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Dark Illusion By Patricia Wilson,

  • Title: Dark Illusion
  • Author: Patricia Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780373033546
  • Page: 476
  • Format: None
  • I remove obstacles that stand in my way Nick Martella wouldn t allow Joanna s love for another man to cause him any problems Joanna, of course, resisted his high handed attitude, but it seemed that wherever she went, whatever she did, Nick was always one step ahead of her It was hard enought to deal with him in England, but on the small Caribbean island Nick called home,I remove obstacles that stand in my way Nick Martella wouldn t allow Joanna s love for another man to cause him any problems Joanna, of course, resisted his high handed attitude, but it seemed that wherever she went, whatever she did, Nick was always one step ahead of her It was hard enought to deal with him in England, but on the small Caribbean island Nick called home, Joanna found it even difficult to outmaneuver him It was, though, only when Joanna realized that she was not only fighting Nick s single minded pursuit of her, but her own growing love for him, that her problems really began
    Dark Illusion I remove obstacles that stand in my way Nick Martella wouldn t allow Joanna s love for another man to cause him any problems Joanna of course resisted his high handed attitude but it seemed that wh

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    1. The plot of Dark Illusion was a train wreck that I soon grow bored of It had a good premise The dark, brooding tycoon with stalkerrific tendencies The typical willowy English girl trying to escape his clutches while fighting her own traitorous body Various settings such as a gloomy ancestral English mansion, a glittering Manhattan, and the exotic beaches of St Kitts with an ancient fort perched upon a cliff no less All of these elements could have made for a delicious Harlequinny treat but the a [...]

    2. Joanna s life plan included marriage to Martin, her friend since childhood But then Martin instead went and proposed Rina, 19 For inexplicable reasons, Rina is getting married from Joanna s stepfather s stately home, and with one exception everyone is either ignoring Joanna s prior claim to Martin, or is selfishly ignorant of it i.e Joanna s mother.Rina s uncle Nick, however, is all about giving Joanna the disapproving behave yourself glares best associated with the type of hero I love to hate a [...]

    3. Omg this is by far the best story of Patricia wilson The guy loves her and wants her so bad you feel the tension I don t know how she held out so long He would have had me in two seconds flat with his smooth ways Omg the things he says to her Swoon worthiness to the max Loved it and recommend it

    4. Stalkerific hero A heroine who runs the gamut of emotions as she tries to know her own mind There is a lot of movement in this novel England, New York, an island in the Caribbean yet there seems to be plenty of time to develop secondary characters and create an actual relationship for the H h Hero is obsessed, but as the narrative goes on, he becomes and vulnerable and endearing His grandmother was an interesting character as was his manservant.

    5. Wtf is this thing with I love you but you have to say it first to prove your love for me Why can t a guy just tell the girl they love her without bullying them into bed Yeah bud, that s gonna make her fall in love with you over the other guy in a heartbeat NOT

    6. You literally get swept away and have the rug pulled under you Nick is a swoon worthy hero This book is about plotting and the irresistable chase Having his personal chef in his restaurant whip you up this glorious dreamy castle dessert is simply magical.

    7. Super romantic angsty book which reminded me of those Vintage Harlequins I used to love so much Swoon worthy, stalker, jealous, possessive hero and sweet classy heroine were perfect for each other

    8. Sigh wothily romantic Nobody does stalkerific heroes like Patricia Wilson and this one certainly doesn t disappoint.

    9. Dark Illusion is the story of Nick and Joanna.If you like crazy possessive stalkery heroes in old school romances this is the book for you It features a hero who relentless pursues our heroine, is literally ready to buy and keep the world at her feet, and will do anything to get her.The heroine is in love with om Martin when the book starts, however Martin gets married to the hero s niece Rina and at the same time the heroine realizes how the hero always haunts her dreams.It s an obvious May Dec [...]

    10. Why did you come back she asked in a whisper, her throat hurting badly For the same reason I always come back, he grunted angrily, to see you, to touch you, to damned well hope Joanna and NickKnowing that this book are a favourite of many of my friends i have been wanting to read this book with great hopes,and this book being my first book by this author made it so much better.But WOW,what a perfect made Unforgettable love story Dark Illusion are.Wilson s writing language threw me in a cinema wh [...]

    11. I pulled this one off the pile as part of my old vintage HP Presents binge because I knew I got something good cathartic And I wasn t disappointed It was perfectly funny, perfectly angsty, perfectly swoony, and just enough drama It managed to captured and held my attention from the moment I started reading it.I adored Nick And oh, did I mention I also love him Seriously, his possessiveness and slightly domineering attitude knows no bounds And he s surprisingly sweet at times And I loved how hone [...]

    12. I liked this story The hero was relentless in his pursuit of the heroine, making sure that her childhood love was removed from her life.The book taking place in different locations made it interesting England, New York, the Caribbean.There was plenty of good Harlequin ish angst, too.I do have to point out, however, that the dude on the cover looks like a dork.

    13. I have searched for this book for what seems like forever and it was totally worth it He was so obsessed with her and was willing to go to any lengths to have her I will definitely be rereading it in the future.

    14. Talk about manipulative and I can easily picture Nick We first see him at his niece s wedding which was held in Joanna s stepfather ancestral mansion Joanna was the bridesmaid to a bride she has never met based on Nick s wishes Unfortunately for Joanna, the bride was marrying the man Joanna loved who also happen to be her best friend Did I forget to mention Nick offered the OM a new job and a lot money and introduced him to his niece You might think that is just coincident Well, how about Nick [...]

    15. Wonderfully engaging story full of feels and intense chemistry between the two main characters.Nick is a dark hero, intense and ruthless He s a good 12 years older than Joanna, and she was only 17 when he first saw her and gave her nightmares She was too young to under the feelings he evoked in her and so she disliked him.But being the ruthless man he was, it was creepy how he manipulated things He came across as an obsessed stalker, controlling alpha a hole, throwing his money around playing wi [...]

    16. This is one turbulent affair, but good a emotional roller coaster.The guy is a domineering , obsessive lover He has been in love with the girl since her teens He manipulates situations and people to ensure he keeps the girl to himself.The girl starts off scared of the guy, then hates him for a while Finally falls for his overwhelming personality.There is a wimpy OM who is a useful tool to induce insane jealousy in the hero Otherwise he serves no other purpose.Except saying I love you, he does ev [...]

    17. I wasn t expecting to like it but I do The hero was very stalkerific but it was tolerablewards the end though, I kept thinking, when will this guy ever get to Japan lol

    18. That romantic chase, possessive hunk of a man and a well rounded heroine made this book very likeable I loved the heroine, she was very human and I found that I felt the same and wouldve acted the same being in her predicament, she was made of awesome sauce Our hero was aiite, I liked his possessiveness and his one track mind to be and to have the h, but I didnt particularly like him calling her names.Overall an entertaining read

    19. Wow , amazing I love it , the hero has strong personality , great characteristic , and the heroine is stubborn and honest, nervous I like such novels I wish to read like this one.

    20. Enjoyed this novel a lot even though it was not as great as Perilous Refuge by the same writer The hero was one special character here and the heroine us as sweet Recommended read.

    21. I enjoyed the angst about his alpha male routine and his control of her life ie stalking her but she was a little too timid for my taste

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