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Reflections on the Failure of Socialism By Max Eastman,

  • Title: Reflections on the Failure of Socialism
  • Author: Max Eastman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
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    Reflections on the Failure of Socialism None

    One thought on “Reflections on the Failure of Socialism”

    1. This is a humane memoir by an author who originally supported Socialism but gradually came to realize that civil liberties will not last long once The State controls the economy.Jeff Daiell

    2. There s a reason first hand information is called eye witness testimony and is admissable in court This man lived in the Soviet Union for two years, then came back to America a libertarian Nothing like socialism in practice to debunk all its idealistic theories.

    3. A book stuffed with ad hominem and conflation of arguments In many chapters Eastman spends his time insulting liberals rather than deconstructing socialist philosophy, and several of his arguments are bad Here s a couple and why they re bad Acquired traits are not hereditary, and therefore human nature will not change to better suit communism It s plainly clear that while the genetic makeup of human beings will not change, the way one responds to one s environment growing up is almost infinite i [...]

    4. Reading this to research a paper on Eastman Seems to be a logical consistency to his thought, in that he maintained from his early Marxism a devotion to scientific certainty and a disdain for reform as an intelligent solution Given this, when he became disgusted with the Soviet Experiment, he had no consistent choice other than to attach himself to the libertarian right, and even briefly with McCarthyism There is an irony in that his criticisms of the socialist project could apply perfectly to w [...]

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