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A Walk In The Park By Anthony Browne,

  • Title: A Walk In The Park
  • Author: Anthony Browne
  • ISBN: 9781406341645
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “A Walk In The Park”

    1. This is a really truely lovely Anthony Browne book about friendship Two families went to the same park to walk their dogs They were from different backgrounds The dogs played happily together and the two children chacters came togther The adults did not They stayed apart on the same bench The children and dogs were happy playing together The boy, Charles at the end of the day gave Snudge a flower which she kept This book about friendship is lovely to show that children are happy with their frien [...]

    2. This book deals brilliantly with the topic of class for children and how divided they can be, but also how divided they don t have to I especially love the random objects throughout the illustrations you can spend a long time on each page looking for all of the odd little extras This book didn t capture my interest as much as some others I have read recently which is why I m only giving it three stars.

    3. My earliest memory is of my parents taking me to a small bookshop I was being shown a range of flash cards and I was told I could choose the set I liked most I was somewhere around age 2 I remember how important these flash cards were I remember this because I was told how important they were I was told that they would teach me to be grown up Without knowing it at the time, I guess my love of literature was about to begin By the time I started nursery, I could already read or less I read everyt [...]

    4. I believe this book must be the best kept secret on good reads I am shocked that there is not book cover or other reviews available Anthony Brown was already one of my most favorite children s author and illustrator simply because I have a thing for surrealistic monkeys Although I have many of Brown s other books, this was a new find for me My social studies methods instructor introduced this book for teaching multiple perspectives This text takes two child like monkey s a girl and a boy to the [...]

    5. This is now a lovely period piece which has dated a little since it came out in the 70s The stereotypical depiction of the two families, posh Mum with her fox stole and working class Dad with his cloth cap jarred a little, especially in combination with the well behaved posh dog and the straining at the leash working class dog probably these days he d be a staffie Meanwhile the long hairstyles and white legged trousers of the boy and the girl were endearingly 70s.However, it was still a lovely [...]

    6. I thought this was terrific albeit almost vintage Anthony Browne So did my primary schooler Touching story projecting the innocent and non judgmental characteristics that so distinctly separates grown ups from children and dogs A wonderful wake up call for older readers to shake loose inhibitions, forget about class issues and embrace life, while you can Because that s how kids and dogs think which is why friendship flows for them Lovely incentive Plus illustrations you can revisit must revisit [...]

    7. Mr Smith, his daughter Smudge, and their dog Albert go to the park one day So does Mrs Smythe, her son Charles, and their dog Victoria The two children and the dogs become friends while the very different adults sit quietly on opposite ends of a bench.There s a lot of things in here for compare and contrast activities I personally liked that the dogs were named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert And definitely make sure you pay attention to what is going on in the background when the familie [...]

    8. Written 21 years before the critically acclaimed Voices in the Park, Browne tells the same story through the voice of an outside narrator The same themes are evident the children s friendship blooms while the seasons turn to summer, and the class differences are highlighted through speech and a view of both homes No gorillas though, just humans The illustrations are full of hidden gems In one you can see Tarzan swinging through the trees Out of print.

    9. I read this book to see the comparison between this book and Browne s recent book Voices in the park Like most of Browne s books I really appreciated the illustrations as there is so much to them However I much prefer the story of Voice in the park I think if I were to use this book in a class it would be to show how authors are able to change what they do and to show the importance of drafting.

    10. A great book to show your students different economic classes through voice A very good book that distinguishes different attitudes in a social class It shows in a think outside of the box kind of way how money isn t everything and you can find happiness without it If you are teaching your students how to read with voice, this is a great book to put to good use.

    11. As usual Anthony Browne gives us all plenty to contemplate he is a social commentator in pictures those pictures hold a lot to discover including the changing seasons in one day, Santa kicking an apple and each social set s house at the end Take this one slow, or just re read it a ridulous number of times.

    12. A wonderful book of how two different worlds can come together and not care if the other is rich or poor.

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