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Amber Eyes By Jolyn Palliata,

  • Title: Amber Eyes
  • Author: Jolyn Palliata
  • ISBN: 9780989254915
  • Page: 334
  • Format: ebook
  • Eyes are the window to the soul, in a time when souls are ancient After an accident, one she shouldn t have walked away from, Lexi s life finally begins She meets Dez, a new student with the most beautiful eyes she s ever seen And since gazing into them, Lexi has had vivid waking dreams that pull her back through time, and into the warm embrace of a mysterious stranger Eyes are the window to the soul, in a time when souls are ancient After an accident, one she shouldn t have walked away from, Lexi s life finally begins She meets Dez, a new student with the most beautiful eyes she s ever seen And since gazing into them, Lexi has had vivid waking dreams that pull her back through time, and into the warm embrace of a mysterious stranger a stranger who becomes all too familiar When offering an explanation for her detailed visions, Dez changes her world forever with two simple words Soul mates.For the first time in her life, Lexi feels safe and complete But lingering in the shadows is the embodiment of evil, coveting the light within her He s a threat to Lexi s very existence, and to a love that has transcended time.
    Amber Eyes Eyes are the window to the soul in a time when souls are ancient After an accident one she shouldn t have walked away from Lexi s life finally begins She meets Dez a new student with the most beau

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    1. Main character Lexi survives from an accident that she never should have and loses her best friend in it A year passes and she is slowly moving on and coming to terms with her loss and guilt of serviving She is starting her Senior year, and she meets Dez Never having been attracted to anybody enough to date, she is floored when she glimpses, Dez in the main office Her life is about to get interesting and complicated with the introduction of Dez She starts having realistic waking dreams and a pai [...]

    2. I won t lie again it was the cover that first drew me into this book It wasn t the dazzling curiosity of a single decorated eye No not for me It was like pure jealousy The light brown color of the models compared to my ever so dark ones In addition, not having read the synopsis the eyes also gave way to the recollection of a certain group of well fed vegetarian vampires So my curiosity got the better of me and I had to give Palliata a new Indie author a try.First, I was floored by the author s [...]

    3. This book was generously shared by the author through Read It Reap, Shut up and Read Group I enjoyed this book, even though I have reached the top of my YA Paranormal Romance meter Maybe I just read so much of it back to back, but I found many similarities in this novel to other popular YA novels out there.Example Lexi s awkwardness, shyness and disbelief that Hot, Smoking Dez would ever look at her twice But he does He watches her, he wants her, and she just can t believe it When they finally e [...]

    4. This debut YA novel belongs in the Mature YA section if there is such a thing I loved the topic of re incarnation entwined souls moving through the ages and the way it was handled All four of the main characters were well used and played their parts well As couples both Dez Lexi and Jayson Britney had chemistry in each combination However, I had too much of Britney by the final chapters The addition of Tobias as a villain was good but he didn t feel as if he was an integral part of the story the [...]

    5. My ThoughtsThe larger theme of this book is the presence of past lives a manifestation of old souls in the literal sense of the words In reading the story swirling around Lexi and Dex, you learn about a world where souls are connected in intricate ways than you can imagine A friend is than a friend, it could be your father in a previous life, a sister, or a mother The bonds that draw us together are forged over space and time, and some bonds are eternal than others.The characters in the book [...]

    6. This was a good book It is great for a romantic such as myself I couldn t wait to turn the page to read what came next and I m excited for the next book in the trilogy to come out Lexi is a high school senior who has not dated anyone, and not for lack of her friends trying She just hasn t been interested in anyone enough That is until that fateful day when she was walking past the schools office and saw him Dez He is the most gorgeous man she has ever laid her eyes on Although Lexi is trying to [...]

    7. I loved the characters I loved the plot and premise I loved the idea and I loved the chemistry.The main character was funny She talked to herself constantly and I loved it she was a joy to read And Dez was yumtastic He was so interesting and swoonworthy and I found myself glued to the pages, especially the first half of the book, just to see what he was going to say to her He was a conundrum to me He was so all over the place, but it was obvious that he loved her and was only protecting and worr [...]

    8. I found the book surprisingly amazing It did start a little slower then I m used to but maybe that s because most of my reading is done when it s not quiet so I have to focus However once I was a few chapters in I was unable to put it down Even stayed up late to finish it, paying for that today but it s worth it I love the characters, Lexi and Dez just fit so perfectly I love it what else can I say I just wish that I had the next book, I m not a patient person Thank you so much.

    9. Wow I loved this so much I m a complete sucker for romance, especially the whole soul mate idea So when I first saw this book, I knew instantly that I was going to love it and I was right there Right from the start it drew me in, and I m not exactly a patient reader If a book doesn t grab my attention right away, that s it I have an embarrassingly large number of books stored away on my kindle that I ve only read the first 10% of if that But this was not one of those books I m not going to go in [...]

    10. This is my first review so bear with me guys am not going to over think it From the first chapter it drew me in Lexi and Dez story of being eternal soul mates is a new twist to the saying the eyes are the window to your soul The pace of the story wasn t bad, at times it slowed but the final third of the book made up for it I felt for Lexi, having to struggle to remember her passed lives and trying hard to act normal Feeling like she lost the one thing in her life that made it all worth the fight [...]

    11. Let me start off by saying I REALLY loved this book When you read something that actually sucks you in so much that you experience the emotions along with the characters then you know its a great read The plot line flows well and I absolutely can t wait for Crimson Eyes because I have to know what comes next I really enjoyed the concept and I feel like Ms Palliata did a great job of incorporating various aspects of the paranormal genre without ending up with another vampire werewolf story not th [...]

    12. To start off this review, I will say that normally I do not read 3 types of books 1 paranormal, 2 YA 3 1st person POV With that being said, I believe Jolyn Palliata s novel Amber Eyes has changed my way of thinking For anyone who likes any of those I listed, then you re in for a real treat If you re like me and normally don t like either, then I still believe you ll really fall for this book, the characters AND the author It s a must read Lexi Dez stole my heart I laughed I cried There were mome [...]

    13. Just finished.ally enjoyed book Dex was well he was such a sweet heart How can you not love him The thought of someone following you life to life.ernal love Swoon Lex was quirky.rongloving and fearless She loves with out fear once she allows you into her soul It was such a fresh perspective on this subject matter I m awaiting next book Thanks for the book Thanks for sharing your stories.

    14. Very much enjoyed this book The story was fun and easy to get involved in The eye thing was soo cool and different The story line was new and reallywow cant even find a word good enough to describe it Lol Lexie is an awesome character and i cant wait to see what happens next in the story 4 and 1 2 stars for me

    15. A very good book with a roller coaster of emotions, relationships, and love, loss and challenge to get it back Loved it

    16. Blurb Eyes are the window to the soul, in a time when souls are ancient After an accident, one she shouldn t have walked away from, Lexi s life finally begins She meets Dez, a new student with the most beautiful eyes she s ever seen And since gazing into them, Lexi has had vivid waking dreams that pull her back through time, and into the warm embrace of a mysterious stranger a stranger who becomes all too familiar When offering an explanation for her detailed visions, Dez changes her world forev [...]

    17. WARNING DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU VE READ THE BOOK I ve tried to keep all spoilers marked, but just incasen t read unless you know what happened Let me start off with view spoiler GAHHHHH TOBIAS D hide spoiler Ahem w I will begin Amber Eyes was one of those books that, by the cover, I didn t expect to be what it was In this case, it was a good thing Palliata did a phenomenal job with the writing Everything seemed so realistic from the look of Dez s eyes all the way to her memories I absolutely love [...]

    18. This is the second reincarnation book that I have read I really enjoyed it I thought that it was a really nice take on soul mates This book is cute and will make you smile I caught myself really rooting for Dez and Lexi I quickly read the book in just one sitting I didn t put it down once Lexi is so strong willed I loved that about her and I feel like Dez should give her credit sometimes That was the only thing I would have changed about the book It would have been nice to see him really trust [...]

    19. Lexi survives a horrible accident, her best friend is not so lucky After trying to deal with her grief with the help of her friends and family, her life starts to get back on track when she meets Dez, a new guy at school He has the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen, she can t help but gaze into them She seems to have so much in common with Dez it is almost unbelievable Then Lexi starts to have the most vivid dreams that seem to drag her back in time and into the arms of a very familiar stran [...]

    20. Summary Lexi should have been killed in a car accident Instead, her best friend Ryan died Since his death, she s felt depressed and alone Almost a year after the accident, she meets a new boy, Dez There is something about him that s familiar When she looks into his eyes, she feels like she can see into his soul She begins having dreams of places and of times long ago Lexi and Dez begin dating and she soon learns that the reason she s drawn to him is because he is her soul mate As they rediscover [...]

    21. A captivating tale abut soul mates and true love with a plush background of history As Lexi discovers a new or maybe in this case, old life that she has lived, the reader is transported to that time right along with her The imagery was vividly bright, making it extremely easy to become part of the story The mystery is kept throughout as we slowly reveal new angles, each taking the reader in a different direction I did, however, start to lose focus when the time would skip forward in varying amou [...]

    22. I received a review copy of Amber Eyes by Jolyn Palliata via CLP Blog Tours Once I read the synopsis, I knew I would be interested in this story The premise of the book is all about soul mates and past lives, two concepts that I love reading about This is classified as a YA paranormal novel, and I m happy to say I m really getting invested into this genre The main character is Lexi, a high school student who has some strange occurrences happen once she meets Dez Dez, the boy with the unique ambe [...]

    23. Reviewed by Inna Inna s Little Bookshelves I have to admit I picked this book solely because of the mention of soul mates I m such a geek when it comes to that I can t turn down a soul mate book I m really happy I picked up this book It was amazing Especially Dez he was VERY amazing Okay so our heroine Lexi, who basically became a shell of her former self after her best friend died That is until Dez comes into her life and flips everything around Lexi starts having vivid dreams of herself and a [...]

    24. It was ok, which is what a 2 star rating is supposed to mean I would not have finished this book if I didn t like it at all It was actually pretty good, to a point the last 20 pages or so I could have dealt with a little less of the depression but, with the length of it, felt like the ending and return to good vibes was rushed If we re going to be in the deepest of awful funks returning to good should take I mean, people do cope in different ways but, in my opinion, an actual conversation with [...]

    25. Thank you for this giveaway.I liked this book, it took me a while to really feel connected to the characters There were some things I felt were missing for example this may not be important to some readers but there is never a physical description given of Lexi Throughout the book I kept trying to picture her in my mind s eye and kept coming up blank, especially since it describes Dez s different appearance through their lives repeatedly Secondly for a high school student she interacts with her [...]

    26. I received a review copy of Amber Eyes by Jolyn Palliata via Good reads The premise of the book is all about soul mates, a concepts that I normally enjoy reading about Although the beginning of the book started off well, it began to drag a bit for me up until the last few chapters Lexi the main character seems to be a typical teenager who just wants to enjoy her teen years with good friends She goes through a tragic loss of one of her friends and as she is recovering she meets Dez her soul mate [...]

    27. Once again, I have to admit, I was first drawn to this book by the awesome cover Somebody out there in the book world knows what they are doing when they design covers.And then I also have to admit that I loved this book I have stated before that I am rather new to this whole YA Paranormal book world and I am lovin it, BTW Well, Amber Eyes took me into a world that I have not visited yet the world of entwined souls Jolyn did a wonderful job of explaining the way this world works and what can hap [...]

    28. The author is very detailed, however this book was a bit too long winded and the pace was too slow for my liking That said, I really enjoyed the premise soul mates and eternal souls.Lexi and her friends pretty much act like regular teenagers, however they are fairly responsible holding down jobs and attending school and have a huge amount of autonomy The range of emotions Lexi goes through is quite relatable depression, loneliness, etc , and I felt her relationship with her friends was realistic [...]

    29. the book diariesThis is a 3 1 2 stars bookIf you are a believer of soul mates then you will love this story It was a really good YA Read The characters were true to their age and the story flowed nicely There was a point where Lexi s character kind of stalled when she was going though her depression of being left I also would have liked to know about Tobias and his motives but I think that was left to be told in the next book Other than that it was great Its a great concept of life after death [...]

    30. Amber Eyes by Jolyn Palliata is an interesting read about two soulmates, Lexi and Dez, and their friends, and an malicious being that wants Lexi s soul.Although Amber Eyes starts out slow and predictable, it picks up speed and before you know it, you ll be reading the last page Lexi and Dez are interesting characters, and the sweet relationship between the two is developed and believable The start of the book may have been predictable, but the twist nearing the end is than anyone could have ant [...]

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