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She Has a Name By Kamilah Aisha Moon,

  • Title: She Has a Name
  • Author: Kamilah Aisha Moon
  • ISBN: 9781935536345
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • With unrelenting yet tender honesty, She Has a Name tells the story of a young woman with autism from multiple points of view The speakers in these poems sisters, mother, father, teacher seek to answer questions science can t yet answer, seek to protect the young woman, and seek to understand what autism means to their own lives as well.
    She Has a Name With unrelenting yet tender honesty She Has a Name tells the story of a young woman with autism from multiple points of view The speakers in these poems sisters mother father teacher seek to answe

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    1. Moving collection of poetry about a a family living with a sister s autism, how it has shaped the family as a whole and as individuals Some of the poems don t feel as necessary to the collection as others, but on the whole, these words make a mark.

    2. Kamilah Aisha Moon traveled to my city to read from her book, so I have heard her read and was moved This book is written about her sister, who drew the drawing that is the cover of the book, and who is on the autistic spectrum Kamilah describes her book as a biomythography in poems a term that Audre Lorde first used in Zami A New Spelling of My Name.The poem about the cover art Possible Self PortraitMaking dowith what is available, she paints a face in tangerine.Cobalt eyes colossal, electricMu [...]

    3. It is unfortunate that poetry rarely attracts many readers, because I believe this is a book that is important, especially to those who deal with autism or have other people with special needs in their families.Kamilah Aisha Moon writes poignant, accessible, engaging poems no matter what the topic, but She Has a Name goes way beyond being another collection of good poems Moon opens the door to her family home and introduces her sister with autism, 1 in 150 now She shows how the condition also af [...]

    4. No secret I m a big fan of Kamilah Aisha Moon I have published her poems, and an essay in Superstition Review I even nominated her for a Pushcart I m so pleased to read this collection, which stands as even evidence of not only Kamilah s talent, but also her empathy and kindness I was consistently struck by the level of honesty, patience, caring, and humility in this book Some stand out moments for me Swinging was the closest thingto flying then We know watch your sister means forever Cocooning [...]

    5. Kamilah Aisha Moon calls this stunning work a biomythography in poems It is the story, written from the all the points of view, of one family with an autistic daughter sister self The poems shine they are visceral, brimming with life, love, pain and hope Had I not felt the need to breathe, to read each poem over and over, I could have stood at my kitchen counter, as is my habit when reading poetry, and inhaled the entire collection in a single reading Every word, every punctuation mark, every li [...]

    6. She Has a Name by Kamilah Aisha MoonThe depth and insight of this book of poems which the author framed as a biomythography reveals what family and others experience when graced with a wonderful and unique human being The challenges and rewards are poignantly presented to the reader Some are revelatory and others refreshingly candid as the poet views these lives through partisan and complicated lenses She owns that the familial growth patterns are dynamic,yet, reflect the deep love and commitmen [...]

    7. A deeply felt, potent collection of poems, mostly about the trials and blessings of life with an autistic sibling The poems are, by turns, told from the points of view of various family members Kamilah Aisha Moon captures poignantly the mystery, misunderstanding, and embarrassment sometimes experienced by the family, often against the backdrop of a callous and unknowing world, but shining through it all is a fierce and abiding love.

    8. not dismissing this book, but i cannot believe she uses the word mongoloid She shuns wheelchairs and mongoloid faces, mad that her mind will fight to keep her quarantined from her own car, yard, babies.

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