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The Year of Shadows By Claire Legrand Karl Kwasny,

  • Title: The Year of Shadows
  • Author: Claire Legrand Karl Kwasny
  • ISBN: 9781442442948
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Olivia wants a new life and it might take ghosts to get it A heartfelt, gently Gothic novel from Claire Legrand.Olivia Stellatella is having a rough year.Her mother s left, her neglectful father the maestro of a failing orchestra has moved her and her grandmother into the city s dark, broken down concert hall to save money, and her only friend is Igor, an ornery stray catOlivia wants a new life and it might take ghosts to get it A heartfelt, gently Gothic novel from Claire Legrand.Olivia Stellatella is having a rough year.Her mother s left, her neglectful father the maestro of a failing orchestra has moved her and her grandmother into the city s dark, broken down concert hall to save money, and her only friend is Igor, an ornery stray cat.Just when she thinks life couldn t get any weirder, she meets four ghosts who haunt the hall They need Olivia s help if the hall is torn down, they ll be stuck as ghosts forever, never able to move on.Olivia has to do the impossible for her shadowy new friends Save the concert hall But helping the dead has powerful consequences for the living and soon it s not just the concert hall that needs saving.
    The Year of Shadows Olivia wants a new life and it might take ghosts to get it A heartfelt gently Gothic novel from Claire Legrand Olivia Stellatella is having a rough year Her mother s left her neglectful father the m

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    1. What would the world of Death look like 1 a long, winding, icy river full of drifting souls2 stars forever and ever, in all directions3 heaven clouds, angels, golden gates 4 hell fire, brimstone, demons 5 nothingAdmittedly, middle grade is not my to go genre But, when in the mood, I can myself having such a great time with those reads I remember when I was reading The Storybook of Legends and The School for Good and Evil which are both MG books and finding them so interesting and enjoyable, espe [...]

    2. All right, so I m rating my own book again, and as I do so, Olivia is standing behind me, looking over my shoulder, peeking out over her sketchpad You re really gonna do that she asks Rate your own book At this point, Victoria, elsewhere in my brain, puffs up indignantly, but I shut her up before she can start ranting Well, I m proud of this book, I explain to Olivia I think it s okay to say so Olivia shifts back and forth She s very quiet It was a hard book to live through We share a look Somet [...]

    3. Middle Grade fiction and I don t usually get along, which is funny considering their covers are the cutest things EVER I am one of those people easily swayed by pretty covers and I just can t help clicking that To Read button on What can I say I have ZERO self control You should also know that I do not do Horror Like, at all because I am a total scaredy cat who s afraid of her own shadow I sleep with a teddy bear and everything But anyway, for The Year of Shadows I knew I had to give it a try be [...]

    4. See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsThis is another book that I read on my hiatus way back in July, but once again, a novel that really stuck to the back of my mind The Year of Shadows is a MG novel, and a particularly beautiful one It explored some pretty dark themes literally and non literally, and had the best characters.I honestly loved all the characters in the end The book starts with Oliva, and she s had a really tough year her mother left her without a word, and money started to become scar [...]

    5. See the cover OK, it is dark in color, but aside from that the illustration style seems pretty cute and juvenile This led me to expect a light and fluffier novel than this actually is That s not a complaint I would probably have read it sooner had I not feared it would be too twee for me, as many recent middle grade books have been In fact this story is pretty serious and rather dark Legrand accurately portrays the anger and confusion of people who are facing serious life issues And the ghosts h [...]

    6. A delightful, yet dark MG novel The Year of Shadows is dusted with ghosts, entertaining personalities, and an unexpected amount of grave topics which are handled with complete expertise, all through the delicate eyes of a child who is harboring a mountain of pain This book is about a young girl, Olivia, who has had to move into this battered concert hall where her father works due to the stupid Economy Fostering anger towards both her father for bringing her to this dank place, and her mother fo [...]

    7. In my opinion on this Book, The Years of Shadows is a slow action book about this girl Olivia and how her life has changed when he mom has left her and all the things that happen to her as she tries to continue a normal life I think this is a really slow action book because the rising action of the story starts out really slow and it kinda bores me, so I just skipped to the middle towards the end of the book to read the climax and the falling action I can kinda relate to this book because one ye [...]

    8. Middle grade books always get to me Why Because childhood and innocence are sacred to me and when injustices are done to either of these two precious things, it s difficult to accept.Claire Legrand s The Year of Shadows is not a walk in the park It is not an action adventure that you can read on and off for a few giggles This is a story of loss Many losses Olivia and her Nonnie and her maestro father have moved into the music hall because money is tight and they ve had to sell their belongings T [...]

    9. Update 7 30 13 Thank you, First Reads GR Giveaways and Simon and Schuster for my ARC of the book Olivia hates the music hall.It s cold, dark, crumbling, and brings up memories that she d rather forget And now she s living there.After Olivia s mother left, her father whom she refers to as simply the Maestro makes an impulsive decision and sells their house, in the hopes they can save his dying orchestra Olivia is forced to live in a dank, depressing storage room with her aging grandmother, her on [...]

    10. 3.5 stars, rounded up for Igor being the awesomestFirst up, the disclaimer yes, I know Claire Legrand and she s awesome, but that did not influence my opinion of the book in any way Yadda, yadda, yadda Though I ve had Claire s debut novel, The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls for over a year now, I ve not managed to work it into my schedule, so I m glad I ve finally gotten to try her writing Also, I m pleased to say that I like her writing Hurrah Claire Legrand has written a beautiful, occasion [...]

    11. Olivia Stellatella is having a rough year That s an understatement if there ever was one The Year of Shadows is the story of Olivia and her father, the maestro of a failing orchestra and the year after her mother leaves the family Oh and the ghosts When The Maestro sells the family home and moves his elderly mother and Olivia into the backstage area of the music hall it turns out the place is haunted by ghosts They re tied to the old crumbling hall, unable to move to the afterlife The only other [...]

    12. I have finally, finally read this book for a second time It s been than four years since I first read it And so I had forgotten just how much I loved this book And oh, my love for it is strong I adore Claire like crazy, and her books are always the best I simply loved this book the most this second time reading it I m so glad that I finally took the time to read it again I adore Olivia and Henry and the ghosts the very most Eee But oh gosh, my want for a sequel is so huge right now I want so b [...]

    13. This is a book that older MG young YA desperately needs right now a book that helps explain what Legrand calls The Economy , and how it s affecting kids The Year of Shadows is a book that is not only just a ghost story, but is also a very real story about kids in that late tween early teen age range that is learning to deal in a new world that s let them down, a new reality that has reset everything they ve learned thus far about their lives, with some ghosts and a metaphor about moving on mixed [...]

    14. 3.5I m not very familiar with Marilyn Monroe I haven t seen many movie of hers nor listened to her songs Yet, I love the way she talks And so I d like you to hallucinate this review in her voice and accent.The Year of Shadows has a lot to give to those who ask for it.Unfortunately, I m not one of those The book works on a banal concept, but the execution is diverse and that s where the strength lies.Olivia Stellatella s is the kid who s having to move into a concert hall, whose mother has abando [...]

    15. Olivia moved in a music hall and is trying to help her ghost friends save the music hall Will she be able to help and save the music hall I hope you read this book and like it.

    16. In The Year of Shadows, Claire Legrand has produced a worthy follow up to her excellent The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls The book traces embittered loner Olivia Stellatella s seventh grade school year, a year in which she discovers ghosts and the meaning of family.As the book opens in September, Olivia, her orchestra conductor father and Italian immigrant grandmother have been reduced to living at the back of Maestro Otto Stellatella s beloved Emerson Hall, a decrepit concert hall that s ho [...]

    17. Well, when I read this book, I never knew how much feels I would have Lets just say, there was A LOT of feels Full review to come

    18. Originally reviewed at shelversanon 2013I I m sorry, I need a moment I m still working through all my crazy, flaily feelings over this book If any of you have read The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls and were worried that Ms Legrand might not be able to live up to her smash debut, worry no Though Shadows isn t on the same level of freaky horror as Cavendish it excels in the same gothic, touching, heartfelt tone as its predecessor.The star of the show is Olivia Stellatella, a half Italian self [...]

    19. Amazing This book is like seriously one of the best ghost stories I ve ever read The ghosts were so real and friendly and it was so sad to see them go The story wrapped up nicely inn the end and but it was actually still so sad.

    20. Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsI received an eARC from the publisher, thanks The Year of Shadows was such a satisfying and enjoyable read, it was endearing and had some very strong messages about family, letting go, forgiveness and friendship It is an exemplary example why I love Middle Grade books and will always continue reading them, no matter that I m way beyond the years for reading middle grade.Olivia lives in the concert hall now because her father s orchestra is losing money quick, he [...]

    21. Full review with teacher y stuff added Twelve year old Olivia Stellatella love that protagonist name, by the way is a troubled, angry main character, and readers can quickly see why At the beginning of The Year of Shadows, Olivia is moving into a storage room in a dilapidated old concert hall with her grandmother and father The reason for Olivia s near homelessness is her father, whom she will only refer to as the Maestro He is the conductor of an orchestra that has hit hard financial times, and [...]

    22. This book was a lot deeper than I was expecting it to be And I was practically sobbing by the end After having read this author s first book, The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls, I thought this would be of the same, a little bit of spooky but with some wit to kind of lighten the mood at times There was very little mood lightening here, but don t let that turn you away from this book I feel like the word beautiful would kind of describe my thoughts come the end.This book centers on Olivia, dau [...]

    23. One of my most anticipated summer reads, The Year of Shadows sounded like the perfect mix with an orchestra hall filled with ghosts and a troubled, yet brave girl who would help them Olivia is not the happiest little girl and finds that her life is about to become miserable Her father is an orchestra director and loves the orchestra than her mother, who left and her, who is now forced to live at the hall with her grandmother and father Things are not going well for the orchestra and looks like [...]

    24. This book is about a girl named Olivia Her mother, whom she loved beyond anyone else, abandoned Olivia almost a year ago Her father is an obsessed maestro his music and orchestra is his life This is the main reason Olivia s mother left them, and Olivia has hated her father for it The breaking point comes when Olivia s father sells all of their things including their house for his orchestra, leaving them practically homeless Now, Olivia, her grandmother, and her father have to move into the decre [...]

    25. Ghosts are not just spooky, mysterious creatures they symbolize the pain and sense of loss that results from being separated forever from something or someone we love dearly The object of our loss is always with us, a phantom memory that can seem as real and as palpable as the original presence The author of this exquisite ghost story does not skimp on the creepiness or the mystery, but it is with a special sensitivity and wistful beauty that she conveys this sense of loss and longing to reconne [...]

    26. Oh the feels It s amazing how much emotion can be put into a middle grade You think it s just a kids story, but I have found out recently that middle grade can have challenging subjects, move me to tears over and over again and be full of depth and profound beauty.I thought The Year of Shadows was going to be a fluff horror story for kids About a girl who could talk to ghosts That was only part of the story Olivia is 12 in 7th grade and just lost her mom and her home Her mom left the family for [...]

    27. I m going to admit I didn t think I d like this book as much as Legrand s debut gothic MC, The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls The blurb just seemed pretty basic to me, and the writing started off simple But, boy was I wrong There are two things that made it for me Character and Emotion.There were so many feels in this book and I felt them all And that is exactly its strength From grief to longing and the occasional sweetness and fun, everything s here and that s what made it feel real.Also I [...]

    28. A girl whose father is the maestro of a failing symphony has to move into a dilapidated concert hall and sleep in one of the dressing rooms with her grandmother The place is haunted aren t all concert halls, probably by ghosts, and she and her frien er, excuse me, partner set out to find them.I loved this one to pieces The protagonist is spiky and surly, but in an endearing way, and the plot is easy to follow and satisfying It s marketed for 8 12 year olds I d put it at the higher end of that ra [...]

    29. I should probably mention, first off, that I m a conductor by trade So this middle grades book, about a failing orchestra and the Maestro s daughter, Olivia, was meant for me What I was not expecting was to have an emotional reaction to the story, but I did I m not sure he believed me But I think he liked what I said anyway I think it was nice to imagine Sometimes that s how you get through things Olivia, her elderly grandmother, and her father have been forced to move into the old concert hall [...]

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