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The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B By Teresa Toten,

  • Title: The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B
  • Author: Teresa Toten
  • ISBN: 9780385678346
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Adam meets Robyn at a support group for kids coping with obsessive compulsive disorder, he is drawn to her almost before he can take a breath He s determined to protect and defend her to play Batman to her Robyn whatever the cost But when you re fourteen and the everyday problems of dealing with divorced parents and step siblings are supplemented by the challengesWhen Adam meets Robyn at a support group for kids coping with obsessive compulsive disorder, he is drawn to her almost before he can take a breath He s determined to protect and defend her to play Batman to her Robyn whatever the cost But when you re fourteen and the everyday problems of dealing with divorced parents and step siblings are supplemented by the challenges of OCD, it s hard to imagine yourself falling in love How can you have a normal relationship when your life is so fraught with problems And that s not even to mention the small matter of those threatening letters Adam s mother has started to receive .
    The Unlikely Hero of Room B When Adam meets Robyn at a support group for kids coping with obsessive compulsive disorder he is drawn to her almost before he can take a breath He s determined to protect and defend her to play Bat

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    1. This book is INCREDIBLE Seriously II don t even know where to start But I wasn t expecting to be this emotionally involved in this book, or this sucked in by it, but I literally just glued my eyeballs to the 270 pages and COULD NOT LET GO I maybe cried a bit I maybe became an emotionally roiled wreck So basically What are you waiting for GO READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW AND LET YOUR HEART CRY AND BE MELTED AND SMUSHED LIKE MINE WAS.I don t know what s going on with the cover, though Is it a honeycomb [...]

    2. I received an arc of this book for review from the publisher, and what I knew about it going in was pretty basic boy falls for girl but has his own issues to deal with first I didn t expect it to be a pretty raw and emotionally charged look at OCD There s a support group full of teenagers who all have different coping mechanisms and cleansing rituals for a variety of problems, mostly revolving in some way around anxiety The main character, Adam, is torn between his single mum a hoarder with her [...]

    3. Adam Ross Remember his name, because there is no doubt you ll fall in love with him.divabooknerd 2015 05 tThe Unlikely Hero of Room 13B is a beautiful, poignant and an incredibly playful read that s written with a loving hand, dealing with a very serious and very real issue of obsessive compulsive disorder Almost fifteen year old Adam falls in love the moment Robyn breezes into the room She also suffers from the same illness, and has just been released from a residential program and has joined t [...]

    4. The first 25 pages of this book had me begging for a window to jump out of I almost have up reading it altogether What makes this book interesting is witnessing what OCD can do to a person, because before I never really knew However, aside from learning about this disease, there is nothing to this book The romance is weak, the characters are strange and unusual, and I don t think any teen can have an easy time relating to this book unless personally affected by the struggles these characters dea [...]

    5. For me, this is book is really boring and has no substance to the plot I couldn t connect with the characters or become emotionally invested in anything The only redeemable quality about this book is how it might teach people about OCD and how serious is it Full review bibilophilegathering 2015

    6. GUYS.G U Y SG U Y S.Holy craBCAKESI found a book with a protagonist named ROBYN for those wondering my name is Lyanna Robyn and I have never in my life read a book with a main character named Robyn they re usually named Robin and are side characters He s determined to protect and defend her to play Batman to her Robyn whatever the cost.They re even using the jokes everyone uses on me I m sorry if this seems inconsequential to you, but it means a whole grEAT DEAL to me because I ve been LOOKING F [...]

    7. Actual rating 3.5 4 Portrayal of OCD mental health illness was incredibly on point Positive light on support groups and getting help Exaggerated romance, but def had some sweet points The mystery of the threatening letters was surprising and well plotted YA characters actually interested in religion Catholic faith Positive relationship with step family Adored Adam with his step sibling, Sweetie 3333

    8. It s definitely nice to see portrayals of mental illness in literature but I found this book frustrating in a lot of ways I kind of took note of them as I was reading, so I m gonna add in some of those notes here The way eating disorders are addressed in this book is upsetting On page 56 Skinny girls worrying about getting skinnier totally perplexed him Later, Adam and Robyn are talking about how they don t understand girls who starve themselves, and Robyn says she has a friend who looks like he [...]

    9. I just love it when books like this fall in my lap The storyline was spot one characters were outstandingd the writing was superb Teresa Toten has hit it out of the park with this one and I m so glad that I get to share it with you I was blown away from page one and I couldn t put it down The main reason I keep reading a book is because of the writing If it isn t there, I m done before I even started This book was amazing and caught my attention from the very first page When I first started read [...]

    10. The boy inhaled as the door opened Honestly, I expected .When I first found this book a while back on , I was absolutely taken aback by such wonderful reviews It made this an automatic want A desire A necessity So I hate to say that I m somewhat disappointed.For those who aren t aware, The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B is a YA novel about a group for teenage sufferers of obsessive compulsive disorder Every teenager has some form of OCD, including a hypochondriac, a boy with intrusive thoughts, and t [...]

    11. The Unlikely Hero Of Room 13B is one of my favorite books ever It will bring on your full emotion, showing you the kind, truthful, honest, and pained sides of a boy with OCD Adam Spencer Ross is a fourteen year old boy that is living the life of someone who s parents are divorced, has a step sibling and stepmother, takes medication regularly, and has OCD Let s just say that his life is far from a fairytale, even with an adoring little stepbrother Sweetie that idolizes and loves him than all of [...]

    12. In the past I ve read a few YA novels that tried to tackle OCD in teens, and fell really short Since, I ve made a conscious effort to avoid this topic in YA specifically However, this one had a unique twist and seemed to tackle it differently, which intrigued me enough to make the purchase I wasn t overly disappointed either, but it wasn t fantastic The Unlikely Hero of Room 13 B is about a group of teenagers who all seem to struggle with different types of disorders Our unlikely hero , Adam, de [...]

    13. Adam isn t looking for romance at his OCD group therapy session but when Robyn walks in, everything changes Adam has enough going on in his life with his divorced parents, a stepmother, and a little brother who needs Adam all the time As Adam starts to teach Robyn about Catholicism, the others in his group become intrigued too Soon Adam finds himself showing them all the church that he and his mother left years ago Adam reassures himself that everyone lies, but his lies seem to be increasing eac [...]

    14. I won this book on the giveaway page and got the astounding opportunity to own and read this book before its release date.For Starters I found this book really spoke to me It s a great story and I found that I could really relate to the characters The touching story was especially great because the main character wasn t alone He had many people to love and help him cope with OCD This was my favourite factor in the story I loved reading about the support group and how eventually they learned to t [...]

    15. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY GOOD book I would definitely read it because this guy has to go to these groups and when he goes there he sees this girl named Robyn after he sees her he has planned out his life1 he has to protect Robyn2 he will marry herThis book is about a guys named Adam and his mom gets these really weird letters and he can t tell anyone because she would go to jail his parents are divorced so he the groups for therapy Adam gets new friends some are like Robyn and some are a little cree [...]

    16. Adam.I fell in love with him on the very first page of the book Me, not being a boy, could easily relate to his feelings for Robyn Toten explained perfectly the love, the envy the teenagers experienced Robyn, reminded me of my sister Kind, easy going and determined Robyn was the kind of girl I would like to be best friend s with Robyn is the kind of girl, for sure, I would fall for if I were in Adam s place.On the other hand, I imagined Adam as myself I m of the awkward person Adam s personalit [...]

    17. I ve read a lot of books on mental health but not many with male main characters This has to be the best one yet I ve been counting it s the third I ve read There s not many books I feel connected to, this book was written for me us , whatever you want to call it.Adam wants to be Robyn s hero but he s having trouble saving himself He immediately falls in love with Robyn as she walks in the OCD support group before the door closes What I like about Adam is he wants to save everyone, he s caring, [...]

    18. A great contemporary YA novel that follows Adam Batman , a 15 year old who is part of a motley crew of superheroes including Robyn, Wonder Woman, Thor and and ey just happen to all be in an OCD support group and have varying presentations and degrees of OCD The writing lends itself nicely to the mental and emotional journey that Adam is on he comes across as authentic and cheer worthy, as do the other superheroes It s an honest and moving portrayal of mental illness, but mostly it s a story of [...]

    19. A beautifully written story about a teen dealing with extreme OCD issues The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B is funny, intricate and emotional Adam s story, and his struggle with OCD, will make you want to smile and tear up all at the same time.

    20. Een hartverwarmend verhaal wat ik niet neer kon leggen De charismatische, maar ongemakkelijke held zal je hart stelen.

    21. This review also appears on my blog, Reading with Jenna.Where do I even begin with these 270 pages of goodness It was a harrowing look into OCD and the effect it has on not only those suffering from the disorder but those around them too But even though it was an emotional book about serious issues, there s an abundance of humour and wit that made it an absolute delight to read This is my favourite book about OCD that I ve read so far and I cannot recommend it highly.While the book ostensibly i [...]

    22. Originally posted to my blog, Stay and Watch the StarsWant an example of how not to write a romance Try this book.I think that Adam s OCD was very well portrayed It totally messed up his life, but it also didn t totally define his character Near the end of the book, you could really feel his downward spiral, and his desperation to get better I felt sympathetic for him through about half of the story on the other half later.The mystery portion of the story felt well written It didn t take center [...]

    23. 3.5 4 stars Originally posted at iliveforreading 2I hadn t heard of this one before I was offered a copy for review, but it sounded quite interesting and cute, so I thought why not and started it There were several things that I didn t know about the book before starting because the blurb didn t give too much away Firstly, I thought this was a middle grade book but I found that it s young adult than middle grade Secondly, this book deals with OCD Most of the characters mentioned have some form [...]

    24. Mrs Schubert told me that she didn t love The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B, but it was still worth a read I agree 100% I started reading it and found it interesting that most of the story consists of the main character, Adam, going between school, home, and group Adam is in group therapy with other teens with OCD It is both sad and entertaining to hear them talk about their issues as their alter egos super heroes that include Batman Adam , Robyn, Thor, Wonder Woman, and my favorite, Snooki I was ve [...]

    25. Actual Rating 3.5Hi guys, this is my review to Teresa Toten s The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B.The beginning of this book was hard for me to get into I wasn t used to Adam s overdying love for Robyn I also wasn t used to Adam s mother s behavior But after a long while, I managed to get into this book pretty well I personally don t know anything about OCD to say whether or not this book actually portrayed this well But I do know that Adam is a strong, sensible, and likeable character who knows how t [...]

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