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The Big Crowd By Kevin Baker,

  • Title: The Big Crowd
  • Author: Kevin Baker
  • ISBN: 9780618859900
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the lit world s sharpest chronicler of New York s past Rolling Stone , a novel of two Irish brothers who travel from the gangland waterfront to the halls of powerBased on one of the great unsolved murders in mob history, and the rise and fall of a real life hero, The Big Crowd tells the sweeping story of Charlie O Kane He is the American dream come to life, a poorFrom the lit world s sharpest chronicler of New York s past Rolling Stone , a novel of two Irish brothers who travel from the gangland waterfront to the halls of powerBased on one of the great unsolved murders in mob history, and the rise and fall of a real life hero, The Big Crowd tells the sweeping story of Charlie O Kane He is the American dream come to life, a poor Irish immigrant who worked his way up from beat cop to mayor of New York at the city s dazzling, post war zenith Famous, powerful, and married to a glamorous fashion model, he is looked up to by millions, including his younger brother, Tom So when Charlie is accused of abetting a shocking mob murder, Tom sets out to clear his brother s name while hiding a secret of his own The charges against Charlie stem from his days as a crusading Brooklyn DA, when he sent the notorious killers of Murder, Inc to the chair only to let a vital witness go flying out a window while under police guard Now, out of office, Charlie lives in a shoddy, Mexico City tourist hotel, eaten up with regrets and afraid he will be indicted for murder if he returns to the U.S To uncover what really happened, Tom must confront stunning truths about his brother, himself, and the secret workings of the great city he loves.Moving from the Brooklyn waterfront to city hall, from the battlefields of World War II to the beaches of Acapulco, to the glamorous nightclubs of postwar New York, The Big Crowd is filled with historical powerbrokers and gangsters, celebrities and socialites, scheming cardinals and battling, dockside priests But ultimately it is a brilliantly imagined, distinctly American story of the bonds and betrayals of brotherhood.
    The Big Crowd From the lit world s sharpest chronicler of New York s past Rolling Stone a novel of two Irish brothers who travel from the gangland waterfront to the halls of powerBased on one of the great unsolve

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    1. It was the book cover, a watercolor depiction of New York City skyscrapers, that drew my attention to The Big Crowd As I stood in the aisle of the bookstore reading the inside jacket, I realized the story was about former New York City Mayor William O Dwyer and his younger brother Paul, a noted New York attorney I knew I had to get the book because of the O Dwyer link to my own family.The O Dwyers were friends of my grandfather, all of them from Bohola, a small town in County Mayo, Ireland I rec [...]

    2. I am a huge fan of Kevin Baker s very deft approach to writing accurate but still very readable historical fiction Reading any title from his City of Fire Trilogy consisting of Paradise Alley Dreamland and Strivers Row will amply demonstrate his estimable skills and down to curbstones and gutters knowledge of New York City.You can find plot synopses in several of the other readers reviews, so I will only say that The Big Crowd is as good a primer on the special aspects and character of politics [...]

    3. The Big Crowd is a story of crime and family This big, sweeping novel takes place in New York City and Mexico Based on the story of infamous New York City mayor, William O Dwyer, who was the 100th mayor of NYC in the middle of the 20th century O Dwyer became involved in some unsavory activities read all sorts of mob activity and was forced to resign This book follows a fictional version of O Dwyer, an Irish immigrant named Charlie and his brother, Tom Historical fiction lovers will enjoy this bo [...]

    4. Politics and big businessme things never change You mean throwing people out of their homes Screw PEOPLE You can let PEOPLE get in the way, or you won t ever accomplish a thing p 333 That all sounds very democratic Grow up Democracy doesn t enter into it Things are going to be changing FAST now too fast for a lot of people to keep up p 333 Trust me, son Power is no easy thing to give up p 334Politics and corruption go hand in hand in this novel about a mayor Charlie O Kane , his brother Tom, and [...]

    5. The figure of Abe Reles, of Murder, Inc fame, casts a long shadow over this terrific historical novel by Kevin Baker Baker is the truly rare novelist historian who can integrate his research so thoroughly into his story that the seams disappear At times The Big Crowd reads like a classic film noir script, yet all the characters are based on real people, including the three principals William O Dwyer Charlie O Kane, successor to Fiorello LaGuardia as mayor of New York City Paul O Dwyer Tom O Kane [...]

    6. The premise of this story was a good one a really good one But the dialogue was so hard to read it was done like an old black and white detective movie schmaltzy and stilted, y know dame and the narrative was overly descriptive like reading a Stephen King book how we don t need to know everything and every gesture in minute detail to get the point The ending wrapped up nicely, but it was a relief to get there.

    7. There s kernels of good writing here but the vast majority of it is expository dialogue told in a clunky flashback style with no major mysteries given any legitimate twist If you re that interested in the subject, Google Charlie O Dwyer or watch On the Waterfront rather than waste your time with this one.

    8. A little bit hard to follow because it is so densely populated with people, but overall a very engaging and poignant story about power and the American Dream.

    9. Mysterious Book Report No 157by John Dwaine McKennaThe Mysterious Book Report has long been an ardent and enthusiastic promoter of the classic black and white noir movies made in the golden age of film during the 1930s, 40s and 50s They are, in fact, the very definition of the French word noir, meaning black film , which has been assimilated into English as A style of cinematographic film marked by a mood of pessimism, fatalism and menace The term was originally applied to American thriller or d [...]

    10. Kevin Baker is a historian hence his reliance on real life characters and fictionalized characters based on real people That s the case with Charlie O Kane, an Irish immigrant who became mayor of New York, who is probably based on William O Dwyer post WWII mayor who was also an Irish immigrant.Charlie s brother Tom is the main character in the novel He s an ADA and is trying to get his brother to tell him what really happened when mob witness Abe Reles was thrown or jumped from a safe house wind [...]

    11. This new novel by Kevin Baker has all the ingredients for a blockbuster novel There are two Irish brothers who have come to America seeking success with all the perks that come with it One is middle aged and jaded by his run to the top in New York City, the other young and full of ambition and naivete The O Kane brothers, Charlie and Tom, take similar paths but with radically different moral choices.Charlie, the elder brother, becomes the District Attorney and then mayor of the city He must, the [...]

    12. In The Big Crowd, we get a look at New York City in the 40 s and the 50 s The hope and the corruption, the fight between men and business Legal and illegal business Tom O Keefe, an honest DA is trying to get to the bottom of a decades old murder one he suspects his brother, the ex mayor of the city, may have been involved in Tom must decide how much truth he can fight for and if there s even a point to the fight.For me, Baker has never written anything as good as Dreamland The Big Crowd is good, [...]

    13. Solid but not Baker s best work Nobody does setting in historical fiction better than Baker, but plot wise, this had some problems Most notably, the fact that the end was kind of an anticlimactic letdown after all the buildup Some of this can be attributed to the danger of taking a real life unsolved murder and solving it, some of it is just a plain, old you could have done a better job closing this book out Some issues with characters as well While the development and evolution of Tom and Slim [...]

    14. Dreamland and Paradise Alley are two of the best books I have ever read Not just historical fiction but any genre I like this author a lot This book is a step down for me but still somewhat interesting stories of the Brooklyn waterfront, corruption at City Hall, etc I felt like it got much better in the second half but it dragged a little at first If you are new to Kevin Baker I suggest his other books But if you are a fan of his work, or New York historical fiction, this is probably worth it.

    15. I received this book for free from first reads This is another of Kevin Baker s great New York novels He excels at making you see, hear and smell the New York of former times While I think that his City Of Fire trilogy is better, this is still a page turning account of New York with the larger than life people that only the city seems to produce There is plenty of crime and personal conflict in this chronicle of postwar politics and how it makes and destroys the lives of two brothers.

    16. Sympathetic, gifted and flawed in different ways, Irish brothers come to New York and pursue their dreams While back room discussions and deals are things we cannot know for sure, plausible possibilities are presented here in riveting fashion Driven by believable and interesting characters I came to feel for, these personal and family stories have settings with compelling period detail.

    17. Meh I just wasn t feeling it with this book It doesn t seem as compelling as some of his other novels Dreamland, Paradise Alley It kept jumping back and forth, making it hard to following, especially with so many characters to keep track of.

    18. This book was based on unsolved murders in post WWII in New York City I felt the characters confusing and difficult to follow, The brother of the former mayor of NYC is trying to solve an unsolved murder and exonerate his brother.

    19. Interesting story about political corruption in New York during the post war years I liked it but I found his use of pronouns to be very confusing Often had to reread a sentence to figure out to whom the author was referring.

    20. I had forgotten how much I like Kevin Baker It took me a while to get back into his writing, but once there i loved it.

    21. It was interesting and well written Were I of Irish descent, or had I ever lived in New York City, The Big Crowd would probably have spoken to me than it did Glad I read it.

    22. By the end I can say I enjoyed this book I think it approaches 4 stars but was a bit to meandering for me to give it than 3.

    23. I did not finish this book I liked the idea of the story line, but the writing was gibberish I simply could not follow the story line.

    24. Very interesting historical fiction dealing with part of NYC s history that I had no clue about beforehand.

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