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Beewitched By Julia Dweck,

  • Title: Beewitched
  • Author: Julia Dweck
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 198
  • Format: None
  • Have you ever wondered about the secret life of bees Step inside the magical world of Beewitched, where all of your questions will soon bee answered Beetrice is an ordinary girl with one simple wish she dreams of bee coming a bee Beetrice reads about bees, acts like a bee, dresses like a bee, and is even a B student in school Then one day, a mysterious hive, with thHave you ever wondered about the secret life of bees Step inside the magical world of Beewitched, where all of your questions will soon bee answered Beetrice is an ordinary girl with one simple wish she dreams of bee coming a bee Beetrice reads about bees, acts like a bee, dresses like a bee, and is even a B student in school Then one day, a mysterious hive, with the word Bee ware, beckons her near with one golden drop of honey This is a bee witching tale full of excitement and fun Enter its pages to bee gin the adventure.
    Beewitched Have you ever wondered about the secret life of bees Step inside the magical world of Beewitched where all of your questions will soon bee answered Beetrice is an ordinary girl with one simple wish s

    One thought on “Beewitched”

    1. What a delightful story, with a plethora of bee lines I read this to my 20 month old and she was mesmorized by the illustrations My grandmother s name is Beatrice and at age 100 she has never ever liked her name, so I think she would be pleased to see another rendition of her name being used in such a beautiful story about the life cycle of bee s Beetrice is not content to just be a little girl, she is obsessed with being a bee until one day through some magical honey, her wish comes true Beetri [...]

    2. Beetrice loves everything about bees She dresses like a bee, is a B student, and even eats honey on everything She has often wondered what it would be like to be a bee One day, she gets her wish and is transformed into a bee She finds that being a bee isn t everything she thought it would be Bee sure to grab a copy and find out what the buzz is about.My 5 year old son and I enjoyed Beetrice s adventure You get to see what a day in the life of a honeybee is all about Again, this author has writte [...]

    3. Beewitched is a cute story that has a focus on Bullying, and realizing that life isn t always greener on the other side, Just different This is the perfect story to sit down with your child and read it to them or have them read it to you Asking their view on how they would have handled what happened in the story BEEing Bullied is the most hurtful experienced for a child to go through But BEEing able to see that not matter what you are BEEautiful both inside and out is as SWEET as HONEY.Just some [...]

    4. I really loved this book It was fun and i promise your tongue will be in knots by the end of this story The pictures are very colorful What i loved most about the book is the message, that you should be happy as you are Another hit for Julia Dweck

    5. Read this with the kids in class Kinder They loved all the bright pictures and it gave cute and real information about the work of the different types of bees and their stages in life It even had a little reminder that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

    6. Beetrice adores honey bees She knows everything there is to know about them She even slightly resembles a bee with her yellow shirt and her huge black glasses.One day her school class goes on a field trip to the country While the rest of her class plays games, Beetrice watches the honey bees hover over the honeysuckle flowers Beetrice wonders if she would have been better off being born a bee With a little help from some magic honey, Beetrice changes into a honey bee and learns that a bee s life [...]

    7. Beetrice is a little girl who loves bees She even looks like a bee with her black and yellow clothes, her big bee like glasses and she even put bees wax in her hair Beetrice takes vitamin B everyday and eats lots of honey too When her friends at school ask her to play with them at a school picnic in the park she declines and spends her time watching bees buzz around a hive Beetrice wonders if she should have been born a bee instead of a little girl Her friend Dewey begged her to come and play, b [...]

    8. I received a free copy of Beewitched by Julia Dweck from the author Julia Dweck s Bee witched is an enchanting storybook for children The story is full of alliteration and puns playing off the love of bees that Beetrice has Beetrice is a little girl who loves bees She loves honey on her food, she s a perfect B student I found this book to be an enchanting storybook for children I think it would be a great book for preschool teachers and Kindergarten teachers to read to their students when coveri [...]

    9. My mom thoughts on Bee Witched a wonderful children s book for ages 6 and up This is the cutest as always, author Julia Dweck has the funniest, well written, entertaining, clever,children s books my family has read Every one of Julia s books are worth downloading right away Bee Witched is a amazing story about Beetrice who thinks life would be great as a bee, this story gives children the lesson, the grass always looks greener on the other side after a magical drop of honey lands on Beetrice s t [...]

    10. Love the characterColorful and vibrant illustrations and it allows a child to be imaginative My grandkids loved this book and I would recommend it

    11. This is a great book It helps children know that the grass isn t always greener on the other side Although you love things and wish you could be them instead of yourself, you may find out that that may not be for the best Bee careful what you wish for I think this book is a great confidence booster for kids The illistration again is great in this book as well as all of the others Merged review This is a great book It helps children know that the grass isn t always greener on the other side Altho [...]

    12. We received this book for an honest review I sat with my three boys and we read the book I personally thought the story was adorable A little like Magic School bus Very educational, fun, and still written for children to enjoy Neat way to explore the ideas children fancy Per my son James 12 It was awesome I loved it I liked when Beetrice was a Bee.Per my son Brenton 9 The book was nice I liked when she turned into a bee.Per my son Keagan 6 I like the bee book Because I just do giggles Thanks for [...]

    13. Beewitched is a wonderful picture book for children, and, as usual, Julia Dweck manages to educate as she creates Beetrice is a little girl who is entralled with bees, and wonders if perhaps she would bee better off if she were a bee One day, while studying a bee hive, a drop of honey falls on her tongue Before she knows it she has become a bee, and is given all the responsibilities of a worker bee Beetrice soon learns that one should be careful what one wishes for The little tale not only gives [...]

    14. I received this book from the author for review.I was as always taken aback with the writing style and the expertly done graphics Hats off to both the author and the artist.The story if for ages 6 but at almost 40 I found it bee witching.A girl, a bee and a life cycle I think the idea of getting young children familiar with the life cycle of bee s etc in such a fun way is a perfect way of stimulating the young mind.The moral of the story do not whish to be anything other than you are, is an inte [...]

    15. I received this book from the author for an honest review.What a fantastic book The story line was entertaining and pulled my kids into it immediately Ok so I admit I was intrigued too And the illustrations where amazing with all the vibrant colors and details What happens when your wildest Bee wish comes true We find out when Beetrice samples some honey that transports her into a world of Bees and buzzing The best part of the story is it actually has a great moral to be happy being just who you [...]

    16. Beeautiful, Educatinal, ImaginativeA wonderfully written imaginative story of Beetrice who magically becomes the insect she admires the most, bees Through the story we also learn about bees in a educational way that one does not realize due telling of Beetrice s adventure.Highly recommended reading.

    17. I sat down and read this and then my 7 year old read it I loved the colorful pictures and the fantastic illustrations, they are what will draw you and your children to the book The story is cute and adventurous My daughter really related to a section where kids were being mean to her My daughter said Look mom, she is getting picked on too To have a book as beautifully illustrated as this, with an interesting story on top of it, is a great find.

    18. Beewitched is a children book that has caught me off guard Beetrice has an obsession with bees and what they produce I am not good in science and I have trouble following the transformation of Beetrice and the writing on top of the illustration is difficult to read The lettering should have been in bold.I recommend the book since it encourages the reader to learn even though the author explains about the bees and is a good book to ask who, what, where,when and how questions.

    19. This is a wonderful story about a young girl named Beetrice who loves bees She dresses like a bee Her favorite grade is a B One day her class goes on a picnic Beatrice sits watching the bees, wishing she was a bee After swallowing a drop of honey from a strange hive, her wish comes true You must read this book to find out what bee comes of Beetrice.

    20. How sweet Beatrice loved bees, she could watch them all day Beatrice would rather watch the bees than play with be kids She really wanted to be a bee See what happens when she gets a chance This is a great book to teach kids about bees It s very colorful and honey sweet Read it to your kids is the place.

    21. Beetrice has always loved Bees Beetrice gets her wish but realizes it is not meant for her Adorable story that teaches children acceptance I call my brother Bee and my nephews 2 1 2 and 1 now collect Bee everything, they will love this story as much as I do

    22. Cute and educationalThis book would be great for young girls who enjoy science and nature It briefly touches on the life cycle of a bee as well as how bees produce honey Mostly it s just a cute story with magical elements sprinkled in for fun.

    23. This is a really cute book I enjoyed the story and the bright, colorful illustrations This is a great book for kids showing them how they should like themselves just the way they are They should never want to be something they are not.

    24. 10 s I totally enjoyed reading this marvelous little children s story about Beetrice This is a funny and adorable story that I know that children will love to read or have it read to them Its a MUST read that is so lighthearted and just a joy to read

    25. I read this tonight when I was tucking my three nieces in for bed They really seemed to enjoy the story and the cute pictures on every page.

    26. BeeautifulIt s a cute story and great beautiful illustrations My grandchild who is four enjoyed having this read to him and he is excited about summer and bees

    27. AdorableAww, it is quick yet cute, recommend for little girls, so cute even the pictures are cute and adorable.

    28. A book that is about being yourself There is some science life cycle, bee activities that gives the story line substance Great illustrations.

    29. LOVED IT This is a perfect easy reader for the older crowd but the younger ones will enjoy the story and the pictures.What can bee better than learning just where wishes can take you

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