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Bold By Becca St. John,

  • Title: Bold
  • Author: Becca St. John
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bold, Tangled and Torn are now compiled in The Handfasting, Book 1 of The Handfasting Series, and no longer available individually.
    Bold Bold Tangled and Torn are now compiled in The Handfasting Book of The Handfasting Series and no longer available individually

    One thought on “Bold”

    1. There isn t really enough of a book here to review This might have been a good book, if it were a book, but it was just a teaser preview There was nothing brought to closure, and it just arbitrarily stopped, very incomplete, no rhyme nor reason except maybe to triple the selling price by selling one book as three Labeling it Book 1 is deceptive it is actually 1 3 of 1, without enough satisfactory conclusion to be considered a book by anyone s definition.

    2. This Handfasting series by Becca St John is actually one book divided into three parts so reading them out of sequence won t do.Bold part oneTangled part twoTorn part threeI m not given to hair pulling theatrics I m far too boringly sensible for that but ach the frustration of bloody cliffhangers Bold is part one of Becca St John s Handfasting series A complete book divided into three parts it seems so um why not just make it into a full length novel Tangled is part two and Torn due for release [...]

    3. This review is from Bold The Handfasting Kindle Edition Bold is very badly written I have never read any book quite this bad Its so disjointed and their is no character development or back story to help you understand what the story is about The story made me feel like I had just walked in a room with a crowd of people having a conversation and I was at a loss to understand what they were talking about, because I wasn t their in the beginning of the conversation The heroine Maggie is a silly bra [...]

    4. I was thoroughly enjoying this book, I just loved the very fiesty Maggie, this lassie had away of her own Having lost her twin brother a warrior, in battle, she had made up her mind there would be no warrior man for her Maggie didn t want to loose her heart and then find herself a widow However that was before she met Laird MacKay, the attraction is instant, he wants and means to have her as his wife However Maggie has other ideas, he is a cunning and devious warrior and poor Maggie finds hersel [...]

    5. Probably like 3.5, but I m going to round up The book was good, but you have to get the next one to know what happens to Maggie I m kind of tired of books written in 2 or 3 parts I want an ending Also, while I liked the story, the author should work on descriptions of the scene I feel they were sometimes vague, I would have to go reread the last couple of paragraphs to catch what was going on.

    6. Cliffhanger Alert OMG Becca St John s The Handfasting is an amazing trilogy I don t read serial novels actually I avoid them like the plague, but this one spoke to me, so I couldn t resist It s a highland romance, which I absolutely adore, and all three books were available I absolutely refuse to read an unfinished book with a sequel that has not as yet been published By the time the second book is released I d have moved one Anyhow, I got all three books in the trilogy and I put them aside and [...]

    7. I d forgotten how much of a guilty pleasure these medievel Highlands tales are for me I must remember to read of them Years ago, I had gotten hooked after reading The Secret by Julie Garwood, I swear one of the best romance books ever written I ve gotten sidetracked over the years into young adult and paranormal fares for some time now So, being hungry for a long forgotten fave genre, I may overly gush over this one, Bold Bold had me from the start I immediately loved Maggie s scrappy and willf [...]

    8. This was such a challenging read for me The author did a good job at showing what a woman went through with her h Maggie MacBede She was 19 years old when her brothers return, all except her twin come back alive and the man she holds responsible for his death ends up coming to the keep with the intent of marrying her I loved Talorc the Bold Maggie is tricked into handfasting with the bold and that is when my trouble started.Maggie is described by Talorc as brave and courageous He makes it clear [...]

    9. Received a free copy of this book through BookBub and I really liked it.I read some of the reviews before starting mine and I don t understand the confusion from some of these reviewers It was well written, historically accurate as far as my knowledge of 1200 Scotland is and I really enjoyed this story between the Bold and Maggie.Looking forward to parts 2 and 3 as a matter of fact Recommend to anyone who enjoys a good Highlander book.Best Regards,Sonia Root, Book Junkie

    10. Could not finish it First part of a three part book to begin with Poor spelling, punctuation, and characterization to finish it up And since I m not a historian, I hesitate to comment on inaccuracies of period appropriate thoughts and language used I got the feeling of a modern time based on some of the words and phrases used This listing, this review, is here to remind me not to follow on.

    11. I hate to write a review of a book I didn t finish But I have never not finished a book Ever I could not force myself to do it I didn t like Maggie but I REALLY didn t like the brute of a man the Hero was I couldn t get past that Anything after that point was just too forced for me If everything else was different, I might have been able to like Maggie.

    12. I wasn t so sure about this bookought the chapters too short just from skimming through I was so wrong This book is filled with passionate love and an ever present evil that you have a few glimpses of and the whole time your mind is reeling trying to figure out who the evil players are Truly a great read and I highly recommend

    13. Awesome book upset 1st book in a trilogy and had to wait for the next books also she is a new author, no other books to read, lol.The cliff hanger at the end of this book left me waiting and growling for the next book lol

    14. I m rating it for what it could be It is of an introduction prequel but it is an intriguing idea and well written It does just stop though, with no resolutions and it can barely be considered a cliff hanger.

    15. the writing was very unclear at some parts I liked the story, but had trouble relating to the characters it was obvious that this might be the first boom the author wrote she has a good potential

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