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Swords of Exodus By Larry Correia Mike Kupari,

  • Title: Swords of Exodus
  • Author: Larry Correia Mike Kupari
  • ISBN: 9781476736112
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
  • ORIGINAL MASS MARKET Sequel to thriller Dead Six.From the author of the New York Times bestselling Monster Hunter series and an Air Force weapons expert, an edge of your seat military political thriller A master thief and a hardhitting mercenary team up to defeat a Central Asian warlord with world wide destruction on his mind.The hard hitting sequel to groundbreaking milORIGINAL MASS MARKET Sequel to thriller Dead Six.From the author of the New York Times bestselling Monster Hunter series and an Air Force weapons expert, an edge of your seat military political thriller A master thief and a hardhitting mercenary team up to defeat a Central Asian warlord with world wide destruction on his mind.The hard hitting sequel to groundbreaking military adventure Dead Six.On the far side of the world, deep in former Soviet Central Asia, lies a stronghold called the Crossroads It is run with an iron fist by a brutal warlord calling himself Sala Jihan He is far than a petty dictator, for Jihan holds the fate of nations in his grasp To save a world slipping into chaos, Jihan must either fall or be controlled.One secret military organization called Exodus plans to see that this happens For this mission, they need the best of the best Unfortunately the man they needs rotting in an almost unassailable foreign prison.Enter Lorenzo, thief extraordinaire Lorenzo is now retired, happily married and living in paradise His Achilles heel an FBI agent brother who has gone missing disappeared into the stronghold of warlord Jihan Exodus promises to give Lorenzo his chance to rescue his brother if and only if Lorenzo will perform one service for them break Michael Valentine out of a captivity from which no one has ever emerged alive.And if Lorenzo can accomplish that well then, the Crossroads awaits the sword of Exodus.
    Swords of Exodus ORIGINAL MASS MARKET Sequel to thriller Dead Six From the author of the New York Times bestselling Monster Hunter series and an Air Force weapons expert an edge of your seat military political thrill

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    1. Some days I just need to read fluff By fluff I mean testerone fueled, gun porn filled, action packed, kicking ass and not taking names because they re too damn busy kicking ass In these cases one must turn to Correia He never lets me down on these.

    2. This is a tough review for me At this point, I m assuming you re here because you ve already read Dead Six, so just assume spoilers for that book lie ahead.D6, the prequel to SoE, had an advantage over this book due mainly to its format The two protagonists of that book, Lorenzo and Valentine, had a complicated, adversarial relationship, that made that book work The way they kept getting in each other s way provided a lot of drama and irony and it just worked.In SoE, the relationship has changed [...]

    3. Swords of Exodus is the follow up to Dead Six, the second book of a planned trilogy.This novel spends a bit of time hopping geographies, before landing at The Crossroads the lawless intersection of Russia, and China, and a couple other regions Various threads from the previous Dead Six novel continue here, though most of the book is focused on two plots In the first, Exodus is seeking Valentine s help to overthrow Sala Jihan, the ruthless warlord running the Crossroads In the second, Lorenzo att [...]

    4. OK, enough is enough I know that the authors want to maintain some mystery, but after reading a book and a half of hints at a deeper story, and characters claiming that what they were doing was stupid, but orders, were orders, I was hoping for some actual payback.There are hints of a cthulhu like mythos, psychic powers and a mysterious supernatural incident in the past of one of the protagonists, but none of this is expanded upon or explainedThe final straw for me was when one of the bad guys de [...]

    5. Been a long time Miss me Of course you did, what a stupid question Well a new Larry Correia book is out and you couldn t expect me to pass up an opportunity to read review it now could you Another stupid question I m Correia s biggest fan But, of all Larry s books DEAD SIX has probably been the one I ve liked the least That s not to say that DEAD SIX is a bad book, but I didn t consider it up to Larry s standards It was fun and action packed but the writing was a little rough around the edges, t [...]

    6. An excellent book It started slow but picked momentum after maybe 1 4 of the book.I love the dynamics of how these books are narrated, from the perspective of the 2 protagonists, both are badasses that show in this book that they also have a heart.The action is superb, and the humor too It is a very entertaining story.The audiobook is also amazing Bronson Pinchot does an excellent job on this series.If you loved MHI then you are going to love this series too.

    7. 3.5 starsI liked this one than the first, it didn t drag on as much The series hasn t changed my mind about military thrillers, they still aren t my favorite, but this was enjoyable none the less.The narration was excellent.I m going to take a break before hitting book 3.

    8. This book is the follow up to Correia and Kupari s Dead Six As I understand this is going to be a trilogy and, as such, this is a typical second book A bridge with a major cliff at the end I kind of wish I d waited until the third one was out but I have no idea when that will be, so I ll have to suffer through waiting.There were some problems with this one, although it started off with much less of a slog than the last one With Dead Six I did not become invested in the characters until at least [...]

    9. Wow This is an action novel but hard to categorize The prior book was strangely fascinating certainly not real , but cool This genera could be characterized as action funny science fiction Who knows It s over the top in some ways, real in others It takes place in the near future after the civil wars in China and the revolution in Mexico Get the picture You do have to suspend reality at times but no than a Clive Cussler novel Swords of Exodus picks up nicely from the authors prior book and can e [...]

    10. If you re thinking of reading this because you love Larry Correia s other books, as a fellow rabid fan of MHI and Grimnoir, I have a little piece of advice don t I ve now read both Dead Six novels, and neither of them ever did than mildly entertain me, the coolest ideas in the novels were hinted at rather than really there there s a freaking shadow jumping immortal killer in this book, but after revealing his disturbing powers, the book promptly closes its eyes, hums really loudly and tried not [...]

    11. Not fair I am trying to re post my review as for some reason it did not post first time, I have cooled down a bit so this might be a bit nicer review The swords of exodus Is NOT a follow up of Dead six, this is a fist novel that leaves you waiting like a T.V series that builds you up then with an abrupt stop says see you next week But we wont be seeing anything next week, or probably next year The novel has favorite characters from Dead 6 , great military action , mystery with a small supernatur [...]

    12. This book has a lot of cool stuff going for it.For starters, this book is written from two distinct first person viewpoints This could get messy, but the fact that the two characters have different authors writing their scenes helps in that regard.Second, the writers aren t afraid to share the limelight with a plethora of badass minor characters A lot of writers either redshirt everyone who isn t the protagonist whenever they need even the tiniest smidgen of drama or need to make the main charac [...]

    13. HookedI used to avoid series books I saw them as marketing ploys designed to lure readers into spending money on badly written books To some degree, I still feel that way But after taking a chance on another series NSS s Extinction books and now the Dead Six series as well I ve come to a new understanding Series books satisfy readers who appreciate thorough character development and detailed stories people who don t just read books, we INVEST ourselves in the stories Series books also give autho [...]

    14. Like just about every one of his series, Correia picks up steam after the first book This is a great sequel to Dead Six, and an overall better book than the original.The character development is better and the character s actions are consistent , there is no longer reliance on coincidence to move the plot forward, the world is much developed, and the bad guys are much interesting Also, the action sequences are awesome and somehow authentic believable than in the first book, in which it was [...]

    15. From start to finish Swords of Exodus delivers non stop action The two main characters, Valentine and Lorenzo, are held over from Dead Six and a host of new characters along with a few old ones are added in The story is well written and engaging, however the main problem that kept it from being an easy 4 star book was that the plot didn t seem to go anywhere None of the issues that the characters were trying to take of were resolved and big gaping what will happen next questions are there starin [...]

    16. Reread update I forgot how this had ended, but let s just say, I m glad I have the next book to continue on with right away.OK, so this is the sequel to Dead Six, and I liked it a whole lot than the original It s almost 2 years since I read Dead Six, and I didn t reread it before starting this one, but now I think I may have to go back and do so Valentine and Lorenzo are back and the action comes fast and heavy throughout the book The two of them are closely intertwined in this book, which cou [...]

    17. It was alright I usually enjoy Correia books so I liked this one as well, though I didn t feel like it was up to his usual standards.Truth be told, I enjoyed the original Dead Six , and this one felt like it was bridging the genre gap between its predecessor and Correia s fantastic Monster Hunter International novels The supernatural elements in this one felt a little out of place to me, even if they were not explicit Also, I couldn t help but think that the Pale Man s elite bodyguard, the Brot [...]

    18. I loved Dead Six the first book in this series and I wondered how they could possibly top it Larry Correia and Mike Kupari have done it They crafted an adventure that was a great read and filled with suspense and action I did not know how they were going to bring Lorenzo and Valentine back together, but found the intrigue and the adventure a fun filled blast This book is an excellent companion to Dead Six, like Expendables 2 is to Expendables If you are a fan of big action and amazing characters [...]

    19. Fantastic I cannot wait for the next book in the series As much as I enjoy the MHI and Grim Noire books, this one takes the cake Great military fiction with mercenaries, secret government organizations, and warlords Larry, you will definitely on my got to read list, no matter what you write The book has the continued adventures of Michael Valentine, the calm mercenary and Lorenzo, the thief gone good, along with many other great supporting unforgettable characters If you like guns and action, re [...]

    20. Pulse pounding action in the modern world sends a group from Swords of Exodus paper from Baen after a warlord deep in Central Asia First Michael Valentine has to be broken out of a prison run by a rogue branch of the Government in Montana, then he and retired thief Lorenzo and a small team of other go after Bob, ex FBI agent and Lorenzo s brother Larry Correia and Mike Kupari are working with modern versions of James Bond, but three dimensional Very exciting Review printed in the Philadelphia W [...]

    21. Another Correia book co authored with all the associated baggage simplistic characterization the two protagonists in particular were not very distinctive generic badasses with an aptitude for weaponry and violence and at times I had to flip back to the beginning of a section to remind myself whose perspective I was reading at that time , and a lot of gun porn Well done gun porn, I must admit however, and the authors definitely kept the plot moving briskly and with gripping scenes of combat A goo [...]

    22. I am really glad that my wife introduced me to this series I agree that reading book one before this book helped me understand the premise The plot moves fast The action is non stop The combat sight sequences are very well described and plausible in their tactics The character development is very good The bad guys are really, really evil The good guys are good but flawed, conflicted, etc.

    23. What can I say Correia and Kupari hit it out of the park again Our heroes get mixed up with the Exodus group and end up trying to remove another major crime lord As things go to hell in a handbasket old friends prove to be old enemies, love will be found, and a true friend will apparently die There are so many twists and turns that a dedicated reader will have to read this book than once to catch them all.

    24. Book 2 of the Dead Six series, in the first book Valentine, an American soldier turned mercenary is fighting against a group with a thief named Lorenzo Both survive and in this book work together on a mission in Asia with a secretive group named Exodus I liked it a lot though it bogs down in the last bit with an extended battle that goes on for quite awhile Several important threads are left unresolved, hope that is taken care of in book 3.

    25. Very good story, exciting, lots of action, great characters I m bumping this series to five stars because it s hard to find really interesting stories with well developed characters in a well worn genre Perhaps it s all in the writer Larry Correia has grabbed my attention in his other series Grimnoir Chronicles and Monster Hunter Now again in this Dead Six series I look forward to in this series since the last words of book two were, This isn t over I certainly hope not.

    26. In book one my biggest problem was not finding the main characters sympathetic But that was resolved in book two I already had a knowledge of the characters and cared for them already.This book was much what I was expecting than book one So why doesn t this book get a better rating than book one Because this book was left on a cliff hanger where book one had an ending that I can live with Waiting patiently for book three.

    27. Swords of Exodus is one of those books where I accidentally read the second book before the first one Even though I missed this, the flashbacks to the first seemed clear to me, as though the first one never even existed It was an action packed thriller and filled me with anxiety to know what happens next.

    28. Book s about as entertaining as the first Gotta say, though, I m really starting to hate the way Pinchot reads women All female characters sound vapid, whiney, and or weak and, of course, they all sound completely the same aside from various accents He reads most of the men all right, but man, he just can t read women very well And to me, that s a big flaw.

    29. Surprisingly good Action packed, and while it s not going to be sold on a shelf next to Shakespeare, I did find it to be a page turner Definitely worth reading if you like this style of book I do especially love the relationship between Lorenzo and Valentine and hope that future books keeps their strained relationship.

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