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Diary of a Mad Housewife By Sue Kaufman,

  • Title: Diary of a Mad Housewife
  • Author: Sue Kaufman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Oh this book is just terrific The prose is so light and airy and flows so beautifully which all belies the pretty serious things that go on Written in the late 60s, re released a few years ago by Thunder s Mouth, this is the story of Bettina Balser, an upper middle class housewife who is freaking out about the stifling life she finds herself in the thick of The characters her husband, his classy friends, the housekeeper, their children and neighbors are perfectly drawn, and the dialogue is impec [...]

    2. Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada de Sue Kaufman est a medio camino entre La campana de cristal de Sylvia Plath y la serie Mujeres Desesperadas Es una mezcla de drama sobre frustraciones femeninas y comedia sat rica y cr tica con las convenciones sociales La protagonista es Tina Balser, una ama de casa del Manhattan de los a os 60 que, como se suele decir, aparentemente lo tiene todo un marido que es un abogado de xito, dos hijas bonitas que son unas buenas alumnas en la escuela cara y elitis [...]

    3. This is the kind of book that I have always envied for its style which I could never pull off You either have this talent or you don t And Sue Kaufman has it My best description would be controlled stream of consciousness This story published in 1967 of a housewife resisting the razor s edge of debilitating anxiety as she goes throughout her daily life is definitely not loosely written But this isn t a tightly plotted book either, which makes it difficult to describe I love the period details, a [...]

    4. Take one part The Group, two parts Bell Jar, a half portion of voyeurism, a dash of bitters, and you have Diary of a Mad Housewife Set in the late 60s early 70s, the novel consists of the secretly scribbled thoughts of Tina, an artist who destroyed her paintings and sought marriage after a nervous breakdown The tale stretches over roughly a six month period in the middle of her marriage to a successful and self centered lawyer in the Upper West Side While the story is a bit dated, there s still [...]

    5. THis book was interesting to me in three ways I had heard of it as a feminist book from the sixties seventies, and hadn t rea it for that reason most things that are feminist manifestos are distasteful to me, as American style Men suck feminism is NOT to my liking, and the empowering French stylyle feminism is not prevalent here, especcailly in older books However, I was fascinated by this book, and saw little feminism in it it was, instead, to my mind, a detailed account of descent by a woman u [...]

    6. DIARY OF A MAD HOUSEWIFE by Sue Kaufman 1967 is the novel on which the 1970 film is based My husband graduated high school in 1967 I did in 1970 when we saw and loved the film, which is terrific but not available on DVD Betinna Balser, called teen by her husband, a disappointed liberal turned frantic capitalist, begins a secret diary as a means of hanging on to the shreds of her sanity in this domestic comedy I regret it s taken me this long to discover the novel, which is, of course, even bette [...]

    7. There is much to be said about this book Unfortunately all that I want to say about it will spoil the story for anyone interested It kind of touched on a lot of different emotional responses to the characters First, you want to yell at the main character for being a bit of a spoiled brat She seems to have everything and even though her life isn t perfect, she doesn t even have to clean her own damn house Sheesh Then you go to being astounded at the husband He was a lovable idiologest in the begi [...]

    8. I read this a very long time ago, but recently started flipping through the pages, and recognized the writing like I had read it just yesterday I like Kaufman s understated style She allows the characters to speak for themselves and lets the story unfold in an unforced progression of events There s a lot of substance to this novel.

    9. I adore this book Some interesting stylistic tics including ironic capitalizations that I didn t see again until bloggery Written in the 60s, it s surprisingly undated Pries the dirty tobacco tin lid off marriage and contempt in an amusing way.

    10. Although this book is considered widely to be feminist literature, I think the plight of the main character will resonate with any reader who has ever felt trapped, bored, humiliated or lonely, anybody who has ever searched for the extraordinary of the ordinary.

    11. A wonderfully sardonic look at the state of late twentieth century marriage as seen through the eyes of Bettina Balser, a smart, upper middle class housewife living in Upper West Side Manhattan with her two young daughters, a dog, a maid, and her husband a sniveling, controlling, insufferable social climber named Jonathan The book was published in 1967, right before feminism would go mainstream and save a lot of upper middle class white women from Bettina s fate, so everyone keep that in mind be [...]

    12. Me ha gustado, aunque los personajes no han terminado de convencerme Jonathan me cae rematadamente mal, no hay por d nde cogerlo Tina no tanto, pero tampoco me cae especialmente bien, tiene sus momentos Lo mismo me pasa con George Y los dem s pues bueno, sin m s Pese a ello, me quedo con buen recuerdo del libro, la historia me ha parecido buena Y la vuelta de tuerca del final, aunque me resulta un poco incre ble en alg n aspecto, me parece que es muy buena.

    13. I m in awe that a book can feel so distinctly vintage, and yet feel so timeless Maybe it s because a lot of what Tina deals with still hangs around in the present day, 50 years later While the first half is a little slow, the pace picks up considerably and, by the midway point, I couldn t put this book down It felt brutally raw and realistic, as if this really were a woman s journal that we just happen to come upon It makes me wonder what happened to Tina Jonathan, as well as their daughters I c [...]

    14. livro dos anos 60 do s culo XX e, por isso, um pouco datado Na altura deve ter sido uma pedrada no charco uma dona de casa de classe m dia alta transtorna se com a sua vida vazia Dinheiro de sobra, empregada, filhas em col gios e um sem fim de afazeres ris veis, mas necess rios, como mandar encerar o ch o e limpar as carpetes, responder aos convites para festas e coisas assim Mais uma vez me espanto com o tipo de vida que permitia e permite, penso eu vidas t o vazias de sentido, mas contraponho [...]

    15. Proto feminist classic Bettina Balser, n e Munvies, is a middle class mother on Central Park West Her husband is a lawyer and a hopeless social climber He forces her to accompany him on an endless round of cocktail parties, art gallery openings and theatre events, in hopes of breaking into the next level of society She is very depressed and just barely holding it together with booze, nembutal, and an extra marital affair It s a very accurate portrayal of depression, but sometimes I had a hard ti [...]

    16. La protagonista est harta de no tener la vida que realmente desea y no poder disfrutar de lo que hace Todo el mundo alguna vez en la vida dice Por qu estoy haciendo esto si no es lo que quiero En el caso de esta ama de casa le lleva casi a la locura O sin el casi La historia est contada con mucho sentido del humor pero no deja de ser un tema frustrante Usa mucho el sarcasmo para burlarse y quitar importancia al estado de nervios de la protagonista En resumen, salvo por el final que me ha dejado [...]

    17. Kniha pro m byla p jemn m ten m, kter mi v mnoh ch pas ch p ipomn lo Woodyho Allena, jeho ironii, jeho nekon c fobie a um n vystihnout absurdnost ur it situace Zvl tn je, e Den k americk man elky chyt e osciluje mezi v ce nry a jeho vyzn n se bude li it podle toho, v jak m v ku se zrovna do ten d te Kdyby Sue Kaufmanov p idala v ce komick ch situac , mohl vzniknout ist humoristick rom n, kdyby v ak ubrala ze sv ironie a vtipu, vzniknul by v n rom n o man elce, kter balancuje nad propast deprese [...]

    18. Il commento finale a questo libro positivo mi aspettavo qualcosa di totalmente diverso, pi alla Kinsella o alla Fielding, invece mi son ritrovata a leggere un libro scritto s in maniera leggera e divertente, ma dai risvolti molto pi seri di quanto si penserebbe La storia di Teena quella di una donna alle prese con un marito distratto e esigente, con due figlie a cui badare e con tutto lo stress che deriva dalla vita mondana a cui lo status del marito la costringe a partecipare Questo le porter u [...]

    19. So many of the things that drive me crazy now, drove Bettina crazy then The difference is, she had to just suck it up and live with most of it I don t Thank goodness I was born in the 1970s We still have a long way to go, but I have my own career, I have my own money and I have my own life Marriage is great, but it s a partnership At least in my part of the world, women are for the most part no longer chattel This one got me fired up

    20. Quite a brilliant and innovative book in its day I give it 4.5 stars for being a bit dated Interesting stream of consciousness, the main character is not always entirely sympathetic Overall, a quick read, somewhat engaging and certainly worth a read for it s descriptions of white privilege life in the 1960s.

    21. Quite possibly my favorite book Out of print for some time in the USA, I found my copy in a Notting Hill bookshop its tattered edges and loose pages attest to how much I love Kaufman s tale of a feckless, overwhelmed woman who cannot quite fathom the reality of her life.

    22. I was not expecting to love this book The July theme for my book club is books about books and truly the title caught my attention first The story had me completely engaged and I couldn t put it down Although this was written 30 years ago the ideas and themes are still relevant today.

    23. this is one of those books that I own and read over and over again What s interesting, is it is also one of those books that I m not sure why I read over and over again There is a lot of sex and Affairs which I don t believe in It talks about a typical housewife who really isn t typical and her family The husband of which has his own issues It s a very interesting book and takes me into a complete nother life

    24. Busqu este libro tras leer la cr tica de Isi y hasta que consegu arrastrar a mi costillo a la FNAC y convencerle de que lo necesitaba, no par Pero, al contrario que a Isi, a m no me ha parecido divertido, sino triste Ser que vengo de una situaci n personal un poco triste y desquiciante, que me suena lo del papel pasivo femenino que adopta Bettina, tras psicoanalizarse, o ser que me pongo de su parte y a m el marido no me parece estupendo, sino un cretino integral, las hijas unas aut nticas d spo [...]

    25. Arguto e cinico, Diaro di una casalinga disperata niente a che vedere con la serie televisa, che precede di diversi decenni il Resoconto scritto da Tina Bettina Balser, una giovane casalinga newyorchese Dopo la prima trentina di pagine ero completamente assorbita nell incredibile storia di Tina che, nonostante le ambizioni da artista, viene plasmata da anni di psicoanalisi volti a trasformarla nell immagine ideale di donna sottomessa con forti istinti femminili ovvero voglia di sposarsi e procre [...]

    26. This was one of those books that I had filed under socially and historically significant books to read Given that, it was a well written story that provides a view into the life of a 1960s housewife in suburbia It was frustrating to watch the protagonist slip into a very negative mental place, and have the husband only exacerbate the process Just when you think things cannot get worse, they do.I was left with the sense that to be a 1960s suburban housewife was emotionally and socially isolating [...]

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