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Moonstruck By Graeme Reynolds,

  • Title: Moonstruck
  • Author: Graeme Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780957010345
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The people of High Moor are united in horror at the latest tragedy to befall their small town As dawn breaks, the town is left to count the cost and mourn its dead, while breathing a collective sigh of relief John Simpson, the apparent perpetrator of the horrific murders, is in police custody The nightmare is over.Isn t it Detective Inspector Phil Fletcher and his partnThe people of High Moor are united in horror at the latest tragedy to befall their small town As dawn breaks, the town is left to count the cost and mourn its dead, while breathing a collective sigh of relief John Simpson, the apparent perpetrator of the horrific murders, is in police custody The nightmare is over.Isn t it Detective Inspector Phil Fletcher and his partner, Constable Olivia Garner, have started to uncover some unsettling evidence during their investigations of John Simpson s past evidence that supports his impossible claims that he is a werewolf, and will transform on the next full moon to kill again.However a new threat is now lurking in the shadows A mysterious group have arrived in High Moor, determined to keep the existence of werewolves hidden.And they will do anything to protect their secret Anything at all
    Moonstruck The people of High Moor are united in horror at the latest tragedy to befall their small town As dawn breaks the town is left to count the cost and mourn its dead while breathing a collective sigh o

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    1. Since Graeme is a fellow writer, I had the distinct pleasure of reading and critiquing this as he was writing it And with a novel is this good, it was extremely frustrating to have to read it a chapter a week at most while waiting for him to write the next one.I purchased the final version to read very soon at my leisure, but I know the only difference from the version I read will be the cleanups that came from editing because no other changes were necessary He got it right the first time, somet [...]

    2. Excellent follow up to the first book The kick ass cover gives you a good idea of what you re getting into fast paced, action packed, flesh feast with favorite surviving characters from Book 1 I m on a werewolf kick this year and I would call this series a must read for were fans It ends with a beautiful set up for book 3 so if you are reading this Graeme, please close the review and start writing

    3. I reviewed a complimentary e book copy provided by the author in return for my fair and impartial review.Review of High Moor 2 Moonstruck by Graeme Reynolds5 starsIt hadn t been too long since I read the delectable High Moor, so naturally I was ecstatic to discover author Graeme Reynolds is about to give us the sequel I know his eager readers have been champing at the bit for this one I was late in coming to the series, because as a rule, I just don t do werewolves However, this series is Not Ju [...]

    4. The best way to start off this review of Graeme Reynolds s High Moor 2 Moonstruck is with a glance back at what I had to say about the original High Moor I truly loved this book Once I started to really read it, I finished the novel in a day and a half Whenever I put it down, I found myself coming back to it almost impulsively I haven t been this addicted to something since I downloaded Angry Birds Recommended without reservation to anyone who is a fan of horror or anyone that wants to be High M [...]

    5. This guy is one of my favorite narrators His name is Chris Barnes and his voice carries a Scottish brogue that makes my ears tingle when I m listening to my audio horror thus introducing the book series that he told me was awesome At first I wasn t sure, but he convinced me, it was worth the listen He was right The High Moor series, by Graeme Reynolds, is werewolf hell The stories are shared book by book below, so prepare for a wild ride of a book review High Moor, Book 2 Moonstruck It s all abo [...]

    6. I received this ebook as part of a launch party giveaway.Moonstruck is the sequel to HIGH MOOR, a werewolf tale set in the North East of England It kicks off immediately from where High Moor finished, so if you haven t read it, do so before picking this one up.Things have gone bad in High Moor The Pack have dispatched clean up crews to sort out the mess, our main protagonist is in a jail cell, his childhood friend Marie is believed dead and a werewolf hunter lies critically ill in hospital.Then [...]

    7. Graeme Reynolds highly satisfying sequel outmatches the very good first installment HIGH MOOR by leaps and bounds I loved this novel twice as much as the first and that was a hell of a novel too Nobody is safe and werewolves threaten to unsettle just about every quiet moment in the book I ve often said I m not a fan of quiet horror though I believe it has merits, it just isn t my thing Well HM2 Moonstruck is the finest Loud Horror you will come across Brilliant action sequences, intense descript [...]

    8. 4 StarsAnother fun, bloody story of werewolves As with the previous book in the series I have not read many werewolf stories, and these are making me a fan The wolves are trying to protect their very existence and will stop at nothing, and will kill anyone who gets in their way With rogue wolves, moonborn versus moonstruck this story stays lit from the beginning Thrills and chills, ladies and gentlemen thrills and chills.

    9. This was even better than the first, and that s saying something I loved book 1 but this surpassed it Don t read the next paragraph if you haven t read book 1 because there are unavoidable spoilers in it When we left book 1, John was captured and accused of multiple murders, Maria was in the morgue, presumably dead and Steven is turning into the thing he despises the most Michael and his pack of Werewolves are coming though and no one is safe They have to protect the secret no matter what, even [...]

    10. Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers Favorite High Moor Moonstruck by Graeme Reynolds is the second episode in the High Moor series, and may be even better than the first episode Graeme Reynolds is a master of the werewolf legend, and Moonstruck is one of his brilliantly detailed narratives The name Moonstruck refers to a type of werewolf who cannot control his transition from man to wolf, but always turns when the moon is full He cannot restrain his wolf , nor does he have any recollection of wh [...]

    11. Moonstruck, Part Two of the High Moor trilogy, was just as exciting as the first, and in some ways, I think I enjoyed it Part 1, High Moor, introduced the key characters when they were children, and although I ve always been a sucker for that kind of dynamic and setting kids bonding, relationships developing, that feeling of nostalgia, of the good ole days , Part 2, Moonstruck, worked all the effectively BECAUSE of how well I felt I knew these people I ll hold back on any overview of the plot [...]

    12. My review for Moonstruck book two of High Moor by Graeme Reynolds Read by Chris BarnesMy rating 5 out of 5 starsShanna RobersonThis series just gets better and better Being a huge fan of horror, I was intrigued when I first picked up the High Moor series by Graeme Reynolds but by the end of the book two, I am totally addicted to his style of writing Pairing up again with narrator extraordinaire, Chris Barnes, Moonstruck, the continuation of this series is a fast paced, gore filled horror show An [...]

    13. I just finished High Moor 2 Moonstuck and I want to write down my initial impressions while they re fresh in my head First, this novel is a totally different creature no pun intended from High Moor This book is nothing less than a high tension horror thriller,the kind that knots up your shoulders and neck, then takes your breath away with flashes of unimaginably evil violence Even though the tension ratchets up til it s like piano wire strung across the road, and I know to expect the unexpectedI [...]

    14. This book really knew how to tug at my heart strings I loved the first book, and the sequel did not let me down The start was somewhat slower, but it gave a better insight on the werewolves of the pack vs the moonstruck I ve never been a big fan of werewolves, but the ones in the High Moor series have me at the edge of my seat and I may have changed my mind about the whole mythical beast because of this series Reynolds pulls no punches when it comes to characters, and it s hard to get attached t [...]

    15. Reynolds knows how to do werewolves really well, something he proved in High Moor Book 1 and something that carries over into this book, High Moor 2 Moonstruck, which continues the story of werewolf John Simpson and all the trouble he got into previously, which is only exacerbated in this book, which makes for a highly entertaining and suspenseful read If you absolutely loved the first book, multiply that by 100, and you ll understand how gripping a read High Moor 2 Moonstruck is it s an absolut [...]

    16. This is an absolute must read.You know you have picked up a good book when you get to 3am and are prepared to endure the gritty eyes of the unsleeping, the following day at work Graeme hooks the reader into a fast paced, gut wrenching Werewolf tale which at times left me breathless, at others utterly sickened by the depravity of the violence.What struck me most heavily, other than one particular Werewolf kill involving the unborn, was the humanity of the characters the sense of ego, the fragile [...]

    17. Just as good as the First one Anxiously awaiting the next installment I haven t been this excited about a new book series author since Charlaine Harris and these books outdo even True Blood

    18. Best Read 2016Now in police custody, John Simpson is quickly running out of options His face is all over the news for the grisly murders of multiple people, and the full moon is vast approaching yet again If that wasn t bad enough, a squad of professional killers have been sent to take him out He s a threat, an apparent moonstruck, with no control over his monster or so the pack believes John s not the only one in danger however those that know too much must be silenced, including the law enforc [...]

    19. High Moor High Moor 2 Moon Struck High Moor 3 Blood Moon by Graeme ReynoldsAudiobook narrated by Chris BarnesWhen John Simpson hears of a bizarre animal attack in his old home town of High Moor, it stirs memories of a long forgotten horror John knows the truth A werewolf stalks the town once , and on the night of the next full moon, the killing will begin again He should know He survived a werewolf attack in 1986, during the worst year of his life It s 1986 and the town is gripped in terror afte [...]

    20. I thought long and hard about writing a review for High Moor 2 especially as I had previously read and awarded a 5 rating to the original High Moor I have also noted that reception on the whole for HM2 has been positive but this does not mean that I must concur, and any star rating system to be of value should always contain honest reviews In short I did not enjoy HM2, I thought the story had little merit and was reminiscent of a B horror movie than a tightly plotted thriller The story, for wha [...]

    21. If you haven t read High Moor book one, this review may contain spoilers.The last book ended with a showdown between our hero, John Simpson, and his long time nemesis Malcolm It took me a while to get back into the story, as it has been well over a year since I read the first one I would have liked a few reminders of events in the first one, as once or twice I struggled to even remember who characters where by their names alone or what their part was in the story Much like in the first book, th [...]

    22. In this era of horror where the tide of rotting zombies, and sparkly vampires is in danger of drowning the genre, it is always a joy when a author bucks the trend and producers a book that features one of horrors lesser used monsters Those of you who are long term readers of this blog, will know that I was blown away by the first volume of this series High Moor was an adrenalin shot straight into the heart of of horror An explosive thrill of a ride that brought a big grin to my face After a open [...]

    23. High Moor was one of the first books I read for my blog, way back at the end of 2011, and it s stuck with me since I love a good horror story, and High Moor was also my introduction to the world of werewolves and not the friendly kind that live in paranormal romances Along with the delicious horror of the story, it was also the way that Mr Reynolds bought the location alive that impressed me so much and so I was really excited to see how the story continued.Beginning with a chilling prologue tha [...]

    24. I received an audio version of this book in exchange for a review Wow Graeme Reynolds brought us another riveting novel in part two of the High Moor series, High Moor 2 Moonstruck Although High Moor 2 Moonstruck picks up right where High Moor left off, Mr Reynolds gives us a glimpse to the past which sets the tone for the book Mr Reynolds pushes the boundaries with his writing to deliver us a story that will tear at our heart, literally Throughout the story, I found myself torn in two While I fe [...]

    25. The people of High Moor are united in horror at the latest tragedy to befall their small town As dawn breaks, the town is left to count the cost and mourn its dead, while breathing a collective sigh of relief.John Simpson, the apparent perpetrator of the horrific murders, is in police custody The nightmare is over.Isn t it Detective Inspector Phil Fletcher and his partner, Constable Olivia Garner, have started to uncover some unsettling evidence during their investigations of John Simpson s past [...]

    26. Finally the sequel No slow preamble to bore his faithful readers but just enough at the beginning to remind you of the previous horror, but if in doubt High Moor is always a good re read.Mr Reynolds thrusts you face first into some very brutal fight scenes, don t read this if you are a slight bit squeamish, Mr Reynolds ability to describe the scene is immense and leaves you in no doubt as to what bit is dripping off of where.No body part is left unmunched on by these well rounded werewolves I th [...]

    27. Moonstruck is the highly anticipated sequel to High Moor, the debut novel from Graeme Reynolds High Moor was an excellent read, and the second in the series doesn t disappoint This book picks up right where High Moor left off, and the action starts almost immediately and continues at a fast pace the whole way through I don t want to mention anything about the plot as that would give away some of the ending of the first novel, but I can say that even with the fast pace Reynolds brings in several [...]

    28. This second book in the High Moor series starts as a continuation right after the end of the first book, with John now in the hands of the local constabulary and a trail of bloody corpses literally leading right to his own front door Not only is John being perceived in the press as a cannibalistic serial killer, but he s now drawn the unwanted attention of the pack to his existence, and they do not take prisoners or leave witnesses.As this is a direct follow on from book one, it doesn t take you [...]

    29. I read Book 1 and really enjoyed it my first werewolf read Book 2 however, is even better than book 1 I felt it was smoother, suspenseful, even clearer characters There is one part in the book that made me really happy, but if I said what it was I would be giving away a spoiler.How the characters were set up from childhood in 1986 in Book 1, really solidified my caring about the ones who made it into this novel Graeme, you did a really great job with this I was flipping the pages when I had bar [...]

    30. Another winner A couple of years ago, I read High Moor and loved it The play between good and bad and right and wrong in the first novel picked up right where it should have and added a whole new level of intrigue and, strangely, humanity to the saga I particularly appreciate the fact that the author allows the werewolves to be werewolves and not watered down interpretations of horror films of old I like my werewolves dirty and they don t get much dirtier than these The writing is clever and cle [...]

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