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Together Tea By Marjan Kamali,

  • Title: Together Tea
  • Author: Marjan Kamali
  • ISBN: 9780062236807
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Together Tea, Marjan Kamali s delightful and heartwarming debut novel, Darya has discovered the perfect gift for her daughter s twenty fifth birthday an ideal husband Mina, however, is fed up with her mother s years of endless matchmaking and the spreadsheets grading available Iranian American bachelors Having spent her childhood in Tehran and the rest of her life inIn Together Tea, Marjan Kamali s delightful and heartwarming debut novel, Darya has discovered the perfect gift for her daughter s twenty fifth birthday an ideal husband Mina, however, is fed up with her mother s years of endless matchmaking and the spreadsheets grading available Iranian American bachelors Having spent her childhood in Tehran and the rest of her life in New York City, Mina has experienced cultural clashes firsthand, but she s learning that the greatest clashes sometimes happen at home.After a last ill fated attempt at matchmaking, mother and daughter embark on a return journey to Iran Immersed once again in Persian culture, the two women gradually begin to understand each other But when Mina falls for a young man who never appeared on her mother s matchmaking radar, will Mina and Darya s new found appreciation for each other survive Together Tea is a moving and joyous debut novel about family, love, and finding the place you truly belong.
    Together Tea In Together Tea Marjan Kamali s delightful and heartwarming debut novel Darya has discovered the perfect gift for her daughter s twenty fifth birthday an ideal husband Mina however is fed up with

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    1. What a wonderful story It begins in America, where Darya, a caring mom, tells her 25 year old daughter, Mina, that she found a wonderful man she wanted her to meet He was one out of dozens that Mina had to meet with her mom and dad presentDarya grew up in Iran, where her own mother arranged her marriage to Parviz, a kind, generous man, a doctor Darya and Parviz married and had three children, two boys and Mina Life was good for the family until Sadaam started bombing Iran, and war was upon them [...]

    2. A great story The history of Iran before, during, and post Revolution in this book, immediately after and then years later, in 1996 is fascinating As the author points out throughout the book, the media here often paints a one sided picture of Iran due to its government and in doing so, ignores the people actually living there, many of whom have progressive beliefs but are completely silenced by the government I was glad to get some insight into what daily life is like for Iranian citizens Kamal [...]

    3. Going into this book I was expected a cute chick lit with a matchmaking mother, and a daughter wanting to find love on her own That s the type of book I enjoy, and would have been perfect for the beach which is where I was when reading Except, I was pleasantly surprised and am happy to say this was so much than that.The first part of the novel takes place in 1996 when Darya and her 20 something daughter, Mina, both reach the decision that the need to go back to Iran in order to move forward in [...]

    4. Full disclosure Marjan Kamali is a writing friend I loved this book from page one to the end because the characters were so engaging and real Some might call this a light summer read, but I believe it s a witty, humorous book with incredible poignancy and depth.Marjan, who is an Iranian American, gives readers a sense of what it was like during the Iranian revolution in the 1970s She also takes us into the modern lives of Iranians both in Iran and in America It s a story about a mother daughter [...]

    5. Kdyby n komu vrtalo hlavou, pro kn ce, kter od jin ch ten dost v v razn v c hv zdi ek, j d v m jen dv , nab z m jednoduch vysv tlen p b h nenaplnil m o ek v n a styl vypr v n mi nesedl J zkr tka nerada, kdy na m text p sob jako kol odevzdan na kurzu tv r ho psan B hem ten se mi p li asto vybavovala Persepolis a zejm na ned vno ten D m u me ity a ve srovn n s nimi aj s n padn kem napadal na jednu nohu Tolik subjektivn hodnocen Objektivn se kniha m e jin m ten m l bit mnohem v c a pr m rn hodnocen [...]

    6. This was an easy and quick read that caught me by surprise and with a few tears also This is the story of an Iranian family that immigrated to America in order for their children to have freedom and to live without fear I loved Mina the daughter , Darya the mom , and Parviz the dad I found myself easily sucked into turning the pages and the world around me disappeared as I read to find out what was going to happen next My heart was touched both when the family left Iran and when Mina and Darya r [...]

    7. A perfect novel The characters are so well drawn yet the writing is very tight not a word wasted Under the guise of a light, almost romantic comedy, this book examines some serious themes the plight of the immigrant in this case Iranian Americans but really all immigrants anywhere and the lives of modern Iranians It has all the elements of a classic novel including the ending which I of course won t reveal here Highly recommend to all.

    8. Loved it I have good Iranian friends and based on conversations with them, the historical aspect of this novel rang true to me.The conflicts experienced by immigrants are personally familiar to me, as well.I could easily connect to Mina, the main character.Highly recommended

    9. The thing I liked most about this book was learning about Iranian culture and how it humanized the Iranian people The romance plot line was weak The description of food was almost obsessive.

    10. A well done story about emigration and immigration as well as the loss of family bonds What was especially well done was Mina s sense of displacement, despite assimilating in the US at a young age, and feeling like she didn t belong either in the US or in Iran And, I loved the reunion scene that Mina and her mother had with her relatives when they went back to visit them I did feel a lot of stress and tension during all the airport scenes.

    11. What a wonderful book It made me laugh, it made me cry than once it made me think I could connect to Mina s character and also just the story and struggles of being an immigrant itself I could relate to, which is why it was such an emotional read for me I feel that unless you have been through a similar situation in life, you cannot understand it I enjoyed the different characters and would highly recommend this book I also learned a lot of things I did not know about the Iranian culture Overal [...]

    12. This was mostly a light romance well, a book about a young woman seeking romance and about her loving mother s different views on what she should look for in a life partner and a story about being true to your interests and your personal needs, not just to what you need to do in life to be successful It also contrasted life in semi contemporary New York City with life in pre revolutionary, early revolutionary, and 1990s post revolutionary Iran I liked that the family was basically happy and got [...]

    13. In 1978, Mina s family left behind the tragedy and turmoil of Iran to start fresh in America Since then, Mina has always felt like she wasn t either fully Iranian or fully American, but rather something in the middle She s given up her passion for art in exchange for getting her MBA and she s suffered through enough awkward teas with possible marriage matches to last a lifetime Then one day, Mina figures it out She wants to return to her roots and visit Tehran Her mother, Darya, is surprisingly [...]

    14. When Darya came to America she left behind many things in Iran Her father and extended family Their luxurious home in Tehran Communal conversations The market places and foods of her childhood But she brought somethings with her her husband, sons and daughter Mina.Mina has become Darya s focus in the last few years While she paid little attention to getting her son s wives, she is determined to find Mina an Iranian American husband All her efforts have thus far proved in vain but she is doggedly [...]

    15. Will rate review closer to February s book club meetingSplit into three parts, the story centers around the relationship between a mother Darya and daughter Mina living in New York in the 1990s and how each of them have adopted to living in a country they were not born in Each woman faces struggles as they navigate living in their adopted homeland the family fled Iran following the Revolution and fall of the Shah and end up in NYC in 1982 When the book begins, Darya is intent on finding a suitab [...]

    16. Together Tea is a poignant immigration experience, a mother daughter relationship, and a culture clash mixed with family dynamics story The setting is mid 90s in the US where the story opens with a clash between an American educated daughter, Mina, and Darya, her American Iranian mother who hasn t quite internalized her new culture The mother Darya s quest in life is to get her daughter married to a successful Iranian, but the daughter is annoyed with her mother s matchmaking efforts When Mina w [...]

    17. A wonderfully written story I loved the family, Mina, Darya, Baba Parviz and all the other colorful,secondary characters The story starts with the Rezayi family living in Queens, NY They have come over from Iran during the Revolution and Mina and her brothers have spent most of their teens early adulthood in America, but none of them have forgotten where they come from Mina feels unhappy with the path her life seems to be taking She s doing her Masters in business, but really thinks she wants to [...]

    18. Tired of her mother s matchmaking attempts and wanting to know who she is and where she came from, Mina returns to Iran after immigrating 15 years ago.I found the historical aspect of this novel fascinating My knowledge of Iran American relations is spotty and comes mostly from the media, which we all know isn t to be trusted completely I remember the hostage crisis in 1979 1981 Here, I loved the perspective of a young woman who grew up in Iran and immigrated to America in the early days of the [...]

    19. This story is a romance taken to a new level Yes, there s a woman whose mother wants to make her a match, using her Excel spreadsheets for find the perfect man And the beginning is light and fun and easy to read But part way through the novel, Mina and her mother Darya, return to their native country, Iran, and at this point, the story becomes much richer as we explore modern day Iran through the eyes of the two women especially in comparison to their memories of the country pre revolution The t [...]

    20. Book 51 Read in 2013Together Tea by Marjan KamaliMina, her parents and her two brothers head to America from Iran during the Iran Iraqi war This book talks about Mina s assimilation to American life, how her mother is still trying to arrange a husband for her, and on the return visit that Mina and her mother take to Iran when Mina is in college This book does a nice job describing the difficulty of fitting in to a new country, and fitting in when visiting the old country The characters are inter [...]

    21. Kniha, ze kter uc t te v ni afr nu a r ov vody, avnatost gran tov ch jabl ek a usly te ver e R m ho a H fize Z rove vhled do jedn r nsk rodiny, kter po Sadd mov toku na r n ode la do Ameriky, kde se sna ila vyrovnat nejen s pln ciz kulturou, kter se ani trochu nepodobala jejich p edstav m o Zemi ajov ch lk , ale tak se steskem po zbytku rodiny, kterou musela nechat v Teher nu Nechyb nadhled a humor tolik typick nap klad pro Marjane Satrapiovou a jej Persepolis, d raz na tradice, v elost celkov s [...]

    22. A heart warming, poignant, and funny story about an Iranian family who immigrates to the United States The story centers on the mother and daughter, Darya and Mina Mina and her mother have different expectations about Mina s future career and approach to finding a suitable husband During a return trip to Iran, Darya and Mina strengthen their bond, and they make peace with their struggle of living between two cultures What I loved most about this book is the view into Iran s political atmosphere [...]

    23. This delightful novel takes readers into the characters homes, journeys with them through continents, regimes, cultures, and love The characters are alive and the places and food are so vividly described that warning you might find yourself reaching for a travel brochure or Persian recipe book Interspersed with self deprecating humor and a keen understanding of the human heart, this was a joy to read The author expertly avoided stereotypes and lovingly explored mother daughter and family themes [...]

    24. This was a story about an Iranian family who immigrated to America Two family members feel lost and a little unfulfilled, so they go back to Iran for a visit years later I liked the cultural part of this It carefully described Iranian life, food, family and cultural conflict The story and the characters felt like an 8x10 glossy though It was a pretty picture that the author painted I wish that there had been conflict other than unfilled dreams I also wish that the characters had flaws They all [...]

    25. I loved this Initially this was going to be my book club selection but it wasn t meant to be Too many people want to read this I loved the grandmother mother daughter relationships, the customs, cooking and politics which are key to the story I m already looking forward to visiting a Persian restaurant A gem.

    26. I read an advance copy prior to the May 2013 launch A warm, inviting look at an Iranian American family that will break the usual American stereotypes about the Middle East in general, and Iran in particular Ms Kamali combines depth of character with witty narrative that flows with such ease that you just want to keep on reading and reading.

    27. I had a hard time deciding whether this give this three or four stars I liked that story and read in a few days It is heart warming story about a daughter and mother The end made me remember how much I appreciate my own mom.

    28. Its wonderful story, engaging characters, and informative short course in Persian culture make Together Tea one of my favorite recent reads I look forward to reading from Marjan Kamali

    29. In a wordWOW If you are a mother, if you have a daughter, if you ve lost a mother, love your husband, questioned love s fate and the power of authority you will absolutely adore this story

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