UNLIMITED PDF ☆ Väktarens offer - by Joseph Delaney Ylva Kempe

Väktarens offer By Joseph Delaney Ylva Kempe,

  • Title: Väktarens offer
  • Author: Joseph Delaney Ylva Kempe
  • ISBN: 9789129671742
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tom, V ktarens l rling, har som huvuduppgift att skydda trakten fr n m rkrets onda makter Men nu beh ver hans mamma hj lp Hon har flyttat hem till sitt gamla hemland, Grekland, och en av de allra farligaste gamla gudarna r p v g tillbaka Han r jer undan allt och alla i sin v g p det blodigaste vis Samtidigt r dj vulen sj lv fortfarande l s och om han och den gamleTom, V ktarens l rling, har som huvuduppgift att skydda trakten fr n m rkrets onda makter Men nu beh ver hans mamma hj lp Hon har flyttat hem till sitt gamla hemland, Grekland, och en av de allra farligaste gamla gudarna r p v g tillbaka Han r jer undan allt och alla i sin v g p det blodigaste vis Samtidigt r dj vulen sj lv fortfarande l s och om han och den gamle guden sl r sina p sar ihop kommer en ny ond era att ta sin b rjan.Toms mamma har en m ktig grupp vid sin sida, men bland dem finns ocks Toms tidigare fiender, h xorna fr n Pendle Bland annat den grymma m rderskan Grimalkin och den ondskefulla klanledaren Mab Moldheel Kan Tom g emot allt som V ktaren har l rt honom och alliera sig med h xorna Och vad r det f r hemlighet som hans mamma undanh ller honom Och vilka offer m ste g ras i kampen mot det onda
    V ktarens offer Tom V ktarens l rling har som huvuduppgift att skydda trakten fr n m rkrets onda makter Men nu beh ver hans mamma hj lp Hon har flyttat hem till sitt gamla hemland Grekland och en av de allra farl

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    1. Tom Ward s mom went to her homeland to help fight the dark forces Her homeland is Greece and if you recall Greek mythology you will realize there are a lot of supernatural bad creatures in there.Much to Tom s surprise she came back asking him for help which would be essential in her plan to stop a coming Big Evil The said evil is so big that she and Tom would be forced to ask local dark forces for help This was completely unacceptable to Tom s master the Spook Now Tom had to choose between the l [...]

    2. 7 10Not the best in the series with the Spook and his apprentice heading to Greece of all places Aren t the Greek s having enough issues at the minute without some paranormal activity going down Part of the fun of the series is the old worldy northern English feel and this loses some of its charm because of the whole Greek escapade Don t get me wrong, a weak Spooks novel is still probably a lot better than any YA stuff you ll get out there I applaud the lack of love triangles and teen angst thro [...]

    3. Be less than what you are so that you can become This one was pretty good but I didn t love it Tom has gotten farther in his training and Alice and he are still apart Until his Mam comes back and says she needs his help to save the world.So off they go to Greece It was interesting to see them go so far from the County but less interesting than getting to know the area The time spent on the ship and in Greece was quick with a lot of new bad things introduced Most of it was interesting and it wa [...]

    4. The Last Apprentice Wardstone Chronicles Series Book 6 This has been a very consistent series all of the books have been really good I just finished the audio version of this sixth book, Clash of the Demons, and I liked it just as much as the other ones In this installment, Mam, Tom s mother, enlists the help of Tom, Alice, the Spook, the Pendle witches, Bill Arkwright and the assassin Grimalkin to travel to Greece to help her battle the Ordeen Of course, the fighters of the dark are reluctant t [...]

    5. Young Thomas Ward is in danger once again He turns fifteen, and now is a grown man and becoming much powerful, because of that the Darkness is trying to destroy him It ripped my heart in pieces, but I would still recommend this serie

    6. This is the sixth book of the Wardstone Chronicles It s been a while since I read the last one, almost a year but it wasn t too difficult to get back into the story The previous ones had been getting a bit repetitive I thought but this book was completely different Mam returns to the County and asks Tom and the Spook to go to Greece with her and help her fight the dark there It was a nice change but at the same time, it was so completely different that it seemed to be rather outlandish in compar [...]

    7. Wardstone Chronicles Book 6 The Spook s Sacrifice SO here we are, now that I ve finished the sixth book in the series it surely feels a lot different Again, for the fifth time in the row, the story takes place at a different place than the Chipenden This time the destination is Greece, the home of Tom s Mam and the antagonist is the Ordeen, yet another powerful malevolent Old Goddess This is a very different book from the series, and its pace is not steady Sometimes its too fast and sometimes t [...]

    8. In terms of excitement and non stop action, The Spook s Sacrifice is right up there with the first book in the series I read this installment in just 2 days time and now I m a little bummed that I read so fast, because this is it until May This book has a formula that I consider to be successful in nearly all cases there s a quest an actual journey that takes the characters out of a familiar setting and plunges them into a totally new atmosphere That tension nearly always creates a fun and excit [...]

    9. This latest Tom Ward book was just as good as all the others I tore through it in a matter of days and now I have to wait until August to read the 7th installment I just love the characters in this one Tom Ward, the Last Apprentice himself, is such a touching character He is innocent in many ways, and yet has seen great evil in his short life His best friend girlfriend, Alice, was born to a witch family and there is the constant threat that she may turn to the dark side, but she loves Tom than [...]

    10. Exciting book, but one of the darker books in the series.Likes Spook Arkwright, Claw and 2 pups Witch assassin, Grimalkin Tom Ward s mother, Mam Big battle Great monsters and evil things view spoiler Change of scenery, travel to Greece to help Mam Witch and Spook alliance hide spoiler Dislikes Alice trying to corrupt Tom Tom Ward keeping things from his master, Spook Spook being so uncompromising and stiff and condescending view spoiler Mab scrying what Tom gave his soul to discover from the Fie [...]

    11. I can t believe how fast this is going I struggle a long time to get through book one And know I can t seem to stop reading this series Book 6 if 13 is done And I m a little bit sad It s going for the end Tom is growing up He is now 15 years old When we first meet him he was 12 This story s about him and his friends is written like it s suppos to be his journal I can t believe how good it is.

    12. My favourite middle grade series along with Ranger s Apprentice, but as we head into book 6 Tom is turning 15 so the books are getting a bit darker and YA.I just love the characters, the continuing storylines, and of course the spooky stuff

    13. Didn t grab me in the first half like the others in the series, but by the end I was hooked as always Can t wait to see what happens next Seriously, if you have a reluctant reader in your life, child or adult, recommend this series You will be doing them a solid

    14. A solid installment in the series Tom continues to develop nicely, having faced so much However, I didn t like the Greece addition For some reason it takes away from the overall plot progression.

    15. Poate cel mai dur roman din serie, dramatic si trist, insa evolutia lui Tom este uimitoare Daca nu eram stresata cu licenta, citeam toata seria in 4 zile.

    16. I don t know how to feel about lot of this book Tom Ward s mum went back to her homeland a while back, which is in Greece to help fight the forces of the dark One foe in particular is going to awake, the Ordeen, one of the most dangerous of the old gods, who will bring slaughter and devastation to the earth So Mam need s people to help face this coming foe and has summoned a powerful group to her side, among them are Tom s old enemy, the Pendle witches, including the assassin Grimalkin YES I lo [...]

    17. Une s rie d une constance incroyable, un sixi me tome au top, comme les pr c dents Un must read, vraiment.

    18. Human beings have hope Not matter how desperate things are, they convince themselves that they can change things for the better John Gregory In an unspecified time of old, the county of Lancashire is home to supernatural creatures, spirits and other paranormal beings that reside within the dark To counteract their mischief and misbehaviors, the occupation of a Spook was invented A Spook is meant to ward off evil and all those who are a part of it Not just anyone is capable of becoming a Spook th [...]

    19. Every 7 years, Ordeen will come to Greece and makes a bloodbath everytime she comes.But not now, because Mam doesn t intended to let her back Especially when the Fiend is unleashed.And to prevent Ordeen, Mam needs allies Either from the Light, or the Dark one of my favorite series, nowadays So the review The characters they re changed throughout this series Either they re better, or worse.I like to see how they ll end up like.Tom seems to be much impulsive than he s ever been He isn t whiny, bu [...]

    20. I m a long time fan of the adventures of Thomas Ward, the Spook s apprentice His story started with Revenge of the Witch and now Clash of the Demons is the sixth book in this genuinely frightening series The story is told from Tom s perspective in the first person so the reader is completely inside his head Delaney pulls you into Tom s world and makes you feel for him and care about everyone he loves.For those who need a little Last Apprentice tutorial, Tom Ward is the seventh son of a seventh s [...]

    21. Reveiwed first at Brunner s BookshelfThis was an intense story for this series A lot of emotional themes and some impressive battles made this one of my favorites of the series Tom s mother left for her homeland after the passing of his father a few books back Now she has returned to ask Tom for his help in stopping the oldest and most powerful witch who will bring nothing but destruction in her wake Tensions run very high in this book between the Spook and Tom and his mother The Spook tells Tom [...]

    22. So why have I given this book such a tough rating The answer is simple from this book and onwards, the world Mr Delaney build gets ripped to shreds The story becomes one of herculian proportions and irish legends This book is in my opinion the moment this series broke I really liked the first 4 books, the 5th was pretty good too, but from there on its all 1 big mish mash of legends and stories that ruin the original story for me I did not want to read an epic story But that is what the book seri [...]

    23. Another good installment in what is shaping up to be a very solid series By this, the sixth book, the series has focused itself on an ongoing war between Tom and his allies, and the fiend Here, Tom joins with a host of witches to fight against an ancient evil God in Greece His mother has returned to marshall all the forces she can for this fight The main internal tension, again, is between the Spook s resolve not to use dark to fight dark On the other side of this are Alice and Mam, who both ins [...]

    24. This is book number 6 in the series that I ve been reading aloud to Luke and the only reason it took a while to finish is that we were pretty busy doing other things like moving to Sweden for a year You know how that is Anyway, in this outing, the brave young Tom Ward gets recruited by his Mam to head south to Greece to fight a dangerous menace known as the Ordeen Tom is in for some nasty surprises and some tough decisions.Luke and I read to page 270 or so when he just couldn t wait for the next [...]

    25. NOTE see this review and on cocainepages.wordpressThese books are unbelievably addictive I can t even begin to tell you how nice it was to stop a while from reading all types of disparate books and focus on this series, which has been, contrary to my belief, really nice to dig in to I have given every book in this series 4 stars, because I ve always been in love with stories about witches and wizzards and bad people wanting to control our world, and this speaks of exactly that However, there ar [...]

    26. Re Read December 2016 Still a great book I cried Re reading after finishing the whole series brings out things I didn t catch the first time.Audio It is fun to switch between listening to audio and reading books in this series Reading is faster, audio is engaging This book is better than 5 All our favorite characters are back in a new setting, they go to Greece to fight a powerful dark entity with Mam We learn a tidbit about Tom s unusual powers in each book, and he s beginning to understand an [...]

    27. Eigentlich 3,5 bis 4 Sterne, aber irgendwie war mir gerade nach abrunden Einiges wird mir allm hlich zu oberfl chlich, was sehr schade ist Ich hoffe, dass die Beziehungen zwischen den Charakteren etwas mehr ausgearbeitet werden, vor allem jetzt, wo Tom auch lter ist Wir lesen alles aus seiner Perspektive und ich bin auch wirklich seit Band 1 dankbar, dass er, nun ja, schlau ist sorry, mir f llt kein anderes Wort ein , aber irgendwie fehlt mir mittlerweile ein bisschen mehr Tiefe Sagen wir es so [...]

    28. Interesting beginning Lots of questions right off The title of the book, chapter, and the chapter itself gives no initial clues from which I can divine from, however I was given a heads up so stop reading these chapter notes now, if you don t want to know about it , and I won t tell you WHO told me this but they know who they are , one of the male leads yeah, I don t know who specifically, but I m pretty sure it s Tom sells his soul to the Fiend.Read and add your own commentary at R J Spindle

    29. Another fantastic addition to the Last Apprentice series The fight against the dark takes Thomas, the Spook, and Alice overseas to Greece The truth about Thomas mam is revealed, and they must battle a tremendously evil force called the Ordeen.Well written, suspenseful, and enchanting My reviews for these books haven t been that long, but it s only because I don t want to give anything away So much happens in this series You simply must read it to find out for yourself, and I highly recommend you [...]

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