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Binky: License to Scratch By Ashley Spires,

  • Title: Binky: License to Scratch
  • Author: Ashley Spires
  • ISBN: 9781554539635
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Binky the Space Cat along with fellow space pets Gordie and Gracie have been left at the pet hotel while their humans go on vacation Only it s not a hotel at all it s the vet No way are they staying, Binky thinks They are an elite space team There is no chance that a pet hotel will contain the likes of them So the trio hatch a plan to escape through the builBinky the Space Cat along with fellow space pets Gordie and Gracie have been left at the pet hotel while their humans go on vacation Only it s not a hotel at all it s the vet No way are they staying, Binky thinks They are an elite space team There is no chance that a pet hotel will contain the likes of them So the trio hatch a plan to escape through the building s vents But along the way, their mission takes a precarious turn when they stumble upon the secret lab of the notorious Professor Tuffy in the vet s basement A former space pet, Tuffy switched allegiances years ago to work with the aliens Since then, she s been perfecting the ultimate anti human weapon, and it s finally complete Does the team have what it takes to thwart the evil fugitive before she unleashes her ingenious creation on the world This is the final book in the popular graphic novel adventure series starring the irresistible Binky, beloved for his deadpan humor and unwavering dedication to the cause With high drama, unexpected twists and loads of physical comedy punctuated with comical animal sound effects throughout bestselling author and illustrator Ashley Spires s series provides hilarious, page turning fun It s perfect for beginning readers who are looking for lively stories without too much text The mission oriented perspective of the team also lends this title to character education lessons on courage, initiative and teamwork.
    Binky License to Scratch Binky the Space Cat along with fellow space pets Gordie and Gracie have been left at the pet hotel while their humans go on vacation Only it s not a hotel at all it s the vet No way are they staying

    One thought on “Binky: License to Scratch”

    1. Pinky and friends are so fun This crazy adventure has Binky and friends packed up and heading to Pet Hotel vets because the family is going on vacation The pets have a very interesting time there battling aliens Very cute.

    2. I must say that our girls love, love, love Binky I like the stories, but they love them and laugh uproariously at the funny little cat and his adventures Our girls will run around the house saying poot for days after reading one of these tales The illustrations are hilarious and the stories are fun, quick reads.This story takes Binky, Gracie, and Gordie to a pet hotel the vet while their humans are away The narrative is just as humorous as the other stories and we enjoyed reading this book toget [...]

    3. While good, this volume wasn t as funny as the earlier volumes in the series I think that the author couldn t quite come up with a really humorous take on the scenario, which is the pets being left in a boarding facility while their humans go away on a trip.The good part is that there are some really cute subplots, including the cat who has been living in the nooks and crannies of the vet s office.Still, fans of the series will enjoy this book Some of them may be puzzled by the change in tone, b [...]

    4. Binky, Gracie and Gordie are horrified Their humans are packing to go on vacation Other than the usual worries WHO WILL FEED THEM , they are also concerned that their humans will be in outer space undefended from the horrible aliens But there is worse news to come, the pets are to be boarded at the vet s office while their families are gone They plan to quickly escape, but is going on at the vet s than they had thought, so they ll have to use all their Space Pet training to defeat the alien s n [...]

    5. This is a fantasy fiction book as it uses a lot of personification on the cats It is probably for a primary age group.Text to Self I have a cat Iris and she absolutely hates the vet I mean she literally tries escaping much like the cats in the book Not in the same way but she wants to leave and tries We have to sedate her to get her to go.Text to Text These cats are trying to stop an evil villian and I think of all the buddy movies They have the talking animals the mission and the bad guy Some c [...]

    6. When Binky, Gordie, and Gracie s owners go on vacation they get dropped off at the vet for boarding They re sure they are doomed to a nightmarish week, but Agents of P.U.R.S.T aren t going to take a thing like bars laying down They ll get themselves free and maybe deal with a mad scientist in the process too.I loved The Great Escape allusion with Binky bouncing the ball against his cage wall Kids totally won t get that, but the adult classic movie fans will This one gets Binky out of his space s [...]

    7. Binky, Gracie and Gordie take a trip to the vet where they are boarded while their humans go out of town for a few days They plan to break out of the vet s office when they run into professor Tuffy who works underneath the vet She was abandoned by her humans so she felt all humans where like that, but when the vet was under attack she felt the need to protect the vet who later gave her a safe home Binky believes they have been abandoned but then hears his humans coming to take them home This gra [...]

    8. Kind of funny how just about every line reads like the voice over in a movie trailer When it s read out load like that, it s enjoyable enough and quite humorous As always I do enjoy the illustration.

    9. The team takes a trip to a pet hotel where they encounter a villain and his monstrous creation Frankenstein like.

    10. Binky and friends have laugh out loud adventures when their humans go on vacation Great fun for emerging and transitional readers

    11. This book was weird and confusing Even my 8 year old was confused and didn t enjoy it It felt like there was a lot missing and you had to have read others in the series to know what s going on Strange characters and the whole alien angle was bizarre.

    12. As I had previously read and reviewed Binky the Space Cat awhile back, I was sure that I would love this book So, it came as no surprise that I did Binky is convinced that his home is a space station, and that all that is outside of it is Outer Space That makes for lots of fun adventures with his friends, Gracie the Cat and Gordie the Dog, who also believe this way So, when his humans pack their suitcases, promising to drop him at a pet hotel , and end up dropping him at the vet s instead, he ha [...]

    13. Binky and the team of space pets prepare for a weekend at the pet hotel Binky, Gordie and Gracie are boarded up to spend the week at the vet s pet hotel With reluctance, the pets set a master plan to ruin the owner s belongings before the trip, discouraging them from leaving town Unfortunately, their plan does not work and they are brought to the vet Throughout the story, the pets document their experiences by their hilarious commentary The unique addition of sounds, creates an out of book feel [...]

    14. See my full review here misstiffreads 201Binky the Space Cat is back with his partner Gracie and their newest recruit, Gordie This time they are not worried about aliens, but about the fact that their people are leaving and sending them to a pet hotel that turns out to be the vet s office Our resourceful heroes must escape, but not before Binky has a chance to find out what the strange shadow that has been haunting the vet s office is all about Then it is up to Binky and his partners to save the [...]

    15. I remember when the library received the first Binky book not long after it had been released I picked it up on a whim cats, comics, lovely illustrations what was not to love I gobbled it up even though I am well beyond the target age of the book License to Scratch is the fifth installment and last, it seems in the Binky series Like the others, we follow Binky and friends in their latest attempts to stop the space invaders from attacking their humans This one was just as fun and cute and as the [...]

    16. In Binky License to Scratch we meet up with Binky, Gordon and Gracie as they face one of their most horrifying missions being boarded at the vet s while their humans go on vacation Not to mention that encounter with Professor Tuffy the ex space cat Okay it was still cute and fun but not quite as much as the other books in the series I don t think the inclusion of Professor Tuffy and her Felien creation was really necessary it felt a little rushed and could ve probably been better done in it s ow [...]

    17. This was a cute graphic novel for kids about 2 cats and a dog that fancy themselves to be part of a team of Space Explorers For all intents and purposes, it appears to the reader that they are just house pets, however, I am starting in the middle of a series of books, so I may be missing some pertinent information.In this installment of the Blinky adventures, the humans go on vacation and board the pets at the vet Adventure ensues This book wasn t super funny or interesting, but it earned 3 star [...]

    18. Theme in this book would be Adventure Binky s family leave him and his team at the shelter while they go on vacation and Binky has to figure out a way to get out Once they get out they come across something that may be damaging to their future The author is saying that even though some things may be dangerous you have to do it to keep people safe Symbol in this book is the shelter because if their parents didn t bring them there then they wouldn t have found out about this scientist Great graphi [...]

    19. Binky and Co head off to the vet s office wherre they will be boarding while their humans go away on a vacation They immediately set their sights on escaping, but when they finally succeed in their goal they uncover a dark secret lurking beneath the vet s office an alien feline hybrid It was interesting to read something from a pet s perspective about boarding while their humans are away, but this volume wasn t as laugh out loud funny for me as previous Binky titles have been Recommended for gra [...]

    20. They are an elite space team There is no chance that a pet hotel will contain the likes of them When their humans go on vacation, Binky, Gracie and Gordie are toted off to be boarded at the Vet s office Who knew being held captive was so boring But when the three of them try to escape, they run into than they bargained for What the hairball is that I just love Binky and all my students especially the cat lovers will enjoy this latest adventure.

    21. I was not aware that this was a series book when I grabbed it from the graphic novel shelf at the local library I just noticed the humorous cats that acted superior to their human pets and thought my daughter would enjoy reading it Maybe the book would have been better if I read earlier ones in the series They are not numbered, even on , so I would have to go by release date if I wanted to start from the beginning On its own License to Scratch was just o.k.

    22. Lexile Level GN400LPages 64Summary Pets think they live in a spaceship, but when their owners board them at the vet adventure ensue Will they escape or do they undercover an evil plan Recommendations or Comments This was a fun book to read, especially if you have pets You can totally relate to some of their shenanigans A little predictable and got a little muddled during the ending plot twist, but overall I would recommend 4 out of 5 starsReviewed By Emily Kenny

    23. I m a big fan of Binky and always look forward to his latest adventure but have to say for the first time I was disappointed The story just didn t hold up Honestly, it was lame The usual familiar pet things that make you go aww or laugh were missing The only times I laughed here were from the butt jokes the thermometre at the vet and the farts The title doesn t even make sense Oh boy, for the advertised last book in this series what a let down

    24. Another solid addition to the Binky the Space Cat series The art won t appeal to all children, but I love it and I think it could definitely appeal to that tough 7 to 9 year old boy crowd A couple of potty jokes, consistent with the series, which I don t care for but will probably appeal to kids.A good story here, and always cute plays on the space cat theme A fun new character, The Professor, is introduced, and adds a nice facet to the story that s fresh unique.

    25. Binky is back and hilariously sarcastic than ever in LICENSE TO SCRATCH When Binky and his compatriots are left behind while the humans embark on a mission, the trio must find a way to thwart the evil they encounter and escape the veterinarian s office where they ve been kenneled Hijinks, as always, ensue, with laugh out loud funny results and a joyful reunion.

    26. I saw a cardboard stand up Binky in my grad school classroom on the first night of class and knew it could only mean one thing finally, another Binky book I love this little cat his antics and adventures make me laugh out loud at least once every other page turn This book wasn t quite as brilliantly spot on and creative as Binky s others but it was darn close.

    27. Binky and his pet friends are lodging at a pet hotel, AKA the veterinary clinic They try to escape and stumble upon something unexpected It wasn t as good as Binky The Space Cat, but it was still a nice and funny read.

    28. Binky the space cat and his friends Gracie and Gordon are surpised when their humans go on a trip and leave them at the pet hotel inside the vet s office, where they meet a stange cat and aliens.Reviewer 24

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