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Her Gilded Prison By Beverley Oakley,

  • Title: Her Gilded Prison
  • Author: Beverley Oakley
  • ISBN: 9781419942747
  • Page: 488
  • Format: ebook
  • She was determined to secure the succession, he was in it for the pleasure Falling in love was not part of the arrangement When dashing twenty five year old Stephen Cranbourne arrives at the estate he will one day inherit, it s expected he will make a match with his beautiful second cousin, Araminta But while proud, fiery Araminta and her shy, plain sister, Hetty, paShe was determined to secure the succession, he was in it for the pleasure Falling in love was not part of the arrangement When dashing twenty five year old Stephen Cranbourne arrives at the estate he will one day inherit, it s expected he will make a match with his beautiful second cousin, Araminta But while proud, fiery Araminta and her shy, plain sister, Hetty, parade their very different charms before him, it s their mother, Sybil, a lonely and discarded wife, who evokes first his sympathy and then stokes his lustful fires As Stephen introduces Sybil to every pleasure she s been deprived of, duty and passion become a deep and mutual love But with the unexpected arrival of a contender to the estate, Sybil realises that what she s set in motion to save the family might have tragic consequences.
    Her Gilded Prison She was determined to secure the succession he was in it for the pleasure Falling in love was not part of the arrangement When dashing twenty five year old Stephen Cranbourne arrives at the estate he

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    1. Cute, enjoyable family melodrama NB please be aware, as always, that my cute varies from other romance readers interpretation P Despite this being a repackaged Ellora s Cave story, the sex is vanilla only very slightly spicier than standard Avons mainly in word choice the word fuck appears twice , so if you re looking for in depth erotica, this isn t it I was disbelieving of the blurb describing this story cycle as a Regency era Dynasty, but now I can see why The matriarch patriarch are married, [...]

    2. Her Gilded Prison Daughters of Sin by Beverley OakleyReviewed by Isha Coleman for Candid Book ReviewsBeverley Oakley broke every rule in the romance manual creating Stephen and Sybil There was scandal, intrigue and consequences for every move this couple made Her Gilded Prison tells the story of a woman who will sacrifice anything for her daughters, even her own happiness Stephen is a temptation she doesn t need but finds hard to resist This pairing breaks many a stereotype, pushes the envelope [...]

    3. A pretty interesting erotic historical romance The plot was a little far fetched, but the characters were multi dimensional and the ending was satisfying Erotic, but no explicit than most main line romancesC courtesy of the author.

    4. Love itWell that was some tale and yes I had no choice in seeing how this writer would end this tale Bravo B.O well done I for one wish you continue success and yes I look forward to completing the tales one by one and see how each sister unfolds I only give reviews to my author and it s unfair to you the reader to tell you any part of the writer s story But I will let all who read my reviews as to weather you should read as to weather you should not waste your time This is a book you will be ve [...]

    5. I thought that this was the first of Beverley Oakley s stories that I had read but was very pleasantly surprised to discover on checking back that I have in fact read another and enjoyed this one just as much, if not than the first story that I d read.What do I think of this book I loved it The theme was so very clever and so novel There are so many different twists and turns woven into this story that one cannot be anything but totally engrossed and interested in what is going to happen next I [...]

    6. Her Gilded Prison by Beverley Oakley is a great read This historical romance is a well written book Ms Oakley has given us a story with a phenomenal cast of characters Stephen and Sybil s story is loaded with drama, bits of humor and sizzling hot sexy bits Sybil is married to a man that doesn t want herbut his heir does This is a bit of a twisted tale, but a great read I enjoyed reading Her Gilded Prison and look forward to reading from Beverley Oakley in the future Her Gilded Prison is book 1 [...]

    7. A Prison Not of Your ChoosingThis book is we ll written and kept the reader engaged to the end Marital compromise at best but for whom.A love story with a wicked twist.

    8. Reviewed by Sarah LBook provided by publisherReview originally posted at Romancing the BookMost of the historicals I have read over the years involve either young women experiencing love for the first time or finding love after being freed from a miserable marriage through the death of a much older spouse The plot of this story sounded intriguing because we have Lady Sybil, a lonely forty something mother of two, and despite being still married, throws caution to the wind and propositions a much [...]

    9. Took me by surprise the interesting development of this story At first I was entertaining and amused how Stephen, the young protagonist, was joyful for suddenly being the heir to the Grange with his scarce resources and willing women wanting to trick him Then, Sybil, the dutiful wife to Lord Humphry Partington, was presented with a sad and degrading situation that caught my attention immediately and made me think and guess what choices she had to survive that The characters were interesting and [...]

    10. Her Gilded Prison was not what I was expecting I really enjoy historical romances and Her Gilded Prison is not your typical romance This book surrounds Lady Sybil and her younger lover Lady Sybil is married to a miserable, cheating man Despite her misery, Lady Sybil is in it for the long haul They have a home, two children, and a life She meets a younger, yet of legal age, relative of her husbands and has an attraction Why should Lady Sybil continue to be neglected while her husband sows his oat [...]

    11. Her Gilded Prison by Beverly Oakley is a novel that I would definitely recommend to my friends that like romances set in a different Era When Stephen receives a letter from a relative that states him Lord Partington s hier he begins the trek to the estate he shall inherit to learn of the care He soon finds that his distant cousin Araminta plans for them to marry so she can be the mistress of the estate When someone believed dead returns and knocks Stephen from his chance at inheritance Lady Part [...]

    12. Steve Cranborne has unexpectedly been declared the heir of Lord Partington For someone brought up on the outskirts of nobility by a wastrel mother, that is a big deal It has been suggested that he marry Lord Partington s daughter who is a distant cousin That looks to be an admirable idea, and Aramita herself is determined to be in control of the estate Lady Sybil Partington is a good and honourable wife who has turned a blind eye to her husband s other family When the line of inheritance is not [...]

    13. Her Gilded Prison was a really good romance novel I enjoyed this novel because it is different than most other plot lines in romance novels I thought it was a bit confusing at first but gradually the characters were discernable and very in depth Other than the slow and confusing beginning I really enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it Lady Sybil is living the perfect life, except that her husband isn t in love with her and would rather spend time with his mistress When the heir, Step [...]

    14. A woman that is trapped in a meaningless and loveless marriage with no way out Lady Sybil is a loyal woman to her husband even though she knows about his mistress on the side He shows no interest in bedding her any or trying for another heir She wishes for another life, but knows that this is it for her because she is married and second because of her age How will she ever live out the rest her days.Stephen is coming to visit a distant family in hopes of a good match and maybe getting out of deb [...]

    15. Historical isn t one of my favorites when it comes to genre but this one had enough romance and mystery to keep me interested The writing was intriquing and very well done It made me feel as if I could see and feel what was happening to and with the characters Stephen was a bit odd at first, I didn t know what to think of him but he made me laugh and smile And then I fell in love with him and with Sybil The secondary type characters also made me smile and feel good Which is always fun because so [...]

    16. This was a different and intriguing romance Stephen struggles to pay his mother s debts and suddenly he is an heir He visits his benefactor and family, and things get interesting Stephen realizes what he wants and aims to get what he wants Sybil is not the heroine you expect but she has lived a very miserable life, and I was glad she got some happiness.I received a copy of this book through Candid Book Reviews in exchange for an honest review.

    17. This book was a pleasant surprise it had a bit of everything I love romance suspense super sexy times and a whole heap thing I can tell is the author is a great writer her world that she has created is amazing I felt everything the characters felt the ups the down and the in betweens great book.

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