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Beautiful Strangers By Glenna Maynard,

  • Title: Beautiful Strangers
  • Author: Glenna Maynard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 143
  • Format: None
  • In life we face choices chances and consequences Grace Montgomery never dreamed hers would lead her to The Masquerade Club, and a fast paced life of sex, drugs, and music When Evan Brown walked into her life he was too good to be true Since meeting him her life has been flipped upside down After a chance encounter with a handsome stranger, Grace finds herself thrust inIn life we face choices chances and consequences Grace Montgomery never dreamed hers would lead her to The Masquerade Club, and a fast paced life of sex, drugs, and music When Evan Brown walked into her life he was too good to be true Since meeting him her life has been flipped upside down After a chance encounter with a handsome stranger, Grace finds herself thrust into a relationship with Country Music sensation Jaxson Hayes and torn between two loves When hidden truths are uncovered will she be able to let go of her past and embrace her future
    Beautiful Strangers In life we face choices chances and consequences Grace Montgomery never dreamed hers would lead her to The Masquerade Club and a fast paced life of sex drugs and music When Evan Brown walked into h

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    1. Beautiful Strangers has a new cover, you can see it on my blog.Beautiful Strangers is now available on kobobooks ebook Beautirnesandnoble w beautunesle us book id63.on Beautiful StranBeautiful Strangers is the story of Grace She is flawed and battling her drug addiction while being torn between two loves Grace has been hurt and let down, but she realizes she can t blame others for her problems She learns a lot about life, the chances we take and the choices we make come with consequences In the [...]

    2. I am terrible at writing reviews for books that I like this much I am going to give it a good go and do my best At the moment I am on a young adult New adult kick I seem to be sucking up every book I can find Some don t sit well with me and others blow my mind This is one of the books that blew my mind From beginning to end the one thing I noticed most was the raw honesty of the story Most would say that Grace is an unlikable character If I am being honest I find her very relatable She s broken [...]

    3. Our main character is named Grace and she goes to college where she falls in love with Evan I might add, I love Evan s tattoos There s betrayal and a set of events happen, wreaking havoc in Grace s life As the plot thickens, she meets another handsome man named Jaxson I loved how the writer incorporates a love triangle that kept me anxiously flipping the pages I thought maybe she should leave Evan alone and run off on tour with Jax But then Evan is super sexy and accepts her for who she is And t [...]

    4. I m not going to go into detail about what happens in the book, that is for you to find out So buy it, read it, love itJust like I did.I can honestly say that Beautiful Strangers had me sitting on the edge of my seat screaming at both Evan and Jaxson Both hot, sexy and damn infuriating Ask me if I am Team Evan or Team Jaxson and I may just slap you, I have no idea which team I would choose both men are freaking sex gods but also the biggest idiotic creatures known to man I hate Evan, I love Jaxs [...]

    5. Wow I love that this book is not like most books out there that I have read it deals with things that people go through everyday and most don t talk about it was well written.

    6. While I liked the idea of this book, it just didn t work for me The story felt rushed and I never connected with the characters I really wanted to like this one, but sadly did not.

    7. WOW What a freakin roller coaster ride In this book you get the 360 degree crazy, sexy and lovely at the same time I am writing this minutes after reading the book and I am in awe 0_0I really didn t know what to expect reading this book Sure, I have read the synopsis and it was the reason why I added this to my to read list on GR It was intriguing and I chose to give it a shot Reading the 1st chapter through the 2nd, I got some ideas where the story will go but I was so wrong You know but you ha [...]

    8. Review for Beautiful Strangers by Glenna Maynard3 stars I don t do close with anyone Not any If Grace won t let anyone get close to her, no one will be around to catch her when she falls Gracie is a bit of a mess She is struggling with a drug addiction and barely making ends meet working as a dancer at a masquerade burlesque show She lives life day to day answering to no one and making no apologies for how she lives along the way She is trying to move on from her tumultuous and unhealthy relatio [...]

    9. This book was so good I will tell you now that it is different than most books that I have ever read Gracie is the main character and she has a broken and shattered soul She struggles throughout the entire book to find herself and denies herself any type of love Then she meets Jax and OH MYHot country singer with black hair and blue eyes.uh hello Their relationship starts off very passionate and between the both of them they have too many secrets they are hiding from each other that it makes the [...]

    10. So I stumbled onto this book after reading the worst book ever What a breath of fresh air after what I just endured I normally read paranormal books and recently decided to give the new adult as they refer to themselves a go So far they have been hit or miss This was an absolute hit The protagonist in this book was great I wanted to hate her, I wanted to smack her a few times But in the end she was quite strong and feisty I don t know if I have ever read a book where the characters felt so real [...]

    11. 3.5 stars I enjoyed this book though I found it very hard to engage with the characters Most enjoyable for me was the subject of drugs and the theme surrounding just how easy it is to start and how hard it is to get away from them Though I didn t feel much for Grace until about 40 50% I was intrigued by her scrambled thought processes, changes of mind andwelljust how out of control she always seemed to be whether it was written this way on purpose or not I don t know which showed what the drugs [...]

    12. Beautiful Strangers was a really good read It s not your typical romance story at all Grace has a story behind her that will make you feel for her She s not perfect in anyway, she has issues with drugs,trust and much Grace takes full responsibility for who she has become and works hard to change I must say that I admire her bravery Grace has a history with a boy named Evan, he was her first boyfriend and swept her off her feet She later finds out who Evan really is and what his intentions were [...]

    13. Beautiful Strangers was a fun read that kept me guessing and made me all sentimental at the end What could you ask for Grace is not your typical romance heroine and that is why I loved the book Grace isn t innocent, she has already been hurt She is tough, sexy and unapologetic Grace has her vices and she is not above going down on her ex boyfriend to get what she needs either Yes, she has problems and even though she has every right to blame others, she doesn t You won t find her whining or pla [...]

    14. So it s no surprise that I loved this book I love Glenna Maynard since the first book I read and my obsession with all things that come out of her creative mind are just wonderful That being said and knowing that this is her first book yeah I came in late in the game I was shocked that this book does have a HEA ending Personally I would have loved for Grace to tell them all to go to hell and start fresh somewhere else I would like to think that the Glenna we all know and love now would agree wit [...]

    15. Really loved this one This was a quick read because I didn t want to put it down Something was always happening in this hot new romance I don t think I have ever read about a take charge heroine before Grace is like so many strong women I know that has been hurt by a man She is not a wilting flower, she is a sex kitten Go Grace Spoiler Alert I have to say I really loved Jax But then I really loved Evan, I didn t know which way she should turn I won t tell you how it ends but the author is brill [...]

    16. Amazing book I loved it so much.It was not predictable The story was original and flowed really well It was also H.O.T Grace is damaged with a capital D She s battling demons, but determined to get her life on track It s very admirable She s a strong female lead and even though she s underhanded at times, and you might want to smack her, you can t help but love her and root for her.Jaxon is SEXY melt your panties, make you do naughty things, and spontaneously combust sexy.Evan is an ass Straight [...]

    17. I first have to say what a mouth dropping,amazing, on the edge of my seat book Really a chocolate fudge sunday Gracie and Evan had a rockies relationship between them but they never truly gave up on one another They had their issues with things but Mr Jax wow look out ladies because he will take you for a ride in this book This book touches parts of different situations that happen all the time but no one wants to truly talk about Gracie used a great analogy the Big elephant in the room speaks f [...]

    18. Beautiful Strangers Glenna MaynardA great set of characters, unconventional, thought provoking, they will tangle with your senses In real life, sex and emotions never truly make sense and Glenna Maynard captures this wonderfully You get a feeling of frustration and want the characters to do something else which surly emphasises a creative writer The story is fast paced, real, sexual and erotic keeping the pages turning If love, sex and drugs floats your boat well, this one is for you

    19. Glenna Maynard s Beautiful Strangers was authentic and kept me on the edge of my seat wanting Thank you Glenna for writing such a twisty, sexy, seductive story seeping with dark characters you want to love Will Gracie make the right choices in life s lessons of hard knocks Hard choices are never the easy ones to make for main character Gracie in her love life or profession Especially when those lines get blurred please

    20. Drug abuse is always a topic that will cause controversy in readers I enjoyed this story and yes it did finish quickly but I believe there was no need for filler It was punchy, graphic, heartbreaking and real I think that s what I liked most about it Really looking forward to the next instalment.

    21. Great start to a series I really liked this book What an emotional read, Gracie though being a little wild also lives in an environment out of her control I was very pleased with the way this book turned out I admit it went in a different direction than I thought it was going to but it worked out and thankfully for the best.

    22. Wow I totally loved this book What a lovely story with lots of hot sex thrown inis book had plenty of twists turns I so wanted to shout at the characters It was hot hot hot What could a girl ask for This book has got to be one of my favourite this year Received this in return for an honest review

    23. The best thing about this book was that it was SO Damn real It felt Real I really enjoyed reading it although it was quite short but there was not really a need for it to be longer The twists and turns of the book is something which lead me to read It was a good read all in all.

    24. This was quite different than other romances I have read I would read many romances if they were written as real as this one I enjoyed Grace s character and although I could see then ending going another way, the author gave a genuine ending I will read of this series.

    25. If you haven t read this yet this is a must read I couldn t put this book down I stayed up all night reading it.I felt like I was there with the characters living.The whole book was in great detail and it never left me geussing or confused

    26. OMG why haven t I read this sooner A great story with real characters Glenna Maynard truly is one of the best writers I have read This story had it all suspense, twists, turns, intrigue, and hot sex I absolutely loved it

    27. Really liked how it started but didn t like the ending This book is all about second chances How life gives us the chance to redeem ourselves.

    28. sort of like this one.I m just a little confused on how characters end up with their relationships Yeah,definitely what I expected.

    29. I don t like leaving bad reviews and hurting anyone s feelings, so I will just say this It was not my cup of tea.

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