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Merkabah Rider: Once Upon a Time in the Weird West By Edward M. Erdelac,

  • Title: Merkabah Rider: Once Upon a Time in the Weird West
  • Author: Edward M. Erdelac
  • ISBN: 9781483975511
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
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    Merkabah Rider Once Upon a Time in the Weird West None

    One thought on “Merkabah Rider: Once Upon a Time in the Weird West”

    1. With a bullet lodged near his heart and the Hour of the Incursion just days away, the Rider and his small group of stalwart friends do everything in their power to stop Adon from rousing the Old Ones and ending existence But whose side will Lucifer take in the conflict And which of the Rider s friends is fated to betray him Here we are, the ultimate volume in the best weird western series since the big daddy, The Dark Tower Erdelac pulls out all the stops in this one We are treated to such wonde [...]

    2. Close to death and the end of everything speeding closer, our hero needs a miracle Can he look within himself to find that last shred of hope when all is lost This ends the trials and tribulations of the Rider, a man of faith facing the greatest of evils His story will reside in the Book of Life forever Mr Erdelac has given us a hero to cheer, curse, and believe in Thank you for the weird ride

    3. The final book in the Rider series is now a full length novel Ed moves from novellas to the full deal and it s a thick book But that s not a bad thing, hell no It s great It expands on everything before it and also manages to pepper in a lot references A lot A loooooot There s one scene in particular where it s basically count the references That was fun And the ending, well, no spoilers, but the ending makes perfect sense in the context of this world, and is pretty satisfying So get this book, [...]

    4. I expected to like this than I did Perhaps I lost momentum while I was reading the third instalment or perhaps the four month gap since then wasn t conducive to sustaining my interest I was never the ideal reader for this series in any case There s too much of everything too many characters some unnecessary , too many pointless deaths gratuitous to the point of disrespect for the characters , too much overwrought description, too much bad editing, too great an admixture of religious traditions [...]

    5. A great book A departure from the first books as it is of a traditional novel rather than a series of connected stories that make up the book A great story with wonderful characters and lots of action The author blends together the western and weird in a perfect balance Highly recommended series of books

    6. I m so sad that it s over I enjoyed the books maybe a little to much and the rider became you new favorite hero I loved all the characters The author did good with this one way to go Please write

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