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Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World By Susie Bright,

  • Title: Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World
  • Author: Susie Bright
  • ISBN: 9780939416356
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • Susie Bright discusses what lesbians really do, not what the sex cops think we ought to do Cruising, packing, fisting, G spots, porn stars, dildos, vibrators, anal sex, group sex, sex with straight girls, dental dams, lube n latex, sex during pregnancy, and
    Susie Sexpert s Lesbian Sex World Susie Bright discusses what lesbians really do not what the sex cops think we ought to do Cruising packing fisting G spots porn stars dildos vibrators anal sex group sex sex with straight gi

    One thought on “Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World”

    1. Aw, this was adorable Susie Bright is pretty awesome, right It was nice that this was a bunch of columns from On Our Backs in the mid and late eighties, but for the most part it was fucked up especially considering how often people who write sex columns continue to say fucked up shit, even though it is the future I m looking at you, Dan Savage At one point she s talking to a room of women with AIDS and their partners, and she asks everybody a question then goes Partners, just respond as if you w [...]

    2. The two stars is mainly due, as others have stated, to the fact this was rather dated Many of us who lived through the 80s can find enjoyable nostalgia, but there was a lot of cultural horror, too I read the updated still dated version, which extends the articles enclosed to the far flung year of 1998.My favourite article was the final one in which Susie gives a blistering reply to a call in she received on Dan Savage s Love Live radio program The caller questioned her right to consider herself [...]

    3. Though undeniably dated, this collection of Susie Bright s articles is, nonetheless, well worth the read Despite the loss of relevance of certain aspects, due to the passage of time, Bright s writing is frank, funny, and refreshingly free of agenda The topics she discuss are by no means entirely without merit for readers today You don t have to agree with her take on many topics to appreciate the value of open discussion and humor she brings to the table Her freshness, as well as her brevity, ma [...]

    4. Feels a bit dated columns are from the second half of the 80 s Very quick read, I finished it in about an hour, and very breezy tone Since it is such a minor time commitment I would say it is worth reading although I doubt most people will find the information contained within revelatory.

    5. i had always thought of this as just a cultural relic, but susie s breezy, hilarious treatment of fraught sexual issues was super refreshing now than ever, honestly.

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