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My Wattpad Love By Ariana Godoy,

  • Title: My Wattpad Love
  • Author: Ariana Godoy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 354
  • Format: None
  • Julie has always been the shy type Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own stories But are friends, fans and votes all she will get from this site Or is it possible to find love as well
    My Wattpad Love Julie has always been the shy type Her world changes when she finds wattpad a very popular ebook community She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own stories But are friends fans and

    One thought on “My Wattpad Love”

    1. Sometimes Wattpad shows me amazing stories that I can t put down Sometimes it shows me ridiculous shit that I can t stand to read past the first chapter This story is both ridiculous shit I couldn t put down It was like a car crash terrible, but you can t turn away Hate on me as you will, but I m sick of hearing about this story everywhere I go on wattpad, and, in growing numbers, tumblr You might be thinking, if I despise this novel so much, why did I take the time to read it Because something [...]

    2. NO.JUST FUCKING NO.To the author Learn some fucking grammar before you go around publishing books Good god And the characters have absolutely no sign of a personality anywhere The writing style is simply bland and listless and all over the place.I m actually appalled right now This is like Twilight over again And I mean that in the rudest way possible.

    3. OMG THIS WAS AMAAAZZING I just recently joined Wattpad, so this was the first book I ever read on it.And ohmyholypancakeflipping goodness it was off the SHOW I was just blown away It had a little bit of course language spattered through it, but I was okay with that The story was really well developed and, I m slightly ashamed to say, I have yet another book boyfriend.Evan Woods, welcome to the club I found myself laughing and smiling the whole way through this, which earnt me weird looks from my [...]

    4. The plot was interesting and started a new trend on Wattpad I really wanted to love the novel itself as much as I loved the plot idea, I really did but for some reason I just couldn t find it in me I don t know whether it was Arix s style of writing, which was just so simple but not in the elegant simple way, but simple as in 7th grade simple or the number of grammatical mistakes that left me with the impression that she either didn t have an editor or she didn t proofread I m not too sure how s [...]

    5. This was not realistic at all You ruined the way people see guys on Wattpad, and now a guy can t even say Hi without being swarmed by annoying girls Fake guys are appearing every day.I will never read this book again I hated it.That is all.

    6. First things first This book is so awesome.So the first moment I lay my eyes on this book, I think it ll be the cheesy story of a girl s love life, where she s a damsel in distress Well, clearly and happily, I stand corrected This story, however, is about a girl s love life, but it s not cheesy AT ALL I fell in love with it at the first page This story is super unique, and original The Characters Julie aka Jules Is your typical shy, not outgoing girl She loves to read and write, and one lucky da [...]

    7. I am very sorry, but I had to review, okay what the hell is wrong with the people in wp 16 million reads and counting, and what do you get 4th grade spelling mistakes, sorry The plot is fine, but come one people this is like a trainwreck you can t stop reading even though it doesn t look good dunno if that s a good or bad thing againthis is my personal opinion about it, if you want to read it, go

    8. Poor writing and it wasn t even the typos.The author should be aware of the usage and difference between full stops and apostrophes.Plot was refreshing I suppose, and I might have enjoyed it if it was executed well Overall, a one star rating Also, I would prefer reading it on Wattpad rather than buying a physical copy how did this even get published Bad grammar Sorry, not sorry.Merged review Shit.Shit.Shit.Now read the above words again Why is this book published Among my long list of books whic [...]

    9. Para lo liviano que se supone que son estas lecturas, se me hizo imposible terminarlo Todos los d as me pon a a leer y ten a que dejarlo a un lado porque los personajes B sicamente los personajes son el problema, est n desdibujados y son como caricaturas hechas con palitos en vez de dibujos propiamente tal, con colores y sombras Me duele el coraz n calificar tan mal el libro y en verdad intent darles oportunidades para ver si reapuntaba, pero no, cada vez era peor La historia no estaba mal, por [...]

    10. I ll probably get a ton of hates, but I m going to be COMPLETELY honest.If I could, I would give this book 0 STARS.It s not even the grammar mistakes Sure, they were annoying and a bit off putting but that s not it Okay, let me tell you want I think, because I ve wanted to rant about this for quite a while.Okay, so the main female character, Julie, has a Wattpad account Which she becomes obsessed with She posts some stories and within a few days she has TONS of fans Erm, because that is SO reali [...]

    11. Normally I prefer NA instead of YA, but this story was funny and I enjoyed it.I read the free version on wattpad and I missed some background information e.g Evan s POV but I saw that there is also his POV in the published book.

    12. My Wattpad Love fue uno de los primero libros que le de Wattpad, asi que siempre le voy a tener un cari o especial.Si bien es verdad que no es uno de los mejores libros, tambi n tengo que reconecer que es una lectura adictiva El estilo de la autora es gil y dinamico Se lee muy r pido y la trama te va atrapando Un acierto muy grande de la autora fue el humor me re durante todo el trascurso del libro En cuanto a los personajes Jules es una chica apasionada, enamorada del amor y fiel a s misma Aunq [...]

    13. Read this on Wattpad Most likely for me to be reading on Wattpad instead of reading actual published books especially these times around where I just finished a book My Wattpad Love has a good plot and I liked the characters attitudes too It was very entertaining and I m currently following the sequel

    14. Abandonado No logr leerlo En Wattpad al menos tiene faltas de ortograf a terribles, tambi n de coherencia La historia es terriblemente infantil La chica parece tener una edad mental de 7 a os Sinceramente, no s c mo es que logr tanta fama La moraleja de Wattpad es nunca tengas expectativas muy altas de algo que tenga muchos votos.

    15. Not the best writing,I must say very simple with lots of mistakes , but the story was very addictive and I was always waiting for Ariana to update Hopefully the published book is a much better version I d love to get a hold of it and to read it again and see how much it has improved

    16. Lo empece hace un mont n y logre reci n este a o terminarlo 3 estrellas, quiz s 2,5, no entiendo c mo tiene tanta puntuaci n en wattpad.Pd teamshaen

    17. Well The plot was okay I guess, but the immature writing style and the overly dramatic scenes made it seem like another teenager s fantasy.But the worst flaw this book had to offer was its main protagonist and herher, Emo totally dark hot guy, SERIOUSLY, I SPENT MY WHOLE READ CRINGING AT THE WHOLE peachy girl and strawberries crap.And when it came to the oh no super big reveal about him, I had to put my phone down, and stare at the wall at the sheer ridiculousness of it all Boohoo I m soo tragic [...]

    18. Julie has always been shy so when she finds the app called wattpad her whole world gets flipped upside down the one thing she least expected was for love to come her way when she found this dark and mysterious user by the name of Dark_poet001 so will she bring things further or will something happen read to find out.Ps Really good book i suggest everyone reads it

    19. I didn t actually read this but doesn t count re reads so I m adding this in to keep my yearly count accurate I DID READ Obsidian 3333 bae

    20. No Just no.It started well, but by the fifth chapter I was already banging my head against a wall The characters were literally stupid and didn t have any personality It was difficult to read and I thought than once about putting it down This story is the kind of story you can read everywhere, plus the writing wasn t good But it s also the kind of story you can t help reading, even if you already know how it s going to end.Likes Jason He s actually one of the only character I liked He s funny, [...]

    21. Okay, I was wrong I thought the story would be somewhat insipid, but I m glad it turned out the opposite.The sweet romantic book touched me a lot.Indeed, it was strange to fall in love with someone you don t know, but here it is But if we had to be honest, Jules only liked Evan and fell in love with him when they met.I m reading the sequel now, which seems so much exciting

    22. Well this is hands down the FIRST THE BEST THING i have read on Wattpad i like the sequel too but i have a special thing for the first book 3

    23. Omg I remember reading this 4 years ago and being so happy I could say it was one of the very very first stories fictions that I ve ever read And I still remember it so good

    24. Si alguna persona se interesa en leer esto, le advierto que este mensaje va para largo y es solamente mi forma de pensar Comenc a leer esta historia en la madruga, al principio la le en ingl s y fue como que esta genial aunque tiene unos errores gramaticales tremendos, pero eso es comprensible porque el ingl s no es el idioma natal de la escritora pero despu s encontr la historia en espa ol y me dije Si me dio risa en un idioma que no entiendo muy bien, seguro que me dar m s risa en espa ol y as [...]

    25. I will always and forever love this book.Thanks to this book today I am the person that I am, thanks to this precious paper today I am proud to say that I am a passionate reader.With the protagonist Jules I feel very identified, she is so tender and innocent, and she loves read and Wattpad.I love with all my soul Evan and Shane, Evan the sexy dark poet with his past and the fucking amazing idiopid Shane.Jules and Evan are beautiful together, I love how Jules teaches Evan that there is always a p [...]

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