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The Hero's Lot By Patrick W. Carr,

  • Title: The Hero's Lot
  • Author: Patrick W. Carr
  • ISBN: 9780764210440
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Riveting Sequel from Christian Fantasy s Most Talented New Voice When Sarin Valon, the corrupt secondus of the conclave, flees Erinon and the kingdom, Errol Stone believes his troubles have at last ended But other forces bent on the destruction of the kingdom remain and conspire to accuse Errol and his friends of a conspiracy to usurp the throne In a bid to keep the threRiveting Sequel from Christian Fantasy s Most Talented New Voice When Sarin Valon, the corrupt secondus of the conclave, flees Erinon and the kingdom, Errol Stone believes his troubles have at last ended But other forces bent on the destruction of the kingdom remain and conspire to accuse Errol and his friends of a conspiracy to usurp the throne In a bid to keep the three of them from the axe, Archbenefice Canon sends Martin and Luis to Errol s home village, Callowford, to discover what makes him so important to the kingdom But Errol is also accused of consorting with spirits Convicted, his punishment is a journey to the enemy kingdom of Merakh, where he must find Sarin Valon, and kill him To enforce their sentence, Errol is placed under a compulsion, and he is driven to accomplish his task or die resisting.
    The Hero s Lot Riveting Sequel from Christian Fantasy s Most Talented New Voice When Sarin Valon the corrupt secondus of the conclave flees Erinon and the kingdom Errol Stone believes his troubles have at last en

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    1. I ve said it once to the author in fact this book is simply scrumdiddlyumptious My previous experience with the first novel in the Staff and the Sword series, A Cast of Stones, left me breathless from excitement, not to mention praising Deas for Patrick W Carr and his adventurous series Read my full review for A Cast of Stones Here review show The Hero s Lot, starts off just as mysterious as A Cast of Stones , each chapter is filled with such exuberance, and the characters, are just as fantastic [...]

    2. I ve been dying for this book since I gobbled up the first, A Cast of Stones, back in January You can find my 5 star review HERE.In book one we were introduced to Errol Stone, a young village drunk, who as typically in fantasy stories goes on to be some one of great importance to the kingdom I m not a fan of giving plot points away in reviews, so I ll just say that Mr Carr wove the story in a fresh, new way that had me clicking away on my kindle until The End Couldn t get enough of his character [...]

    3. The Hero s Lot is a case of the second book in the trilogy exceeding the first From page one, the action is non stop and the pacing is just right The learning and growth of the characters are sprinkled in just enough to keep me invested where pure action wouldn t I don t know why there s a big focus on this being a Christian Fantasy I actually think it would be appreciated by a wider audience, and I m glad I stumbled on the first book through NetGalley It s not a very obvious or simple allegory [...]

    4. I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley for the purpose of review The review is my honest opinion and I was not paid for this service.The author gives us another great story with the continuation of Errol s journey in The Hero s Lot The author continues to entertain the reader and draw them into the world of Errol I was definitely not disappointed with this next book in Carr s The Staff and The Sword series Carr is a wonderful storyteller with a creative imagination This stor [...]

    5. This is book 2 in the Staff and the Sword series by Patrick Carr I really enjoyed A Cast of Stones and I had such high hopes for this book but I just wasn t feeling it I hate saying that because the author is such a friendly and cool guy participating on facebook and interacting with fans I still admire that and I will still be picking up book three when it comes out I have to be honest though and say that I just didn t connect with this book I felt it hit a lull in parts and the story didn t pi [...]

    6. This series has come out of nowhere to be a big favorite of mine It continues to be a fairly traditional fantasy story, with a few twists As I ve said before, being traditional is not a negative for me I love a good story done well, and that is exactly what Carr has done here If you thought Errol was put through the ringer i.e met with a lot of bad circumstances in book 1, just wait until you read this second book His character continues to grow and evolve, despite the continued bad circumstance [...]

    7. I knew when I started this book last night that I wouldn t sleep I stayed up way too late reading, and then started again as soon as I could in the morning the highest praise I can give a book.

    8. My actual rating for this book is 4.5, but I ve rounded it up to 5 because consistency It makes my eyeballs feel good This rating means I have issues with this second installment of The Staff and Sword trilogy, but it is also the second book in my favorite trilogy of all time so obviously I loved in for plenty of reasons Some issues though I m going to try not to scream but this book seriously 100000% needs a map A MAP There are soooo many places in this book and a map representing where they a [...]

    9. Title The Hero s LotAuthor Patrick W CarrPages 448Year 2013Publisher Bethany House A few months ago, I read and reviewed Patrick W Carr s debut novel, A Cast of Stones, and I wrote, I f the sequels are as good as the first book, then Carr is on his way to an outstanding writing career Well, I just finished reading an advanced reading copy of Carr s second book in the series, and I can honestly say that I have not changed my mind The Hero s Lot picks up where A Cast of Stones ends Errol Stone, no [...]

    10. Patrick W Carr returns in fine form with the second book in The Staff and The Sword series The pages are alive with action packed scenes, stirring drama, and a splash of romance too Carr has done a masterful job at continuing to develop the character of Errol, a character that inspires loyalty with his painful past and the manner in which he continues to grow and succeed over insurmountable odds The Hero s Lot adds a lot to the series, providing many answers to what is going on in the Kingdom, a [...]

    11. What can I say that hasn t already been said I loved, and I mean loved, this book Lately there have been too many sequels that have fallen flat in their storytelling because of the rush to create a trilogy Trilogy s are wonderful things when there is a story to tell.cially when non stop action and character development fill those books Mr Carr s second book, Hero s Lot, in no way fell short in this trilogy In fact, it took this trilogy to a new level in both action, character development and rea [...]

    12. The Hero s Lot is the second book in Patrick W Carr s The Staff The Sword series I enjoyed A Cast of Stones, the first book in the series I found it engaging.The Hero s Lot was not as good I struggled to finish it It was much less interesting that the first The characters were not very distinct, and new ones were introduced, and I had a hard time keeping them apart It doesn t help that they sometimes have than one name, like Rale Elar Indomiel I also found the vocabulary of the fantasy world ge [...]

    13. This is one of my favorite books in recent memory I read a Cast of Stone by the same author thanks to a free eBook offered at Christian Book Distributors I enjoyed that one so much, I added the rest of the series to my wish list on When no one in my family took the hint and got the second book for me, I ordered it myself on sale I am SOOOO glad, since this book is even better than the first The Hero s Lot picks up where A Cast of Stone left off Errol Stone is recovering from injuries incurred wh [...]

    14. Having helped unmask Sarin Valon as the corrupt, possessed reader working to undermine the Judica and destroy the kingdom, Errol Stone desperately hopes that at long last his troubles have ended For in a so short a relative span of time as to leave his head spinning, Errol s life has been left irrevocably changed by the church s call on his life Raised from the Callowford ale barrel to an earldom by the king, honored as a captain of the watch, and hailed far and wide as a hero, with the adoratio [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book but boy, it was intense This is a darker book than the first in that the danger is intense and the stakes are higher We get to know certain characters better and understand about the world Patrick W Carr created There is also a reappearance of certain fun characters and an introduction of awesome new characters Overall, a great sequel.I only have one complaint, and it s a SPOILER, so don t read beyond this point SPOILER ALERT Okay, here we go Part of the reason this story i [...]

    16. I ve gotten totally sucked into this fantasy world This book does a great job on building on what happened in the second book, setting up the third book, but having its own arc and purpose as well I m so glad I have the last book waiting for me so I can dive right in I really enjoy the development of Errol s character as he moves forward but also has to deal with some pretty terrible circumstances and revelations I also like the development of Adora and that we get to see of who she is I hope w [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book just as much as the first one There are some characters that I don t enjoy, but that happens with just about every book That does not, however, detract from the good pacing, action, plot, and writing I ve enjoyed in this trilogy I still highly recommend these books when I can.

    18. The second book of the unlikely hero Errol still manages to surprise with plot twists and revelations The pace is quick with a nice blend of suspenseful fight scenes, narrow escapes, and character introspection Looking forward to the third book in the series

    19. This is the second book in The Staff and the Sword series, and it was just as good as the first The characters are so well developed and the scenery so well described that you feel like you are right there with them.

    20. Great storySecond book of series doesn t disappoint Looking forward to the next one in the series Really good read Recommend it

    21. ReviewExcellent book with lots of surprises and the storyline is definitely one of the best Great characters and one excellent read.

    22. The second book in my second most favorite fantasy trilogy ever the first book being A Cast Of Stones , and is just as riveting as A Cast Of Stones With the same fast paced action of its predecessor you follow Errol as he continues to search for who he is and what his roll should be in the upcoming conflict The book is medium sized, and a fairly easy read, I highly recommend it this series to anyone looking for an exciting fantasy series.

    23. This 2nd book in The Staff The Sword fantasy series was a great follow up story Our hero Errol is once again abused by the church due to the political maneuvering of the powerful Weir family He is sent on a dangerous foolhardy mission to kill a corrupt church leader who has fled to Merakh, an enemy nation The Weirs and their allies hope Errol dies on his mission so they can ascend to the throne when the ailing King Rodran dies Errol and his friends discover new information about their enemies an [...]

    24. The Staff The Sword series needs to be read in order And it s worth reading without seeing the spoilers for book 1 that will appear in the following review of book 2 If you haven t read book 1, A Cast of Stones, you can see my review here If it appeals, pop over to your favourite internet bookstore and download the book for free in Kindle, Nook or Kobo format.I have so many books in my to read stash that I d forgotten I had A Cast of Stones until a review caught my interest It took great self co [...]

    25. This was a good continuation, but there were too many plot holes and inconsistencies, which kind of cast a shadow over the previous book as well READ THE FOLLOWING WITH CAUTION not only are there spoilers, but I don t want to ruin the story for anyone if they ve managed to be blissfully unaware of the plot issues On pg 66 Luis says, If we follow a course chosen at random, they can t cast for our path Don t plan our route Um, what This is the first indication of many similar remarks that state th [...]

    26. You need to read book 1, A Cast of Stones, before reading this one.In this sequel, we have two points of view with divergent threads Those evil forces who know our hero, Errol s, importance seem desperate to wipe out his perceived threat Once again he is put under compulsion, this time by enemies within the church, to embark on a hopeless quest to ferret out and kill the corrupt Sarin Valon Although they won t come out and say it, it s clearly intended to be a murder mission At the same time, Ma [...]

    27. Letl.you This is not your regular let s keep things chill middle of a series type book Good golly, it was anything but If you haven t read the first book, Cast of Stones, you need to start there I think you ll be skipping to BN for Patrick W Carr s The Hero s Lot after you do.Friends, things kept coming up that had me saying What or Oh dang sonoh dang or What the fresh Hades just happened and often with Errol What are you doing There was action drama that kept me wondering what I would find when [...]

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