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Notes from the Internet Apocalypse By Wayne Gladstone,

  • Title: Notes from the Internet Apocalypse
  • Author: Wayne Gladstone
  • ISBN: 9781250045027
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When the Internet suddenly stops working, society reels from the loss of flowing data, instant messages, and streaming entertainment Addicts wander the streets, talking to themselves in 140 characters or forcing cats to perform tricks for their amusement, while the truly desperate pin their requests for casual encounters on public bulletin boards The economy tumbles furtWhen the Internet suddenly stops working, society reels from the loss of flowing data, instant messages, and streaming entertainment Addicts wander the streets, talking to themselves in 140 characters or forcing cats to perform tricks for their amusement, while the truly desperate pin their requests for casual encounters on public bulletin boards The economy tumbles further and the government passes the draconian NET Recovery Act.For Gladstone, the Net s disappearance comes particularly hard following the loss of his wife, leaving his flask of Jamesons and grandfather s fedora as the only comforts in his Brooklyn apartment But there are rumors that someone in New York is still online Someone set apart from this new world where Facebook flirters poke each other in real life and members of Anonymous trade memes at secret parties Where a former librarian can sell information as a human search engine, and the perverted fulfill their secret fetishes at the blossoming Rule 34 club With the help of his friends, a blogger and a webcam girl both now out of work, Gladstone sets off to find the Internet But is he the right man to save humanity from this Apocalypse For fans of David Wong, Chad Kultgen, and Chuck Palahniuk, Wayne Gladstone s Notes from the Internet Apocalypse examines the question What is life without the Web
    Notes from the Internet Apocalypse When the Internet suddenly stops working society reels from the loss of flowing data instant messages and streaming entertainment Addicts wander the streets talking to themselves in characters

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    1. Rating 3 of fiveThe Publisher Says When the Internet suddenly stops working, society reels from the loss of flowing data, instant messages, and streaming entertainment Addicts wander the streets, talking to themselves in 140 characters or forcing cats to perform tricks for their amusement, while the truly desperate pin their requests for casual encounters on public bulletin boards The economy tumbles further and the government passes the draconian NET Recovery Act.For Gladstone, the Net s disapp [...]

    2. First Reads Review Notes from the Internet Apocalypse by Wayne GladstoneSo I won this book through the First Reads program, and I wasn t really sure what to expect I feel I must qualify this review by saying that I like Cracked and read it fairly often I have to say, though, between reading this and John Dies at the End, that perhaps comedy list writing and novel writing are not things that really feed well into each other Because from the start this book was something of a mess for me, not just [...]

    3. Don t you realize the Internet is just a way for millions of sad people to be completely alone together What if the internet just went away one day view spoiler You re the internet We need you There are people out there walking around half dead in withdrawl Economies crumbling You have to work Well, that may be, but nevertheless, I d prefer not to You can t just suddenly stop.Then he snapped his fingers with cartoon inspiration Oooh, I know he said How about this I hate my job too At least the o [...]

    4. Notes from the Internet Apocalypse has drawn my interest purely because of its premise a dystopia featuring a world without a plague or catastrophe, but where one day the internet simply disappears How would the world react What would you do if you couldn t browse , read the news, connect with people online What I didn t know was that Wayne Gladstone is a columnist who writes for a popular website, Cracked, and that his book is a satire which initially appeared as a serialized novella on said po [...]

    5. I m always surprised when I can t put a book down But I m even surprised when I look at the clock, notice hours have passed, and suddenly realize that I haven t put a book down That loss of time feeling can happen when you start clicking links on the internet, leaving you ultimately feeling empty The loss of time you experience reading Notes From The Internet Apocalypse leaves you feeling filled full of ideas, questions, laughter, pathos This book is absorptive You ll finish it quickly because [...]

    6. I found this book chilling In a good, but disturbing, way I hesitate to say whether I enjoyed it but I had to finish it, which is by no means always the case, so I do recommend reading it But there are times when I felt like I d stumbled into an area of the web that I just don t care to go At All But first let me back up The premise is excellent What would happen if the Internet just stopped working This gives us a chance to walk around NYC, with Gladstone, and find out how people would react, w [...]

    7. I expected this book to be funny, but I didn t expect to have my heart ripped out and to question my whole existence The brilliant satire and scathing social commentary leave you unprepared deliberately, I expect for the heart wrenching gravity of the psychological thriller that eventuates Given the prevalence of the Internet in our lives, one wonders how a book like this hasn t been written yet, but now that it has, it may be the most important novel the technology age has seen.

    8. Satirical, full of geeky jokes, and heart wrenching I smiled or flat out laughed through most of the book Then questioned my life at the end Yet still I raced to GoodReads to throw out some random comments about what I thought, to an invisible audience Well played Mr Gladstone, well played.

    9. I received a free copy of this book through the First Reads giveaway.Notes on the Internet Apocalypse is a satire of our internet habits and daily rituals online The problem with satire is not that it is extremely hard to produce rather it is that it is too easy How does the author Wayne Gladstone satire the internet Easily It s so easy anybody can do it Just imagine any website operating offline and you re done Take for example, Reddit How would you satire a Redditor, if he was forced to operat [...]

    10. URGH I had high hopes for this title, as I am a librarian and spend a lot of time using the internet The writing, the pacing, and the dialogue were all pretty terrible and forced A lot of times it felt as if he wrote a scene just to throw in a zingy one liner ex I wanted to ask you about your signI pointed down to her posterboard, which read, GIVE IT BACK, to make it clear I wasn t talking about astrology pg 61 EYE ROLL I might have liked this had it been condensed down into a lengthy blog post [...]

    11. I don t know why this book has such a low rating Going through other reviews, I can see a lot of 1 2 ratings For me it was a rather quick, fun read I thought this tongue in cheek story of a world with no internet had some sharp observations and was done rather well No internet as in one day it s there and suddenly it s gone As opposed to a world where the internet was never invented, in which case, people might not really know what they re missing.Since this is satire, I don t feel the need to a [...]

    12. Don t you realize the Internet is just a way for millions of sad people to be completely alone together Initially I wanted to rate this book 3 stars, but the overall execution didn t convince me at all.I love dystopias and I love them even when they re related to the world of media A world in which the Internet stops working for no apparent reason People s reaction to the loss of it Sign me up My problem with the story though was that the satire in this book was very cheap The author turned int [...]

    13. Okay, so this author, Wayne Gladstone, is a Cracked mainstay, and his Hate by Numbers series changed the way many of us critique our video feeds When I picked up a preview of his upcoming novel, I expected a lot The funny, the level vision, even the flashes of perplexed pain I d met with in his columns He d already posted the original novella, and it seemed this would be a logical expansion, a fine time on a satirical adventure What I didn t expect Characters that turn and meet my eyes An inviti [...]

    14. I m not even sure that I realised that this would be one of those silly books Eye rollingly silly satire is so not my thing, but the idea of a dystopian novel based around an internet apocalypse was too much for me to pass up Hopefully somebody will do the concept justice without resorting to cheap gags at some point, as it stands I started reading it and then resorted to groaning and skimming the further in I got, the the terrible exaggerated humour piled up I started to hate myself for even k [...]

    15. Notes from the Internet Apocalypse is completely unlike the usual books I read, which are mostly Fantasy and Science Fiction I decided to give it a try because I really am an internet nut I spend a considerable amount online socializing with internet friends and working on a book blog.So that is what really drew me to this book, the fact that there was a blogger because hey I m a blogger, and the curiosity about what might happen should all of a sudden the internet met its end It wasn t just tha [...]

    16. Don t bother this pile of worthless drivel is condescending to the extreme It reads like the reddit comment history of a college freshman who s utterly convinced of his moral and intellectual superiority and won t hesitate to let you know just what a mindless sheeple you are for liking anything he deems unworthy I only made it to chapter 2 before giving up entirely with the fear that I d roll my eyes so hard I d detach a retina.

    17. About all I can say about this is, meh Humorous at the start, the Internet puns got old really fast, and it was like slogging through middle school humor for most of the book.

    18. No wonder you miss the Net so much Where else can you be all powerful and completely inconsequential at the same time I posted an insulting comment online the other day Not on , of course, but on a certain literary site known for wretched attempts at satire, it was just such a smug, contemptible, heaping of ignorance, I felt compelled to toss in my own two cents Not really something I tend to do, even online, but I could definitely feel a bit of the appeal of the loss of all censoring impulses o [...]

    19. Somewhere on the comedy spectrum between A Confederacy of Dunces and The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy, Notes from the Internet Apocalypse could find a happy home The jokes are solid, the story is sufficient It s a quick, easy read for a highly amusing commentary on the current state of technology from 2005 to today.I have a slight concern about the material s longevity, but only time will tell on that one While references to 4Chan and Ducklips feel ripe for comedy in 2014, it s tough to say [...]

    20. Brilliant Our internet was out after a big thunderstorm so I ve experienced just an iota of the feelings of helplessness and confusion that the author captures so compellingly in this novel Based on the title and concept, I thought it was going to be some sort of creepy dystopian horror show but it was funny, disturbing and fascinating from start to finish The characters are well developed there are great surprises along the way I was 100% on board and can t stop thinking about what might happen [...]

    21. Recensione anche sul mio blog pleaseanotherbook.tumblr p Internet Apocalypse la traduzione italiana di Note from the Internet Apocalypse di Wayne Gladstone primo volume di una triologia distopica, post apocalittica nata come una serie di appunti su Cracked, e poi diventato un libro intero edito da Thomas Dunne Books e giunto da noi grazie a Multiplayer Edizioni, una piccola casa editrice, che sta traducendo delle vere chicche Un libro che arrivato al momento giusto e che impone ad una riflession [...]

    22. Notes from the Internet Apocalypse is a bit of an odd one To try to classify it would mean to call it a Comedy Sci Fi Mystery Psychological Epic Thriller or something among those lines It manages to be all these things and transition between them seamlessly, while somehow managing not to forget how to be fun.Some have criticized it for having a character narrator which is also a fictionalized version of the author, but the character is so deeply flawed that it s as far removed from narcissism as [...]

    23. Comenc a leer el libro cuando mi modem se da y comenc a sufrir el s ndrome de abstinencia de internet, no s lo no pod a consultar cosas en o actualizar mis correos para trabajar, es que no pod a ni pensar La premisa del libro, un d a el mundo amanece sin internet , es genial, al igual que los primeros cap tulos las empresas dan los d as libres porque no se puede trabajar sin internet, aparecen los zombies de internet, se hacen c rculos de blog donde los internautas sin internet pueden emular la [...]

    24. disclaimer i won an advanced reader s copy of this novel through first reads program would you handle the loss of the internet not just a brief outage, but a complete and total shutdown for an unknown reason think about it no , no bloggess, no twitter in notes from the internet apocalypse that s exactly what happens and the world goes crazy there are zombie groups in new york trying to fill the gaping holes left in their lives and out of this darkness comes a prophet with news of a saviour an in [...]

    25. I liked this book than a self respecting 30 something year old should have, according to the messages I m getting from the other reviews on It s true that the story s satire of the internet bound isn t anything new but why would we expect it to be The messages in this story aren t revolutionary, but they are worth considering Again You ve undoubtedly considered them before The fictionalized Gladstone is trying to figure out how to navigate with humanity again after the loss of his wife, and sud [...]

    26. I wasn t expecting this book, based on the title and description, to be a touching and thoughtful look at the human experience The book is satire It is full of internet jokes and porn references But there is so much than that Perhaps it is my own experience of loss and depression that influence me to give the book such a high rating But any book that makes me laugh and cry and ponder throughout deserves my attention.

    27. The cover blurb said if I liked Chuck Palahniuk and David Wong, I would love this book.I hate both of those authors, but this book seemed promising enough to pick up, and I m glad I did.The ending was the reason those other authors were cited, and I ll admit that part let me down a little But there were so many Ah I love that or Hah So true moments in the book that I loved it anyway.

    28. If we are not actually addicted, we are so used to having everything the internet has to offer at our fingertips, that it is really not difficult to imagine the chaos that might ensue were it to disappear This book did not make me laugh out loud it made me chuckle in a most sobering kind of way I was entertained and I never even saw the ending coming This book was a treat.

    29. Heartfelt, honest and hilarious Hard to put down I actually lol d IRL You, or someone you know are a character in this wonderful novel Also, it s sexy And sweet Stop what you re doing, buy this book, read this book, then get off your computer and go interact with the world I m aware of the irony of using this technology in order to decry it.

    30. I really enjoyed reading this If you like Cracked and that brand of humor you will probably be into this book It was really funny while still having intelligent and astute observations on the world Also I didn t expect the end so that s always a plus.

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