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Now I'll Tell You Everything By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor,

  • Title: Now I'll Tell You Everything
  • Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
  • ISBN: 9781442445901
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Alice McKinley is going to college And everything, from her room to her classes to her friends, is about to change Stoically, nervously, Alice puts her best foot forward and steps into the rest of her life.Just how crazy will her college life get Will Alice s dream of becoming a psychologist come true Are she and her BFFs destined to remain BFFs And with so many milesAlice McKinley is going to college And everything, from her room to her classes to her friends, is about to change Stoically, nervously, Alice puts her best foot forward and steps into the rest of her life.Just how crazy will her college life get Will Alice s dream of becoming a psychologist come true Are she and her BFFs destined to remain BFFs And with so many miles between them, will Alice and Patrick stay together or is there a hot, mysterious stranger in her future As Alice well knows, life isn t always so predictable, and there are than a few curveballs waiting to be thrown her way.This is it The grand finale You ve loved her, you ve learned with her, you ve watched her grow up through twenty eight books And now everything you ve ever wanted to know about Alice McKinley will be revealed
    Now I ll Tell You Everything Alice McKinley is going to college And everything from her room to her classes to her friends is about to change Stoically nervously Alice puts her best foot forward and steps into the rest of her

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    1. Phyllis Naylor shouldn t have written this book.I know she wanted to finish the series and give Alice s legion of fans a look into the rest of Alice s life But in doing so she has written a book that is not a believable full account of a life, but rather something that reads as if a fan had written it and a young fan at that.Alice s voice has rung clearly through all the Alice books They went at a leisurely pace, often covering no than a few months or at most a year in Alice s life.Here, Naylor [...]

    2. PROLOGUE This is going to be a long, emotional review I will not just be reviewing this book, but also reflecting back on the whole series now that it is finally over And what an ending it was Some may be daunted or annoyed by the length I thought about keeping it short, but quickly realized I wouldn t be able to write a normal review All I ask is for you to remember that this ending is an emotional moment for a longtime Alice fan, and I cannot write a review of the 25th 28th if you include the [...]

    3. I m going to admit that I was a teensy bit wary about this final book The work in the latest books deteriorated a little bit, as it felt like Phyllis Reynolds Naylor grew less and less in touch with the young people of today I can tell you all about the distinctive moments in the first Alice books, like Denise Whitlock s bullying, the pencil test, the gum in Pamela s hair, Alice s fake wedding in high school and Pamela s fake pregnancy, and it all felt so real to me when I was younger and could [...]

    4. Fair warning upfront if you aren t already an Alice McKinley fan, this book won t appeal at all It s a straightforward chronology of what happens to Alice and her friends after high school up until age sixty Long time Alice fans will probably know why Naylor chose this age as her cutoff Always Alice suffers from trying to cover such a wide swath of time no matter how you slice it, trying to capture this much time in 544 pages is incredibly difficult I thought Naylor would have done better to cov [...]

    5. I grew up with The Agony of Alice and the other early Alice books I still remember how thrilled I was the day I found Alice in Rapture, Sort Of at Target right when it was released Then, after the first handful of books, I started becoming and disenchanted with Alice It became a boring, repetitive series.But reading this book was like taking a punch to the gut it was unexpected, and kind of painful And for me, this was a good thing It reminded me of all the things that I loved about Alice Alic [...]

    6. All right If you were an active fan of this series all along like, keeping up with the author s website and writing in your suggestions for the series you may have been less surprised by the last book than I was maybe But I was really disappointed by the way this series ended Don t worry no spoilers except the general outline of the book Each of the twenty seven previous books, including prequels, covered a space of four months First semester of the school year, second semester, summer Every tim [...]

    7. Some spoilers Oh Lordy Lordy Lordy Where to start The outdated wording Lackluster characters Gah what a shame I ve been reading Alice books since I was 12 I loved Alice s tenacity, goofiness, constant slip of the tongue, and curiosity Her friends were cool too Pamela was so DRAMA and Elizabeth was so goody, goody but tried hard not to judge her friends, was always a soft hearted good friend Most important they were their own people Completely different from Alice What happened Does this book bas [...]

    8. Before I embark on this admittedly negative review I have to mention that this series really meant a lot to me while I was growing up I really appreciate the author s commitment to her fans and its evident that this book was written with the now mostly adult readers in mind That being said, I was dubious of this book when I heard a few years ago that it would take Alice from 18 60 in one book and I think I was correct to have been suspicious I was really rooting for the final book to be awesome [...]

    9. I am super duper emotional about this series being over right now One day in middle school I went to the public library and borrowed The Agony of Alice Since then this series has not only been a part of my childhood but a constant in my life So I will admit that when I was about to start reading this book, I teared up.Now I ll Tell You Everything, was not a perfect ending to this series Yet it succeeded my expectations I was not a huge fan of the last few recent Alice books, especially Alice on [...]

    10. I was really conflicted about this book on the one hand, there are some things Phyllis Naylor did beautifully The last few scenes in particular were very sweet and nostalgia inducing On the whole, though, I was kind of disappointed the 3 stars are really of a 2.5 As the synopsis indicates, this book really does tell you everything you wanted to know about Alice McKinley, from age 18 all the way to 60 As a result, the story feels incredibly rushed at times the novel covers Alice s first two year [...]

    11. I NEVER thought I d cry over a series ending, but I should ve known it would be this one Oh, Alice the girl I felt I grew up with, sharing all her happy, heartbreaking, ordinary, and embarrassing experiences, laughing with her, crying with her, cringing with her at all these things that felt like everything and really were not The girl I felt was simultaneously my best friend and myself I still remember sitting in my room crying for 15 minutes about Mrs Plotkin so, so many books ago, and thinkin [...]

    12. Really this book is 2 5 stars and the.5 is for nostalgic fondness This book does not lie it does follow Alice from 18 60 Yes I guess that those of us who have known Alice for years did want to know how she ended up and with whom Perhaps though we didn t need quite this much detail Frankly a lot of the book was just dull I mean I thought who cares several times There are also a thousand little nitpicks I have because I am very familiar with the area that she is writing about Which is why when Ali [...]

    13. Having always loved Alice as a kid, I was so excited to read how her life turned out Parts of her story were a little long and a little eye roll inducing, but it was sweet overall The ending especially was perfect how everything came full circle and it made me nostalgic for the girl I was when I first read Alice However, I did find myself frequently thinking that Naylor seemed a bit out of touch with aspects of Alice s life particularly the college years , but when the included endnote by Naylor [...]

    14. 4.5 5 Full Review On thegraduatedbookworm This last book in the Alice series I would have to say is the best by far There were some things that just caught you off guard and made you feel pure happiness, excitement, sadness, loss, love, and joy Alice had gone through so many different aspects of her life, and it really shows at the end of this book with the reveal of the time capsule Overall I think that this book and series altogether represents a girl who has lived a life with multiple ups and [...]

    15. I m biased I don t necessarily think that Now I ll Tell You Everything, the final book in the Alice McKinley series, was a five star book But I ve grown up with Alice, and even though this last book was by no means a strong entry to the series or even all that surprising, to be honest , it was still a fantastic sendoff And I will buy the book when it is actually released, because I can t have an incomplete collection A little on my thoughts view spoiler Of course she ends up with Patrick UGH He [...]

    16. The book itself isn t up to the standards we were all used to in the era of Alice Alone, but is far, far better than the previous 4 or 5 books As almost everyone else has said, she fast forwarded way too fast once Alice graduated from college, and I was so sad about the deaths of certain characters, but the ending was impeccable I cried through the last chapter and the afterward because I m so sad that this series is over It was time for Alice to go, but I grew up with these characters and will [...]

    17. The last book in the Alice series I need to go read a few previous ones , was bittersweet I had questions of course, did Alice marry, and if so who did she choose How did her life turn out We get answers, even if we thought her life would be different, this is a very long detailed final book, not the best written, but a nice ending to an 18 year for me series, I discovered Alice in 1999 and happily read the few Id missed, then kept up until 7 books ago, and am tracking down the missing books to [...]

    18. I can t believe I ve been reading the Alice books since I was twelve, and I can t believe PRN stuck to it and wrote twenty eight books about Alice and her friends NOW I LL TELL YOU EVERYTHING ALWAYS ALICE is the final book in the series and covers Alice s life from her first year of college through her sixtieth birthday All of the previous books covered about four months of Alice s life, so this was a huge break from form But it might not have been the best narrative decision.From the get go, th [...]

    19. i started reading this series in elementary school and grew up with alice i would obsessively check the new YA section at my local library for the latest installment, and once started announcing pub dates ahead of time, i marked them on my calendar all this to say, it s weird that this is the last book and i feel bizarrely emotional about it a 28 volume series 25 3 prequels , most of which i ve read than once, takes up quite a chunk of literary real estate in a 30 year old woman as with the la [...]

    20. I started reading about Alice when I too was in middle school The embarrassing stories and promises of her friends and of course, of Patrick, helped me through a lot of awkward times as well When I discovered there had been written a last Alice book in my local library, I was ecstatic.The book was good and bad in my opinion Of course I wanted to know how her life turns out and who she experiences the end of it with But I also felt like several events were cut way too short For example, in the be [...]

    21. I enjoyed this a lot than I enjoyed any of the other recent Alice books and when I say recent, I m probably reaching back at least a decade or so I started the series not long after it debuted, when I was in fifth or sixth grade and about the age of Alice McKinley Since then, Alice has only aged about 12 years, whereas I ve aged well, let s not do that math.This finale to the series takes Alice from the start of college to age 60 This gives Naylor a whole new set of problems to explore with Ali [...]

    22. I was wholly satisfied with my reading experience I have some minor complaints, but they are mostly structural and really don t involve the content With the exception of Pamela s storyline She s my favorite character of the series, and I thought this book was lacking in Pamela presence and what little we did get of her didn t always gel with my mental image of her, specifically the last information we get about her Other structural problems I took issue with involved the lack of Lester informati [...]

    23. Pros I like the title a lot, although Always Alicewould have been cute too It does give me a lovely sense of closure to feel like I know everything now after reading these books for 20 years Holy shit 20 years view spoiler She ended up with Patrick I would have been spectacularly annoyed if we read allllll those books about Patrick and she ended up with someone else Alice s son goes to Oberlin That gave it like a whole extra star, to be honest hide spoiler Cons view spoiler She ended up with Pat [...]

    24. I couldn t not read the final Alice book I loved Alice as soon as I found The Agony of Alice on a shelf in our tiny library in my grade school and as each new book was published I anxiously got my hands on it and generally plowed through it in one sitting After high school, I lost touch a bit with Alice, but was thrilled to discover that she was still having adventures even after I graduated college, grad school and moved on into my adult life This book does exactly what it s meant to do wrap Al [...]

    25. The last few Alice books have been meh, and I ve read them only because I ve read every Alice book and loved them for years I didn t feel much different about this one, which covers Alice s life from the beginning of college until she turns 60 and that s the reason it s than 500 pages long Things turn out pretty much the way one expects them to turn out Naylor says she wrote this when she still had six or seven Alice books to go, and tossed it into a vault She obviously threw in some perfunctor [...]

    26. NOW I LL TELL YOU EVERYTHING has all the qualities that drew me to the original title many years ago The same humour and worldly wisdom that Naylor provided in other titles find their way into this title Read this to find out how Alice manages after reaching university Does she marry her long time friend and romance Patrick What career path does she choose This book contains some of the best safe sex guidelines I ve ever encountered all delivered in a respectful and realistic framework Best appr [...]

    27. I ll say this for PRN anyone who writes about teenagers for over 20 years has my heart Anyone who can write about feelings and exactly put their finger on why something hurts so much and feels a certain way has my heart Sure, it s long and rushed It s a lot of time she wants to cover But it s Naylor s love letter to the fans and for that, I can t fault her I wept in all the right places and appreciated the philosophical look at life after college It made me think a little Also view spoiler Alice [...]

    28. I suppose there is something to be said for the complicated feat of writing a 40 year span of someone s life that is all set c 2010 But really those ambivalent props are all I can give this unnecessary epilogue to the Alice series Maybe a few moments were touching, solely because of the 24 volume character backstory and not due to any actual poignancy within these pages The narrative was rushed and utterly devoid of the personality and charm of the early Alice books.

    29. I had so many FEELINGS while reading this book There were one star moments and five star moments But for someone who has loved Alice McKinley for 2 decades, it was ultimately a really enjoyable nostalgia read I need to discuss this with someone who had similar reading experiences with this character, to continue to process how I felt about it

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