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The Spirit of Imagination By S.A. Tawks,

  • Title: The Spirit of Imagination
  • Author: S.A. Tawks
  • ISBN: 9781626757233
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • What if you could bottle creative juices Though, where would you extract these juices from Books, of course That is the reason why the pages of books turn a funny yellow colour after time A reader s imagination gets instilled within the pages Not many people know of the secret surrounding imagination, and only a handful know exactly how to extract the liquid Join EmilWhat if you could bottle creative juices Though, where would you extract these juices from Books, of course That is the reason why the pages of books turn a funny yellow colour after time A reader s imagination gets instilled within the pages Not many people know of the secret surrounding imagination, and only a handful know exactly how to extract the liquid Join Emily as she is introduced to the secret world of imagination Meet with her the men and women that each have different ideas regarding the Spirit of Imagination and how it should be properly used Has Emily been introduced to a marvellous, magical world or has she entered into something that is beyond her wildest imaginings Suspend reality and indulge yourself with a taste of The Spirit of Imagination.
    The Spirit of Imagination What if you could bottle creative juices Though where would you extract these juices from Books of course That is the reason why the pages of books turn a funny yellow colour after time A reader s i

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    1. Desperately searching for a job, Emily Rainn had sent many applications to different places, so when she received a phone call asking had she applied for a courier position, she agreed she had, but searched her mind for this particular detail Agreeing to an interview, she went along to the magnificent house of the elderly John Crawford, or JC as he liked to be known And so began a life changing event for Emily, as she was drawn into the intrigue and mystery of JC and his butler cum spirit maker, [...]

    2. The Spirit of Imagination by S.A TawksRead from 19th 19th July 2014Fantasy for the young and the young at heart, this story reminded me of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory at the same time as Alice at The Mad Hatters Tea Partywhilst all the time maintaining its own unique theme.The concept of extracting the spirit of imagination from all the best books ever written, and bottling it in a concentrated liquid form for the purpose of which will become clear upon reading this short story, is a v [...]

    3. Emily Rainn was looking for a job and an elderly writer takes her on after interviewing her Her job description is not all that clear but she does get to be part of a big adventure that includes a shortage of liquid imagination spirit and huge quantities of the imagination that is left in books being stolen by the evil Spirit Crusher JC is Emily s new employer his right hand man is Walter who is the butler, come bodyguard, come cook, come spirit maker Later on we meet a rogue librarian and the h [...]

    4. First of all, that you Tawks for sending me a copy of this book, it s a treasure The Spirit of ImaginationThe Spirit of Imagination by S.A Tawks is a really fun little book And when I say little, I mean it at only approximately 100 ish pages varying on the version and or format you read it s a story that is quickly dusted and packed to the brim with Ms Emily Rainn and Mr Crawford and of course their butler Walter The story is all about the imagination captured in the literal sense within the pag [...]

    5. Book gifted by author, in exchange for an honest review After reading the blurb for this book, I originally thought it would be a somewhat religious read, I couldn t have been further off had I tried Emily Rainn is a young lady looking for a job John Crawford or JC for short is a Lovely older gentleman, looking for someone special to continue on his work Walter is the butler spirit maker bodyguard you can see where I m going with this The tale of these three is a beautiful journey of imagination [...]

    6. 4.5 5This book had a really interesting and unique storyline that I absolutely loved reading The idea of the spirit of imagination being trapped inside books really excited me because, as I want to be a writer and am already addicted to reading, I am exposed to endless supplies of imagination The story was fast paced and never had me bored It was a rather quick read and would be absolutely perfect to curl up in bed with a cup of tea with Would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in [...]

    7. I was the first reader of this copy, provided by the author for the Tasmanian leg of The Imagination Initiative.WOW I loved this fast paced, highly imaginative story I m pretty sure that nothing in this story is as it appears John s house, and his Walter s ability to move around it so quickly, leads me to imagine that something extraordinary is going on there What is Edmund really up to Are the librarians involved Is Walter possibly involved too The questions could keep coming coming And the ama [...]

    8. I read this as part of The Imagination Initiative I enjoyed it and think that my tween daughter would too There were a couple of typos and I did think that it could have been expanded as everything was rushed through but overall I enjoyed it I would certainly look to read a longer version of this and will look out for the Spirit of Pessimism.

    9. Wow oh wow Pure, brilliant imagination My partner and I only ever use as a means to browse for new books and books to read A few nights ago I stumbled across this title while surfing through and purchased it on iBooks I wrote a review on iBooks and wanted to post it on here using our account but my partner got funny about posting the review using that account because we ve had it for years and have never rated nor reviewed a book So, I created my very own personal account to submit my review bec [...]

    10. This was a fun fantasy adventure, around novella length and a fast and easy read.Emily has applied for many, many jobs, and is delighted when she finally hears she has an interview for a post as a courier But when she goes for the interview, she meets her potential employer, John Crawford an author and his trusty gentleman s gentleman, Walter, and discovers that there s something to this job than meets the eye For John and Walter extract the stored imagination from the yellowed pages of books, [...]

    11. This book was given by the author in exchange for an honest review I finished this book last night I went to sleep thinking about it I woke up this morning thinking about it It s popped up in my thoughts several times during the day I can t stop thinking about this awesome story What a brilliant tale it is I wonder whether the author, themselves, has had a taste of the spirit of imagination to come up with such a concept Genius Nineteen year old, Emily Rainn, is in need of a job She answers many [...]

    12. When I first heard about this story, I really wanted to read it So, like most, I looked through the reviews The majority were quite positive, however, a few of the not so positive put me off a little I began, foolishly, to judge the story by its reviews I totally forgot that I had initially really wanted to read it I assumed that Tawks had had a great idea but her execution had let her downBut no pun intended there is a saying about assuming things and I was definitely made into one on completio [...]

    13. This book was gifted by author in exchange for an honest review Your imagination is a powerful, fantastic, magical thing, as proven in this book I m impressed with how this was carried out.This short story starts off with Emily Rainn, a young woman who is looking for work She applies for a few jobs, and then receives a call by an older man named John Crawford aka JC, asking her to arrive at his home the next morning for an interview.It turns out he and his butler, Walter use the juicing method w [...]

    14. In a sentence Great concept in need of a thorough and professional edit note This book was gifted by the author in return for an honest review.The idea behind this book is really wonderful Linking imagination with a kind of physical elixar that can be ditsilled from the pages of great books There are also some nice devices used, like fighting against your imagination by asking logical questions.However there were so many typographical errors, punctuation errors and a couple of glaring plot holes [...]

    15. I was kindly gifted this short novella from the author.When I first read the premise I was very intrigued It sounded like nothing I d read before and I couldn t wait to read it After having read it in one sitting I was very much satisfied The plot kept me interested the whole way, most of the plot twists caught me off guard, the characters were very likeable and each had their own distinguishable voice and characteristics It did feel a little rushed in places, but seeing as though this book is o [...]

    16. I will start this off by saying this author has one AMAZING imagination The concept behind this was very interesting, and it definitely breaks some new ground This book does have an audience out there, and it is my hope that this book makes it into their hands That being said.This took me a bit longer to get through than I expected it to It is practically a novella, and yet I was never riveted to the page enough to read than 10 pages in a sitting I also felt like this was headed in a Celestine [...]

    17. Emily simply wants to be employedlying for any job she can, she finally gets an interview for a courier job for an older gentleman.Fully prepared to run around delivering and collecting parcels, documents etc Emily arrives at a large fenced off estate of the very famous author John Crawford What she wasn t prepared for was the adventure the eccentric author has in store for her.John Crawford has discovered how to collect and store the imaginations of readers from all over the country He shares t [...]

    18. Emily was just looking for a job and some extra cash She got than she could have ever dreamed of when she went to work for a Mr.John Crawford, J.C for short One drink of a mysterious spirit later and Emily is sharing her imagination to J.C and his recorder.This was a very interesting read I wasn t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did While the book wasn t action packed, it kept you wanting The characters were interesting and each had their own voice if you get what I am saying.Further, the c [...]

    19. I found this story kind and magical S.A Tawks introduces us to the writer, who keeps a secret just before writing he takes a special drink A Spirit Of Imagination ,which transfers you to your own fantasy world The writer gets so addicted to the drink so that he cannot live a day without it However the process of getting the drink is not that easy Moreover, the amount of drink is limited and everyone wants to use it for different causes This story will take you on an exciting adventure along with [...]

    20. I found this one hard to review for some reason as it was quite different to what I am used to A job opportunity turns into an adventure of a lifetime for Emily opening her eyes to countless new possibilities and a world she never knew existed Along with Emily you will encounter Spirit Crushers, Spirit Users and a place where reality feels like a dream and vice versa The dream like states she finds herself in seems so real at times and the whole spider thing gave me goosebumps as they are certai [...]

    21. This was a novella with a very interesting premise that books contain juices from the imaginations of readers, and bottling these juices results in a drink a spirit that can cause a heightened imaginative state I enjoyed it, but did feel there was room for some tighter editing in parts and a greater development of concepts at times It was easy to read, with likeable characters I also have Mule by the same author, and although it sounds like a completely different style, I am looking forward to r [...]

    22. The ideas were really good and the ideas of spirits in books was genius I thought there would less cliches and a bit action I like Walters wisdom when he is talking to emily and her relationship with j.c It wasn t to my expectations but is still an amazing read The ending was like NOOO Don t give it to him and Y would u give it too him.

    23. An interesting story in which a girl named Emily Rains gets a job involving using imagination An elderly writer and his butler have learned the process of distilling imagination from books and using it to become creative They in turn teach Emily There are some side effects This was a gift from the author.

    24. I probably would have rated this higher if it was aimed at junior primary school aged kids Seemed to have a lot of silliness that YA readers wouldn t be into My name is The Librarian etc was a bit silly A lot of typos too And apparently you have to be female to be a librarian I don t think I ll continue with this series.

    25. This was a wonderful book, I really enjoyed Great characters and imagination.Very fast read, a must read, don t miss it

    26. Read up in the air on my Kindle while flying home from my holiday Was a great story and made the flight time fly by.

    27. What a wonderful story The premise of the story is so real, as a reader I love the idea of creative juice

    28. I received this one from the lovely S.A Tawks and I really enjoyed it This book definitely features some unique and quirky story lines Tawks manages to pack quite a lot into a few short pages, making it a fast paced and intriguing read.Emily is on the hunt for a new job when she finally hears back about an interview for a courier position Little does she know, the job isn t exactly as described Upon arriving for the interview, Emily meets John Crawford and embarks on a magical adventure extracti [...]

    29. 3.5 to be fair.i got this book as gift from thr author in return for an honest review thus this review is objective and is totally my own.i mean i really loved the originality of the idea, and how fast paced it is however, i found the writing style a bit how can i say this i don t want to say juvenile, but rather elementary maybe i really liked it, i honestly did enjoy it, but it did not have that much of a plot, or deep characters, or various plots interwoven with one another i still would gove [...]

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