[MOBI] ☆ The Billionaire Wins the Game | BY ☆ Melody Anne

The Billionaire Wins the Game By Melody Anne,

  • Title: The Billionaire Wins the Game
  • Author: Melody Anne
  • ISBN: 9781300330363
  • Page: 397
  • Format: ebook
  • All newly published with deleted scenes and an additional 25 thousands words See the first book of the Anderson Series.Joseph Anderson decides it s time for his three sons to find brides He wants grandchildren to fill his mansion, and he wants them now His eldest son, Lucas, is successful in all areas of his life, except love, so Joseph finds Amy Harper and deems her thAll newly published with deleted scenes and an additional 25 thousands words See the first book of the Anderson Series.Joseph Anderson decides it s time for his three sons to find brides He wants grandchildren to fill his mansion, and he wants them now His eldest son, Lucas, is successful in all areas of his life, except love, so Joseph finds Amy Harper and deems her the perfect daughter in law He just needs to get her and Lucas to realize they re made for each other.When Amy becomes pregnant after one reckless night of passion, she s scared Lucas will take the baby and run He s demanding, and used to getting his way, but Amy has just the right amount of spark to ignite his fuse, and challenges him each step of the way.Joseph and his brothers, Alex and Mark, offer laughter, love, and support Amy starts to realize that being wealthy doesn t make or break a man, or a family, for that matter, and she starts picturing the happily ever after she never believed in until meeting the Andersons.
    The Billionaire Wins the Game All newly published with deleted scenes and an additional thousands words See the first book of the Anderson Series Joseph Anderson decides it s time for his three sons to find brides He wants gran

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    1. 3.5 StarsThis was a fast and cute little read that I liked a lot There were a couple things that.d me shocking, I know but all in all I really liked it I am a sucker for the view spoiler oops baby and subsequent oops marriage hide spoiler , so that was fun Full review to comeybe.

    2. This book is so bad, it s hilarious The extra star is purely for the amusement value I knew it was a gem when the heroine shows up for her first day of work to assent the elevator I could see her high fiving the buttons with a Yeah, let s go UP except Amy is too mousy to even speak up to a machine She is just out of college at 24 why she is two years older than the average college graduate is never explained and she is the new executive assistant to the head of the company How did she get such a [...]

    3. TWO AND A HALF STARS So, I have this dating sim app called my forged wedding confessionsofanawkwardspinster that I occasionally like to play because really, who doesn t like having a choice of good looking guys wanting you to pick one of them to make forever happy The game starts off with you travelling to Tokyo and looking for your Uncle who convenes an informal meeting with guys who apparently want to interview you for a job Only that interview really isn t an interview for a job but for wifel [...]

    4. Why did I finish this I knew after half an hour I wasn t enjoying it and I kept going thinking it must get better It didn t Lacking in plot, characterisation and editing I liked the idea of the plot, but it was too jumpy, the characters didn t seem to like each other even at the end and everything was too convenient Lots of typos and spelling mistakes and wrong words throughout.

    5. No Condom Crap, I m Pregnant Or stop reading books that have the word Billionaire in it, RAR.Is the author stuck in the Stone Age Has she not heard of the Morning After Pill or is that something that doesn t exist in the book s universe Is our female lead so stupid that she doesn t or can t leave the property to drive to a CVS or whatever pharmacy they have in Seattle What kind of billionaire father goes to recruit students for his son s secretary at a career fair which I assume is held at the c [...]

    6. I LOVED THIS SHORT STORY EVEN WITH ALL IT S DYSFUNCTIONAL CHARACTERS ALL Ok, people this is fiction Hello, make believe I don t know what others are expecting but if you are looking for a classic or the great American novel you are in the wrong section This is romance with a capital R.Amy Lucas are thrown together in a working environment by Lucas father Joseph The former owner of the company that Lucas now heads The instant attraction makes the two uncomfortable but they hold themselves in chec [...]

    7. I have a feeling that a lot of the billionaire, trillionaire, millionaire, ANYTHING WITH AN AIRE will have someone in their family meddling with their kids and wanting them to get married within a ridiculous time frame That is this book and it was good I ate it up guys.In The Billionaire Wins the Game you meet Joseph Anderson, who wants to see his three sons grow up and get married He wants grandbabies like any normal parent craves So, in this book you meet his eldest son, Lucas who now runs his [...]

    8. Al sam zadnjih dana zare ala sa ljubi ima,od ovog sam definitivno zaradila e er D Dobra knjigica za mozak na pa u.

    9. I am very glad that this book was offered for free and there is no doubt that this will be the first and last from this author I ever try I only managed to get through it until the end, because I really wanted to see how many clich d scenes the author would manage to add to that poor plot and I was not disappointed, new ones come in right until the end It first starts with a father buying a poor, innocent and hard working girl for his son, she believes she will be his executive assistant but in [...]

    10. Really enjoyed this read It was quick and cute perfect for an afternoon at the beach read Unfortunately I wasn t at the beach but I would not be against reading it again this summer Looking forward to the next few books Cute but very predictable However, I only read for HEA s so aren t they all predictable in a way Lucas was a hot character he just didn t win me completely over he found his heart to late in the game for my liking I can see others enjoying him though A man who is willing to take [...]

    11. Amy Harper just got the dream job she wanted right out of college She got a job working for Lucas Anderson as an executive secretary With this job she is one step closer to her future plan But what she wasn t expecting after meeting her boss was being really attracted to him Lucas Anderson just received the reins as the head of his father, Joseph, company after his retirement After his current executive secretary, Esther, who was his dads as well, told him she was retiring he told her he still n [...]

    12. I tried y all, I really did to make it through this one I moved past the clear over the top mommy and daddy issues the heroine had that were sure to result in many eye rolls I got over big daddy essentially pimping this girl out so he could get a grandchild I attempted to ignore the awful dialogue though I m hard pressed to put in to words why it so rubbed me the wrong way I even suspended judgment over the hero s man whoring ways But although I like alpha males as much as the next girl I draw t [...]

    13. Short and syrupy sweet, The Billionaire Wins the Game, is too much sugar and not enough substance It s the story of Amy, a fresh out college girl whose had a rough home life, has no money and just secured a executive level job at a successful Corporation The position just happens to be working for Lucas, oldest son of the Anderson patriarch, Joseph, who just happens to be the matchmaker between the two This story was a little over the top for me It was totally predictable As short as it was, it [...]

    14. 3.5 starsWritten in 3rd Person POV, and damn I love the writing style It ain t boring and I was able to connect with the characters.The plot ain t that unique and I ve read novels with the same plot but still, it made me want to read and know what comes next.

    15. I really started to like the heroine in the beginning of the novel, but once she was found out as pregnant with the rich guy s baby, I felt like she gave up her career a bit quickly since she just got out of school I didn t like that she never mentions any friends, or the cute gay friend from work once she is with her rich sugar daddy This was a sad mix of mistaken intentions and lack of communication Sometimes, I wish these people would twitter or blog what is going on in their lives and there [...]

    16. Oh I was in tears no way could I put this book down The story was so engrossing and delightful to read The characters are so believable and you get so wrapped up in them I really enjoyed the book and after I wiped my eyes and got the stupid happy smile off my face I decided will have to read this book all over again.en the rest of books in the series I would recommend this book to you all and give it a 10 stars if I could

    17. honestly if I could give less than a one star I wouldis is the kind of book that gives romance novels a bad name Not a clean read at all.I got it as a free read on my ereader and sadly couldn t delete it fast enough I had only read a portion of it before I realized it was smut Sorry but true.

    18. Freebies, freebies, freebies Why do you always disappoint me sigh At least this book was better than the other nonsense freebies I ve read this week I would have enjoyed The Billionaire Wins the Game a lot if the characters didn t try to rip each other s clothes off after only hvaing known each other for a few days Or if the characters are neither a drama queen or an arrogant bastard The story was quite cute in it s own way I hated the premise and how weak the characters were Amy was way too sel [...]

    19. This story drew me in, instantly with the prologue I LOVED Joseph and Katherine immediatly I continued to love them throughout the entire story even though they were nt the main characters Joseph kept me smiling with his warm heart, good intentions and silly thoughts They were in laws I think we would all love to have The brothers in this story cracked me up I loved how they treid pushing their big brothers buttons Knowing things about Lucas before he even knew it himself Amy s best friend, Tom, [...]

    20. I ve read this book already a handful of times I ve been reading mostly erotic romance these last few years, but it is nice to go and read some tame contemporary romance once in a while I especially love this book, it always makes me tear up a little while reading because the story is slightly angsty It is a great start to a good series, though I didn t really care for the 2nd book in the series or really anything after the 5th book ok, so I only really liked Lucas, Mark, Trenton and Max s stori [...]

    21. The Billionaire Wins The Game es el primer libro que leo de la autora, Melody Anne, ademas de se el primer libro de su serie Billionaire Bachelors.La verdad es que tenia este libro en mi lista de pendientes desde hacia varias semanas y decidi darle una oportunidad porque por la sinopsis me parecio que seria la lectura perfecta, ya que queria leer algo ligero.No voy a decir que es el mejor libro que he leido ni tampoco fue la lectura que mas he disfrutado pero si fue una historia entretenida y qu [...]

    22. I just read all the books in The Billionaire s Bachelors series for the second time Each book was so good They can be read as stand alone s, but It s better to start with book one, The billionaire wins the game I fell in love with the Anderson family Joseph, and George are twin brothers They have fun playing match maker, melding in their sons life s They want grandkids and want their sons to find true love Each book is a romance I found each of the books to be a wonderful journey of love, and wh [...]

    23. Como lector te das cuenta mas o menos de que se trata el libro leyendo el argumento, entonces ac no hay sorpresas, es una novela rom ntica con todos los elementos protagonista masculino poderoso pero tierno, protagonista femenina dulce y luchadora, boda, embarazo, mentiras, ternura, celos, intrigas, etc que este g nero contiene.A pesar de todo eso es un muy buen libro, la historia me atrap desde el principio, Lucas es tan tonto y tierno me saco mas de una sonrisa al ver sus intentos por no caer [...]

    24. I had to keep looking back to see when this book was written It seems like an old Harlequin Romance written in the 70 s First and foremost the so called hero is totally unlikable He s a snob and tries to come off like he isn t The heroine is silly and comes across like she has no common sense I get the impression that this book doesn t think much of women because clearly unless they have a rich man in their lives they will live in some drug infested slums that he couldn t be caught dead in I was [...]

    25. I could not finish this book I got about 10% in, and could not bring myself to continue It read like a really ridiculous fan fiction and my guess is, it was at some point The book was free on , so all I lost was a few minutes of my time I rarely dnf a book, so, yea Anyway I don t recommend it At all Sorry.

    26. Another free book on kindle Another book I should have skipped Lucas was an overbearing ass She was a naive child This book was painful to read I think this book wanted to be One of Nora Roberts MacGregor books It was decidedly not.

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