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A Great Miracle Happened There By Kim Fielding,

  • Title: A Great Miracle Happened There
  • Author: Kim Fielding
  • ISBN: 9781623801960
  • Page: 487
  • Format: ebook
  • A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2012 Advent Calendar collection Evergreen.This winter, Jude Bloch can t decide what bothers him the crowds of people or the holiday revelry Even meeting handsome chef Mac Appel fails to cheer him up because Jude knows the most he could hope for is a one night stand But one night turns into two and then Maybe Mac can bring soA story from the Dreamspinner Press 2012 Advent Calendar collection Evergreen.This winter, Jude Bloch can t decide what bothers him the crowds of people or the holiday revelry Even meeting handsome chef Mac Appel fails to cheer him up because Jude knows the most he could hope for is a one night stand But one night turns into two and then Maybe Mac can bring some warmth into Jude s holiday season.
    A Great Miracle Happened There A story from the Dreamspinner Press Advent Calendar collection Evergreen This winter Jude Bloch can t decide what bothers him the crowds of people or the holiday revelry Even meeting handsome ch

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    1. Chanukah has a special place in my heart Any time latkes are mentioned, my brain shuts down and drools So I ate up this story and licked the plate This is a low key, low angst novella about two young men who meet at a coffee shop in the midst of the holiday season and rush into a one night stand that turns into friendship and The sex is all fade to black I KNOW pouts , but Jude s insecurities and Mac s exuberance make the story than worthwhile Jude, treated like a pariah by his conservative fa [...]

    2. My third DSP s Advent Calendar and I loved it too I guess I was choosing the right titles though I only bought those from authors I know At first, I was a bit worried, because in Chapter 1, right on their first meeting, Jude took up Mac s offer to go back to Mac s apartment, and they had sex Mac Appel snicker on the name But the sex was fade to black, so I decide to continueAnd Kim Fielding didn t disappoint me The relationship progressed outside the bedroom We had Mac and Jude interacting with [...]

    3. Jude has become some sort of Jewish Grinch ever since his family became cold and distant when he came out He doesn t do sex in private homes, let alone things like second hookups, sleepovers, dates or G_d forbid boyfriends But Mac sets his sight on him and slowly but surely thaws his broken heart I loved the fact that both MCs were Jewish, that there was no explicit sex, the way we get to see how Jude changes and the great writing that for once made me feel like this story was complete without w [...]

    4. When this started out with Jude and Mac falling into bed together so quickly I wasn t too sure about it but this turned out to be a lovely sweet read.

    5. Jude, geek extraordinaire, is working on his dissertation in a cafe when good looking Mac Apple yes, I know, I thought it was funny too asks to join him.Now they hook up very quickly, but it is not explicit.Jude is very closed off emotionally, I m not sure if it was because of his one relationship that ended or his family s reaction or just his personality but slowly Mac keeps trying and manages to break through Jude s hesitance in believing he is lovable.The declaration Jude makes to Mac is one [...]

    6. This was the most pointless thing I think I have read in a LONG time The plot was practically non existent view spoiler 2 Jewish boys meet in a coffee shop, have a one night stand which turns into a relationship There you go, no need to read the book hide spoiler , the writing was bland and the characters were entirely unlikeable.

    7. I loved this Definitely a reread for me I think I m pretty sure I d do anything for you I d go shopping in a crowded mall for you I d delete my entire dissertation and start from scratch for you I d go to noisy parties every night for you I d stand outside in Iowa in December in my underwear for you I d learn to love holidays again for you

    8. 4.5 starsThis was a wonderful Christmas story From beginning to end it flowed quite nicely Josh s change from the grumpy loner to quietly happy part of a twosome was endearing to witness It left me with a smile.

    9. This is mostly a quiet story I guess because Jude is a quiet man But then there is Mac, and he definitely brings life into Jude s existence As the two men get to know each other and end up celebrating Hannukah together, each man contributes something of his unique way of looking at things Their growing knowledge of the other slowly fills the emptiness each felt when they were alone, and the story gains color and joy Jude s life is entirely different by the end of the shot book, and much, much ri [...]

    10. Sometimes a story hits you in those painful places, reminding you of hurts that you think for the most part you have managed to overcome Jude s relationship with his family was such for me and like Jude I feel that I ve made a sort of peace with the fact that the connection with my family will never be as strong as I want it to be The way Jude and Mac met almost made me drop this, but it was a Kim Fielding story and so I had a bit of faith that there was to come I was glad I did Although their [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this story While it starts with a one night stand thankfully fade to black , the author does a very good job of showing the relationship grow outside the bedroom Jude is grouchy, standoffish and doesn t celebrate Hanukkah because of some problems with his family Mac is full of life, fun to be around and exuberant What he shows Jude is that sometimes you have to make the effort to get what you want.At times, I was a bit sad over how Jude was treating Mac It was obvious Mac wanted [...]

    12. Past experience has made Jude very cynical about life so when he ends up in bed with Mac, he treats it as a one afternoon stand Even when Mac keeps turning up and they end up in bed together again, Jude still doesn t believe Mac could want a serious relationship with him I loved the way that Mac persisted and it was very touching when Jude finally opened up and talked to him about the way his family handled his coming out The ending was very positive and it was nice to see Jude get his own littl [...]

    13. this could easily be made into a novel don t you think I absolutely loved the characters I would love to see how they get along after the holidays and as a couple I d also like to see Jude meeting Mac s parents I loved this storyyou keep impressing me.

    14. I like this one, despite being short there s no insta love, just two guys quietly getting to know each other and fall in love, very sweet but not sugary

    15. Jude and Mac are an awesome pair I really really liked this story of the doctoral student and the chef Mac has just moved to town and he spies Jude sitting at a table by himself in a bustling coffee shop He hits in Jude and surprising himself, Jude says yes They have a great time together but then Jude quickly leaves He s a little down about the holidays and he doesn t do relationships His family has never been the same with him since he came out He runs into Mac again and even surprisingly, he [...]

    16. 2.5 stars The extra 1 2 star was because I loved Mac, because the story was really 2 stars for me Jude was kind of meh He s an ass for most of it, really I get he s inexperienced in the relationship department, but he s a total airhead about Mac s feelings I feel bad about his distant relationship with his intolerant parents, but come the fuck on, man Mac was sweet, sexy, fun, and a CHEF Hello, who WOULDN T want to spend the night with him Yeah, Jude, I m calling you an idiot here Also, they ser [...]

    17. There are plenty of accurate reviews of this already, so all I have to add is one, Kim Fielding is a great author, and I ve yet to regret reading anything by her, even a short story like this And two, the cover of this is totally ridiculous and has nothing to do with the story I ll admit, I let a cover influence me quite a bit on whether or not I read a book, so I held off on this one quite a while It just bugged me for some reason But the story is sweet and well written with very likable charac [...]

    18. Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews Jude just is not into the holiday season this year The shoppers and all the cheer is grinding on his last nerve Mac is new in town and just unpacking Helping Mac out is just what Jude needs to get over his doldrums I was disappointed by this book Both Jude and Mac have had bad experiences in the past but the first thing they do is jump into bed Most of their relationship is built on sex with a few home improvements thrown in as filler I enjoyed the [...]

    19. This was quite a sweet story Jude is working on his dissertation and stops by a local coffee shop for a shot of energy Mac Appel no, really walks into his life They end up together, Jude thinking a one night stand, but he continues to see Mac in different places I won t go into the remainder of the short story, there s some things you should read for yourself, but it was a very sweet ending perhaps a tear or two might have been shed, remember I m a mess Please see Mr P s sentimental review on De [...]

    20. The short novel was VERY cute and quick read Mac was very open and charismatic and I liked him instantly Sometimes one outgoing does indeed pull a person out of a shell, which Mac slowly did for Jude I was happy with the blossoming relationship which left me wondering and hoping they had a happy future.

    21. Rating 4.75 starsAn absolutely charmer of a story that sneaks up on you and into your heart by the end of the story One of the best advent stories I read this year.Review posted at scatteredthoughtsandroguewords

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