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Someone to Love By Addison Moore,

  • Title: Someone to Love
  • Author: Addison Moore
  • ISBN: 2940016123608
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Nook
  • Someone to Love is a light, sexy read that is far naughty than it ever is nice.What happens when two people who don t believe in love, happen to fall madly into the most beautiful relationship they could ever imagine A train wreck.When twenty year old Kendall Jordan transfers clear across country to Garrison University, the last thing she s looking for is a one nightSomeone to Love is a light, sexy read that is far naughty than it ever is nice.What happens when two people who don t believe in love, happen to fall madly into the most beautiful relationship they could ever imagine A train wreck.When twenty year old Kendall Jordan transfers clear across country to Garrison University, the last thing she s looking for is a one night stand Unfortunately, that s exactly what, gorgeous, Cruise Elton offers Kendall has long since come to realize that love is an illusion that never lasts, and Cruise couldn t agree but something deep inside her wants him all for herself So, Kendall devises a seat of the pants plan to play the player and proposes that Cruise tutor her in becoming a female version of himself, Garrison University s own playboy Real feelings begin to emerge, and neither Kendall nor Cruise know how to classify them Everything they once thought they knew is redefined as they discover, in one another, Someone to Love.
    Someone to Love Someone to Love is a light sexy read that is far naughty than it ever is nice What happens when two people who don t believe in love happen to fall madly into the most beautiful relationship they co

    One thought on “Someone to Love”

    1. I don t actually plan on doing a review for this one, but since I m boredHere goes I ll just keep it short The preface prologue for this book was so damn good, I was like HOLY SHIT I can already sense that this is going to be a great read.But, as the story went on, I lost interest.I got bored and skipped a lot of parts I just read the MC s convos which are also too cheesy for my taste, it makes me want to barf But still, I tell myself to finish reading it cause maybe the ending s gonna be its sa [...]

    2. Overall this was a very long and disappointing read for me I found the writing choppy and at times hard to follow Too many unnecessary and wordy comparisons bog down this story rather than enrich it The characters lacked depth and came across cliche than real Finally the storyline was absurd So many ridiculous things happened that the end result was comical than anything else I m sorry I honestly don t like to give bad reviews and have only given a handful to date Having said this I still do b [...]

    3. Considering the intriguing premise and number of good reviews on , I was expecting to absolutely love this book The shocker I didn t There were a number of issues with this book that I just couldn t get past First, Kendall and Cruise are supposed to possess jaded outlooks on love I mean, the description claims Kendall is seeking to become the female version of a playboy This is not so Within the first few moments of meeting each other, both Kendall and Cruise decide they want to be with the othe [...]

    4. I really wanted to like this book The beginning was so promising that I thought that it could be the next Wallbanger Unfortunately, this did not happen My major problem with Someone To Love was Cruise s voice It did not sound like a guy s POV to me While Kendall was bouncing between entertaining and sometimes annoying, Cruise just sounded like a girl When I read chapters written from his POV, I couldn t believe it s a guy s voice Or well, I must be used to the macho guys too much Crusie fell in [...]

    5. This is a BAD BOOK No seriously, it s so bad Do not spend the money I got through 10 pages and that is ONLY because the writing is so colossally bad that I wanted to copy lines to send to my friends for a laugh SO BAD Here is the very first sentence for your enjoyment It was that season in my life, the coming of age of the woman inside me who longed to know the secrets of the universe those potent with lust and desire the very thing that harnessed a sexual frenzy and drove humanity along on its [...]

    6. 3 Stars After getting his heartbroken, Cruise starts to play the field He has developed quite a reputation He meets Kendall at a party She is new to school and he feels a spark right away She does too Neither want to admit it Kendall s mom has been married and divorced than she can count She s not sure if she believes in love at all Cruise thought he was in love once, but a cheating ex girlfriend changed that Kendall decides she wants to be a player like Cruise She just needs a little help, som [...]

    7. Just a 3 star read for me but This is my first Addison Moore read and I have to say, I kept getting distracted by thoughts of which genre her writing style would fit best Because holy hells this woman can write, but it felt like an awkward fit for this kind of story When she wants to be evocative and poetic she pulls it off really well and when she wants to be light hearted and funny, she doesn t end up trying, she WILL make stuff come out of your nose.It boggles my simpleton brain how this coul [...]

    8. Dnf about 20% into the book.I just couldn t keep reading The heroine is a hormonal mess of lust, she gets into the car with a complete stranger, stays at his place and after one glance she s already dreaming HEAs God save me from half witted idiots.The hero is another hormonal mess to match the heroine, he invites an unknown girl to stay with him after knowing her for two hours and I don t mean sleep, I mean that he invites her to stay at his place , and he already dreams of her as pregnant and [...]

    9. Really struggled with this book, it s rare I don t finish a book but sadly this was one of those Loved the idea of the book but found the style of writing and over embellishment and grammar editing problems got tiresome and I ended up skimming When that happens I DNF.So 1 for the cover and 1 for the idea of the book Could have been brilliant.

    10. DNF at 15%The characters were unrealistic, with barely any character development I really don t know why they were involved with each other Their relationship was just bizarre.And the overuse of adjectives drove me nuts Everything was so descriptive that it became difficult to follow the storyline And the adjectives used didn t make sense For example, he drinks me in with a fondling gaze, undressing me with those blue cellophane eyes WTF is a fondling gaze and why would you describe blue eyes as [...]

    11. This book is alright, definitely categorized as a light, beach read I felt like there wasn t much character development The entire book was just about sex, sex, and sex That s all Kendall and Cruise ever thought about Such a simple story Cruise fell in love with Kendall so quickly, I don t even know why really He kept saying how she was so different from Blair, but really, how did you know I just didn t fall in love with the characters Even though it s written in both POV, I just didn t feel the [...]

    12. I felt like I was reading the same thing i have in other books.Player herokVirgin heroine.kHero finding heroine different and taking a liking to her within minutes of meeting her.obviously checkHero leaving his player days behindkClicheskJealous ex.kTrust issueskMisunderstandings leading to breakupkClearing up of the misunderstanding leading to HEA.kVery predictable from the beginningk, check, check.

    13. This one was kind of a mixed bag for me There was a lot that I liked At times, it heartwarming and even swoony Cruise was sexy as hell, and for a player he turned out to be a big ol ball of romantic marshmallow sweetness.Kendall had some truly funny lines, and had a sarcastic inner dialogue that left me smiling Sorry, cowboy, I m not into one night stands either I get it I really do, I say, trying to maneuver my way from under him You re on a road show with your penis, and trust me, I m the last [...]

    14. I like romance novels to begin with, but this isn t the usual romance novel I usually read I like the characters in the book However the girl in the story Kendall Kenny bugs me sometimes The author does a good job at representing her age due to her personality and actions i.e dramatic, makes a lot of assumptions, my world is ending All of these traits accurately represent a 20 year old girl But the character gets on my nerves with all of her assumptions There is a very subtle mentioning of there [...]

    15. My guilty pleasure are simple sweet love stories with good girls and bad boys who are secretly good boys who are afraid to be hurt this book is just that Add to that a younger hilarity that at the forefront of Wallbanger this book had me smiling, laughing and yes, at times screaming at them to fucking just talk to each other.The only thing I did not like is that none of the characters held conversations Ally and Lauren could have told Kenny who Blair was Kenny could have told Cruise what her fa [...]

    16. I finish I finish Round of applause please for my courage to force myself through this book Ugh UGH UGGGH.Do not even bother to read this book Seriously I think something s wrong with me I didn t read the blurb and this is what I get I am that stressed at school lol This book can cause your eyes to hurt from rolling them so much This also could result in intense migraines.Wrong things about this book 1 The first meeting, emphasis on first, the girl went home with the guy she barely knew Duuuude [...]

    17. What s not to like about this sweet sweet book about falling in love and finding your soul mate At times the author was almost poetic with her writing, the storyline and plot were predictable but pleasant and easy to read, packed with plenty of heartwarming scenes.An easy 3.5 stars.

    18. First I want to say I loved this book, however I want It so easily could have been turned into a trilogy and I m kind of sad it wasn t At the very least there should have been an epilogue Still a great heart warming read that was very funny.

    19. Il libro strutturato in modo strano Presenta tutti i clich del mondo Playboy osannato dall universo femminile del college C .Nuova studentessa infatuata del playboy C .Patto scellerato tra i due per passare del tempo insieme Per favore.Ex stronza, gelosa e vendicativa Ovvio che c .Famiglie disfunzionali alle spalle Ci sono.Sono tutti elementi che coesistono splendidamente nel mondo dei new adult Insomma abbiamo letto delle vere perle del genere, basti pensare a J Lynn conosciuta dai pi come Jenn [...]

    20. I was extremly shocked when i saw all of this reviews, and my opinion was so different I mean im a pretty easy pleaser but i guess this one wasn t my typeOkay, the story starts with a virgin who after 0.3 nanoseconds of meeting a manwhore , moves in with him due to lack of having somewhere to stay because he gave over the responsibility to a person she knows nothing about , then our brilliant main character decides to change all she believes in and become a whore to match his personality After l [...]

    21. First off that cover has me drooling It s so hot and heavy and so suited to this book I cannot think of a cover perfect to represent Someone to Love Ok so I bought this book a little under 2 hours ago and I have already finished it.This book was a little at times boring However it is all about 2 people s first love and of course that means that their going to be a little obsessive about each other and of course inseparable The heroine Kenny did get a little annoying She only had a one track min [...]

    22. I love these types stories I was excited to read this cute contemporary romance.I liked Kendall some of her lines at the beginning made me laugh and I liked Cruise he was just a good person and I liked the premise of the story I seek out these types of stories in YA books However, somewhere at 65%, it lost me I can t put my finger on it Cruise has some history with an ex girlfriend that comes back to stir some trouble, but that part did not bother me I am reader who likes when an ex comes back t [...]

    23. I liked this story how it was told from alternating points of view Loved getting a look inside the guys head for once I think it should be done often MAJOR SPOILERS stop reading if you don t want to read any spoilersOne of the things I can say I didn t like was the way these two in love people never once really communicated which of course was a plot device but seriously how can you love someone want to marry them and never have really told them much about yourself Almost everything painful cou [...]

    24. I quit After about 40% of the book, I just couldn t do it any The writing was over the top fanciful and the analogies were just driving me crazy I didn t connect with either character and I expected a bit angst from both characters given that neither believes in love I enjoyed the first several books in Ms Moore s other series although towards the end of that series I had to hang it up as well There was just something off with this book The characters didn t feel like they connected or had chem [...]

    25. Arrrggghh this is driving me crazy I can t get it through Kindle UK and Nook I might have to go by Smashwords on this one Finally bought a copy of this one from the Kindle store What an emotional roller coaster though but i loved it Full review tomorrow

    26. 3 stelline e mezzoLa mia recensione sul blog leggereromanticamente Primo romanzo della serie romance new adult Someone to Love, Qualcuno di Speciale segna l esordio in Italia dell autrice Addison Moore Quando le trame mi ispirano, sono sempre curiosa di scoprire qualche nuova autrice, quindi eccomi qui a parlarvi della mia ultima lettura Ambientato alla Garrison University, nel Massachusetts, il libro narrato alternando i punti di vista dei due protagonisti principali Kendall e Cruise Kendall un [...]

    27. La storia in se mi pure piaciuta Cruise il principe azzurro perfetto, un finto play boy, un finto cattivo ragazzo, che da un passato burrascoso esce divino Kenny una vergine per scelta Una tontolona ma di quelle simpatiche, che ci sembra tale solo perch non ha fatto determinate esperienze.Nonostante nel primo capitolo mi siano cadute le braccia per tutto quello che succede in modo troppo frettoloso, l evolversi del libro mi piaciuto.Un inno all a in piena regola.Ma in sto libro non succede un ca [...]

    28. 2.5I rounded up because the beginning was hilarious.When one of the first lines uttered by a main character is You re on a road show with your penis, and trust me, I m the last person who wants to get in your way But I m telling you, operation occupy my vagina is a no go for the evening , you have to continue just for the laughs.So, Someone to Love Basically, a girl transfers colleges and on her first day there meets resident playboy Hijinks ensue and they end up falling for each other shocker, [...]

    29. This turned out to be completely different from what I thought it would be Seriously, when I read the first couple of pages I said to my friend it s smut.I mean, it felt like it from the prologue Well, it s not Yeah, there s a lot of sex of all kinds, but it s a really sweet story about two people falling in love.Something amazing is happening something meaningful and real.First I want to say that this was beautiful writing I was drinking up every sentence Absolutely beautiful I haven t read thi [...]

    30. I have to start this off saying that I really liked this book because offcourse Cruise is Another smoking HOTTT guy Kendall moves to go to university and is supposed to get a dorm room which is set up by her friend Paddington but when the plans fall through and she realizes she is stranded with no accomodation or money She meets Cruise and starts talking to him and he offers her a place to stay till she sorts her living arrangement out.Cruise is sexy and the ultimate man whore he sleeps with dif [...]

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