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Douglas: Lord of Heartache By Grace Burrowes,

  • Title: Douglas: Lord of Heartache
  • Author: Grace Burrowes
  • ISBN: 9781402278693
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gwen Hollister, cousin to the Marquis of Heathgate, has fashioned a life as a poor relation, raising her daughter Rose in rural obscurity and focusing all of her considerable passion and intellect on stewarding the estate they live on Douglas Allen, Viscount Amery, is sent to Gwen by their mutual relations for lessons in husbandry of the land Only because Douglas rescuesGwen Hollister, cousin to the Marquis of Heathgate, has fashioned a life as a poor relation, raising her daughter Rose in rural obscurity and focusing all of her considerable passion and intellect on stewarding the estate they live on Douglas Allen, Viscount Amery, is sent to Gwen by their mutual relations for lessons in husbandry of the land Only because Douglas rescues Gwen s daughter from certain peril, does Gwen accept the task As Douglas and Gwen find common ground, and then mutual pleasure, Gwen s past rises up in the person of the powerful Duke of Moreland, who s bent on wresting control of Rose from her mother, even if it means Gwen must marry the Moreland heir.
    Douglas Lord of Heartache Gwen Hollister cousin to the Marquis of Heathgate has fashioned a life as a poor relation raising her daughter Rose in rural obscurity and focusing all of her considerable passion and intellect on

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    1. 31 March 2015Grace Burrowes is nominated for two RITAs, and one of them is this excellent book, which I loved The other is Worth Lord of Reckoning, which I detested Go figure.17 January 2014I never pass up a chance to travel to Grace Burrowes World, so I thoroughly enjoyed this story of Douglas Allen, Viscount Amery, and Guinevere Hollister In earlier books, Douglas was not especially likeable, and Gwen was downright prickly Here, however, we come to know them better and learn to appreciate them [...]

    2. When we met Douglas Allen, Viscount Amery in Andrew Lord of Despair, he came across as rather cold, unfailingly correct and a bit stand offish, so it was perhaps a little difficult to imagine him as the romantic hero of his own book.To be fair, he has bloody good reason to be all those things His older brother has just died, leaving him with a mountain of debts, an estate that he has never been trained to run and a younger brother and mother who complain of his every effort to curb their spendin [...]

    3. Grace Burrowes Douglas, Lord of Heartache 8 in the Lonely Lords series This one is a keeper Beautiful love story, great characters and so many delights I ll just list a few of them here Douglas, the hero, is a beta hero for the ages Gwen, the heroine, is just a great character who has had a rough time in her life for the past 6 years or so Rose, Gwen s daughter, is an absolute delight of a character, and believable as a 5 year old child I loved all the scenes where she appears And Moreland The [...]

    4. So much better for me than the previous books that I read in this series Gareth and Andrew I was surprised the author could write an HR that didn t revolve almost entirely around sex The hero here is not a promiscuous pain but a very decent and honourable man trying to do the right thing The heroine is a brave and independent woman with strong principles He was able to overcome her trust issues with patience and understanding, she came to see the wonderful man he actually was There was sexual t [...]

    5. This one is FREE today always check gp product B00F Good heavens, but Douglas has had a hard year His brothers are both gone, the family finances are in hideous array, his mother is a carping cowd now he needs to take lessons on the land from a woman She s really pretty, and she s warm, and she smells nice, and she really knows how to feed a hungry mand he saved her little daughter s life Poor Douglas, he didn t stand a chance.But Gwen, while she falls hard for this wonderful man, has many secr [...]

    6. This is the first Lonely Lords book I ve read and there s no doubt I m going to grab the rest in this series Grace Burrowes is an excellent author who stays true to the period in which she writes through wonderful usage of time appropriate language and dialogue If you really want to feel as though you ve been swept away to the past, then this is the romance author for you Douglas Allen, Viscount Amery, has recently suffered the loss of his brothers, both of whom helped squander the rest of the f [...]

    7. How does an author make a character like Douglas, who is such an odd duck, a likeable hero If that author is Grace Burrowes, it s done quite beautifully He was quiet and reserved, unlike Gwen s cousins, yet was very strong I m not big on kids in books, but Rose was a delight in this story The relationship between Douglas and Gwen was beautiful, and I spent a great deal of the book crying or feeling like I was going to cry The Duke of Moreland was not likeable here like in the other books, but hi [...]

    8. 4.5 stars After several Burrowes books where I wasn t entirely enthralled, I am back firmly in the saddle of having a girl crush on Ms Burrowes I adored this book It gave us some serious insight into the relationship Douglas has with the Moreland family which I d forgotten about, having read the early books in that series a long time ago , and is just overall an incredibly charming book.Douglas has spent so much of his life alone, and I felt bad for him He s gone through some serious crap in the [...]

    9. The story of Douglas Allen, Viscount Amery and Guinevere Gwen Hollister is finally told in this book I have read about these characters in so many of the author s earlier books, so it is nice to finally get the full story about them.Douglas has been offered the chance to purchase an unentailed property from Andrew, Lord Greymoor and has come to ask Gwen to assist him in evaluating the property Gwen has functioned as the steward of one of the family estates and lives there with her daughter Rose [...]

    10. My Rating 3.5 5A lovely read Douglas Lord of Heartache was a good historical romance Considering how much I loved the previous couple of books in this series, I expected a lot from this book It didn t quite meet my expectations, but I still really enjoyed this book.Gwen was an okay heroine She had the tendency to be shrewish at times, but it wasn t too big a deal I liked how devoted she was to her daughter and how determined she was to be independent Even though the determination made her push e [...]

    11. Achingly satisfying I commented on Douglas in my review of Andrew Lord of Despair and am delighted by his story If ever a Lord needed understanding, this is that one.Needing to check out a property of Lord Andrew Grey s he might buy, Douglas Allen, now Viscount Amery, persuades Guinevere Hollister, cousin to Grey and Gareth Heathgate, and current steward of another of Grey s properties to accompany him to Sussex He needs someone to give him advice as to the suitability of purchasing the place an [...]

    12. Originally Posted larissaslife 2014 01 mAlthough the previous book of this series left me totally unimpressed I must admit that I loved Douglas story Douglas was presented to the readers as a mystery man, and although he is not the villain we expected him to be he is certainly a whimsical bachelor.But in his book Douglas becomes a favorite character, a noble gentleman the likes of him I haven t met in another book Douglas has no flaws to be remedied by the influence of a lady, he is just lonely [...]

    13. Historical English romance with a young lady that made one mistake and ruined her life until her family s friend comes to make a new life and love Miss Gwen Hollister has a secret daughter She has not left her estate in the past five years and has completely left social life so to protect her secret daughter, Rose as well as dear family She was tricked in her youth into a fake marriage and was raped by her husband before getting a second chance by agreeing to pretend that the fake marriage never [...]

    14. 8 in a series, but the first one in the series I ve read This far in, there is naturally a cast of thousands but I m not sure there s much of a loss by coming in partway.Douglas, the Viscount Amery is sent to see Gwen Hollister s advice about buying a new house and estate his now dead father and brothers have left him virtually alone bar a sick mother and the family finances in a perilous state.It s a pretext of course, by Gwen s cousins, in an attempt to bring her out from her self imposed exil [...]

    15. Douglas Lord of Heartache is part 8 of the Lonely Lords series by Grace Burrows.Gwen Hollister, cousin to the Marquis of Heathgate, lives with her illegitimate child Rose on the country side and manages one of her cousin s estates Nobody knows who the child s dad is because she isn t telling For a long part of the story it is quite unimportant but the man wasn t unimportant.One day Douglas Allen, Viscount Amery, heads to her place because he wants her expertise on an estate he wants to buy from [...]

    16. DOUGLAS LORD OF HEARTACHE by Grace Burrowes is a delightful Regency Romance 8 in The Lonely Lords series, but can be read as a stand alone This is the story of Douglas Allen, Viscount Amery,Guinevere Hollister and Gwen s illegitimate daughter Rose or is she It is a backdrop to the Windham family saga Gwen is one of the Windham s cousins She trusts no one, after she was burned by a man,whom she loved and thought loved her.until she became pregnant.Douglas dislikes his title for he knows nothing o [...]

    17. If you are a fan of the Windham series by Grace Burrowes this is a must read This is the missing prequel to the Windham series Here we meet Douglas, Gwen, and Rose and hear their story They have been characters in some of the Windham books but there has always been a bit of a mystery as to where they fit into the family.Douglas is an entertaining story Douglas and Gwen are two lonely people who find attraction and love when they meet There is just one problem and it is a big one Half way through [...]

    18. I love Douglas What an amazingly broodworthy character And the lady that catches his eye is too serieous for her own good, raising a daughter by herself.Gwen s pain has kept them her and her daughter practically locked up from the rest of the world.What really makes this novel is Rose s interaction with Douglas He becomes a father figure before he even knows it The gradual but deepening relationship between Douglas and Gwen is also masterfully done.

    19. There s not much history to this Regency romance, and it s delightful anyway.It starts with a child in danger ovaries be screaming and ends with a happy couple in love Something of a prequel side tangent to the Windham Duke series, it details how Gwen, became married to Douglas Lots of steamy romping, family help interference, and of course, a HEA.

    20. I may be getting burnt out on these over the top stories, but I can t resist the heroes Douglas was another wonderful one re read and I liked it better Still frustrated with Gwen s stubbornness.

    21. The writing is very stiff and is trying too hard to sound historical And seriously, whatever his reasons, the baby daddy was a total jack wagon.

    22. I think, Douglas by far, has been the best of the series he had such a calming sense about him that you just knew you would fall in love with him just as Gwen and little Rose did Bring on David

    23. Loved this story Great characters, a twisty plot and enough suspense to keep me entertained right to the end.

    24. Preface I found this book by chance, and actually realized later on that it was the 8th of a series That did not stop my enjoyment of the book, although I did skim a bit the parts in which characters from the other books were present, to get as little details as possible and not to spoil too much possible future readings of the other books of the series.Onto to Douglas then I loved the writing of the first part especially There is a wry humour coming from both Douglas and Gwen, and a keen eye on [...]

    25. Moreland annoyed me to no end and lowered my rating of the story Someone should have stood up to Moreland before Douglas did Everyone told Gwen that she had a family that loved and would support her but didn t take a active vocal role against Moreland Someone should have called him a bully, hypocrite, etc And Victor should have stopped being such a coward He was determined to try to right the wrong he did to Gwen when he went through with the disaster of the their wedding when he was still aliv [...]

    26. I struggled to finish this novel I ve read books by Grace Burrowes before and have liked them okay The first in this series I enjoyed the most so far, but this one was a struggle for me I didn t feel any connection at all to Douglas or Gwen as characters in this story I feel bad, but I felt that they were both very one dimensional I also didn t feel that they had any chemistry between them Of course this novel got decent marks from other readers and the series as a whole has some higher marks, b [...]

    27. When I first saw this series, I wasn t really sure about it However, as I read through Grace Burrowes series about the Windhams, I realized the men in this series were secondary characters That clinched it for me And yes, some of the Windhams pop up throughout this series Douglas is probably one of my favorite lonely lords It s the first book in the series that I read, but eighth in the series, but it can be read as a stand alone, though the others I ve read in the series since are just as enjoy [...]

    28. I love Grace Burrowes books and this one did not disappoint This is a prequel to the amazing book I read before this, The Heir Again, Ms Burrowes adds quirky characteristics to her heroes that makes them not just unique but oh so memorable You will always come away loving the hero just a bit better than the heroine, and that is hard for an author to accomplish as the natural tendency is to favor the heroine in a romance At least for me Loved this one almost as much as The Heir Wished I had read [...]

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