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The Werewolf Prince and I By Marian Tee,

  • Title: The Werewolf Prince and I
  • Author: Marian Tee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Broke, nerdy, and self confessed wimp Misty Wall leads a ho hum life as a Grammar Nazi intern, which of course earns her feelings of hate at first sight from her colleagues at Ze Morgue, a.ka Moretti Inc s Administration Department.Misty has always wished for something exciting to spice up her boring with a capital B existence, but she never thought it would come in theBroke, nerdy, and self confessed wimp Misty Wall leads a ho hum life as a Grammar Nazi intern, which of course earns her feelings of hate at first sight from her colleagues at Ze Morgue, a.ka Moretti Inc s Administration Department.Misty has always wished for something exciting to spice up her boring with a capital B existence, but she never thought it would come in the form of a gorgeous six foot plus billionaire The world knows him as Domenico Moretti, the ruthless, cunning, and aloof CEO of Moretti, Inc, a.k.a her boss.Gifts of mis fortune come in threes, they say, and it s certainly the case with Misty, whose life is turned upside down by Domenico Moretti s three shocking revelations.One, he s a werewolf who s also a prince.Two, he wants her in his bed him, the guy who actually had to file a TRO against an obsessive supermodel.And three, he has a proposition she never and she means never ever sees coming.
    The Werewolf Prince and I Broke nerdy and self confessed wimp Misty Wall leads a ho hum life as a Grammar Nazi intern which of course earns her feelings of hate at first sight from her colleagues at Ze Morgue a ka Moretti

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    1. Why did it take so long for me to start reading this book First and foremost.Ladies and gentleman, I present you Domenico, my sexual fantasy and future husband Yeah,I know Damn hot.Be prepared though He s just like your good ol main male character What do I mean by that Well, he s a jerk His attitude throughout the whole book screamsHe treated Misty like some kind of toy that he could manipulate and play with whenever he felt convenient to do so That s just plain wrong Don t get me wrong, Misty [...]

    2. This review is also available on my blog neverkissandblog.I have a special loathing for this book I wanted to DNF it at several points and only the unavoidable lack of ANYTHING else to read made me finish it At no point was I able to immerse myself in it as it was either ridiculous, clich or just dumb far too often.This book was originally just a short story called The Werewolf Prince Commands , and if the author hadn t told you at the start it wouldn t be noticeable Except for the sudden appear [...]

    3. 3.5 stars Warning CEO Is A 6 4 Unsmiling Giant Do Not Be Intimidated He Does Not Bite Unless you want him too, wink Enter a paranormal world where nothing is as it seems Domenico needed a wife, one who would fit the part of a Princess and as the ultimate pawn in his plan, there is a war coming and he needs to unite the Lycan s to fight together Misty is a quiet meek woman who has it in her to believe in the unbelievable and see the good where others seem to go blind She has a quiet strength abou [...]

    4. I can t even express how much I really truly hated this book Domenico decides he is going to marry a chick who works for him named Misty, has he ever met her, no But he has done a thorough stalker background check and because she was interested in paranormal stuff when she was a kid he knows she will take it well that he is a werewolf, plus he is trying to get back at his father for something he said out of anger a billion years ago.Misty the heroine is very weak willed, she lets everyone walk a [...]

    5. RAWR RAWR I ve lately developed a taste for the werewolf The large, hairy balls of danger have tickled my fancy, lol Although I love my vampires, I am loving their none too distant cousins, the werewolves.Of course this sub genre has it s winners and not so winners but I think this book rests down the middle The Werewolf Prince and I is a PNR that doesn t pretend to be something it s not We re talking straight up entertainment There is little to no world building, minimal development of secondar [...]

    6. This is the first paranormal book by Marian Tee I have read I loved it I can t believe the ending thoughI need to read the next one immediately

    7. He has money check He is a suppernatural check He is a prince or in other wise in a important standing in society check Hmmm I ll give it a shot

    8. WaaahI thought that this is a stand alone T.T aarrgg the pain of waiting.I just hope that the second book will be release early next year

    9. Misty Wall works in the Moretti Inc s Administration Department She is the head of her household, the oldest of several adopted children, she is constantly giving her adoptive mother money and taking care of the rest of the family This makes Misty timid, nerdy, and broke Her co workers don t like her and she doesn t have time to look for a relationship since she s busy raising her adoptive brothers and sisters Always the responsible one, Misty is thrown for a loop when her boss, Domenico Moretti [...]

    10. At first I wasn t certain about this book, Tee s writing convinced quickly enough For some the set up may seem familiar older supernatural creature finds young naive human woman utterly irresistible and defies everyone for them to be in a relationship, though he s actually quite scared of his feelings for her This is kind of the paranormal romance MO in a nutshell, but Tee pokes fun at some of those tropes while delivering an amusing, very hot romance with an unexpectedly strong female.I admit t [...]

    11. My thoughts on the book I loved how a simple attraction and a not so simple agreement can mix it up Hmmmm What would you do when a super sexy billionaire makes a proposal that you can walk away from I mean it can t always be that easy right Nobody is perfect even this Alpha prince who promises the world Domenico Morettiunds yummy He has the sensual allure Misty can t seam to shake Misty Wall is your average hard working woman with too much on her plate Loads of responsibilities weighting her dow [...]

    12. This is the first time I have read a Marian Tee book And I have got to say I m hooked As you know by now I don t like giving the story away, so there is no spoilers in this review The story is about Misty and Domenico Misty is a intern who proofreads everyone s work to check for grammar, which has made her an outcast in Moretti Inc Domenico is the handsome CEO and prince to the Moretti clan, who is looking for a human wife to get back at his dad Misty lives at home with her siblings who are all [...]

    13. ITS NOT WITHOUT FLAWS, BUT I STILL LIKED ITHe s a tall dark green eyed billionaire CEO of his own company But he s also a werewolf a royal prince heir to lead his pack She s a human, and works for his company in a lowly position What she doesn t know is that he s chosen her to be his wife Now all he has to do is to persuade her to do what he wants He sees her as the key to his ambitions.This story is not perfect by any means, at times it s a bit convoluted, there s often a lot of information thr [...]

    14. I love to find a new author that I love of the back Really enjoyed the story but I m still a little baffled about the rationale behind Domenico s selection of Misty It s noted in the book as the ability to accept his Lyccan nature but I would have liked a little in depth explanation or back story as to why Misty is perfect to be Queen However, I am beyond happy that a heroine isn t described as thin but Misty has an actual figure Her curves were a rare blessing made to be shaped by a man s hand [...]

    15. I love an angsty story.I really love an angsty paranormal story view spoiler Domenico is the werewolf prince and to spite his father decides to marry a human,Misty Domenico and Misty wind up falling in love but Domencio can t help but to keep manipulating Misty and use her to gain allies within the werewolf council and to continue spite his father.I felt so bad for Misty,she was so naive and in love with Domenico and he did not appreciate what he had until it was gone hide spoiler Can t wait for [...]

    16. Fantastic It took me a while to like the writing style ,when you get used to it, its really worth sticking with The only thing that let it down for me, spelling and punctuation I found myself rereading paragraphs to make sense of it Apart from that, amazing Edgy and steamy, with lots of attitude to it I really enjoyed it x

    17. Alpha Alpha male Love a strong man that says what he wants.Enjoyed reading.I was irritated at the end cuz I guess I like a happily ever after when I want it and got stuck with a cliff hanger But to relieve my tension I read the 2nd book.

    18. So my thoughts on this book were kind of all over the place The female lead was just blah Innocent, naive On the other hand I could not put this book down Trust me I wanted to a couple of times but couldn t By the end I was hooked I of course had to buy book 2

    19. Really enjoyed the story but I m still a little confused about the reasoning behind Domenico s selection of Misty It wasn t quite explained to my satisfaction I understand that he was trying to piss off his dad but what made Misty so perfect for that role Just wondering.

    20. I really like this newish author She gives her characters personality I feel like her talent will only get better.

    21. This was totally a girls romantic read as I had nothing better to do and suddenly found the story line real interesting and can t wait till the next book.

    22. Surprisingly this is the type of book a would avoid reading but I wanted to read something new so I gave it a try And man I honestly want to see how it s all going to unravel in the next book.

    23. This book was so utterly ridiculous I can t believe I made it as far as I did That is all I m going to say about this.

    24. The Werewolf Prince and I is about Misty Wall, a very self conscious and painfully shy awkward klutzy young woman who works for Domenico Moretti, the big boss of the company She is the Grammar Nazi ha which means everyone hates her for correcting their work As the book introducses us to another normal day at the office for Misty, she goes up to the building s library only to walk in on the itchy bee giving a blowjob to a married worker The poor thing is hassled and threatened by the woman, Janic [...]

    25. 3.5Ok, I read this book because 1 I love wolves2 Sometimes is healthy to read some insta love xD3 It was freeThere are a lot of explicit scenes in the book, and I was cool with some of them Sometimes I was like But, I think other scenes were getting out of hand Sometimes my brain didn t want to process the information TMI.I didn t have a lot of problems with Misty However, she annoyed the heck out me with her delicate words Shick and Frack I know she makes use of this words because she wants to [...]

    26. For More CLICK HEREAt the end I was like Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo This can t be happening to me However, the second book is out, so I will console myself by reading that.I m so dumb I didn t realize there was than one book about Misty DUH This is the second Marian Tee book I ve read and while I could write a full, blog able review, I will just leave you with a few quick thoughts since I m pretty sure quite a lot of people will already have reviewed.This book was in fact, not at all [...]

    27. This book wasFunny I wasn t expecting that I kind of went into it expecting another weak heroine with low self esteem who falls in love with a beautiful werewolf, he saves her from the bad guys, they confess their undying love for each other, blah blah blah I was very pleasantly surprised The heroine, with the unfortunate name of Misty Walls, is shockingly funny While yes, she s got some self esteem issues, she wears it well She s strong minded, doesn t jump to conclusions about her man, which i [...]

    28. Stars 4Overall Misty is a shy, weak and nerdy girl that works at Moretti Inc She is an unpaid intern that proof reads everyone documents before they are sent out She is adopted and has brothers and sisters that are technically not related to her, but she cares deeply for them anyways Domenico Moretti feels that Misty is the one for him because he is going to use her as a way to get back at his father and always gain alliances for him in the Lycan Council For my personal, I felt the story line we [...]

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