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  • Title: First Class to New York
  • Author: A.J. Harmon
  • ISBN: 9781481136570
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • A year after losing her husband, her high school sweetheart and the love of her life to cancer, Janie Anderson embarks on a once in a lifetime trip to New York City Trying to escape the oppressive loss and hopelessness of a life without him, Janie sets off on the adventure she has dreamed about since she was a little girl Exploring the Big Apple, New York City, she secreA year after losing her husband, her high school sweetheart and the love of her life to cancer, Janie Anderson embarks on a once in a lifetime trip to New York City Trying to escape the oppressive loss and hopelessness of a life without him, Janie sets off on the adventure she has dreamed about since she was a little girl Exploring the Big Apple, New York City, she secretly hopes that this landmark event will free her from her grief and unlock a future as wonderful as the life she had lost with Robert s passing After a series of embarrassing encounters with a man in a dark grey suit during the flight, Janie wonders if this trip might be than she bargained for At 42, she is much too young to spend the rest of her days as a lonely widow, but is resolved to the fact that, like lightning, a love like that of her first marriage rarely strikes twice When she accepts his invitation to dinner that evening, Janie is terrified at the realization that she s actually attracted to him The handsome and wealthy Matt Lathem is sexy as hell, but, as Janie comes to realize, has baggage of his own Can they help to heal each other in time to realize that a second chance at love is within their grasp First Class to New York is a contemporary, adult romance novel, written by AJ Harmon It is the first book in the First Class series, with Janie s story concluding in First Class to Portland.
    First Class to New York A year after losing her husband her high school sweetheart and the love of her life to cancer Janie Anderson embarks on a once in a lifetime trip to New York City Trying to escape the oppressive los

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    1. I LOVED THIS BOOK Total amazeballs And it was a freebie That A.J Harmon is a sneaky woman She knew this book was awesome and she knew by giving this one away that she would suck romance lovin fools like me right into her web Did I go download the next book in the series already nope I WENT AHEAD AND DOWNLOADED THE ENTIRE SEREIES IN BUNDLE Aside from the use of the word penis which I loathe the rest of the story was just perfection for me Absolute perfection The h Janie, is a 42 year old widow wi [...]

    2. Okays, I am the author, so this is weird writing my own review, but I kind of feel as though I need to First Class to New York is the first book in a 9 book series It is a cliffhanger, as CLEARLY noted in the book description on , Nook, etc Matt and Janie s story continues in First Class to Portland In fact, they are in every one of the books in the series Janie is an older heroine, in her forties, and has suffered a heartbreaking loss when her husband dies of cancer She isn t expecting to fall [...]

    3. As a writer myself, I hate to give one star reviews to any author because I understand the time and effort that goes into writing a full novel It is not an easy task to complete and takes perseverence However, I don t want to give praise to a story based on mere accomplishment alone.I don t understand why this book has received so many glowing reviews, so I will simply assume that most of my negative feelings impressions about this book boil down to personal taste Although I wanted, tried very m [...]

    4. It took me a while to get into the writing style of this book It is written in 3rd person and I was struggling a bit with it at first I don t know if it is because recent books that I have been reading have been written in 1st person, but it didn t sit well with me in the beginning That being said, I got used to it and it didn t affect me enjoying the story I really liked it I liked the characters and their chemistry was very hot Now I will have to read the next one because it ends with a little [...]

    5. This was really good Thanks to my friend Jamie for recommending this It s exactly what I needed after a spell of reading some really dark books Janie is a widower going to NYC for the trip of a lifetime She meets Matt a handsome wealthy business man The romance was really sweet Janie isn t what Matt usually a woman he would come in contact with, she s sweet and innocent and he really likes how genuine she is Now this did end up as a cliffy I am hopping to book two right now

    6. First let me clarify I do not read serials I, as a rule do not buy them or read them because I want my happy ending in one book and not stretched out to two or When I purchased First Class to New York it was part of a box set of the 10 novels that make up A.J Harmon s First Class series Well I am so glad first that I discovered this incredible author and two that I did not pass up a fantastic story First Class to New York is about Janie Anderson After an incredible difficult two years she is em [...]

    7. First Class to New York First Class Novels, Book 1 A New Contemporary Romance Series Kindle Edition Is exactly how I describe this first installment of the First Class series I so related to Jane in her loss and the need to find closure It is hard to move forward from the grief and over whelming thought of a life alone after the death of her husband Jane shows true strength in her decision to take her trip of a life time , and it turns out to be just that with the help of Matt Latham, the man in [...]


    9. First of all, I m not convinced the author has ever been to New York It feels as if her knowledge about the city comes entirely from watching television and movies.I m 54% through the book and not only am I shocked that this book has gotten such great reviews, but most of the 1 and 2 star reviews are low only because the book unexpectedly turned out to be a cliffhanger Oh, yeah, like that s what was wrong with this book Almost no one mentioned the juvenile, utterly clich d and laughable prose Di [...]

    10. 4.5 Stars A.J Harmon has written a refreshing series starting with First Class to New York It s a REALLY good love story What I liked best about it was that the main characters were OLDER, not young people and that there was chemistry that totally worked for them This story is filled with good old self doubt and misunderstandings The ending had me racing to buy book 2, because it does end on a cliffhanger Synopsis A year after losing her husband, her high school sweetheart and the love of her li [...]

    11. A year after the death of her husband Janie decides to go on the once in a lifetime trip to New York she s always wanted to go on In the airport in Oregon she run literally into the most handsome man she has ever seen, it s a type of attraction she has never felt and when just a little while later he runs into her and drenches her in water the attraction deepens With fate on their side they are seated in first class next to each other and when he offers to have his driver take her to her hotel a [...]

    12. What an amazing story It was refreshing to read something different From the moment Janie bumped into Matt I knew it was going to be good Janie is trying to start over and is looking for forward to trip of a lifetime, never imagining it would turn into THE trip of a lifetime Meeting someone and falling love was the furthest thing from her mind but every time she turned around he was there and damn was he hot Fate is something that we all want in our lives and the chance happening of these two me [...]

    13. I started reading First Class to New York and I thought that Janie was a weak woman who need to really find herself As she walked into the airport she walked into the man that would change her life I absolutely love this story I laughed and cried as I read this book because I could see myself in Janie s shoes if something happened to my husband Janie and Matt s story is super sexy and HOT I have read the reviews about people being upset that the book ends before their story is complete, but I th [...]

    14. I absolutely loved this book by A.J Harmon and she has made a fan for life I instantly fell in love with Janie and all her little mishaps The instant connection and chemistry between Janie and Matt was so intense and hot, that sometimes I felt like I was stepping out a sauna My heart broke for Janie as she came to terms with her husband Robert s death and moving on in her life It wouldn t be easy to try to experience love a second time around, after losing someone you loved so tragically Harmon [...]

    15. This is the first in a series called First Class by this wonderful author.It is an amazing beginning I was immediately drawn into the storyline andcharacters From the start of the story,I couldn t put it down Makes fora quick read Each character prime and secondary was so realistic I lovereading a storyline where the characters are real to life and aredescribed with feelings that relate to everyday I felt so attached Myemotions were everywhere I really wanted to get inside the storyline Ijust lo [...]

    16. This is the first book I have read by Ms Harmon and I will definitely continue to read of her work I laughed, cried, and was emotionally spent by the end of this book Janie goes on a once in a lifetime trip with all the trimmings first class plane ride, The Ritz Carlton Hotel, etc after her husband dies from cancer That story in itself is one to get the tears flowing But at the airport in Portland, she literally runs into Matt Lathem, a breathtakingly handsome man who ends up beside her on the [...]

    17. Loved this sweet and romantic story I found it very reala 42 year old woman who is a widow with two grown children She has been a wife and mother for half her life and is now on her own for the first time She decides to fulfill her dream of going to New York city and going first class Immediately at the airport she literally bumps into the perfect man Matt, who happens to be a New Yorker When she arrives in the Big Apple Matt shows her his New York Janie is a weak woman, she seems almost too na [...]

    18. Very Refreshing to find a woman in her 40 s to be written about Most love stories today have College or 20 something, a couple even have 30 s Nice to see the struggles of what goes through the mind of a woman in her 40 s Not so easy to get out there and find some one when you think of yourself as drooping, plump and plain This is what Janie is going through on her once in a life time trip She finally meets some one she is attracted to, but he is a playboy How will this story unfold, you gotta re [...]

    19. To sum this book up boring, generic, boringThe heroine is 42 years old coming across like a repressed Victorian maiden and the sex scenes felt clinical and stereotypical, as though they needed to be written because it s a requirement Although English is not my first language, I adore it and have been reading English books in all genres for over 15 years now While I can t use it and express myself always like I would love to, I am a sucker for a captivating writing style which I did not encounter [...]

    20. I found this free on kobo and the blurb sounded interesting but it missed the mark for me I didn t connect with the characters, their chemistry, nothing The writing wasn t for me The dialogue between the main characters felt unnatural and it felt like the characters were in their late teens early 20 s as opposed to in their 40 s I was expecting this to be different and I thought it had so much potential I really loved the idea of the story, especially set in New York, but just didn t feel anythi [...]

    21. Great book, downloaded First Class to Portland when it was free on the kindle store As it was book two I purchased this Well worth it

    22. Ok, this book wasn t bad, especially since it was free from Bookbub I swear Janie got on my damned nerves though I guess I should feel a little sympathy for the woman considering she got married at 19 and that was the only man she had known practically her whole life, so when she found herself having to start a new life she was a bit gun shy Dammit though, you would have thought she was still 19 the way she was SO self conscious, and the way she took everything Matt said as a put down Frankly s [...]

    23. I picked up a copy of this book as advertised because it was free to download on Who doesn t love free books Well, it ended up being such a good investment decision I loved the fact that this book was about older, mature characters I ve been reading a lot of new adult and it seems that some of the contemporary romance is about 23 year olds, so it was nice to get out of that bubble.Janie, the main character, is a 40 something year old widow who has lost her husband a year ago after a battle with [...]

    24. I came across First Class To New York only about a week ago bless my Kindle Paperwhite for bringing this piece of pure brilliance into my life.This book brought me to tears twice Once after a very powerful shower scene in the middle of the book and again at the end This is by no means a bad thing I always say if a book has the power to do this to me then it s a winner.The lead character Matt Latham reminded me so very much of someone and this intensified the story big style I also saw so much of [...]

    25. I downloaded this book for free from the EBook Daily emails that I get I liked the idea of a characters in their 40 s I am happy to say that this book did not disappoint, First Class to New York is your standard modern romance novel with strong character development I would compare A,J s writing style to early Sandra Brown.Compared to many of the ebooks out today First Class was a breath of fresh air If you are fan of true romance genre I highly recommend This series follows a whole family of si [...]

    26. Great story of love and romanceGreat story of love and romanceThis was the story of second chance love Janie had lost her husband of 23 years and was taking a trip to NY as a once in her life trip She was finally able to move on with her life after the death of her husband She wanted to experience NY as it was something she s wanted to do since she was sixteen Talking a first class flight for the first time she runs into a very handsome man and finds that she is attracted to him but still has so [...]

    27. First Class to New York New York Novels 1 By AJ HarmonRating 4 out of 5 stars Harmon has given us the beginning to a great series In First Class to New York, we meet Janie Anderson and Matt Lathem Both of these people have had to deal with something seriously tragic in their lives, yet they are both the type of people that get back up again and move on I really enjoyed Janie s character because although she struggled through the past year she gave us a beautiful story of her own transformation S [...]

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