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Até à Vista By Mary Higgins Clark,

  • Title: Até à Vista
  • Author: Mary Higgins Clark
  • ISBN: 9789724224664
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Hardcover
  • No centro do novo romance de Mary Higgins Clark est um homic dio brutal o de Gary Lasch, um respeitado e bem sucedido m dico de Greenwich, no Connecticut, director de um hospital e de uma companhia de seguros Foi encontrado morto em casa, sentado secret ria, com a cabe a esmagada por uma estatueta de bronze, uma pe a valiosa da sua colec o de arte.A not cia abate seNo centro do novo romance de Mary Higgins Clark est um homic dio brutal o de Gary Lasch, um respeitado e bem sucedido m dico de Greenwich, no Connecticut, director de um hospital e de uma companhia de seguros Foi encontrado morto em casa, sentado secret ria, com a cabe a esmagada por uma estatueta de bronze, uma pe a valiosa da sua colec o de arte.A not cia abate se sobre a sociedade de Greenwich de forma fulminante tal como a not cia de que Molly Carpenter Lasch, a bonita mulher do m dico assassinado, fora presa pelo homic dio do marido
    At Vista No centro do novo romance de Mary Higgins Clark est um homic dio brutal o de Gary Lasch um respeitado e bem sucedido m dico de Greenwich no Connecticut director de um hospital e de uma companhia de

    One thought on “Até à Vista”

    1. I really, really enjoyed the book It got a little slow in the middle for me, that s why I gave it 4 stars, but it still ended well Also, this is why I can t say that I loved it I just feel like it all came together in the last 20 pages or so I was getting so anxious for the conclusion to find out the truth The ending was a surprise I do like how MHC answered all of the lingering questions Another good one MHC One of my favorite authors.

    2. This was my first Mary Higgins Clark and I must say I was disappointed This was way too choppy to be even remotely suspenseful I kept hoping I d get to the end soon so I could start the next book on my TBR list That s not an attitude I like to have while reading.

    3. Summer s the perfect time to try recommended authors After finishing my first Grisham last week, I thought Mary Higgins Clark was the next logical step in my exploration of well known favorites My grandmother loves both authors, having read all of their books countless times My first Higgins Clark did not disappoint I ll Be Seeing You makes for light reading, despite its suspense, and it s beach y fun.I don t want to give too much of the plot away, as its surprisingly full of twists and turns Me [...]

    4. Wow, this book had me on the edge of my seat at the end Mary Higgins Clark writes with such a complex plot blending each component seamlessly into the story All I can say is WOW Just when I thought I had something figured out, something else would be revealed If you want to read a good mystery with a lot of twists and turns that smoothly come together at the end read I ll Be Seeing You You won t be sorry.If you want a little bit about the book here it is The story of Meghan Collins Meghan s fath [...]

    5. So you need to understand from the outset that this is not great literature at all It is an easy read suitable for a cross country flight or a day at the beach I first read it when I was 14 It gets 4 stars from me because I think it is a fun book for its category, and my favorite of Mary s many, many books And I do like Mary when I am in the mood she is like watching Lifetime television The main character fits the same mold as the rest of Mary s characters she is beautiful a cloud of honey or ch [...]

    6. As always, Mary Higgins Clark s writing grabbed me right from the first page She writes books that are exciting and very easy to read She pulls you in to the story immediately and doesn t let up until it s over I became involved in the story as well as with the characters and couldn t put it down until I found out what happened The 2 mysteries worked well together and meshed believably at the end Just a side noteis book is based in Newtown, CT which is referred to as a ritzy little town Who knew [...]

    7. I read this book looking for candy Something that wouldn t take up too much head space and just be fun It ended up being fun in the way that doing the same thing over and over again is fun It followed the standard formula of intrigue, mystery, man and woman who realize they been there all along fall in love as the should have been Women gets saved from murder at the last minute by said man You know, it s like every other movie or book out there The writing is also incredibly trite a predictable [...]

    8. Reporter, Meghan Collins, is trying to solve the mystery behind her father s recent death when, on assignment in a New York City Hospital, she sees the corpse of a murdered woman who could have been her double She can t shake the belief there is a connection and soon finds herself deep into an investigation that puts her life in danger.This is the 5th of the 75 books in my 2012 reading challenge and the first Mary Higgins Book I ve read I ll Be Seeing You is a quick and easy read, with an intere [...]

    9. Once again Mary Higgins Clark did not disappoint me The character development in her books is some extensive that at times you feel like you re getting too much information but someone she manages to tie it all together to make an amazing suspense novel Can t wait to read another one of her books.

    10. Just a really easy summer read mystery novel There are a few plot issues if you start to analyze things Better to just go along for the ride and not think too much.

    11. I never thought it would took me this long to finish this story, I was just too busy these past few days so I set this one aside for so long after reading 1 3rd of it, most was during those time that I was stranded on the way back here in Cebu.I guess the first few pages weren t really that exciting because if it was, even with a busy schedule, I m sure I could squeeze it in That being said, instead of giving this one a perfect 5 star, I m giving it 4 stars.But after finishing this story, I just [...]

    12. This book was medicore at best I have had many people recommend Mary Higgins Clark to me, so when I saw this was on sale at I bought it Mistake I was very confused by the mystery genre that it claimed, it was thriller There wasn t any mystery in it It was fairly obvious who did it from the very beginning It followed the semi dangerous adventures of a boring reporter And thus the criticism begins.The protagonist of this story was as bland Really bland Oatmeal bland She was a pretty newspaper rep [...]

    13. Fast paced, clean suspense from Mary Higgins Clark This was a complex, twisting plot that involved many sub plots and kept me riveted and guessing from start to finish.

    14. I ll Be Seeing You is about a women who is trying to find out the mysterious disappearance of her father The setting is in New York City, Meghan Collins is the main character Her father was presumed to be in a bridge accident into the Hudson River but no one has a trace of her father s, Edward Collins, body A murder case appeared as she was doing a report, and her father just happens to be one of the murder suspects Meghan must find outs her fathers past, and other murder cases to clear her fath [...]

    15. Another thriller of Mark Higgins Lovely book that kept me doing anything but reading nonstop every time I got to continue reading.Very thrilling story and her writing got to keep on reading until find out what is next.My favourite writers out of very few ,Danielle Steel and Mary Higgins, Patricia Cornwall and I am a Fan of Mary Higgins This book is another Bestseller and out of all the other 25 books I have read of her Wow People are saying some books are all have the same way of writing and the [...]

    16. This book is built off a series of cliches Actually, it reminds me of a story I told my grandma when I was twelve years old I used to make up stories all the time when I was a kid I was also a huge fan of Mary Higgins Clark when I was twelve Unfortunately, I m finding I don t appreciate her books as much now as an adult Though, I look at the date this book was published, and it was before there were hundreds of crime shows on television that did this exact same story This book was written in the [...]

    17. Mary no me decepciona hero na, que lo puede todo, donde todo se esclarece en las ltimas diez p ginas y pens que esta vuelta hab a acertado con el culpable, pero no, me sorprendi un poco el final Meghan Collins es periodista de televisi n Est cubriendo una nota en la sala de emergencias de un hospital cuando irrumpe una camilla con el cuerpo apu alado de una joven Los intentos por revivirla son in tiles cuando Meghan mira el rostro ex nime de la v ctima, le parece verse reflejada en un espejo La [...]

    18. I ve read quite a few Mary Higgins Clark novels I do like her style of writing and that s why I return to them She does get stuck in the cookie cutter author mode , meaning that her books are fairly predictable because she follows a pattern I ll Be Seeing You was pretty good with the main plot following journalist Meghan Collins investigation into her father s mysterious disappearance There is also a secondary plot line that weaves in and out of the first, Meghan s life is threatened by a man wh [...]

    19. So it was good It was not my favorite book by Mary Higgins Clark but definetly not the wrost I loved the differents characters and the facts about in vitro I didn t saw the end coming well not every part Donc c tait bon Ce n tait pas mon livre favori par Mary Higgins Clark mais ce n tait pas le pire non plus J ai aim les diff rents personnages et les informations sur le in vitro Je n ai pas vu la fin venir bien pas toutes les parties

    20. So you have a twin you ve never met, or is that so A genetically modified person who looks exactly like you has been found murdered, a chopper stuck in her heart, and you receive a chilling fax that says Mistake Annie was a mistake Oopsies He s after you.

    21. 3.5, really, but bumped up for the Cozy Mystery factor I have a lot of feelings about MHC books, most of them good.This book is also from 1994, which was kind of a great time warp.

    22. A very light, simple read Good for a non thinking sort of read Don t read it if you want to be challenged mentally I don t think I ll be reading books from this author any time soon.

    23. A can t put down book One turn after another, breathtaking events and unexpected happenings take one tragedy and add it to another, until what was always thought to be true becomes a lie.

    24. This book was a2.5 starthriller from Mary Higgins Clark The story was entertaining and engaging but I felt there was a real missed opportunity that was too coincidental that kept this book from gaining stars view spoiler The biggest problem I had was with Meg and Anne s similar appearances The book focuses on in vitro fertilization and a fertility clinic while coincidentally Meg s missing father had a secret daughter that looked exactly like her Meg was even doing a story on twins born at diffe [...]

    25. Absolutely amazing, brimming with suspense and thrill and of course a touch of madness Mary Higgins Clark is one of my absolute favourite authors I know she can never ever disappoint me Like, EVER Yeah that s a TSWIFT reference Got a prob I absolutely love the accuracy of the science involved, its a fantastic read, bound to keep you awake all night The craziest thing is that the story included so many characters and so many point of views and yet it did not overwhelm me, it was perfect.

    26. Love, Love Miss ClarkI have just finished another great novel by Mary Higgins Clark I have never been disappointed in any novel she has written I start with anticipation and finish with, I didn t see that coming My greatest advice to anyone who is looking for a great mystery is to start reading any of her books.

    27. Interesting medical mysteryThe story holds our interest even though at times it is hard to follow A beautiful reporter a creepy stalker doctors a chef mother and a cute little boy Duplicate familiesTons of characters all interesting keep the plot moving but who is who And the least romantic sub plot in all of literature

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