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The Lost By Claire McGowan,

  • Title: The Lost
  • Author: Claire McGowan
  • ISBN: 9780755386383
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • Not everyone who s missing is lostWhen two teenage girls go missing along the Irish border, forensic psychologist Paula Maguire has to return to the hometown she left years before Swirling with rumour and secrets, the town is gripped by fear of a serial killer But the truth could be even darker.Not everyone who s lost wants to be foundSurrounded by people and placeNot everyone who s missing is lostWhen two teenage girls go missing along the Irish border, forensic psychologist Paula Maguire has to return to the hometown she left years before Swirling with rumour and secrets, the town is gripped by fear of a serial killer But the truth could be even darker.Not everyone who s lost wants to be foundSurrounded by people and places she tried to forget, Paula digs into the cases as the truth twists further away What s the link with two other disappearances from 1985 And why does everything lead back to the town s dark past including the reasons her own mother went missing years before Nothing is what it seemsAs the shocking truth is revealed, Paula learns that sometimes, it s better not to find what you ve lost.
    The Lost Not everyone who s missing is lostWhen two teenage girls go missing along the Irish border forensic psychologist Paula Maguire has to return to the hometown she left years before Swirling with rumour

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    1. I really enjoyed The Lost Paula Maguire 1 by Claire McGowan the characters were well developed likeable, its set in Northern Ireland The first half was very slow which at times lost my attention but by half way in it picked up dramatically, the only negative about this is the pronunciation of words used had to keep highlighting the word to see what it was but that is just a minor thingT EVERYONE WHOS LOST IS MISSING Forensic Psychologist Paula Maguire returns to her home town of Bally terrin to [...]

    2. Paula McGuire is a forensic pathologist sent to her hometown in Northern Ireland to work on a case involving missing girls The fictitious border town is not unlike the author s home town of Newry Paula is also home to help her ailing father, a retired RUC officer As a Catholic member of the RUC, jer father was a target of the IRA during the Troubles, and Paula s mother disappeared one day never to be seen again.What is riveting about this story is that it takes place at the time that Northern Ir [...]

    3. The Lost is an exciting start to a new series by Claire McGowan It is Claire McGowan s second novel her first novel, The Fall, being a standalone thriller and with the Dr Maguire series I think I have found a new favourite to add to my reading list.In Northern Ireland, a new task force, dedicated to finding missing people has been set up in the small town of Ballyterrin Dr Paula Maguire has joined the new team after returning home after spending time in London Paula is a forensic psychologist bu [...]

    4. I received a copy of this via Bookbridgr in exchange for an honest reviewThis is Claire McGowan s second novel, but my first time coming across her work An Irish author, she has based her novel around the border between the North and South of Ireland, and as I live very close to this area, I was curious to see how the atmosphere would be captured.Paula Maguire, a forensic psychologist, has been living and working in London for many years helping the police with their missing persons cases When s [...]

    5. A good, solid crime fiction read McGowan seems steeped enough in crime fiction to use that genre s tropes to her advantage the complicated, intelligent forensic psychologist, driven by her own history and that of her culture and country, the supportive sidekick, the spotlighting of a social ill, and enough red herrings to keep the pace and the plot moving It took me a little while to warm up to the novel it seemed as though McGowan was going to stick too close to the tried and true, but I admire [...]

    6. Thank you kindly to the publisher and to Claire Mcgowan for the unexpected pleasure of a copy of this book to review.Not everyone who s missing is lostWhen two teenage girls go missing along the Irish border, forensic psychologist Paula Maguire has to return to the hometown she left years before Swirling with rumour and secrets, the town is gripped by fear of a serial killer But the truth could be even darker.This is the second novel from Claire McGowan I have not yet read The Fall although it i [...]

    7. I really liked Claire McGowan s debut novel The Fall, especially for the way it drilled in the lesson that if you have have the misfortune to be found near a crime scene the police, the prosecution, and the press will do everything they can to fit you up as guilty See also Alex Marwood s The Wicked Girls I also liked how a character who seemed to be a superficial airhead learns from her fiance s predicament to get serious, and her unlikely friendship with a girl from the criminal classes Unfortu [...]

    8. Paula Maguire is a forensic psychologist who returns to her hometown after two girls go missing There are eerie similarities to two other girls who disappeared back in 1985 as well Paula comes to suspect it s all linked to The Mission, a religious organisation that has set up shop in Ballyterrin that is particularly attractive to the town s young teenage girls This sect has ties to a different organisation from the 80s, thus creating a connection between now and the cold cases.This was another b [...]

    9. Within a group of fine Irish writers jumps Claire McGowan I found this book was intelligent and thought provoking although the author writes in a way you become at ease with her style, her subject matter is challenging and routed in the past Set in the fictional town of Ballyterrin, Northern Ireland, it is still a place that is quickly identifiable and a location that seems so real, close to the Irish border and where Paula Maguire grew up.With her Dad incapacitated after a fall she takes the of [...]

    10. I ll be honest I love murder mysteries My To Read shelf is piled with hundreds of them I love British mysteries, too Books that take me to the UK, where I was fortunate enough to visit one time, are a great escape for me I picked up this book recently when it came through in a daily email and had dropped to 99 cents I never would have found it otherwise I also wouldn t have read it as soon as I did, except I needed to read a book about something lost for a challenge here I almost didn t read it [...]

    11. This book is set in Northern Ireland and features Paula McGuire, a psychologist working with the police McGuire is seconded from London to work in the Missing Person s Unit in her home town, looking into missing teenagers She is reluctant to go back and face her past in Ballyterrin As a reader, you warm to her very quickly I certainly did She has a complicated love life, with a boss and an ex boyfriend on the scene But she cares and wants to know the truth.What I loved was the weaving of the pol [...]

    12. Paula McGuire is a forensic psychologist, working with law enforcement, and asked to return to her hometown to assist with the puzzle of why teenage girls seem to go missing in that area.Paula is greeted by her past, her father, and her old boyfriend, now owner of the local newspaper Her work colleagues view her with suspicion, as she sees the patterns that most don t And when there is a church and very wealthy people involved, they don t want to know.The disappearances are classified as runaway [...]

    13. Due to the fact that I have read many many books in this genre it really has to be excellent to grab my attention so this may be a bit of a harsh review.Overall the story was sound and the execution pretty interestingbutPaula is soooooooo annoying.She should not have anything to do with the police because she will not follow procedure and she is far too emotionally involved in the cases Professionalism is not somethng that Paula is in the least familiar with.There are lots of explanations as to [...]

    14. This series takes place in Northern Ireland Lots of history of the political issues of the North and South of Ireland in the 80 s Characters are well drawn and the story of the missing girls is well plotted with lots of twists that kept things interesting.

    15. This is Claire McGowan s second book The Fall being the debut and is the first in a new series featuring forensic psychologist Paula Maguire Set in Northern Ireland, the storyline covers missing girls, teenage pregnancy, suicide, a church Mission with a suspicious past attracting the young people of the town and all against the backdrop of the IRA troubles of the past Paula has been seconded from London, much against her better judgement, to the Missing Person s Review Unit in her home town of B [...]

    16. I know Claire personally, so you could argue this is a biased review, but the truth is I loved The Lost I found the backdrop of Northern Ireland very interesting, loved the strong female lead and read it in just two sittings Crime is not my usual favoured genre, but this book might change my mind Really can t wait for the next one.

    17. I bought this book from after receiving THE DEAD GROUND from bookbridgr which is the second in the Paula McGuire series This one being the first I ve been planning a trip to Belfast recently and made a list of crime authors I wanted to check out most people would get guide books happy books I went straight for the crime And so I was extremely excited to start this book which is set in Northern Ireland and has plenty of mentions of Belfast and Dublin Having mostly read crime fiction in the US or [...]

    18. There are a lot of good things about Claire McGowan s second novel, but I think it has some serious flaws, too.McGowan is a good writer of generally straightforward, easy flowing prose The story is based on a very decent idea based around the search for two missing teenagers in Northern Ireland and she creates an excellent sense of place The Northern Irish setting is where she grew up and it shows in her fine evocation of the physical landscape and townscapes, the depiction of the attitudes of t [...]

    19. I m glad I found this series This is the first, the second is The Dead Ground, and the third is The Silent Dead I highly recommend them all for anyone who is into mysteries set in Ireland Although I wouldn t rate these as highly as any by Tana French, I think they are a great addition to the genre I found out about this author from a collection of noir stories I had to have my library order the series, I guess because the author is not that well known in the States But in my opinion, she should [...]

    20. Not everyone who s missing is lostThe Lost had been sat in the kindle pile for a while and after seeing a flurry of tweets about the new book in the series I decided to see what I was missing.I found it to be a fantastic novel The first in a new series Paula Maguire has been employed by the police force in her home town She is working with a team who are assigned to cold cases but who are also investigating a current case, the disappearances of two missing teenage girls She doesn t really want t [...]

    21. There s a lot to like about The Lost Paula Maguire is an engaging character with a strong personality and interesting personal history, and Ballyterrin, a fictional Irish border town, has its fill of sectarian ghosts and secrets The support characters are a little clich d, but generally well realised, and the story has a nice swirl of main plot and subplots In particular, the contextualisation with respect to the role of the mission and the history of the treatment of young women by families and [...]

    22. 2.5 stars This had real potential at the beginning intriguing main character and interesting themes It just fell short for me on two points One, I found the love story element annoying and infantile Secondly, something just didn t come together for me with regards to the whodunnit plot I thought the police made some very stupid mistakes in the first part of the story, and the last bit of the book dragged on not to mention I d already guessed the killer This is the first I have read of the author [...]

    23. This was one I really wanted to like I enjoyed The Fall and I ve been to a couple of Claire McGowan s readings Sadly it didn t work for me Why was that I wondered There s a pervasive tired sort of cynicism here which detracts from the freshness of the writing The lead detective Guy Brooking just didn t work all the other characters did And despite a new slant this ia a much used storyline of late.

    24. The lost by Claire McGowan is the first in an exciting crime series When 2 teenage girls go missing along the Irish border, forensic psychologist Paula maguire has to return to the hometown she left years before Fantastic read Had me gripped from start to finish On the edge of my seat wanting to know if she found her Devoured in 2 days Just couldn t put it down Highly recommended 5 from me Thanks to netgalley for the arc

    25. Gosh what a whirlwind of a book I know we read this all the time, but I could not put this book down, it has a real, gutsy tone throughout its telling We become engaged with the main characters right from the get go, and the variey of subjects Claire manages to include in this tale is impressivelooking forward to the next one

    26. Spannend boek, waarbij je tussen de regels ook nog wat te weten komt van de geschiedenis van Noord Ierland De hoofdpersoon Paula, maar ookde andere figuren, komen echt over Met tekortkomingen maar bovenal sympathiek

    27. I can tell this is going to be one of my new favourite series loved it Will be reviewed at crimeworm.WordPress shortly.

    28. Well paced and just the right back and forth between now and recent history I have guessed the bombshell early on, but still it didn t detract from the road there.

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