[EPUB] è La violencia y lo sagrado | By ☆ René Girard Joaquim Jordà

La violencia y lo sagrado By René Girard Joaquim Jordà,

  • Title: La violencia y lo sagrado
  • Author: René Girard Joaquim Jordà
  • ISBN: 9788433900708
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • La obra de Ren Girard situada en los confines de la cr tica literaria, la antropolog a, la teolog a, el psicoan lisis colectivo ha provocado una profunda conmoci n en el panorama cultural de las ltimas d cadas El prop sito de La violencia y lo sagrado es remontar hasta los or genes de todo el edificio cultural y social que est en el centro de nuestra civilizaci n, inLa obra de Ren Girard situada en los confines de la cr tica literaria, la antropolog a, la teolog a, el psicoan lisis colectivo ha provocado una profunda conmoci n en el panorama cultural de las ltimas d cadas El prop sito de La violencia y lo sagrado es remontar hasta los or genes de todo el edificio cultural y social que est en el centro de nuestra civilizaci n, investigando los mitos y los ritos que fundan y perpet an todo orden social La investigaci n se apoya simult neamente en una relectura muy personal de los cl sicos griegos y en una discusi n rigurosa de los principales sistemas sociol gicos, etnol gicos, psicoanal ticos que han intentado ofrecer una explicaci n global de los primeros ritos y de las primeras instituciones culturales y sociales En particular, Ren Girard polemiza vivamente con Freud, o mejor dicho con sus sucesores, poco clarividentes respecto a ciertas intuiciones de T tem y tab.Tras criticar las insuficiencias de la teor a del complejo de Edipo, Girard pone nfasis en el rol de la violencia fundadora y en el de la v ctima propiciatoria , negligidos ambos, hasta el presente, por todos los investigadores, y sin embargo fundamentales.El audaz y pol mico ensayo de Ren Girard pertenece tanto al mbito de las ciencias humanas como al de la literatura Una vasta cultura etnol gica y unas referencias s lidas e incontestables permiten construir al autor una nueva teor a de lo sagrado y dar una interpretaci n convincente de numerosos temas m ticos y rituales la fiesta, los gemelos, los hermanos enemigos, el incesto, la ambivalencia del modelo, el doble, la m scara, etc , cuya significaci n profunda aparece aqu de forma tan evidente debido a que han sido estudiados, por primera vez, en su unidad circular.Finalmente, quiz s uno de los m ritos mayores de Girard estriba en la claridad y la elegancia de su exposici n Liberado de todas las oscuridades propias de las jergas inici ticas, he aqu un libro de enorme importancia cient fica que a la par es una bell sima obra literaria.
    La violencia y lo sagrado La obra de Ren Girard situada en los confines de la cr tica literaria la antropolog a la teolog a el psicoan lisis colectivo ha provocado una profunda conmoci n en el panorama cultural de las ltima

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    1. In the 1972 work, Violence and the Sacred, the French literary critic Rene Girard undertakes a scientific exploration of the dual aspect of sacrifice, attempting to resolve the contradiction articulated in the work of Henri Hubert and Marcel Maus Because the victim is sacred, it is criminal to kill him but the victim is only sacred because he is to be killed The results of this inquiry yield, according to the author, the origins of all religion and culture At the core of Girard s theory is the c [...]

    2. Girard s is a hugely ambitious project a sort of grand theory of everything, a prodigal son to psychoanalysis, bent on criticising mercilessly the Freudian project, while pursuing an essentially similar goal with, according to the author, a much rigorous analysis Despite such scope, the book stands out by its clarity and its careful and elegant avoidance of unnecessary jargon the paperback in fact became my companion in the public transport, a place generally reserved to works of fiction Girard [...]

    3. Oh, how I love reading anthropology Just when I get caught up in the endless facebook stream of arguments and memes religion, politics, TV, and corporate controlled and produced mass culture I step back into a culturally removed, dispassionate space and compare my culture to ancient Greece, or the Bushmen, or some tribe in Borneo and understand how silly and deadly serious are our bizarre choices manifest as cultural institutions Perspective is everything So refreshing.Girard s arguments here ar [...]

    4. Maybe the best book of Rene Girard It should be read as a book of philosophy, its vast ambitions taken into account.I feel that a comment on the pertinent but in my opinion symptomatic review made by Fatima has its place here read that review first.The idea that Girard, or anybody, may be above all criticism, that one can put oneself above that, is not true, and too seductive by its own right The Fatima s text ends with some criticism as it should isn t it This kind of criticism against a theory [...]

    5. I had just been attacked by demons, my life was spinning around, so I decided to go back to temple I had spent years challenging the buddhist beliefs I was raised in, but it seemed the right choice At the same time I was reading this book I began to hear from the lama of our temple words that I had previously only heard in Christian Catholic doctrine and churches and twelve step programs The combination of renewed disillussionment with the buddhist temple and the revelation of this book transfor [...]

    6. Cu l es el papel de la violencia en las sociedades Como otros han hecoh antes que l, Girard le atribuye un papel constitutivo, pero con una agudeza incre ble va mucho m s all de las nociones intelectuales comunes de ese papel central de la violencia nos cuenta, retomando los trabajos de autores como Frazer y Freud, en qu se equivocaron ellos, o m s bien, en qu quedaron atascados, y nos demuestra que sus tesis no est n erradas sino mal sostenidas en efecto, la violencia es lo que funda las socied [...]

    7. This book is a remarkable achievement by Girard He has managed to provide a context and framework by which to understand sacrifice, so closely related linguistically to sacred , and the violence that accompanies it and their role in society Anyone terrorized as a child by the 1969 Encyclopedia Britannica film The Lottery , based on a short story by Shirley Jackson, will understand the undercurrent of Girard s book He holds that violence has been ritualized by society, and that it can serve as a [...]

    8. In a highly innovative book that studies the mechanisms and structures behind violence, Girard s Violence and the Sacred presents his unique insights into violence in literature and society From the bible to Oedipus Rex to various indigenous tribes throughout the world, Girard attempts to cover all bases in his arguments He finds interesting psychological sources for the various sacrifices of humankind, talks of the victim and the scapegoat, and analyzes the way humans fight, block, and stop vio [...]

    9. Original Review I read two of the sections from this book for a class I would like to read the rst of i someday, because Girard has some very interesting ideas about the role of violence in the genesis of myth.Updated Review Well, I feel like three chapters really have the main meat of this argument for me, while the others develop and explore the ideas laid out most clearly and directly in The Sacrificial Crisis, Oedipus and the Surrogate Victim, and From Mimetic Desire to the Monstrous Double [...]

    10. One of the most important books of our time IF you have not yet discovered Rene Girard you will be amazed He is not an easy read however there is an excellent synopsis of his theory Discovering Girard by Michael Kirwan that I have found very useful.

    11. Nature creates similarities One need only think of mimicry The highest capacity for producing similarities, however, is man s His gift of seeing resemblances is nothing other than a rudiment of the powerful compulsion in former times to become and behave like something else Perhaps there is none of his higher functions in which his mimetic faculty does not play a decisive role Walter Benjamin, On the Mimetic Faculty 1933In most cases, mimesis is defined as having two primary meanings that of imi [...]

    12. Ren Girard, one of the brilliant minds of our times enters into the heart of archaic religion For Girard the sacred contains violence, and violence is sacred in itself as the foundation of archaic religion Violence, however, has a hidden mechanism that makes it work as peaceful force This mechanism is the scapegoating process that comes as a result of mimetic violence and the contagion of violence of all against one In conversation with Freud s psychoanalysis and Levi Strauss structuralism Girar [...]

    13. on the question of competing structuralisms, your mileage may vary solely contingent upon whether you think his notions operate absent the colonial misogyny and racism rene girard is very reassured of the uber comprehensiveness of his system compared to freud, his rival oedipal brother dead meat other than that this is something to help prop up the argument on the essential violence of the social if the system of valuation is violent then certainly the sacred is also this text works well with ag [...]

    14. Cala Girard, cala Il tonfo definitivo di credibilit la teoria di Girard lo subisce intorno a pagina trecento quando l autore, non contento d aver ricondotto al meccanismo del capro espiatorio tutti i miti e i riti, e la societ e i sistemi di parentela e quant altro ancora, afferma che quivi avrebbe la sua origine addirittura il linguaggio umano.S , e dopo tre stelle per lo stile di scrittura e i numerosi spunti altrimenti due

    15. Provocative and brilliant ideas lurk within, ideas that scramble one s view of civilization, religion, and violence But at the same time, it s a difficult book to get through The book s at its best when it is directly engaging various rites and works of art There are some drier stretches here and there, but the overall effect is amazing Looking forward to from Ren.

    16. I found this academic book surprisingly practical for understanding modern mass social and political movements The book is a great example of the fascinating technique of using literary artifacts as evidence for a given theory Girard s theories underpin my book about the history of the rock band The Doors, The Mass Sacrificial Spectacle.

    17. I had to read a section of this for a course on theories of mythd I must say I found it so fascinating that I checked the whole book out of the library at UofT even though I didn t have to read the whole thing for the course listwe ll see how far I get More to come

    18. I ve read this book in french version, la violence et le sacr Girard helps us to understand the mimetic mecanisme dans our human nature, which becomes the roots of violence The notion of sacred can not be understood without reffering to this theory of mimetic desire.

    19. Rivelazione Girard conduce passo passo verso le cose nascoste sin dalla fondazione del mondo le cose essenziali.

    20. This is a fascinating combination of anthropology and literary theory I m skeptical of the broad claims of the analysis, but it at least provokes some interesting thought processes about atonement.

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