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Playing with Food By K.A. Merikan,

  • Title: Playing with Food
  • Author: K.A. Merikan
  • ISBN: 9781301808519
  • Page: 430
  • Format: ebook
  • Just days ago, Llawan was taken from his underwater dwellings by Ossentharian slavers Left in a tank with other merpeople, he awaits his death on a spit roast, but the arrival of an unusual customer might change his fate To win his freedom back, he must enter a pact with the stranger, but what if the price is too much to bear POSSIBLE SPOILERS Themes merman, slave, captJust days ago, Llawan was taken from his underwater dwellings by Ossentharian slavers Left in a tank with other merpeople, he awaits his death on a spit roast, but the arrival of an unusual customer might change his fate To win his freedom back, he must enter a pact with the stranger, but what if the price is too much to bear POSSIBLE SPOILERS Themes merman, slave, captivity, dehumanization of merpeople, dark magicGenre high fantasyErotic content explicit, dubious consentLength 5000 words
    Playing with Food Just days ago Llawan was taken from his underwater dwellings by Ossentharian slavers Left in a tank with other merpeople he awaits his death on a spit roast but the arrival of an unusual customer m

    One thought on “Playing with Food”

    1. WTF was that I ll admit my GR peeps peaked my curiosity and it s free so sign me up But huh Was that some sort of mermaid rape I just read I mean on the scale of weird shit I ve read, it was odd yet tame.This was strange yet oddly hurtful The Little Mermaid movie is my favorite Disney movie of all time So, that dude just felt up Ariel s brother and ate his pinky, in my mind.So I am going to go eat a cookie or something to ease the younger version of me that s a little disillusioned right now She [...]

    2. Ummm it was good Hard to describe though.Creepy Somewhat disturbing.Refreshingly creative.Imaginative.Left me dying with anticipation.Also Adriana s word weird This story is fucking weird I liked it a whole bunch.

    3. Please sir, may I have some Kudos for originality This was so disturbing and really screwed up Poor merpeople.

    4. Horrifyingly disturbing and wonderfully imaginative.You don t need to know anything it would only spoil the story.If you have a strong stomach and enjoy very surreal settings, I highly recommend this It s very short and also free, so why not

    5. That was weird yet strangely fascinating I have no idea what to say except, I want to know what happens next

    6. Dafuq did I just read No, really What Like I think I just read about mermaid rape I think Wait No What I honestly have no idea what to even think of this I don t know how to rate this I ll give it 3 but I really don t even know what I just read.Edit I m bumping this up a star because I m a sick whacko and I ve read this story multiple times

    7. March 13, 2013 at 22 30hrs Ewwww This was weird and so hard to rate I have to think about this for a whileMarch 14, 2013 at 00 40hrs Made up my mind about a rating, this gets 4 stars, why 1 I haven t read anything this weird or creepy in a while.2 It s short but tells a lot.3 It s free.4 I can t stop thinking about this I can t 5 I like the cover.6 I want even if at the same time I wish I haven t read it.7 I want need people to read it and know what they think about this.Warnings as Emma said [...]

    8. Um.I m not really sure what I read, but somehow, I think I actuallyked it o__OIt s free It s fish porn And if you decide to try it, make sure you do it on an empty stomach.Also, bonus points for answering this question that I never even knew had been floating around in my mind Do mermen have peni and, if so, where

    9. Ummmmmm I m sitting here, minding my own business, readin me some Psycop and I glance over and see Natasha s review for Playing with Food Why not I think to myself.So this was an interesting diversion into .well, I don t know what it was a diversion into But, I like weird and this was weird The writing was good, I learned than I really need to know about mermen anatomy and I have no idea what just happened.

    10. This is one of the most intriguing reads I ve ever have the good fortune to chance upon At first in the beginning, it gave me constant goosebumps of this variety When the mermaid s skin turned a dark golden hue Llawan was carried through a wide corridor, with walls that turned out to be covered in skin when he looked close There were even little hairs sticking out and Llawan could swear the wallpaper was covered in goose flesh Then I was titillated with a unique kind of fingering or fondling of [...]

    11. I really don t know what to say about thisAs a prologue I would be so intrigued how the story continues1 star for the confusion.1 star for the actually good writing.1 star for the unique and intrigueing story.And thanks to Susan for joining me on this Wednesday

    12. The genital slit thingHow does that work, man Is it just a weird random penis sticking out of the tail And where is it Is it vaguely in the area of where his crotch would be if he had legs Anyways, mermaids always bring up interesting physiological issues I mean, they have to be mammals because their tails are usually portrayed as going up and down as opposed to side to side as fish and sharks do there might be a term for it but I m drawing on vague memories from Biology waaaay long ago, so I do [...]

    13. Disturbing And intriguing I m not sure which is disturbing my craving for , or the book itself What I do know is that I m off to find some nice mermaid smut.Rating around 3.5

    14. A Weird Shit Wednesday ReadThis was one very confusing book.From the very first sentence I wasIt about a mermanAnd a 4 armed man.Oh, I m sorry, that was Spiderman I mean a normal man with 4 arms.The rest was one confusing mess There is mermaid merman eating This man with 4 arms, Rhys, eats the merman, Llawan s finger Why Rhys sexes Llawan up and then nothing No sex, no eating Nope nothingIt was all very confusing A bit of horror, a bit of weird fish sex and a whole lot of I love the Weird Shit b [...]

    15. It s finger lickin good DAvailable at Smashwords smashwords books viewAllRomance allromanceebooks prod Playing Food K

    16. Wow Incredible imaginations at work here, disturbing and boundless My kinda party view spoiler No actual sex hide spoiler

    17. Short stories should be either stand alone, or offshoots from a longer novel series This is neither.It s very well written, set in what hints to be an utterly fascinating world, and has characters the reader will immediately fall in love with And then it just stops.I hope the authors will consider expanding this into a full novel sooner the better.

    18. Say WHAT Okayat was one of the oddest things I ve read and other than a desire to reconsider becoming a vegetarian I m not sure I understand what the heck happened Bizarre.

    19. I was kind of reticent in starting this I mean, the first line was When the mermaid s skin turned a dark golden hue, the kitchen staff moved the spit roast away from the fire and placed her grotesquely contorted body on a metal stand at the main table and I was already envisioning scary, torturous scenes where the main character barely escapes with his life or not The actual story wasn t that scary thank God.But it was very original Each character with a unique set of traits and physical element [...]

    20. Wow This is officially the weirdest thing I ve ever read Disturbing, grotesque, and just heed the content warnings Strangely creative and very well written While classified as fantasy, this would also be appropriate for horror, IMO The story would have been a 4 star read for me if not for the unresolved ending That s not to say I expected any kind of HEA, but one major plot point which I fully expect was handled in this short story with the intent to tease for a full length version that piqued m [...]

    21. Stuck at the bottom of the huge aquarium, he watched the soulless land dwellers munch on the flesh of his brothers and sisters This is what I get for being curious You get fucked up creatures doing fucked up things to other creatures while you don t understand what is going on at all All I know isI don t know what the fuck I just read I have a need for a resourceful fish boy.

    22. Huh.Okay Well First, I wanted to read this because gay mermen Nuff said Then I read the reviews and HAD to because of the reactions seriously, if you haven t seen them yet go now and just try not being curious, I dare you.And now I get it.And I m questioning a lot about myself Because I liked it And I just I don t know any not a real review I can t logic

    23. Uhm I don t even It was I don t know what happened confused What did I just read I have no idea how to rate thisI will give 1 star for being free, 1 star for being an original story, 1 for completely confusing me and 1 for the ending I guess Now excuse while I try to figure out what the heck just happened.

    24. If you like mermen, vore, and stories that end pretty much as soon as they start, then THIS is the one for you my friend Very weird very short interesting in a sickly fascinating kind of way If they ever decide to follow this up with some actual plot, I ll be front and center to see where it goes.

    25. It was fun to read and it s a good story Well written as well The story is nicely narrated from the young Llawan s perspective, but I was actually interested in Rhys and would like to see of him I know it was titled Playing with Food and that was it But I wanted to read It ended too quickly for me The 3 stars are because it ended just as things were getting intense.

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