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The Cestus Concern By Mat Nastos,

  • Title: The Cestus Concern
  • Author: Mat Nastos
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • WHO IS MALCOLM WEIR Waking up in an operating room, much to the surprise of the attending surgeons, Malcolm Weir frantically fights his way out of a secret government installation, located in downtown Los Angeles Battling through a mass of armed guards and meta gene operatives, the cyborg warrior realizes he has no memory of how he got there.The past 11 months are gone.WiWHO IS MALCOLM WEIR Waking up in an operating room, much to the surprise of the attending surgeons, Malcolm Weir frantically fights his way out of a secret government installation, located in downtown Los Angeles Battling through a mass of armed guards and meta gene operatives, the cyborg warrior realizes he has no memory of how he got there.The past 11 months are gone.With a hole in his mind, Weir must retrace his steps for the past year, fighting his way through the nearly endless horde of super powered mercenaries and assassins the government sends after him.Travel along with Weir, facing some of the most intense action ever put to paper, along with a body count of ridiculous proportions, as he tracks down the secrets trapped in his head.In the end, Weir must stand alone against a former friend and a squad of the deadliest killers ever created, all to learn the terrifying truth behind Project Hardwired.Fans of films like Bourne Identity or Smoking Aces, or the comics of Deadpool and Wolverine, will love the over the top science fiction action of The Cestus Concern by Mat Nastos.
    The Cestus Concern WHO IS MALCOLM WEIR Waking up in an operating room much to the surprise of the attending surgeons Malcolm Weir frantically fights his way out of a secret government installation located in downtown

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    1. This is a fantastic book It kept me hooked from the start I loved the humourous interaction between Mal and his best friend Zuz.Mal wakes up to find he s a cyborg and has no memory of the past 11 months of his life In his quest to find out the truth he has to battle many government agents and man made adversaries It s a rollercoaster ride from page 1 with scene after scene of action packed adventure.It s a must read for sci fi fans The author has a gift for describing the action so that the read [...]

    2. Now this is how to kick off a series Nastos prose is fast, funny and the action is furious and Nissan Cube Flingingly Frantic at one turn, yet he doesn t skimp on character development and human drama.Human Drama with GIANT FREAKING FINGERBLADES RENDING SHADOWY CYBERAGENTS OF A GOVERNMENT GONE BERSERK You can t beat that.While the style is quick, The Cestus Concern really impressed me in that it doesn t rush through an all to brief page count and really is a solid read that builds to a satisfyin [...]

    3. Mat Nastos has become someone to follow in 2013 I just read this action packed novel that felt like a big budget roller coaster of a movie It s got everything you could want in a book and had a kind of Terminator meets Wolverine vibe to it It was an easy read with a sense of humor and it felt very good in that it moved at a good pace Highly recommend this book from Nastos, especially if you love action, action movies and flawed heroes who kick ass.

    4. Malcolm Weir hits the ground running, and the action doesn t stop His search for answers turns into a search for retribution, as the people who stole his life must pay.You won t want to stop reading until you get to the end

    5. Looking at Mat Nastos biography is enough to give you feelings of inadequacy If you want to talk about making the most of your creative career, he s definitely one guy who has done that, as an artist for comics film TV, director, writer, and now, he can add novelist to that long list of accomplishments He s a self proclaimed Super Genius, and after reading some of his excellent articles on marketing over at his website, I can say that s a title he s definitely earned.The Cestus Concern is Nastos [...]

    6. This story is an example of the importance of editors The book basically follows the script of most super soldier turning on his creators origin stories There are some good ideas here though it should be noted that the main character seems to be based on Warblade, a superhero whose main power is pointy fingers Unfortunately, those ideas are overshadowed by numerous grammatical errors, odd semantic choices, and strange plot points a good editor would have caught The plot moves quickly and there s [...]

    7. The Cestus Concern is intense, adrenaline powered action that never slows down from the first to the last page From the destruction of warehouses, helicopters crashing in downtown Los Angeles to a platoon of death dealing cyborgs chasing the hero through Century City, author Matt Nastos writes a testosterone driven adventure that reads like a big summer blockbuster movie.Army Ranger Malcom Weir wakes up in a lab he has never seen before Strange sensations fill his body Weir finds he is now known [...]

    8. The Cestus Concern starts off in a place which might be familiar to fans of the genre A metal table, wires and tubes protruding everywhere, a sense of confusion and strangeness as the consciousness slowly returns after some sort of terrible accident Unfortunately for Malcom Weir, things are only going to get worse.This book is sheer, unmitigated, balls to the wall fun that plays like a movie in your head It s impossible not to visualize the amazing special effects and mind blowing budget require [...]

    9. The book opens as our MC Malcolm Weir, an Army Ranger, is waking up in an operating room, he disoriented and when the surgeons in the room realize it, they try and give him a shut down code But he s human, at least he used to be, and it doesn t work because he s human than they want him to be now He gets angry and literally PULVERIZES the poor woman doctor who was working on him He then bursts through a glass wall, head butts another woman, all while being shot Of course, he s half metal and he [...]

    10. The book is really one long fight It starts with a bang and never lets up, like ever.I realized, upon reading the end notes, that the idea started out as a pitch to a comic guy and that does nothing to detract from my enjoyment of the book but it does clarify the pacing to me It s fast really fast Dan Brown with liquid metal armed protagonist fighting government agents in black helicopters fast I m not giving anything away that isn t on the cover here.It was a fast read and a fun read There wasn [...]

    11. Violent, Predictable, and PointlessIf it were at its best, this book might rate a four five It would need some character development, a few surprises, and perfect editing Lacking all three, it is flat and predictable.Malcolm Weir is a character with no development He is the same on page one as he is on the last page, despite a plethora of life altering events, and a triple digit body count Much the same can be said for all the other characters.The editing is really, really bad A few scenes have [...]

    12. This book is quite literately a slug fest from beginning to end Malcolm Weir wakes up on an operating table with a big hole in his memory and the horrifying discovery that he has been the recipient of the governments latest successful attempt to create a super soldier The book quickly moves from one fight scene to another throughout its length I would say this is well written but I don t think the characters had the depth they needed or much in the way of interaction outside destroying one obsta [...]

    13. I wanted to like this book.The premise opening sounded interesting The protagonist wakes up in the operating room of a secret government installation with no memory of how he got there Yeah, that sounds like the sort of thing I d enjoy reading.Alas, the bad writing got in the way of the story, which didn t fulfill its promise anyway I approached this novel as a reader only, and I still couldn t overlook the myriad punctuation errors, bad similes, bland descriptions of over the top action Rating [...]

    14. I didn t read the book as I listened to the unabridged audiobook version I wasn t sure if this book was going to be up my alley, however, this book surprised me with it s lovely background story Further, this book had nice twist turns to keep you wanting until the end.The book presents the evil side of the government on how they mess with human lives, by creating cyborgs and when it fails try to eliminate their failures to stay clean I would say this is a must read.

    15. science fiction reads like a comic bookThis book was written as a hard core action story full of bullets, blood and blades I don t think it is supposed to be funny maybe I m wrong , but just a few pages in I started laughing and continued throughout the book I don t think I ve ever read a book that made me laugh so much Yes it is full of cliches and lots of errors, but I was laughing so hard I just skimmed past them Loved it

    16. I couldn t finish The constant pop culture references to offer description was than I could take The tone of the narrative was very judgmental about current classes of people and or lifestyles based on income These references did nothing to further the story and were about authors opinions.Dislike being so negative about the story, but guess it was just not for me Premise was cool and had potential, I just couldn t relate to authors style.

    17. The state of publishing is pretty sorry indeed when a supposedly world class thriller is so riddled with transposed and missing letters I know, it s picky but if you re going to publish something, selling it to people, surely those little niggles are important The story was as over the top comic book action as you could want, true to form and exactly what I expected.

    18. The action scenes are pretty good, if a little unnecessarily ghoulish The characters and storyline are absolute drivel Fortunately the author seems to know this and spends as much time as possible describing increasingly ludicrous cyborg battles Two and a half really I might try the next one, but not one after another I think it d make me ill.

    19. No likey The book actually started not badly, but just went downhill Cartoonish and juvenile, and those characteristics seemed to become stronger as I read on until I could go no further Give up one star.

    20. No Just, no Gratuitous gore, cliched writing, cliched characters Not even a shred of credibility in the tech or the plot NO editing whatsoever Couldn t get past the first thirty pages and I only read that far to see if it really was as bad as I thought It was.

    21. Combination between a John Scalzi book and the movie Iron Man over the top action, totally unbelievable fighting scenes which spin out of control but all in all still a good read, liked it till the end.

    22. Action, violence laden, weak plot.Non stop action but no depth to the hero of this book which reeks of sequels to come Not a bad read but not one I would recommend unless the reader has a desire for Gore and bloodlust.

    23. Love the cover art.It just didn t live up to its potential.It might make a decent movie or comic book Pretty violent thought His main weapons are blades.

    24. This book is about action, and it does it well I loved the ironic quote partway through, I never could stomach action movies too much excitement for me.

    25. Awesomethis book was amazing I couldn t but it down so such blood and Gore I loved it about to read book two can t wait.

    26. Fast readLove the action Makes me flashback to my younger days reading the Mack Nolan action series Keep it coming Can t wait to read the next one.

    27. Lots of action.A good easy read The villain director of project hardwired is very easy to dislike a good intro for a new hero Cestus.

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