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End of the Line By Emma Meade,

  • Title: End of the Line
  • Author: Emma Meade
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 172
  • Format: ebook
  • Cassie wants to die When midnight rolls around, she stands on the tracks waiting for the train to come She loses her nerve the first couple of times but returns to try once After all, third time s the charm Paranormal Short Story approx 5,500 words
    End of the Line Cassie wants to die When midnight rolls around she stands on the tracks waiting for the train to come She loses her nerve the first couple of times but returns to try once After all third time s the

    One thought on “End of the Line”

    1. She felt the depth of her despair left her no options.Twice she had stood on the tracks, staring down the iron monster Twice she had jumped off, unable to go through with it Third time s the charm She held her ground as the train approached As it went through her, a man grabbed her hand, pulled her aboard, and said, Welcome to the What the 5 STARS Would Buy It For Them lol I love the cover of this book and think it is excellent The colors and subject jumped off the page The title is great, too B [...]

    2. Was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review If you want a free copy, come enter here paranormalsistersEnd of the Line is one of those short stories where it is told perfectly well that you can envision it being turned into a full length novel It s one where at the end of the tale you wish that it actually was I told this to my boyfriend and he asks, Would you be as into it as you would a short story I would think a short story is exciting because it s straight to the story [...]

    3. End of the Line by Emma Meade is an intense, pulse thumping tale of a girl, Cassie, bent on killing herself, who stands on the Railroad tracks while a train rapidly approaches Somehow she finds herself supernaturally transported into an eerie, ancient railroad carriage, populated by a dozen or so spirits who had each committed suicide to end their respective lives Their task is for each of them to relate their respective stories to Cassie, because as it happens, she still has time to decide whet [...]

    4. I loved this short story The beginning hooked me, and I just HAD to find out what happened It begins with the main character, standing on the train tracks, waiting to end her life She couldn t do it Finally, after trying for three times, she finally lets herself be hit by the train, but it isn t at all what she expected She s pulled up into the train and meets 13 ghosts who have to tell her their stories, and she then has to decide if she really wants her life to end or not.How can this concept [...]

    5. This was such a powerful and unique supernatural story Very well written too, as expected from Emma I feel like it s something all teens in high school especially should read, since that s a time when many suffer through depression and thoughts of suicide I really loved how the author handled it so it wasn t a depressing read, but rather uplifting and encouraging I won t give it away, but there was a point in the story where the supernatural element was brought in that was done very tastefully I [...]

    6. I received a free copy from the Making Connections group on in exchange for a book review I liked this short story Cassie was attempting suicide by standing in front of a train I say attempting because she kept chickening out I felt bad for her Depression is hard to overcome, especially with no support It s not as easy as just snapping out of it.My favorite lines 1 Damn it She wanted to die Why couldn t she have stuck it out 2 The driver could see her now, but it was too late to stop Even if he [...]

    7. It s midnight and Cassie stands on the train tracks waiting for death Here it comes She will not jump out of the way, she won t Then she jumps.Now she ll have to come back tomorrow night and finish what she started, even if she has to use liquid courage to do so.If she does meet death, will it be the end of the line What will happen if she doesn t jump out of the way in time If she lets the wheels of the train obliterate her existence What if the end of the line isn t the end I feel sorry for Ca [...]

    8. i got a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review i don t normally read short stories but when i see this book summary i got so interested and try to read it and dear, i love this story ever thought about life about how horrible it is and want to get out from this world that exactly what Cassie feels she is so depressed she chose to end her life but then death doesn t come as she predicts, she goes to Ghost Train instead and there she has to make decision, to live or to stay dead this bo [...]

    9. The author quickly brings you inside the head of a young woman that wants to commit sucide and tries twice until confronted by those already dead I won t say because I don t want to give away the story.Being a Novella, it is fast pace grabbing you into the story and makes many turns before the end.Cassie, the main character is believable as the troubled young woman that wants to die.A host of ghostly characters help her make her decision to live or die I received a copy of this book in exchange [...]

    10. This is well written with an excellent premise It is a short story about a young woman who is given a choice to continue her drab and dismal excuse for a life, or to just give up and not have to continue the misery her life has become It is amazing it is only 18 pages long and still gets this difficult point across to the reader with so much impact I would highly recommend this author, and particularly this short piece, to readers who would enjoy an unusually good story

    11. I received a copy from the author for an honest review.Cassie has visited and stood on the railroad tracks twice and has fearfully stepped off She doesn t want to live any battling bouts of depressions has become too painful.Her third time to stand on the tracks, she is not afraid A heart warming short story about life s second chances A recommended read

    12. Cassie is so tired of the bouts of depression she has She wants to end it all But does she The train is coming will Cassie meet it on the line I loved this story Great characters, well thought out I was sorry to get to the end I recommend this short story to all.This story was provided by the author for an honest review.

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