. Beautiful journey A sudden snowstorm helps two friends to realize their feelings for each other Unfortunately, they are both with others Share the journey to HEA through pain, betrayal, love, member, and a very psychotic ex Red Phoenix has written a beautiful, hot love story yet again

    14. I likec the book BUT It was too far fetched in my mind I know, I know It s fiction But still, some of it just didn t seem plausible To avoid spoilers i will just say while I did like the author s writing, and the charactters i just didnt think that in a situation such as the plot entails, that it would be as cut and dry It was a cute sexy book, just not believable.

    15. This took up quality bathtub soaking time that I will never get back I started out with the free first part, and it wasn t too bad so I bought the full book Then it went downhill fast and got very uncomfortable The threesome made no sense, and these characters didn t do anything for me I give it two stars since the sex was pretty good.

    16. What a great romantic smutty read There was sex from the very beginning almost but somehow the writer also managed to get you to love and care for these characters I loved Dan, he was caring, witty with a very dirty imagination.

    17. This was enjoyable, with just enough angst keep me interested The book was sexy and had good character development but seemed a bit too long for the contentwould definitely recommend, though.

    18. I couldn t finish this book and was disappointed after reading the Brie series and the Graduation series by the same Author, both of which I loved Maybe Red should stick to BDSM as the Vanilla in this book was lacking any flavour

    19. Dan and Jenny together Dan was such a sweetheart and a strong man to keep Jenny sane while their ex s learned that Dan and Jenny truly belonged together It seems Kelly would never get over losing Dan but glad that Ryan was making an honest effort to keep his friends.

    20. Blissfully Undone A heartwarming love storyA wonderful story of first loves and new love and the struggles to recognize true and everlasting love Hot menage and some suspense as well So glad I found this author and this book.

    21. I m not sure if I ever really sunk my teeth into this book It was well written and the smut was super good, but the plot bounced back and forth so much that I found it hard to really buy what was being sold to me Either way it was a good book and I did overall enjoy it.

    22. Not bad for porn but not great either Good premise for a story but it went off the rails instead of really digging in and seriously exploring the topic Still it was fun and ended well.

    23. Wow Love Red Phoenix and her Brie books, but this one was pretty bad Contrived and especially at the end Boring

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