[PDF] å Unlimited ☆ Making Masterpiece: 25 Years Behind the Scenes at Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery! on PBS : by Rebecca Eaton Patricia Mulcahy Ï

Making Masterpiece: 25 Years Behind the Scenes at Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery! on PBS By Rebecca Eaton Patricia Mulcahy,

  • Title: Making Masterpiece: 25 Years Behind the Scenes at Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery! on PBS
  • Author: Rebecca Eaton Patricia Mulcahy
  • ISBN: 9780670015351
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Emmy Award winning producer of PBS s Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery reveals the secrets to Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and its other hit programs For than twenty five years and counting, Rebecca Eaton has presided over PBS s Masterpiece Theatre, the longest running weekly prime time drama series in American history From the runaway hitsUpstairs, Downstairs and ThThe Emmy Award winning producer of PBS s Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery reveals the secrets to Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and its other hit programs For than twenty five years and counting, Rebecca Eaton has presided over PBS s Masterpiece Theatre, the longest running weekly prime time drama series in American history From the runaway hitsUpstairs, Downstairs and The Buccaneers, to the hugely popular Inspector Morse, Prime Suspect, and Poirot, Masterpiece Theatre and its sibling series Mystery have been required viewing for fans of quality drama Eaton interviews many of the writers, directors, producers, and other contributors and shares personal anecdotes including photos taken with her own camera about her decades spanning career She reveals what went on behind the scenes during such triumphs as Cranford and the multiple, highly rated programs made from Jane Austen s novels, as well as her aggressive campaign to attract younger viewers via social media and online streaming Along the way she shares stories about actors and other luminaries such as Alistair Cooke, Maggie Smith, Diana Rigg, Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Radcliffe, whose first TV role was as the title character in David Copperfield Readers will also get to know Eaton on a personal level With a childhood steeped in theater, an affinity for nineteenth century novels and culture, and an accidental apprenticeship with the BBC, Eaton was practically born to lead the Masterpiece and Mystery franchises Making Masterpiece marks the first time the driving force behind the enduring flagship show reveals all.
    Making Masterpiece Years Behind the Scenes at Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery on PBS The Emmy Award winning producer of PBS s Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery reveals the secrets to Downton Abbey Sherlock and its other hit programs For than twenty five years and counting Rebecca Eat

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    1. Interesting trivia for fans of Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery Who knew Rebecca turned down the 1995 Pride Prejudice with Colin Firth and almost turned down Downton Abbey Enjoyable.

    2. All the logistics of putting together a television series, all the problems of finding and maintaining funding as well as the tidbits behind the scenes fills the pages Interesting if you like to learn about Alistair Cooke s quirks and how Downton Abbey found its place on PBS But the book would have benefited from some additional editing.

    3. This is a combination memoir of Rebecca Eaton and of Masterpiece Theatre I have long been a fan of Masterpiece theatre and love the theme music It was fun to learn where and how the theme music came about and how the program began Eaton weaves an absorbing story of her own life with that of the Masterpiece Theatre Eaton tells of her early life as the daughter of a famous actress and a father who was a Shakespeare professor.She tells of her apprenticeship with the BBC living in England and workin [...]

    4. Really enjoyed this as a lifelong Masterpiece fan courtesy of my British mum , but also as a television news producer Rebecca Eaton wrote the best two paragraph description of what television producers do that I have ever read And, as before I read the book, I think Eaton has one of the best jobs in television

    5. I come late to the plate of Masterpiece Theatre, so late in fact that the Theatre piece had been dropped from the title by the time I tuned in Perhaps I wasn t quite a woman of a certain age or time was at a premium or I watched something else on Sunday nights I do remember a time when my family did not get any PBS stations so maybe that was the reason At any rate I m now making up for lost time When the opportunity rose to learn a bit of the background of Masterpiece as it is now known and to h [...]

    6. Many of us remember that first Masterpiece Theatre production, back in 1969, of the Forsyte Saga It went on for 26 weeks and since there were no commercial tapes let alone DVDs we had to watch it every single week for half a year on Sunday night at 9 PM Who could forget But it turns out The Forsyte Saga was not a Masterpiece Theatre production In her delightfully gossipy book, Making Masterpiece 25 Years, Rebecca Eaton, the executive producer of the show for the past 28 years, clears up a lot of [...]

    7. It s not a good sign when reading a memoir makes you like the person who wrote it less I had thought that I d find a kindred spirit in Rebecca Eaton since she s produced so much television that I ve adored, but there was something about how she wrote about it that made me feel like we weren t on the same page I really liked learning background details of how Masterpiece Theater came to be, but I was disappointed that she wrote so disparagingly of films she produced in the 90s, since that was whe [...]

    8. Very interesting book inside the Masterpiece workings There is so much behind the scenes stuff that goes into a production it is mind boggling The author gives a pretty good picture of how all this works, and the outcome would either be good for the station, or reflect a poor choice.When Masterpiece switched over to a contemporary feel, it wasn t just a whim Apparently those costume dramas were out of style , hence a new approach and look was needed to keep it alive Unfortunately, they lost me [...]

    9. As a Masterpiece Theatre junkie, you would think this book is right up my alley However, the thing I like about Masterpiece especially the Masterpiece of the last few years is that it s usually very well done, from the writing to the scenery, the filming to the acting The British accents might help with this a little While this book is about how all of that gets put together, this book felt very much like a rough draft There were large portions that felt like they were cut and pasted directly fr [...]

    10. So you like Downton Abbey or Sherlock Maybe even Call the Midwife, if you re a bit sleepy and don t mind the pacing But what about Rebecca Eaton Do you know who she is, or what her relationship is to these new but instant classics for anglophiles in America If you re like me and enjoy figuring out how things work after all, I did watch every single extra feature in my boxed set extended edition Lord of the Rings DVDs then there s a dash of built in appeal to a book like Eaton s Making Masterpiec [...]

    11. This first reads is both Rebecca Eaton s autobiography and the 25 yr history of the PBS Masterpiece and Mystery series It is also a fascinating look at the people involved with PBS productions and what it takes to bring a successful program such as Downton Abbey into our homes.Beginning with the ground breaking Forsythe Saga , which aired on National Educational Television NET , the inspiration for the future Masterpiece Theatre series,and the ending with the production of Sherlock and Downton A [...]

    12. First of all, I have no idea how Rebecca had the time in a year to write this book Here had was a Lit Professor and mom and actress of stage and movies After an internship at the BBC, she came back to WGBH and PBS and was awarded the Executive Producer role of Masterpiece Theatre and, later on Mystery She writes of her friendship and awe of Alistair Cooke and Vincent Price, who acted with her mother Upstairs Downstairs was a little before her time but it set Masterpiece on an even pace for many [...]

    13. Making Masterpiece by Rebecca Eaton is a free advance reader copy of a book I began reading on Halloween 2013 while on the city bus to school Having already whet my whistle with a biography on English domestic service between the 1910s 1940s with Rose My Life in Service to Lady Astor, I was looking forward to reading about British lit drama on television, as told by an American producer.When Rebecca Eaton states at the very beginning of this book that she s writing this booksporatically and with [...]

    14. Really enjoyed this book Rebecca Eaton is a Vassar Alum, and when she came in to sign her books, I couldn t have been of a fangirl It was great to chat with her and I was excited than if a movie start had shown up I most enjoyed reading about the Masterpiece shows that I know best, and how the different hosts found their way into the roles I was also shocked to realize that there are so many hit shows of which I ve never even heard I have a lot of work to do The only part of the book I didn t [...]

    15. I loved this book so much I am sorry I ve finished it I loved the backstage feel of ite insider s look at one of my all time favorite forms of entertainment, Masterpiece Theatred I learned a lot about the challenges of producing high quality public television, too Reading this book brought back many happy memories of watching Sunday night TV with my late mom Mom introduced me to Masterpiece as a kid and I have been a fan ever since I also learned of many shows I either didn t know about or had s [...]

    16. Thank you very much to and Penguin Canada for this giveaway I loved it As soon as I saw the listing for this book I couldn t wait to read it I ve enjoyed Masterpiece Theatre since I was a teenager and knew this would be a great read I had very little idea what a tv producer actually did and I found it very interesting to learn about the many facets of Ms Eaton s job Loved the parts about Alistair Cooke, Cranford and of course, Downton Abbey A must read for every Masterpiece and Mystery fan.

    17. This was so interesting Only in the last five years or so have my husband and I become avid Masterpiece watchers, now rarely missing an episode Oh how I wish I had been interested in the 1990s and early 2000s as there some wonderful shows then as well Rebecca Easton s focus was on the making of Masterpiece and only lightly touches on her personal life throughout the book I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

    18. I greatly enjoyed this book having grown up watching PBS My sister and I loved the Mystery intro created by Edward Gorey Rebecca Eaton s backstory on Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery was a quick, engaging read.

    19. I first began watching Masterpiece, the acclaimed PBS series, when I was nineteen, precisely the year when PBS and WGBH were rebranding the series from the famous Masterpiece Theatre to the sleeker, modern Masterpiece and its three chapters Masterpiece Classic, Masterpiece Mystery , and Masterpiece Contemporary Having recently finished all of Jane Austen s novels, as well as being an aspiring Anglophile and burgeoning costume drama devotee, I was hooked on the prospect of the upcoming Complete [...]

    20. Whenever I pick up a history, memoir or biography, the first thing I do is look at the pictures Naturally, that s what I did when I got home from the library with Making Masterpiece I was puzzled, because the first photos in the book are of the author as a young girl I thought this was a book about producing PBS s Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery series, not about the author s life It turns out that it s both and it also turns out that s mostly a good thing.Those of us of a certain age remember M [...]

    21. This book was received through GR First Reads giveaway program I was disappointed, although this is due to my expectations than to the book itself I had expected a coffee table book about the program, like Masterpieces A Decade of Masterpiece Theatre or Masterpiece Theatre A Celebration of 25 Years of Outstanding Television This book is a memoir by Rebecca Eaton about her life and her job as executive producer for the program.Also, the copy that I received is a paperback copy clearly marked as [...]

    22. Making Masterpiece 25 Years Behind the Scenes at Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery on PBS was a fascinating read On the one hand, Eaton s breezy style makes you feel as though you re seated in comfy chairs in front of the fire with her while she regales you with clever anecdotes of her extreme good fortune and very very hard work as Executive Producer of Masterpiece Theatre On the other hand, she provides loads of context, background, and insights into the world of public television, its financing [...]

    23. Full review here As a history of Masterpiece, I think this succeeds quite well Obviously Rebecca Eaton knows what she s talking about and she explains the business side of things clearly She s conversational, praises various successes and owns up to mistakes as well I do think it is rather silly that Downton Abbey gets the last three chapters I know that it s a BIG deal and I m sure they wanted to entice readers with plenty of Downton talk, but if your book is about Masterpiece as a whole, let s [...]

    24. Originally posted on Shelf Addiction Check this and of my reviews at Shelf AddictionDisclaimer I received this book as a courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.As you all can tell possibly from the content on my blog that I rarely read nonfiction so this one is a tad bit out of my comfort zone, but I had to read it I adore Masterpiece Theatre, especially Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge, and The Paradise Not mention, my husband LOVES to watch Sherlock What can I say, I m addicted [...]

    25. Wow I remember being really young and the famous, iconic opening of Mystery would come on At first it made me a little nervous not understanding what it was A few years later it intrigued me and then it made me think something great was coming Rebecca s outlining and sharing the history of masterpiece theatre brought back so many wonderful memories from the many years of watching masterpiece and enjoying all great productions We love Sunday nights at 9 My husband jokes that Sunday day is the tim [...]

    26. Rebecca Eaton s book is both memoir of her life and a behind the scenes glimpse at what it is like to be in charge of Masterpiece on PBS She s the 3rd executive producer for the program, so she wasn t there at the beginning, but she fills in the missing details with remembrances from others who were involved She discusses both the highs and lows of the programming, the near misses, and the actual misses Interestingly even when Masterpiece fails to acquire something many people still assume it wa [...]

    27. I enjoyed Eaton s memoir of her professional career to date and of her time Making Masterpiece for several reasons One would think, given information about my background that I grew up spending my Sunday evenings watching Masterpiece Theatre You d be wrong I didn t discover Austen or the Bronte sisters, or most of the great English novels until long after college My teenage years were mostly spent without access to a TV or with really poor antenna reception If I were to catch anything on PBS it [...]

    28. Watching Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery with my mother is one of my fondest childhood memories She d let me stay up past my bedtime, watch things that were a little racier than usual on occasion , and it helped me branch out in my reading, introducing me to James Herriott, Sherlock Holmes, and Agatha Christie I was one of very few children who truly got the joke when Alistair Cookie introduced Me Claudius on Sesame Street.Ms Eaton was not in on MP from the very beginning, but she did go back to [...]

    29. I enjoyed this biography of sorts from Rebecca Eaton She really has accomplished a lot in her position at Masterpiece, from overseeing some bumpy transitions for the branding, hosts, and redirection for the program s not to mention encountering and juggling some pretty serious egos throughout her tenure.Though it seems like Rebecca s personal life has taken a real hit for her professional success, I can certainly understand why that needed to be weaved into the tapestry of her story To be honest [...]

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