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The Professor of Truth By James Robertson,

  • Title: The Professor of Truth
  • Author: James Robertson
  • ISBN: 9780241145333
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twenty one years after his wife and daughter were murdered in the bombing of a plane over Scotland, Alan Tealing, a university lecturer, still doubts the official version of events surrounding that terrible night Obsessed by the details of what he has come to call The Case, he is sure that the man convicted of the atrocity was not responsible, and that he himself has thusTwenty one years after his wife and daughter were murdered in the bombing of a plane over Scotland, Alan Tealing, a university lecturer, still doubts the official version of events surrounding that terrible night Obsessed by the details of what he has come to call The Case, he is sure that the man convicted of the atrocity was not responsible, and that he himself has thus been deprived not only of justice but also of any chance of escape from his enduring grief.When an American intelligence officer, apparently terminally ill and determined to settle his own accounts before death, arrives on his doorstep with information about a key witness in the trial, Alan decides to act He travels to Australia to confront the witness, whose evidence he has always disbelieved Will this encounter end only in distress and disappointment Or might it lead to the truth for which Alan has waited so long
    The Professor of Truth Twenty one years after his wife and daughter were murdered in the bombing of a plane over Scotland Alan Tealing a university lecturer still doubts the official version of events surrounding that te

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    1. Alan Tealing s wife and child died in a plane that was bombed over Scotland twenty one years before In time two men are caught and there is a trial One is sentenced, the other acquitted But Alan is not convinced the convicted Khalil Khazar is the right person or that the truth has come out His resistance to accepting this decision does not endear him to family members and others Alan s main aim is to find the truth so he can then move on He goes over every detail trying to find way out of his gr [...]

    2. There are sometimes in life that we search for answers and other times when we search for questions the right questions to ask to make sense of the senseless.Professor Alan Tealing is in the latter group The plane that carries his wife and young daughter explodes in mid air over Scotland not unlike the tragedy at Lockerbie and a Mideast suspect is tried and found guilty Yet Alan knows in his heart that justice has not been served When a retired and deathly ill American stranger likely CIA shows [...]

    3. Possessed by DoubtOn December 21, 1988, almost exactly twenty five years ago as I write, Pan American flight 103 from London to New York was brought down by a bomb and crashed over the small town of Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 259 people aboard and eleven on the ground Although others may have been implicated, only one man was convicted of planting the bomb, a Libyan national who was released several years later on compassionate grounds he died of prostrate cancer in 2012 His death may wel [...]

    4. Alan Tealing is an English lecturer whose wife and only daughter were killed in a terrorist attack the bombing of a plane, bound for New York, over Scotland twenty one years ago A man called Khahil Khazar was convicted of the attack and died in prison however, during Khazar s trial Tealing became convinced he was innocent, and since then he has been campaigning for the real culprit to be found, even though the other relatives including his late wife s parents are content to accept the official v [...]

    5. Great title It has a clean, business like allure and yet it s slightly teasing And the book isn t long you can see right away it deals with the truth in only 257 pages Two hundred and fifty seven great pages It s the sort of book where you have to slow yourself down because you don t want to get to the end too fast It s a psychological study and a thriller and a detective story and it s topical and political, too And also, of course, based on a true and terrible tragedy.On 21st December, 1988, w [...]

    6. It is impossible not to read this is a fictionalisation of the Lockerbie bombing in 1988, and about Dr Jim Swire He lost a daughter on the plane and has since become a prominent seeker of truth in the case, convinced that the Libyan Megrahi, convicted for planting the bomb, was innocent Megrahi died a few years ago There is of course a disclaimer saying that all characters are fictional, but there is no denying the parallels between Swire and Alan Tealing, as he is called in the novel, or betwee [...]

    7. Alan Tealing is a lecturer in English Literature, whose life has effectively been on hold since the murder of his wife and daughter, when a bomb exploded on a plane they were travelling on Of course, this novel is about the, barely disguised, events of the Lockerbie bombings and of a man who has become obsessed with The Case In fact, Alan Tealing is long past the point of being able to move on or get on with his life, or any of the other suggestions which have been thrown at him To the parents o [...]

    8. A lecturer in English literature loses his wife and six year old daughter in an aeroplane explosion over Scotland A man stands accused of orchestrating the act of terrorism, yet all evidence against him seems to have been fabricated to make the crime fit the person, rather than collated and judiciously applied like jigsaw pieces to prove beyond doubt that he is the missing piece of the puzzle The sole witness for the prosecution a taxi driver who claims to recognise the accused but only after se [...]

    9. This book is about the effect of an atrocity like the Lockerbie bombing, and people will draw their own inferences and resonances from that But it is about much than that It is about how people cope with grief It is about the narratives that we come to believe It is about the narratives that governments set before us when we have to deal with an atrocity It is about why we believe or disbelieve what governments tell us, and why it is that governments find it necessary to lie to us.And it is abo [...]

    10. My practice is never to read reviews until I have read the book In this case I am glad I stuck true to this as I didn t know the background, and that it was based so closely on the events of 1988 However this did not matter The style of writing was so easy and comfortable to read, I raced through the book albeit short in record time for me.I felt I was Alan Tealing, walking through the awful events of the bombing, the aftermath, the obsession to find a truth Brilliant writing and for me, the sec [...]

    11. From BBC Radio 4 Book at Bedtime James Robertson s powerful novel, inspired by events surrounding the Lockerbie bombing

    12. I got into James Robertson books from reading The Fanatic and The Testament of Gideon Mack, which stuck with me and kept me thinking about them even though they didn t seem like amazing literature on the first read Both of them interested me based on their subject The Professor of Truth, on the other hand, is I think the best James Robertson I ve read so far in terms of being well written It is compelling and smart and sweet, and a very quick read in the sense that you do not want to stop readin [...]

    13. I received this book through the first read programme That has in no way affected my reviewThe Professor of Truth was not what I expected before I read it I had expected a psychological and political thriller Instead I got an in depth look at the consequences of disaster, a look into one man s desperate grief, and to see that everyone has suffered and survived or not their own personal tragedies.Clearly, the basis of the book is the Lockerbie bombings, though this is never mentioned I don t clai [...]

    14. Alan Tealing lost his wife and daughter when their plane was destroyed by a terrorist bomb 21 years prior to the main action of this story Alan is convinced that Khalil Khazar, the man convicted of the bombing, was a patsy, set up to take the fall for reasons that Alan cannot quite understand, but Alan has no doubt that Khazar was not guilty.Alan spends his entire life after the bombing doggedly seeking the truth He is obsessed, and his relationships with his family members suffer he has only on [...]

    15. I was very excited to receive this book as part of Firstreads and am grateful to the author, publisher and to.The novel is a thought provoking and even troubling read, as it s themes ask the reader to question the truths that we, the public, can be told the story would undoubtedly be moving and poignant for any reader Although not quite a thriller, the novel is contemporary, haunting and unique, and provokes the reader to think about many aspects that we cannot control in the world we live in.On [...]

    16. In this book, Alan Tealing was married to Alice and they had a daughter who was named Emily Emily and Alice were going on a vacation to Scotland They were on the plane to Scotland, but there was a bomb and they died on the plane over Scotland.I think the book is wonderful I just don t like that it took a little while for it to get started Anyways, my favorite character was Ted Nilsen because he lives his life the way he wants to because he knows he doesn t have very long and tomorrow is not prom [...]

    17. Fictional account of a professor s quest for the truth 18 years after the downing of an aircraft over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing his wife and daughterI felt like I should look up accounts of the actual accident to verify the historical events His search is based on feeling that the eventual trial and guilty verdict of one man was trumped up flimsy evidence to assuage the calls for justice from the public and victims families Interesting concept.

    18. Tout d abord, je remercie Babelio, sa Masse Critique et les ditions M taili.Je n avais pas d attentes particuli res avec ce roman mais la 4 me de couv promettait quand m me quelque action.Quelle ne fut ma d ception en tournant la derni re page Ma lecture fut laborieuse et sans clat Le style de l auteur m est apparu lourd et lent Ce roman est, en un mot, d primant.Vingt ans ont pass depuis l attentat ayant co t la vie sa femme et sa fille ainsi qu tous les passagers et membres d quipage d un vol [...]

    19. Alan Tealing s wife and daughter were killed in a Lockerbie esque plane bombing over Scotland and for twenty years he has been searching for the truth behind that terrible incident Having always believed that the man convicted of the bombing was not actually responsible for it, Tealing is quick to accept fresh information presented to him by a former CIA agent and so decides to track down and question the key trial witness whose evidence he never believed The journey that Alan Tealing goes on, b [...]

    20. Another beautiful piece of writing from James Robertson.There are great reviews on this site so I am not going to do a pale immitation Read and enjoy, I do love a writer who makes you think and ponder.

    21. This is a very good book that captures the complexity of grief, justice, and dealing with tragedy It just felt a bit distant Detached I was less emotionally involved than I had expected, but whether that is the story s fault or mine I don t know.

    22. Normally really enjoy this author but found this incredibly slow and impossible to keep my interest in the plot.

    23. There are some novels that owe their success to suspense and then there are novels like this It starts off slowly and thats not a bad thing here It starts painting the story and before you know you are not the viewer but the theme of this painting itself Each brush stroke is an emotion Your emotion You feel the despair of Alan tugging at your heart You feel awkward and powerless as a hostage in his conversation with Nelson Infact the first half is so perfect that the ending may seem weak in comp [...]

    24. When I first heard about this book I wasn t sure whether I would enjoy it A novel based so closely upon the Lockerbie bombing and the protracted aftermath sounded rather too harrowing It is, however, written by James Robertson, author of And The Land Lay Bare perhaps the definitive novel of Scotland in the twentieth and twenty first centuries and the strangely compelling Testament of Gideon Mack , so there was never any question about whether I would read it.I am glad I did The novel is a first [...]

    25. First of all I would like to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read this book through the Good Reads First Read Giveaway.I thoroughly enjoyed this book once it got going It is an interesting study into a real event and it marges the fact and the fantasy well It is almost always realistic and so you start to wonder where the fiction ends The characters are well written and well rounded I especially liked the use of flash back in the story as it kept the story moving throughout the [...]

    26. Although claimed to be fiction, it s clear that this story is based on or inspired by the Lockerbie bombing of 1988 Alan Tealing, a lecturer in English Literature, loses his wife and daughter in the crash he is determined to find the truth about who planted the bomb Tealing s character would seem to be based on Dr Jim Swire who lost his daughter in the crash and has since spent his life trying to get justice for her death The convicted Libyan, Megrahi, is replaced in the book by Khalil Khazar I [...]

    27. This Philosophical Thriller s central theme is the inconvenience of truth, and how resentful people can be when that seeking that truth conflicts with established party line The main character is English Literature Professor Alan Tealing, a Scot, whose family perished in a terrorist bombing that closely resembles the 1988 Pan Am bombing over Lockerbie He lost his wife and daughter and than 20 years later, he remains convinced that the man jailed for the crime is not in fact the guilty party, bu [...]

    28. I trudged through this book as stolidly as the academic whose wife and duaghter were killed in plan crash over Scotland yes, Lockerbie events trudges through life not letting go, not believing the guilt of the man convicted Twenty years later he still spends his time going through his files on the Case which covers his dining room table and permeates his every thought I mnot sure how he is able to function since it is clear that, for him, all life outside the Case is transitory diversion, even t [...]

    29. 4.5 stars.With thanks to for the First Reads review copy.I have to admit, I was partway through this and almost put it down But on the same page where I was thinking I m starting to get bored here , where the story was turning suddenly became apparent and I was quite content to keep reading More than two decades ago, Professor Alan Tealing s wife and young daughter died in a bomb attack on a plane After years of investigation, the suspect brought to trial was found guilty And yet the trial itsel [...]

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