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Rose Blanche By Roberto Innocenti,

  • Title: Rose Blanche
  • Author: Roberto Innocenti
  • ISBN: 9780152009175
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • In wartime Germany, Rose Blanche witnesses the mistreatment of a little boy, and follows the truck that takes him to a camp Secretly, Rose Blanche brings him and other children food An excellent book to use not only to teach about the Holocaust, but also about living a life of ethics, compassion, and honesty School Library Journal Full color.
    Rose Blanche In wartime Germany Rose Blanche witnesses the mistreatment of a little boy and follows the truck that takes him to a camp Secretly Rose Blanche brings him and other children food An excellent book

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    1. This is a horror story Highly disturbing Who the heck is this aimed at It s about the horrors of war the Holocaust as seen through the eyes of a young non Jewish German girl who doesn t fully understand the situation of the war going on She does see some suffering though and tries to alleviate it She s a wonderfully compassionate person.Children who read or listen to this story are going to have questions, I think.The book is beautifully illustrated but I found the story unsatisfying The end did [...]

    2. A charming little book, I bought because I like Ian McEwan s writing But I had to realize, that there is not so much text in it, because first of all it s a picture book As charming the illustrations are, the issue isn t pleasant at all It s the story of a little girl, Rose Blanche, who lives during the WWII in Germany She watches the enthusiasm for war in her town and after a while she discovers a concentration camp She begins to smugggle food to the children living there The illustrations are [...]

    3. Rose Blanche is a disturbing picture book that deals with the horrors of the holocaust, however it is not from the viewpoint we are familiar with This book is clever in many ways as it taps into the understanding or lack of of a young girl, Rose Blanche As the streets of her hometown fill up with soldiers and tanks Rose knows something serious is to occur After following one of the tanks into the forest Rose uncovers a Nazi concentration camp and forms a bond with the prisoners from across a raz [...]

    4. A young German girl discovers the horrors of WWII.A gripping, haunting, and compassionate story Young Rose Blanche lives in a small German village and one day witnesses the fear of a young boy being held by Nazi soldiers Wanting to know why he was so afraid and what was going to happen to him, she follows tanks deep into the forest There, she discovers a hidden concentration camp filled with starving women and children This book depicts her compassion and efforts to help alleviate their hunger a [...]

    5. This intense and moving picture book about the Holocaust will silence readers with its realism The illustrations employ darkening hues of red, brown, green, and gray to depict the horror and gloom of the war But in the middle of the escalating madness, the title character of Rose Blanche remains vivid and distinct as a symbol of hope with her pink dress and the red ribbon in her hair But her colors also begin to fade as she looks on at the demolished concentration camp The book jacket quotes Inn [...]

    6. Blanche, R Rose Blanche The Creative Company 1985.Rose Blanche is about a young girl living in Germany at the time of World War II and the Nazi regime One day she follows a truck after they arrest a young boy and finds a concentration camp Rose begins to bring food that she slips to the prisoners, until one day the Allies come On the day they come Rose is walking to the camp, only to find it destroyed, and she is then killed by a stray bullet.While this may look like a picture book is not for yo [...]

    7. Rosa Bianca una bimba che vive in una cittadina tedesca durante la II Guerra Mondiale e capisce che ci che la circonda il male Reagisce a modo suo, lasciandoci una grande lezione di civilt e tanta tristezza per le conseguenze che ogni guerra riversa sui bambini, che non ne hanno nessuna colpa.I disegni sono belli, precisi e dettagliati, cupi nei momenti bui e solari nella scena finale.Curiosit il titolo un omaggio a it.mpedia wiki Rosa_

    8. Beautiful illustrations and words provide a detailed depiction of a horrendous point in time The story follows a young girl who finds a Nazi camp, her compassion sees her attempt to alleviate their pain This would be a clear and interesting way to introduce a highly significant point in time to the children of today.

    9. Definitely a book for older readers it is courageous and tragic The story changes from first to third person about halfway through, which was a little jarring, but otherwise, this can foster a lot of conversation Also love the nod to the White Rose movement.

    10. I have had Rose Blanche sitting on my bookshelves for years, but I have avoided writing about it for the same reason The Boy in the Striped Pajamas hasn t shown up here they are both problematic texts with good intentions Spoiler Alert Rose Blanche is a picture book about a young girl living in a small town in Germany One day, some trucks with soldiers Nazis show up and take over the town Then, some people are rounded up and put on trucks that drive them away Rose, curious about these truckloads [...]

    11. Rose Blanche is a fictional story about a young German girl trying to understand WWII She see s large tanks coming through her city and eventually follows them to a concentration camp on the outskirts of town Here she befriends the prisoners and starts bringing them food in an effort to help their suffering She is visiting the deserted camp when the American forces take over her city and German soldiers mistake her for the enemy and accidentally shoot her.Although the plot is rather dark, childr [...]

    12. Rose Blanche follows a German girl with the same name Rose doesn t understand what is going on but comes across children in a camp who she decides to feed Although tanks and soldiers fill the streets Rose feels that things are still rather normal This story is interesting since Rose sees what others might think is strange or horrible but has a rather indifferent reaction Also mid story the narrator changes from Rose to a third person narrator The illustrations enhance the story showing odd and i [...]

    13. This was a good historical fiction book It was about a little German girl who sat at her window and watched the soldiers as they filled her streets She was curious as to why this was happening, so one day she followed them into the woods and discovered something devastating concentration camps The illustrations were amazing, especially the little girls clothing Throughout this book she was wearing this clothing that stayed quite distinct though out the book What was interesting was her colors st [...]

    14. This book was really good It was very intense I think that this should definitely be read at a higher grade level The ending of the story is so surprising But, it is based on what really happened in history This is a very good book to read to a class when introducing the holocaust Although the story was intense, it gave a lot of information and made a clear picture of what it could have been like during this time The illustrations were very realistic and this book should definitely be used in th [...]

    15. I really enjoyed how the story was told from the perspective of a child, giving the reader a new view of what it was like to live through World War II Although the ending was a little confusing, I suppose that s the point of it Since it never directly says that Rose got shot, you have to figure it out from the fact that she never came home after that gunshot This is a very good way to write a children s book because although young children won t understand it, adults and older children will.

    16. Although I thought this was a lovely and poignant story, I wonder whether children of picture book age would find it as interesting If you don t have a basic knowledge of the Holocaust you might well get confused, as so much in this narrative is implied rather than said directly, including the protagonist s death.

    17. I don t know how I feel about this book It s way to dark to be a children s book I think maybe if you were trying to describe the Nazi s to small children then maybe however, yeah I just don t know The illustrations are wonderful and I love the story, I just don t know where this would be something that was used Maybe for special education Not sure, but I personally love it.

    18. An honest and stunning picture book that honestly depicts the atrocities of war Appropriate for older students to build background knowledge of Nazi occupation during WWII The provocative illustrations are evocative images of authentic historical photos that documented the Holocaust.

    19. Why on earth does this start in the first person and switch halfway through to third person Obviously first person wouldn t have worked all the way to the end, but it certainly could have started in third person.

    20. I feel that the book is an extremely good one It shows the confusion of a child during war and how children don t understand everything that went on during WWII.

    21. I liked this book because it showed the perspective of how a child experienced war I think it is a good book for kids because they won t understand the gruesome ending.

    22. Incredibly sad But still important to share with children at the right time We can t hide upsetting but nevertheless important history from our children It s up to us as parents to answer whatever questions arise from the book Again, at the right time We can t ignore dreadful things that have happened We learn about them and retell them in the hope that they never happen again Compassion is an important quality for children to develop I first read this book at school in year 6 I must admit, it h [...]

    23. Rose Blanche, by Roberto Innocenti, is a story set in WWII Germany The protagonist, Rose Blanche, wanders away from the city one day after seeing a young boy try to escape a German tank She follows the tank into the nearby woods, only to discover that there are many, many young children who have been imprisoned behind barbwire fencing Throughout the fall and winter, Rose takes food from her home to the starving children By spring, an foreign army has destroyed the concentration camp where the yo [...]

    24. A powerful story about the horrors of war, twisting to an alternative perspective that we do not always hear the point of view of a German child Like with a lot of war based stories, we see the highs at the beginning or war, with infectiously positive morale, which gradually deteriorates as the harsh realities kick in, and truths are uncovered.Similarly to The Boy in Striped Pyjamas, Rose Blanche is an empathetic character who discovers something terrible Rose suffers as a result of trying to he [...]

    25. Dietro il filo c erano di bambini, immobili come il legno Rosa Bianca non li conosceva Un bimbo piccolissimo le disse che aveva fame Rosa Bianca aveva ancora un po della sua merenda Testo e disegni di una semplicit e bellezza disarmanti Una tenera storia di solidariet e umanit Forse solamente i bambini sono capaci di donare completamente questi due sentimenti Testo che mi ha ricordato la vicenda di Bruno il protagonista del romanzo Il bambino con il pigiama a righe di John Boyne.

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