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Your Child's Strengths: Discover Them, Develop Them, Use Them By Jenifer Fox,

  • Title: Your Child's Strengths: Discover Them, Develop Them, Use Them
  • Author: Jenifer Fox
  • ISBN: 9780670018765
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An essential book for parents and teachers that explores how children s individual strengths create success With this groundbreaking work, educator Jenifer Fox is poised to change the conversation about education in this country For too long, parents and teachers have focused on identifying and fixing kids weaknesses to improve academic performance Passionately writtAn essential book for parents and teachers that explores how children s individual strengths create success With this groundbreaking work, educator Jenifer Fox is poised to change the conversation about education in this country For too long, parents and teachers have focused on identifying and fixing kids weaknesses to improve academic performance Passionately written and informed by Fox s twenty five years of experience, Your Child s Strengths turns that flawed paradigm on its head Fox s strengths based philosophy provides the tools to prepare kids for the future in a world that demands greater adaptability and creative thinking than ever before Your Child s Strengths will give parents and teachers the tools to discover strengths in three main areas Activity Strengths, the tasks that make you feel engaged and energized Relationship Strengths, the things you do for and with others that make you feel valued and competent and Learning Strengths, the unique ways we approachand understand new information All three strengths work in tandem Pairing inspiring firsthand accounts of success with practical workbook tools and an outline of the award winning Affinities Program Fox has implemented at her own school, this much needed book is a user friendly guide for parents, teachers, and administrators that will improve individual performance and an indispensable road map for young people and society to a future that plays to strengths.
    Your Child s Strengths Discover Them Develop Them Use Them An essential book for parents and teachers that explores how children s individual strengths create success With this groundbreaking work educator Jenifer Fox is poised to change the conversation abo

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    1. As a kid I hated reading I even lied and cheated in school to avoid it A couple years ago, I discovered that I could listen to audiobooks downloaded from the library on my iPod A whole new world of reading opened up for me Sometimes, in the middle of a series I was listening to, a book or two would not be available in audio format So, I would read the in between books to fill in the gaps I was surprised to find that reading was not the chore I remembered it to be I actually liked reading Even wi [...]

    2. This just reinforces all our philosophies about raising children Children need empathy and respect and it isn t helpful to focus on failures and punishment It is also interesting to think about my own strengths and what things make me thrive.

    3. This strives to help us be aware of what makes us feel strong, empowered, good, and to help those around us become aware too The idea is that if we truly know not just what we are good at, but what brings us satisfaction to do, then we will be successful I like the premise The book itself is targeting school administrators, teachers, and parents all in one, so there are whole sections that as a parent I did not find accessible But as a whole, the philosophy is something I can get behind.

    4. I love the high school strengths program described in the appendix I wish I had something like that growing up.

    5. What an excellent book for parents, educators, and just about everyone else too Your Child s Strengths by Jenifer Fox is a well structured, logical, and methodical plan for bringing out the best in children, while inculcating resiliance and responsibility to help them face the ups and downs ahead of them.Fox uses well thought out plans, exercises, and examples to help her target audience learn how to re focus their senses to work WITH children rather than trying to work ON children Her approach [...]

    6. An extensive and practical guide for parents and teachers, subtitled Discover Them, Develop Them, Use Them The author heads a private school in NJ, has 25 years of experience in teaching and administration After spending significant time describing how our educational system focuses on weaknesses than strengths she calls it the weakness habit , she challenges the reader to consider that LD does not so much stand for Learning Disabled as Learning Different Focusing on the strength side of the eq [...]

    7. What a great read for parents and teachers It takes the opposite approach of the current system of finding children s fault s and then trying to fix them, and instead focuses on finding their strengths and developing them It was a good reminder that children do not have to excel at every subject Their strengths are things that interest, energize, and enliven them and not simply, I am good at soccer, but I enjoy working with a team or figuring out strategies The process of discovery is one that p [...]

    8. I found only part of this book useful, the line of questioning for children It could have been a short, one page book The rest is very tired, has been covered, and is of no interest to me I m always looking for some new thoughts, and she only had a very small one I think perhaps if she had worked on questioning, and less on the other topics, I would have rated it much higher.My family home learns, and this is very school oriented Perhaps not so surprising, since this lady is a principal I think [...]

    9. When I picked this book up I thought it was written specifically for parents but while reading it i actually felt like it was for educators but can also be used by parents i liked how she spoke about strengths as being something that gives us a positive energy and not necessarily something that others see us as being good at somebody can t be told what their strengths are but we have to discover them ourselves first we must go through this journey ourselves and then we can help children find th [...]

    10. I found this book a fascinating look at how schools are falling short in getting kids to understand their strengths Too often, Fox says, school operate from a weakness standpoint, showing kids what they can t do rather than helping them discover what they can do This book is a useful read for those interested in helping children figure out not jsut what they are good at, but the type of activities that excite them and energize them You can be good at something but not like to do it, and that s w [...]

    11. I like this author s viewpoint of education and schooling As a homeschooler I wanted to be sure I allowed my children to develop their own personal strengths and to be empowered by them I wanted them to use their strengths to overcome any weakness that they were told they had not by me, but by others who would be their teachers when I wasn t around I m a very positive person and the ideas presented in this book helped me validate my kid s individual learning styles I m done with this book now th [...]

    12. In real life, people build their careers based upon their strengths Most people are not completely well rounded and they succeed in life nonetheless In the age of high stakes testing, schools are being forced to produce students who grow evenly in all curriculum areas If one of a child s skills fails to develop according to the prescribed sequence and timeline, the school hurries in to remediate.Wouldn t it be better to build upon strengths rather than give young children the message that they d [...]

    13. I really identified with this book another education book, albeit one that can be applied to other arenas but it talks about in our current educational system we tend to be focused on our weaknesses so that we can overcome them and learn However this book sets out the premise that it would be better to help our students and children to identify their strengths those things that make them feel alive and energetic so that they can use their strengths in other arenas and so that they can eventually [...]

    14. This was a tough book to get through for some reason It s meaty and has good information but after I got too far into realized that it s meant for kids over the age of nine It still has lots of practical ideas that I know we can take into account with our son but for ages 4 and younger and through elementary school it s of reflecting on your child s likes, etc and documenting those for later use as they go through the discovery process later in life I might pick it back up again once our son is [...]

    15. The school system teaches from an archaic place and does not recognize strengths of individual as a rule Parents and teachers have to work together to foster this type of learning Early on, children may get diagnosed with a LD or learning disorder This may enable the child to receive attention in school but does not address the real issue, which is that children are engaged in learning when they are learning from a strength standpoint and understand how the content selected by teacher connects [...]

    16. This is way powerful than I ever suspected I can t put it down and caused quite a conversation at my son s baseball game today Jennifer Fox is brilliant I only picked it up because Marcus Buckingham wrote the intro I secretly have a crush on him , but now I m realizing all that is wrong with our schools I hope Barack Obama has read this book Clearly, Bill and Melinda Gates have Can t wait to learn .

    17. Fox is an experienced teacher who effectively makes the case that we should be educating children according to their natural strengths, for their benefit and ours She describes the three types of strengths Activity, Learning, and Relationship Along the way, she also provides a summary of the evolution of theories in education The book includes a series of activities parents can do with their children to reveal their strengths.

    18. The beginning of this book got me fired up thoroughly excited However, the process and explanations of walking a tween teen through this discovery at the back 1 2 ro 1 3 of the book is confusing, cumbersome and difficult to imagine really using This was so disappointing after really enjoying her theories stories I haven t checked out the website to see if there are user friendly tools or explanations, but the general motivations writing are there for sure.

    19. I am in the middle of reading this book am realizing that I need to buy my own copy b c this is one of those really helpful resourceful books that I know I will come back to time time again I haven t even gotten to the part of the book where it helps you not only identify your child s strengths but also your own Another dually healing purposeful book that I can see by focusing on our strengths we can accomplish be anything.

    20. The first half of the book was pretty much a waste of my time I mean, seriously, I picked up the book, so obviously she was preaching to the choir But I give it 4 stars because of the workbook pages in the back to help children, particularly adolescents figure out how they learn, what makes them happy, and how they can best contribute to a group I ll definitely be referencing this again.

    21. I felt like Ms Fox identified and teaches true principles in this book The book is a little repetitive, but she provides concrete examples of how to help and encourage children and others to understand their strengths and to thereby make empowering decisions relating to their relationships, their learning, and their career choices There is a workbook that I have yet to really explore.

    22. Excellant Well written and easy to read Different approach than others that I have read Easy for me to relate to I like the application component As I read it, I wondered if maybe this is basic and something that everybody else always does There are a few areas that I use this appoach as a teacher and parent, but I would like to make a paradigm switch.

    23. The book presents an alternative way of viewing success for both children and adults My only problem with the audio edition used a downloadable version is that a significant portion of the book is a workbook This does not work well in an audio format So I suggest listening to the audio version, and if the concepts are useful, gettng a print copy to use for the workbook activities.

    24. I loved this book I thought I was reading it for my kids, but honestly I needed it for myself I highly recommend this to anyone with kids of any age In fact, though I don t yet have teenagers, her chapters on teenagers were my favorite The last fourth or so of the book are workbook style exercises that reinforce the principles in the first part of the book.

    25. So far, this is a great book to understand strengths for kids Its for pre teen and teenaged kids but gives you options on how to apply it to younger kids I m reading through the workbook and am going to try some of it on my daughter.

    26. the evolution our our current public school policy How to discover your childs and your own strengths and apply them to learning reinforces positive teaching coaching Good mix of theory, background and practical application.

    27. I had the honor of speaking with Jenifer on my author interview Internet talk show, Words To Mouth Come check it out Her ideas and movement are already being implemented in many schools and making a positive change WordsToMouth

    28. Great book Fascinating perspective Important topic and we re only beginning to hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a child s potential Jennifer s insights in this book make a valuable contribution to the direction we should be going in education.

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