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Cossacks in Paris By Jeffrey Perren,

  • Title: Cossacks in Paris
  • Author: Jeffrey Perren
  • ISBN: 9781626463707
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rebellious engineer Breutier Armande is drafted into the Grande Army on the eve of Napoleon s 1812 Russian campaign On a scouting mission in St Petersburg, he meets Kaarina, daughter of the counselor to Tsar Alexander I, and they fall in love But Kaarina is betrothed to Agripin, a protege of the Tsar When she refuses him, Agripin kidnaps her and Breutier deserts NapoleRebellious engineer Breutier Armande is drafted into the Grande Army on the eve of Napoleon s 1812 Russian campaign On a scouting mission in St Petersburg, he meets Kaarina, daughter of the counselor to Tsar Alexander I, and they fall in love But Kaarina is betrothed to Agripin, a protege of the Tsar When she refuses him, Agripin kidnaps her and Breutier deserts Napoleon to hunt down the era s most ruthless Cossack.
    Cossacks in Paris Rebellious engineer Breutier Armande is drafted into the Grande Army on the eve of Napoleon s Russian campaign On a scouting mission in St Petersburg he meets Kaarina daughter of the counselor

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    1. I m one of those that discover something that I like and stick to it, as I did with this novel Cossacks in Paris There are several reasons for thatST OF CHARACTERS I like very much the cast of characters There is not the traditional hero and villain There is a hero and a kind of counterpart in the sense of being somebody who makes interesting the developing of the romantic story As in human nature, good people are not just good, they have goals and sometimes they feel weakness or sadness, also t [...]

    2. I am either a glutton for punishment or an eternal optimist why else would I download yet another novel set during the Napoleonic Wars I can count on the fingers of one hand barely the number of books that have gotten the history, culture, names, events, and general milieu correct, or at least with minimum errors Tolstoy of course doesn t count he is sublime.So here is a rambling novel that is far too long for what it offers, full of historical mistakes large and small, obvious unfamiliarity wit [...]

    3. Mr Perren subtly weaves the tribulations and triumphs of his richly drawn fictional protagonists into the chaotic political and social upheaval that followed the rise of the Napoleon in Europe.Those unfamiliar with the time may often find themselves as I did visiting to enrich themselves on a topic touched on by the author s narrative That in and of itself is a testament to how thoroughly invested in the story I became.In short, Cossacks in Paris is a ripping good yarn whose plot is happily bere [...]

    4. Cossacks in Paris is a very simple title, for such a deep book Between the political conflict, personal conflict, human drama, and following true world changing history, this book is certainly one you get lost in It sucks you in and keeps your attention throughout the book, not letting up until the very end Mr Perren did a fantastic job with this book He takes his readers on an amazing adventure that puts them up close and personal with the main ringleaders of the War of 1812 He forces you think [...]

    5. Every now and then you read a book that is so well written that even if the subject matter is outside your usual genre I m not generally a fan of stories that revolve around war it keeps your interest, and you crave to learn Cossacks in Paris is just such a book Napoleon s conquest of Russia is intertwined with a love story between a beautiful Finnish girl named Kaarina, and a young French engineer, Breutier, who while working on modernizing Paris sewer system gets unexpectedly drafted as a spy [...]

    6. A captivating read with good characters, and rich in historical details Blend with sensual love story, and sure is a page turner Two men witholding a personal dispute over a woman I admired his courage fighting for his freedom against Napoleon Bonaparte s dictate, Breutier as an engineer desired to build a railroad.a machine that would reshape the world.Since, Napoleon covet to usurp Russia ousting Tsar Alexander to inhibit St Petersburg he sent Breutier to spy for him In happenstance, met Kaari [...]

    7. Jeffrey Perren ingeniously blends two stories One is a battle between Agripin the Cossack soldier and Breutier Armande the French engineer for the love and hand of Kaarina who is the daughter of the Finnish counselor to Tsar Alexander I Kaarina, however, has a twin, who becomes a part of the puzzle as the characters meet frequently but are then parted during the frantic comings and goings of Napoleon and Alexander s soldiers Both twins, as well as Agripin and Breutier, escape hair raising moment [...]

    8. Cossacks In Paris Jeffrey Perren Set in the early 1800 s Breutier Armande is drafted in the Grande Arme On his way to St Petersburg he meets a Finnish woman named Karina and falls in love with her But she is promised to Agripin a mean Cossack But Kaarina is in love with Breutier and her jealous twin sister Kaisa Aides Agripin in kidnapping Kaarina Bruetier faces many enemies, challenges and danger to try to rescue his love, and bring her to safety, even if he has to desert Napoleon s army.I real [...]

    9. A Tour De ForceAs a romantic novel this is a great book, with heroes and villains galore It also offers a look into life 200 years ago This is a long book and I enjoyed every page I heartily recommend this book.

    10. The best approach with this work is to break down what I see as the pros and cons and expand on each.Pros 1 Well researched I could tell the author spent a lot of time doing his research on this particular period It really showed in how he mapped out the scenes in the chapters.2 Detailed in the war segments I actually could picture being there during all the times the fight scenes were taking place as well as the methods the soldiers used to try and get to various locations building of bridges t [...]

    11. I was given a copy of this one to review by the author and sped through it in one sitting This is a historical adventure story set during the Napoleonic wars, specifically during the conflict with Russia This is not a period that I have ever read a great deal about, or at least I have but Jane Austen never really shed a great deal of light on the political context Having studied French history, I have a vague sense of some of the seventeenth century but I still get very confused over why the Fre [...]

    12. Cossacks in Paris is a love story set in the historical context of the Napoleonic Wars in Europe The ups and downs of a complicated love triangle is at the heart of the story In addition there is a wealth of supporting characters from all ranks of society.This novel is written in an easy to read, fast paced style which races across the European continent at break neck speed There is a wonderful juxtaposition of historical settings with a contemporary use of language which contributes to the nove [...]

    13. This could be a really great Historical Fiction book The problem is that it s so long winded, drawn out and overly detailed that it was hard to get through the book It took forever You have to trudge through too many boring parts to get to any of the good stuff I think if this was cut down a little, it could be a fantastic 5 star Historical Fiction I enjoyed the spies, war and true historical factions to the story I think with work, toning it down, it could be an amazing story.

    14. Jeffrey Perren has provided an exceptional piece of entertainment and that is exactly why I read novels for entertainment He without a doubt and as evident by other reviews, compiled the right ingredients to captivate the senses Take the plunge the book is worth the investment to steal you from reality But sadly you must return to reality and to the unseen hand that guides the final curtain of man s legacy This is the second novel by Perren where I ve been pleasantly satiated Go for it.

    15. This book certainly had an authentic feel, giving the reader a welcome historical insight into that era although thoughts and feelings within the romance, I suppose, never change regardless of the time.I was sent this book for review and did appreciate the well researched feel without the overload of information.Well written and a good read.

    16. 2.5 5.0 Cossacks in Paris is a tramping through war campaigns and a scratch your head romance Read full review in the 2013 Dec Jan Holiday issue of InD tale Magazine.

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