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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know By Lonely Planet,

  • Title: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know
  • Author: Lonely Planet
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 243
  • Format: ebook
  • This is not a guidebook And this is definitely not for parents.
    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know This is not a guidebook And this is definitely not for parents

    One thought on “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know”

    1. A brief but interesting summary of different places,which has undoubtedly improved my overall awareness of the world, if only a small amount I feel that buying the individual books would be advantageous as it seems they ll offer a greater amount of information, and I wholeheartedly intend to purchase these in the future, and recommend that anyone with the desire to learn about the culture of other societies and places do the same.

    2. hm, this is a very nice idea a travel guide especially for children many pictures, some facts, some funny anecdotes this is what would be a great companion for every kid i did like the idea and some of the ideas they had to make it interesting i must say that it was not as funny or witty as i would imagine it i m not sure that this is as entertaining as it strives to be still a good idea and maybe the individual guides are much diverse.

    3. That was fun to read, and informative in bringing summaries of different parts of the world.I know it was intended to be a book for children but I just wished they had kept some sort of pattern of organisation as in going on by continent and added countries.A bigger book with pages would be so good.

    4. I read about a little about New York cops They ve had the same badge for 40 years Also, when there were no cars, officers would ride around on horses and shake a stick that made rain noises to warn people of danger.

    5. Cute and fun book for kids or even older and a free ebook It s filled with fun facts about places all over the world.

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