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The Quarter Moon By Stephanie Hudson,

  • Title: The Quarter Moon
  • Author: Stephanie Hudson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • With Keira finding death on her door she is suddenly plunged into a world of the unknown and has to face it alone or does she Soon this new life is filled with heartache, shadowed followers and cryptic messages, that only promise to lead her deeper into world of the supernatural like never before For Keira, even taking a breath without the other half of her soul is painfWith Keira finding death on her door she is suddenly plunged into a world of the unknown and has to face it alone or does she Soon this new life is filled with heartache, shadowed followers and cryptic messages, that only promise to lead her deeper into world of the supernatural like never before For Keira, even taking a breath without the other half of her soul is painful enough So when given the choice to either accept what life the fates have decided she live, or to force that life behind her and accept the dangerous journey ahead, the answer is easy She will fight to save the man she loves But this fight includes Heaven and Hell in search of the truth, a truth that will rather set her heart free or be destroyed on the other side Are the fates really to be trusted
    The Quarter Moon With Keira finding death on her door she is suddenly plunged into a world of the unknown and has to face it alone or does she Soon this new life is filled with heartache shadowed followers and crypti

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    1. Well 4 done and I need to have , don t know what I will do when I have no Draven to look forward to Loved this read as much as the first three, this book seemed to take a little turn sending you to new realms and characters and as usual I love the ones Stephanie creates good and bad alike I noticed a few harsh reviews with a lot of language so I would also like to add that no one is ever going to like every book they read and you may not like one when there are others who will love it so when w [...]

    2. Can t decide whether I love or hate the book I love the story and all of the books preceding, but have been left frustrated with the ending Now for the torturous wait for the next instalment

    3. Stephanie Hudson has just announced that The Quarter Moon will be released this year More details to follow It s on Facebook How exciting

    4. One reaction at the end of this 4th book WHAT THE F K A real rollercoaster We begin pretty high and keep going higher in term of mystery, suspens, excitement and hot guys quite a few interesting specimen here Then we go a bit slower and quieter when Lucius comes back in the picture to finally reach the pick when Keira finally finds Draven And I have to say, I had some serious murder urges towards him, still have I was nearly crying by the end of the book but ended but very excited by the beginn [...]

    5. Draven for the first time I wanted to punch you Nice to see Keira coming into herself and not so whiny I do not want this saga to end Fab book again Stephanie thanks Roll on the next book.

    6. Another brilliant book in the series It is going to be so hard to write this review without giving the plot details away but I will try my best The books picks up right where previous ended Keira goes on a rollercoaster of a journey in this book You don t get to see too much of many of the characters in the previous book but we are introduced to plenty of new ones The book is very well written and there are some very clever puzzle s that Keira has to figure out that really will give you a headac [...]

    7. Book Review The Quarter Moon Afterlife saga, 4 by Stephanie HudsonAnother thrilling and immeasurably profound supernatural masterpiece from Stephanie Hudson as she steers the Afterlife Saga in a whole new direction Be prepared to partake in the journey of a lifetime Dark, decadent, thrilling and totally unstoppable Kelly, Perusing Princesses This was Afterlife and inside, I had found that in the literal sense in ways than one It both contained the elements of dreams and nightmares, Heaven and H [...]

    8. Let me rant first.Oh Keira how I loathe you Seriously Only Keira would set out on a journey to bring her dead boyfriend soulmate love of her life back from the dead but make out with his brother Vincent, roll around and have an orgasm in bed with Sigurd your shadow protector, bond with him, make out with Jared, then to turn around and almost have sex with Lucius all the way down to getting butt ass naked and he is two seconds from thrusting inside of you but then you guys only stop because there [...]

    9. Mrs Stephanie Hudson has done it again with a fantastic nail gripping 4th book in the Afterlife saga The wait for this book was well worth waiting for, as it got me straight in the heart.All my favourite characters where included and some new faces appeared in Keira s quest.This book will give you one big roller coaster of a ride, as Mrs Husdon can make you feel so many different emotions that you don t know if you coming or going.Many congratulations Mrs Stephanie Hudson Dravenites you RULE Soo [...]

    10. Honest to goodness I was really getting frustrated with this book I mean I waited ages for a bit of you know who and I was slowly tortured until it happened But that is typical of Stephanie Hudson she draws you in with her beautifully descriptive writing, pulls at your heart strings and right at the end when you want she pings it back You wouldn t believe what Keira has to go through in this book, I mean how much can this girl chosen one take Bring on the next book, I can t wait Craving Drave [...]

    11. After reading this book I was left feeling really unsettled and thought I really didn t like this book and thought what the hell was Stephanie thinking After reading the book I felt oh that was pointless I m not reading any of this series However after some needed sleep and thinking about it I realized that I was feeling sad that s why I said I wasn t reading any but there s no way I could give up on this beautiful story On reflection I realized that even though this is still my least favourite [...]

    12. Free series on Kindle Unlimited Check out cheap paranormal reads at facebook ParanormalBoThe first thing I must do here is mention that I sacrilgiously did a skim on this novel purely on the fact that this book is based around a quest of sorts I have a sincere dislike of books that do this view spoiler In this case it is a trip to Hell to rescue her beloved hide spoiler Now come on, how many demon novels have you read that do this I can think of 4 straight off the top of my head Truly Stephanie [...]

    13. UPDATE So I ve read the teaser chapters for the Fall releasing book The Pentagram Child And I CANNOT wait Oh we re in for some drama for sure Draven is back and there s gonna be some major conflict with this guy Alex The very definition of ROLLERCOASTER RIDE Again I love Lucius Pip is the best This roller coaster ride has me dizzy though The ending I think I know what s coming And it ll take everyone to save her ass this time Oh and I wish her and Vincent would have just had some sort of an affa [...]

    14. I skimmed this one and was disappointed to find that it was of the same from books 1 3 Kiera and Dom are separated but want to be together Kiera is kidnapped by different people and different supernatural characters save her and fall in love with her Oh, surprise, Kiera thinks Dom is cheating on her and her heart is broken, AGAIN And then there is the awkward writing and immaturity in general of Kiera and Dom I think this whole book could have been skipped EXCEPT for the new characters who are [...]

    15. Phew What the hell just happened 1st off 772 pages long I don t think I have ever spent so many days on a book work Christmas shopping getting in the way what a journey though, some fantastic new alpha men It was nice to see old faces Lucien, Pip Adam Not forgetting the lovely Vincent After a shaky start it was a bit Edward Bella when he left her the rest of the book flowed beautifully Please tell me we don t have to wait until next year before the next instalment Draven has some explaining to d [...]

    16. Not the bestI really thought we would come to a better ending with book 4 I loved the first three books but this left me disappointed in a way I cannot explain I just felt empty 489 pages that built up to

    17. Well I m utterly heartbroken I really need counselling haha only thing that s getting me by is knowing there s another

    18. 3 words What The Hell End of rant I liked it but was sorely disappointed there wasn t enough Draven Come on 2014 for the next book so it can heal my broken heart

    19. What would you do for love Well, Keira finally finds her backbone as she tries to save her love But is it all smoke, mirrors and lies and deception More wonderful, interesting , involved characters are introduced But the ending broke my heart The author wrenches emotions from the characters and reader alike Please say it ain t so

    20. This book was torture Half way through I wanted to stop reading but wanted answers The ending left you hanging I will try Book 5 in hopes that the series gets better Loved 1 3 4 sucked.

    21. I need This one made me cry a little, very well written, and also I did have a good laugh, can wait to read the next book.

    22. Very well written, excellent secondary characters, love the background story but I gave it 3 stars because I just can t handle the heartbreaking relationship between Draven swoon and Kiera

    23. Well a difficult review I loved this book, hated it, inspired by it,fustrated then bored with it, excited, then finely loved it So many emotions your made to feelBook starts out with Keira being told bad news and her life comes to an end of what she become to love and know Keira sister goes into labour early and Carrick is on the side side lines but helps Keira in the end with a traumatic birth So not a role of a soul taker Keira is first warned by Sigurd who later comes into the scene and a pro [...]

    24. Oh hell, this book has finished me off How the hell can this happen Yes it s a book but oh my god It s left me sad, angry, confused, frustrated, I m a mess lol It was brilliant Can t wait for the next book.

    25. Where do I even begin this start off from where book 3 left off with that cliffhanger Keira is devastated from the news she has received about Draven She is not coping with the loss of him and she is going out of her way to find out what really happened In the mean time, she becomes and aunty and even helps with this amazing delivery By having her niece, it eases the pain a little, but she is still determined to find out what happened to the love of her life She has a run in with Vincent, and I [...]

    26. 19% into the book so far and it is still just as awesome The author definitely knows her stuff I am on edge trying to figure out what is going to happen I can t believe some of the stuff Keira had to go thru it makes me want to kick Draven, but I still love him lol.45% into book and OMG First off I love kiera s shadowed protector sighurd, he is awesome and super hott I can t believe she has to try to get into hell And the Oracle was so not what I expected lol, but as always looks can be deceivin [...]

    27. Small spoilers featured Most frustrating and confusing ending then the preview for the next book was equally as tormenting as it begins 10 months down the lineI do love this story and how its written with the characters ect But one does have to wonder what next How far can you go until people turn around and get bored with the riddles and confusion I loved the first three books and although I did enjoy this book and I am truly impatiently looking forward to the next, I do hope the next book is [...]

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