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The Widows of Braxton County By Jess McConkey,

  • Title: The Widows of Braxton County
  • Author: Jess McConkey
  • ISBN: 9780062188267
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • Widows of Braxton County by Jess McConkey is a haunting and suspenseful novel about family secrets and how well we really know the people we love Kate is looking forward to starting a new life with her new husband, Joseph Krause She leaves the big city and moves with him to the Iowa farm that has been in his family for than 140 years Instead of something out of CouWidows of Braxton County by Jess McConkey is a haunting and suspenseful novel about family secrets and how well we really know the people we love Kate is looking forward to starting a new life with her new husband, Joseph Krause She leaves the big city and moves with him to the Iowa farm that has been in his family for than 140 years Instead of something out of Country Living, Kate finds life on the farm a struggle She hears gossip from the unfriendly neighbors about the connection between the Krause family and a mysterious death decades before As the past creeps into Kate s present, she s caught in a web of dangerous, unexplainable events Jess McConkey, who is also published under the pseudonym Shirley Damsgaard, is an award winning writer of short fiction.
    The Widows of Braxton County Widows of Braxton County by Jess McConkey is a haunting and suspenseful novel about family secrets and how well we really know the people we love Kate is looking forward to starting a new life with he

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    1. This story takes place on a farm in Iowa, 140 yrs apart, with two similar deaths of two men In the present day, Kate newly married, gets the shock of her young life when she arrives on the farm and finds her new mother in law in residence Her husband just neglected to mention that part She quickly learns and becomes part of small town gossip, family feuds and many family secrets Can a family really be cursed Can injustices ever be corrected Can a ghost from the past reach out and calm with her p [...]

    2. Just finished this stunning mystery yesterday It is set in rural Iowa in two time periods The first is 1890 on the Krause farm where we meet Hannah Krause, wife of Jacob Jacob is a brutish lout who beats her and has practically imprisoned her on the farm Her teenage stepson lives in a cabin near the house because he hates Hannah Her only purpose and joy in life is her nine year old son Willie He s also Jacob s son but bears no resemblance to his father Second, in 2012 we meet Kate, bride of Jose [...]

    3. Kate readily accepts marrying a farmer name Joe,just to escape her meddling grandmother Living in her household has not done anything in her favor, she rather live in a shack than to live with her Not to mention her unrealistic demands and the pity party she throws so she can gain sympathy However Kate is not buying the act and she cannot wait to start a new life with Joe Although her grandmother thinks she is making a huge mistake rushing into a marriage, considering her opinion is the furthest [...]

    4. Kate is a young bride who puts her city dwelling life behind her when she marries Joe Krause and moves to his farm in Iowa, which has been in his family for over a hundred years She wants to build a life and a family there with Joe.But after she arrives, she discovers that he has misrepresented many things, and outright lied about others He said his mother lived elsewhere, but she doesn t He said that she would be able to pursue her dreams, while helping him build their future There are constant [...]

    5. The Widows of Braxton County by Jess McConkey is a haunting tale of deeply buried family secrets that leave us wondering if the sins of the father do, in fact, haunt the generations to come after I really enjoyed this novel of generations past and present and the ghostly feel it had about it I listened to the audiobook narrated by Coleen Marlo and she does a fantastic job When I first started listening I wasn t sure I was going to like her but it wasn t long before I did and I m sure that her te [...]

    6. Kate Krause was a very happy bride as she traveled with her husband, Joe, to her new home in Braxton County, Iowa Kate and Joe met online but Kate felt that they were just right for each other Kate s widowed mother had passed away and her grandparents raised Kate Her grandmother complained endlessly and Kate s life was not a happy one.When the new couple arrived at Joe s farm, a woman that Kate first mistook for a housekeeper met Joe and Kate at the door The woman was Trudy Krause, Joe s mother [...]

    7. This was my surprise read for the first quarter of the year I was surprised to be hooked by the first couple of pages I liked that it took place in Iowa Kate absolutely loved the idea of love, a family, a homestead on an Iowa farm that had been in the family for over 100 years That spoke of steadfast family and Kate had always wanted that, but had never experienced anything steadfast Her grandmother who raised her had only belittled and put her down Imagine grandma with a very wide mean streak K [...]

    8. I admit, the title initially sucked me in Widows of Braxton County is an entertaining mystery about small community living You can never get away from the gossip, even if it s 140 years old The story was rounded nicely and there wasn t a single moment I found wasted or repetitive Jess McConkey did an amazing job with her plot and storytelling I especially liked that we were pulled into a world no one wants to see or be in and we were somewhat given the chance to wonder what if that was me What i [...]

    9. So many books sound appealing and then just fall short of your expectations This was an inherently sad novel The story alternates between the past and present and the stories are very much parallel Murder then, murder now Kate unsuspectingly marries into a family of abusers and her excitement at marriage and what she sees a freedom from her abusive, demanding grandmother quickly turns sour She struggles to fit in and find her place, her mother in law is mean and belittling, her husband isn t as [...]

    10. Received this book from author This is one of those books that is hard to rate because you fear of giving out spoilers hate it when people do that with good books It kept me guessing to the very last page seriously, the actual last page Kate falls for a Farmer, Joe Krause online and eagerly moves to his small town Unbeknown to Kate, her husband, her new farm and even her new town is hiding a big, dark secret The towns people believe that the Krause family is cursed with deaths, misfortune, viole [...]

    11. The book was good The story moved along, but I found the story line about ghosts and curses a bit much Drama stretched out way too much throughout the story Very close to being a chick book.

    12. The story really flowed Contrary other opinions, I did not find Kate as weak, but in a situation that surprised her and because she really loved her husband she really tried her hardest to find solutions to what was going on.I also like the character of Hannah Unlike many, I did not find the ending surprising I thought that the novel was well written, and reading the story was a experience I enjoyed.

    13. I found this book neither haunting or suspenseful in fact skimmed the last few chapters the story of Hannah was disjointed and while a travesty I felt no connection to her I disliked the author trying to make a correlation between 1890 and present day the whole current story was not believable.nnall in all not worth the effort to read.

    14. As seen on my blog I feel like I m never in the mood for something eerily mysterious until I m reading something eerie, and mysterious I couldn t flip the pages of The Widows of Braxton County fast enough The first chapter of this book was perfection in tone, it placed me in the exact time period, and tragic feel, that it was going for Alternating time periods are always a win in my book, and the execution of that style was done with knowledge and care.1890 Hannah Krause has just bared witness t [...]

    15. he Widows of Braxton County is yet another novel that uses the past versus present narrative switch However, rather than groan at its overuse, in this instance the narrative shift makes sense as one of the few concrete ways to tie together the past with Kate s present In the context of the story, one has to know what happened 140 years ago in order to obtain the full impact of Kate s situation The parallels drawn between the two time periods are indeed creepy and provide much of the Gothic eleme [...]

    16. In The Widows of Braxton County, Kate marries Joe Krause and moves to the family farm in Iowa It s not like she pictured or hoped it would be For one thing, she didn t know that Joe s mother, Trudy, would be living with them It didn t help that Trudy didn t like Kate at all Eventually, she learns of a long kept secret in the Krause family about a death long ago that still has the town gossiping I really enjoyed this book, but I didn t love it I really liked the story format It jumps back and for [...]

    17. Original review posted at Layers of Thought.Shellie s quick take A women s thriller with a slight paranormal bent that includes domestic abuse and family secrets as major themes.Shellie s description When Kate, a public accountant from the city, moves in with her new husband, she has dreams of marital bliss and a family But when she arrives at his family s Victorian farm house in the country she is surprised and upset to find that they will be living with her terse mother in law However, Kate is [...]

    18. Can family history be repeated Can murder be repeated and with the same weapon, the same manner of death, and to the same family member but years apart Can it really be called a family curse The Krause family had a history of being difficult to get along with and with being abusive to their wives When Kate married Joe, she wasn t aware of the history of the Krause men nor of the murder of her husband s great great grandfather that caused a rift between the Krauses and the entire town.Had her new [...]

    19. The Widows of Braxton County is a captivating novel that follows the Krause family and the tragedies that have befallen them The story is told in alternating time periods parts are set in modern times while the others are set back in the 1800s The book tells the heartbreaking stories of two women Hannah and Kate who marry into the Krause family without fully understanding what they re getting into We get to see a glimpse of their daily lives on the family farm as well as the way that the Krause [...]

    20. 3.5 STARSI had a hard time reading past the first third of this bookKate is being abused by her new husband and doesn t really do too much about it She blames herself for catching him in a bad mood, basically blames everything but her husband Joe But I m glad I did continue reading, because she finally decided to get out of her situation and that s when the book took a turn for the better.The story is told in alternating chapters First is the ale of Hannah Krause, who was the wife of the stern J [...]

    21. Full book review at thesirenstale.wordpressQuick link to review wp p1CgeJ vQRating 5 5 stars I d give the book 10 5 stars if possible The Widows of Braxton County is one of my absolute favorite books I have come across in a very long time Within the first few chapters, I was shaking my head with a smile, thinking how Ms Damsgaard had outdone herself once again What seemingly starts out as historical fiction meeting contemporary fiction, the book takes twists and turns through sensitive topics li [...]

    22. The ending is great The suspense is of the right kind the answer is in front of you all along, you just don t see it I read the book in two busy days putting it down only when I absolutely had to and when I did, looking forward to reading it the whole time The family feud, the antique music box, the legends of ghosts, the old creepy photographs, the hush brought by the past around the town the author has created an amazing aura of mystery that hooks you right in She makes you curious, like Kate, [...]

    23. When Kate met Joe Krause, she thought he was a real prince They found each other online and were soon carrying out a serious relationship Before she knew it she was pregnant and they were married But her new marriage soon turns out to be a bit different than she d imagined First there s Joe s mother Joe never told Kate that Trudy Krause would be living with them He insists it s only temporary but the longer their cohabitation drags out the permanent it starts to seem Then there s the neighbors [...]

    24. Author Jess McConkey s stirring tale of several generations of a Iowa farm family will hold you spellbound.Narrator Coleen Mario does a wonderful job bringing the characters to life Her vocalization of the various emotions conveyed throughout the story gives depth to the writer s words.The story begins in 1890 with a mysterious murder and then moves to present day with the marriage of Kate and Joseph Krause Kate leaves the city and an overbearing grandmother to live with her husband on the Kraus [...]

    25. Family secrets can bind and destroyKate is ready to put her nomadic, city dwelling past behind her when she marries Joe Krause and moves with him to the Iowa farm that has been in his family for than 140 years But life on the farm isn t quite as idyllic as she d hoped It s filled with chores, judgmental neighbors, and her mother in law, who unbeknownst to Kate until after the wedding will be living with them.As Kate struggles to find her place in the small farming community, she begins to reali [...]

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