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  • Title: Lead Me Home
  • Author: Stacy Hawkins Adams
  • ISBN: 9780310334033
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shiloh Griffin has no identity outside of her roles as pastor s wife and mom Some days that is enough But not always Particularly when she is partnered with the always confident, always gracious Jade Smith on a church ministry project Rather than shying away from God in her nervousness, Shiloh clings to Him, seeking every day to redeem herself When an opportunity arisShiloh Griffin has no identity outside of her roles as pastor s wife and mom Some days that is enough But not always Particularly when she is partnered with the always confident, always gracious Jade Smith on a church ministry project Rather than shying away from God in her nervousness, Shiloh clings to Him, seeking every day to redeem herself When an opportunity arises for her to teach music at a local high school, she thinks maybe it s just the thing to give her significance.Then Shiloh begins mentoring Monica, a fifteen year old student When Monica learns she is pregnant, Shiloh must confront her own darkest secret in the desperate decision facing the teen If she turns away, this teen s life and her soul could be in jeopardy If she decides to stand up and help, she knows she s the one who risks losing everything.Stacy Hawkins Adams s second book in the Winds of Change series finds Shiloh at a life changing crossroads keep her halo intact, or lose her honor to save the girl s Elegantly emotional and intriguing, the story reaches deep to gently touch the soul Publishers Weekly starred review
    Lead Me Home Shiloh Griffin has no identity outside of her roles as pastor s wife and mom Some days that is enough But not always Particularly when she is partnered with the always confident always gracious Jade

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    1. Four and a half stars.This is a gently deceptive novel that still manages to deal with some heavy issues Shiloh Griffin is married to Randy, who is the senior pastor at St Stephens Baptist church For this Aussie I found it strange that the senior pastor s wife is known as First Lady, but I guess that s a difference in culture Shiloh s life revolves around her husband and sons, and her ministry duties as pastor s wife Any other dreams she had once harboured had been relegated to the background ye [...]

    2. Lead Me Home is a touching story that will appeal to women who either battle regrets from past decisions or who wrestle with inward vs outward beauty in other words, this book will resonate with virtually every woman Stacy Hawkins Adams has created characters that are completely realistic committed Christians who nevertheless still stumble and have weaknesses and need God s grace Shiloh s story is the story of so many women in our churches today who are silenced by the shame of a decision made i [...]

    3. Lead Me Home is a book that raises many issues within the context of fiction, that women grapple with The main character, Shiloh, is a pastor s wife who is struggling with her identity, calling, and memories of the past The decisions she makes, one of which is to go back to work and consequently finish her college degree , bring her in contact with other characters who are struggling with issues she herself dealt with or didn t deal with , in her own life.Shiloh is in effect, living a lie trying [...]

    4. About the Book Shiloh Griffin has no identity outside of her roles as pastor s wife and mom Some days that is enough But not always Particularly when she is partnered with the always confident, always gracious Jade Smith on a church ministry project Rather than shying away from God in her nervousness, Shiloh clings to Him, seeking every day to redeem herself When an opportunity arises for her to teach music at a local high school, she thinks maybe it s just the thing to give her significance Th [...]

    5. Lead Me Home by Stacy Hawkins AdamsShiloh is a Pastor s wife and she stays home even though her boys are all in school Shiloh is feeling down and almost worthless when a great job opportunity falls into her lap.Through this job Shiloh has to confront her past and work through it Will her family still support and love her after she tells them her horrible secrets I am certainly not going to tell you, you have to read the book and find out For me personally, this book started out slow and it took [...]

    6. oday I am reviewing, on behalf of Booksneeze, the book Lead Me Home, written by Stacy Hawkins Adams.I was sent this book in order to review it I enjoyed reading this book, it was a good read, about the decisions that a pastor s wife made both good and bad and how God worked through them.I found in intriguing to read about how people in a different church address their pastors and their wivese behind the scenes stuff I found interesting than the rest of the book.Don t misunderstand me I enjoyed [...]

    7. A beautiful story of love, loss, regret, and the healing power of God s grace Shiloh Griffin is the perfect pastor s wife She takes care of her family, leads the women s bible study, and supports her husband, but Shiloh has a secret that has been eating at her for years Shiloh decides to take a temporary teaching position and meets a very gifted young girl, Monica Monica shares with her that she is pregnant which strike a very sensitive chord with Shiloh If she stands up for this girl she could [...]

    8. The main character, Shiloh, has a deep, dark secret that has kept her in chains for years She is afraid to tell others because she values their opinions and is afraid of how they would feel about her if they knew the truth She can t forgive herself and accept God s forgiveness because she feels that the things she did were just to horrible to forgive She is forced to make a decision about keeping her secret to herself when she becomes friends with a young girl who is going through what she once [...]

    9. Hott Synopsis Shiloh Griffin has always felt the call for but has relegated her life to that of wife and mother to honor a promise she made to God.Now, almost twenty years later she lives each day with regret She wouldn t give up her husband and children for anything but sometimes she wishes there was .When an unexpected job offer comes her way Shiloh jumps at it sure that it s God s gift to her for honoring her promise but in accepting this gift Shiloh will have choices to make Choices that wi [...]

    10. This was a very good book I am looking forward to reading by this author This book shows you that no matter who you are, what your status in life, what you have done, we all have a past that needs to be dealt with in some way or another The author focused around the wife of a Reverend, who had held onto secrets that destroyed one life, nearly destroyed her own life, but when one chooses to pray on the matter instead of dwelling on and letting it ruin your life, by God s grace, one shall be set [...]

    11. This is a lovely, lovely story I liked it a lot It s the story of a preacher s wife who did something she is deeply ashamed of while she was in college and has been atoning for it ever since, trying to earn her way to God s forgiveness The church is an African American Baptist church, but apparently Baptist is Baptist because it felt like home to this white Baptist girl I really connected with the heroine s concerns and struggles She wants to go back to finish her college degree, but isn t sure [...]

    12. Lead Me Home by Stacy Hawkins Adams is a heartwarming, emotional story about redemption and grace Shiloh Griffin is a pastor s wife, mother, daughter, sister, and women s bible study leader Despite having a full life, Shiloh is longing for The subtle voids in Shiloh s life can only be filled once a twenty year old secret is revealed This secret can impact the lives of her family and friends Filled with inspirational words and scriptures, Lead Me Home is a book that engulfs the reader with a bea [...]

    13. A small town preacher and his wife try to lead their congregational while the assistant preacher and his wife try to take over They both feel there is a hidden agenda behind it, but believe God is working in mysterious ways Shiloh learns to accept Jade s involvement and eventually learns the truth behind it and builds a lasting relationship with Jade However, Shiloh has her own demons to slay when one of her music students becomes pregnant, and she decides to tell her family what she did 17 year [...]

    14. God forgives any sin that one is truly sorry for committing This is the second book in the Winds of Change series and you do not have to read the first book to read this one.This book takes place over a three month period It plays out very slowly but it is worth it.This book touches many political and controversial subjects through God This story is just not about Shiloh s secrets but the secrets of many others in the community Issues that not only should be thought about, but addressed in the r [...]

    15. I received this free book from the first reads giveaway This was my first Stacy Adams novel and I enjoyed it It is a beautiful story of how our experiences shape who we become and how we can use those experiences to help others in their time of need Shiloh is an intriguing, complex, religious, loving woman who has a candid, open dialogue with her God and ultimately understands the power of faith, love, forgiveness and spiritual growth I recommend this book for all of us regardless of gender who [...]

    16. I received this book through the First Reads program.What a lovely book I do not read much Christian fiction because I have been disappointed with the quality, so I was so pleased to read this book I am grateful to Stacy Hawkins Adams for creating high quality, thoughtful, realistic Christian fiction.I found the main character likable and honest without being overly introspective, and I appreciate that the character s growth in faith seems honest rather than forced I look forward to sharing this [...]

    17. This book hit pretty close to home for me it made me cry A lot.I received this book through First Reads I am incredibly grateful for these giveaways and for the opportunity that I had to read and review this book.I am not a pastor s wife, but I am a mom Some days I feel as though that is my only identity I have been in situations like that of Shiloh choosing to look away or choosing to help someone It was a hard decision, just like it was in the book for Shiloh.Thank you First Reads for this boo [...]

    18. I would give this book 3.5 stars.Stacy does another great job of getting your very interested in the characters right from the start I had a short slow period about 2 3 of the way in but was still interested to know what was going to happen And a few pointsShe even threw in a small curve ball.This book makes you realize how forgiving God is and how unforgiving we are to ourselves This book reminds me of how I would like my relationship with God to be all the time Well done.

    19. Great book The last 60 pages made me cry continuously My only problem with the book was the easy solution to Monica s problem As soon as I read that part I thought the author gave Monica the easiest way out of it I wanted to read Monica s thought process of which solution she would have thought best It didn t happen That took it from 5 stars down to 4.

    20. Wonderful read I have not read the first book in the series yet it did not matter as this story stands on its own.I appreciated that as a Christian book, it felt real and authentic While I didn t relate to the situations discussed in the book, I absolutely could relate to the women as a sinful, imperfect Christian woman trying to live a life that follows Christ.I highly recommend this book

    21. This is the first book that I have read by Stacy Adams and it was good Shiloh is a mother and a pastor s wife and sometimes it seems that all she is When she gets a chance to fill in for a high school music teacher, her dreams of teaching reawaken But her students lives soon remind her of her past Can she come clean and let people see the real her

    22. I LOVED this book After reading Coming Home, I didn t expect to like Shiloh at all The author did a great job convincing me to love this character The plot was believable and the characters realistic I can t wait for the third book in the series.

    23. This was a wonderfully written book which I read during a very hard time in my life It made me feel better and not so alone More review to come, trying to think the best way to sum it up without revealing my own personal issues.

    24. Great read Relevant to everyday life At one point you think you have the story line figured out, but Mrs Adams does a awesome job of adding .

    25. UpliftingVery good read Loved the story Kept my interest It had good godly messages throughout I recommend this book to others.

    26. I read this book in one day it was encouraging, inspirational and it really spoke to me It waa beautifully written and had a real message behind it.

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